July 02, 2015

The Pro-life Alternative to the March of Dimes

The Michael Fund / International Foundation of Genetic Research

To start:  Being pro-life means that you're resolved to never give in and throw away 
a life, no matter how wracked by fate it is.   With this having been stated, there hap-
pens to be an alternative to the March of Dimes which has at the top of its priorities 
something in addition to the prevention of birth defects:   The prevention of more 
children never getting to see sunlight, simply because birth defects have set in.  

Enter the Michael Fund.   It was founded in 1978 by Mrs. Randy Engel, native of 
Mount Vernon NY, and Dr. Jerome Lejeune of Paris, France.   It was founded for 
the following four purposes:

· First, to raise sufficient funds through direct contributions, in order to support an 
  international genetic research program that qualifies as being pro-life.   This pro-
  gram's goals include that of finding treatments for chromosomal disorders such as 
  Trisomy 21, the most common non-inherited form of Down Syndrome.   

  This includes the sharing of research findings with others engaged in similar research.  
  The research focuses in on genetic and metabolic birth disorders.   Now, mankind al-
   ready landed on the moon.   Therefore, such accomplishments are within humanity's 
   capabilities.   In this project, people are reaching for a different set of stars.

· Second, to advocate and encourage efforts to improve the care, treatment, education, 
   evaluation and habituation of Down Syndrome children and those with similar chrom-
   osomal anomalies which result in mental retardation.

· Third,  to serve as the defender of the rights of physically and mentally handicapped 
   persons – born and pre-born – especially the right-to-life upon which all other rights 
   are predicated.   Without the right to life, no other right matters.

· Fourth, to reverse the growing zeitgeist of eugenic abortion, as well as any emerging 
  euthanasia mindset, concerning the handicapped.

The executive director of this initiative is Randy, herself.   Perhaps are you were already 
familiar with her.   If not, then know that she found the U.S. Coalition for Life and was 
editor of the Vietnam Journal.   In addition, she is the author of the clergy abuse investi-
gative epic, the Rite of Sodomy.  If you are not familiar with Randy, simply place your 
focus on the kids and parents  destined to need help.   If you are in a position to help at
this time and have taken this to heart,  then please take note of the contact information 
posted below:

The Michael Fund                             Phone:   412   374   0111
4371 Northern Pike,
Pittsburgh,  PA 15146                   http://www.michaelfund.org

Sincerely,  Patrick Pontillo,  in liberally editing & paraphrasing Randy's 
four purposes, being that she and I have entirely different writing styles.