February 19, 2019

We are at the Threshold of War & Revolution. Yet, the Vatican still refuses to perform the valid consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This article (post) assumes rudimentary knowledge of the 1917 Fatima ap-
paritions of the Virgin Mary which were approved as worthy of credence in 
1929.  The Fatima apparitions were confirmed as authentic on Oct 13, 1917, 
via the Miracle of the Sun.

The evidence which proved it to NOT have been a mass hallucination was
that everything in sight, all of which was rain-soaked, instantly dried.  This
included clothing, carriage apparel, muddy ponds, trees, grasses, etc.  All dry, 
all at once.

Today, in 2019, Paris become the bonfire city where wood was replaced with
burning automobiles.  The Russians employed the S-300 missiles batteries in
Syria.  China militarized the South China Sea.  Venezuela is not Disneyland,
these days.  Mexico has been having an average of 12,000 drug-related murd-
ers yearly.  North Korea showed the world the year prior that its scientists
are very mechanically inclined.  Mali, Yemeni, Afghanistan, Donbass, Sudan,
Darfur, Nagorno & Karabakh, Balochistan, and the Ukarine are not at peace.
Cameroon and Nigeria can soon explode into added war.

Al Gore continues his Climate Fraud game, all the while neglecting true en-
vironmental needs.  He and the Bill Nye who teaches opposite of basic atmos-
pheric physics textbooks, scaring school children about life-giving co2 the
same way in which Hitler manipulated German children into fearing Jews.
Iran is not teaching its children to follow the road to peace.  Nor is North
Korea.  Fifth generation fighters are the new hobby of research scientists.  

Keep in mind that it was generally understood for decades that the Third
Secret of Fatima would make the ten plagues of Egypt look like a Disney-
land amusement park ride.  In fact, LĂșcia Santos was quoted as having said
that the Fatima Message had pertinence in the Book of Revelations, Chapters
8 to 13.  This would mean that the entire Fatima series of private revelations
is apocalyptic. 

This is the reason why numerous people, including EWTN founder Mother
Angelica, didn't believe that the Vatican was telling the truth about the Third
Secret of Fatima, in its June 2000 presentation of it.

The official explanation failed the test of time and contradicted the alleged
vision as was reported in June 2000.  The vision was that of multiple soldiers
shooting to death a man dressed in papal white garmentry, outside a a city half

Now, the Vatican secretary of state at the time, while he was covering-up mo-
lester Marcial Maciel, said that the vision referred to John Paul II getting tem-
porarily wounded at the hands of a lone gunman.  John Paul II lived an addit-
ional 25 years after the failed assassination attempt.

To think, the Vatican spent more energy avoiding the needed collegial conse-
cration of Russia (and doing so by mentioning Russia singularly)  to the Im-
maculate Heart of Mary than was required to do it correctly.  They were eith-
er too lazy or too proud to give less than one hour of time to get it completed
and then to move on in life.

None the less, it was repeatedly alleged, especially in 1960, that Mary spoke
a prophetic narration during the vision of the man in white being executed by
soldiers.  It was written down by Sister Lucia, only after having been ordered
to do so by her superior, and while she was enduring pleurisy.  A small handful
of those who read the secret under oath hinted as to its contents, included Car-
dinal Joseph Ratzinger and the late Malachi Martin.  The conclusion is that the
third secret foretells the arrival of the Great Apostasy, starting at the top of the
Church's hierarchy.

The vison of Hell, the second secret, and the third secret were all revealed to the
three Fatima children at the same time, on July 13, 1917, the Eve of Bastille Day.
Mary did a lot of speaking during that hour.  There would include an explanation
of the vision of the man in white and in a city half in ruins being shot to death.

In the Year 2000, Ratzinger Contradicted His Prior Years,
Concerning What He Said about Fatima

The third secret is actually the seventh section of Mary's July 13, 1917 apparition.
In the prophecy segment, each stated prophecy was something worse than the one
stated prior.  It had gotten to the point where Mary prophesied that many nations
will be annihilated without her intervention.  Then came Mary's assurance that the
faith in Portugal will always be kept, followed by the famous "etc."  The ETC was
construed to have replaced the actual Third Secret of Fatima.  This means that the
Third Secret of Fatima is something worse than the annihilation of nations, and it
included words spoken by Mary.  This means that Bertone is not credible in claim-
ing that illiterate shepherd children were shown a silent vision without Mary teach-
ing them the meaning of it.  None the less, the pivotal July 13 prophecy spoken by
Mary, as was translated from the Portuguese, goes as follows: 

     "You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go.  To save them, 
       God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  
        If my requests are fulfilled, many souls will be saved and you will have 
        peace.  The war will end soon.  However, if people do not cease offend-
       ing God, a worse one will start during the pontificate of Pius XI.  When
      you see a night illuminated by an unknown light,  know that it will be 
      the great sign of God that he is going to punish the world for its crimes, 
      by means of war, hunger, and persecutions of the Church, as well as the
      (persecution of) Holy Father.

   "To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my 

     Immaculate Heart and the Communion of Reparation on First Saturdays. 
     If my requests are heeded Russia will be converted and the world will have 
     peace.  If not, it (Russia) will spread its errors throughout the world, incit-
     ing wars and persecutions of the Church.  The good will be martyred, the 
     Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihil-
     ated.  In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.  The Holy Father 
     will consecrate Russia to me, upon which it will be converted and peace 
     will be granted to the world for some time.   In Portugal the dogma of the 
     Faith will always be preserved, etc."  The "etc" is construed to be the delet-
     ed words of Our Lady which constitute the Third Secret of Fatima.

Angel Sodano, criminal accomplice of Marcial Maciel Degollado, claimed that
the third secret was nothing more than the prophecy of the assassination attempt
of John Paul II.  This claim of the Pinochet cardinal is immediately negated in
light of the fact that the attempted assassination of a pope who recovered from
a single bullet wound and lived an additional 24 years is not even 1/1,000,000th
worse than the annihilation of nations.  Thus, it is completely unlikely that the
1981 assassination attempt of the pope who praised Maciel the Molester would
have been the Third Secret of Fatima.   This is why the interpretation presented
by Cardinals Sodano, Bertone, and Ratzinger lacked credibility at the outset.

Remember that  John Paul lived an additional 24 years in luxury, only to bring
disgrace upon the church through his negligence in the widespread sex abuse
scandal.  According to Jason Berry and my confidential source, John Paul knew
of the molestations.  My source stated that John Paul was given updates on the
crisis.  In as much, it's blasphemy to say that Mary saved a pope, so that he could
bring disgrace upon the church, all the while letting it exist in the chaos of hereti-
cal priests and moral anarchy throughout the more affluent regions of the church.
In addition, according to a retired Pentagon intell analyst with whom I spoke, it
was Jimmy Carter, and not John Paul, who saved Poland from a Russian invasion.


The text of July 13, 1917, shows that the Third Secret of Fatima involves the
Faith of Saint Peter being either preserved or perverted, in light of the fact that
Mary mentioned that in the nation of Portugal, the faith would be kept, at least
on an official book shelf, if not in the lives of some of the Portuguese.

                                           In Comparison to Akita

Now, the reality check goes as followsThe prophecy of Akita in the 1970s was
that an exasperated God would finally send fire from Heaven, consuming a good
part of humanity, all the while sparing neither the good nor the wicked ... neither
priests nor the laity.  The prophecy then culminated with the phrase, "The living 
will envy the dead."  So, in light of the Akita prophesies and the prophesy of the
Three Days of Darkness, do you expect us to believe that the actual Third Secret
of Fatima was nothing more than a pope being shot by a miscalculating marks-
man, then recovering, and not dying for another 24 years which would mostly
comprised a lot of travel and fanfare from admiring followers?  You can't be

Incidentally, the Fire from Heaven is only 53 miles away from any one human.
It's called the Thermosphere, where temperatures (in the higher region thereof)
range from 500° C (932° F) to 2,000° C (3,632° F) and occasionally higher, de-
pending on sun spot activity.  Thus, the Fire from Heaven prophecy isn't out of
the realm of possibility.  Plus, the Three Days of Darkness already happened; in
Ancient Egypt.  So, that prophecy isn't outside of the realm of religious tradition.


The Third Secret of Fatima has got to be as apocalyptic as Akita.  Akita's prophecy
was prefaced by mention that mankind's sinfulness, as of 1973, was worse than the
time of Noah.  It then stated that that, instead of a punishment of water, mankind
would receive the punishment of fire.  Thus, the world's sinfulness must recede, in
order for it to avert the punishment of fire.

Mankind's sinfulness today is even worse than in 1973.  Thus, the fire from Heaven
is still in the queue.  In as much, being that the general sinfulness of man did not de-
crease, there has been no triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This also means
that there was no conversion of Russia.  Therefore, no valid collegial consecration of
Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ever occurred.

The bottom line is this:  The prophecy of Akita and the Third Fatima Secret has a
converse relationship.  This means they they are a package deal.  If one is still on its
way, then the other prophecy is coming, too.  This also means that the conversion of
Russia will be a domino's effect, resulting in nation after nation being converted, as
opposed to many nations being annihilating.  No such effect has occurred in human-
ity.  The fact that there is rampant mortal sin and war throughout the world is enough
evidence to prove that Bertone, Sodano, and Ratzinger were all liars.  As the lyrics in 
Eleanor Rigby state,  "No one was saved." 

The June 2000 Interpretation Contradicted What Lucia Stated for Decades

The June 2000 presentation contradicted almost everything that Sister Lucia said
about the matter ever since she began to be interviewed about it.  Today, the Vat-
ican is apparently less believed, as is evidenced by the Internet comment boards
that address the Third Secret of Fatima.  Some of the observations posted on the
boards are impressive.  Very astute. 

                            Tarcisio Bertone claimed the following ...

1] that the Third Secret of Fatima has been unabridgedly revealed, 2] that the third
secret might have been an inexact and therefore invalid fantasia of Sr. Lucia's mind,
conjured from her having viewed devotional books, 3] that Sr. Lucia allegedly stat-
ed that Heaven accepted as the collegial consecration of Russia the 1984 solo con-
secration of the world, made by John Paul II,  4] that the Year 1960 was not desig-
nated by the Virgin Mary as the one for opening the third secret, but that Sr. Lucia
herself arbitrarily "invented" the year.

The contradiction in the aforementioned claims is that John Paul did a consecration
of the world in 1982, just as he did in 1984.   So, why was the 1982 consecration
rejected by Heaven, while the 1984 one was allegedly accepted?  In both instances,
there is no evidence that all the bishops of the world joined John Paul II in consecra-
tions that neglected to mention Russia as the designated, singled-out, set-aside entity.
Both consecrations were the same thing, yet only one of the two were said to have
been accepted by Heaven. 

Pius XII's Consecration of 1942

Pius XII performed a consecration of the world on October 31, 1942, when the
second world war was blazing.   A number of bishops joined in the effort, and he
made special mention of Russia, by name.   Thus, it was more involved than the
1984 consecration.  However, it was not accepted by Heaven as the one guaran-
teed to result in the conversion of Russia and the ensuing period of world peace.
Why would the 1984 consecration be accepted, when the more involved Pius XII
consecration be mostly rejected?

Sister Lucia allegedly stated that the 1942 consecration resulted in the war being
shortened and numerous lives being saved.   However, great tragedies in that war
were yet to unfold after the 1942 consecration.  This included Operation Gomorrah,
the repeated V1 and V2 rocket attacks, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.
There were also military tragedies unfolding between the 1942 consecration and the
Spring of 1984.  An example includes the July 25th 1944 Operation Cobra which
decimated a mighty panzer division in ninety minutes of time.  Another example is
Dien Bien Phu, as well as that which transpired during the eight year long Iran-Iraq
War.  Even during the first Iraq War, the ordnance fired by the United States one day
had such intense impact that European observers thought that America launched an
atomic bomb upon Iraq.  War always was a grotesque sight.  20th Century War be-
came far more vicious ... especially after the 1984 solo consecration of the world.

At this point, there is one thing which should convince even the most deceived
mind into realizing that the 1984 truncated/abridged consecration was not the
valid one.  It goes as follows:  

John Paul II consecrated the world.  If this consecration were the accepted one, then
why didn't the entire world convert?  China certainly hasn't converted, and neither has
America, the land of the abortion-obsessed, the sweatshop profiteer, the couple living
together outside of marriage, the divorce & remarriage adulterer, the trade secret law
which enabled the fragrance industry to flood America with untested chemicals, the
genetics manipulator as if to be the new god of creation, Sunday desecration in areas
heavily populated by the baptized, exorbitant military spending, medical price goug-
ing, tabloids that destroy reputations without warrant to do so, and income disparity.

The 1942 consecration yielded partial benefits, according to Lucia.  After all, the
Russian government allowed public Russian Orthodox Masses during the war.  Thus,
it looked as if Russia were converting.  But, time showed that it was not.  In a similar
fashion, one can conclude that the 1984 consecration yielded partial benefits, though
on a temporary basis.  Yet, untold tragedy was yet to unfold in world history, as was
evidenced in September 2001 and the years to follow.  In fact, Gulf War I was blaz-
ing the very year Russia was supposed to have confirmed its conversion.  However,
Russia's true conversion and world peace are a package deal.

None the less, it was eight days after the 1942 consecration when Generals George
Patton, Lloyd Fredendall, and William Ryder commenced Operation Torch and the
beginning of the eventual allied victory in Northern Africa.  So, this success might
be attributed to the consecration.  Yet, much tragedy was yet to unfold in that war.
In fact, more wars were to follow, from Palestine/Israel to Algeria to China to Korea
to Vietnam to Cambodia to Palestine/Israel again to Chile to African nations to Af-
ghanistan to Argentina to Iran to Iraq to Uganda, back to Afghanistan to Sri Lanka
to Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen to Libya and now Syria.  The 1942 consecration would
not result in the era of world peace.  So, why would the lesser involved 1984 one? 

The Alleged Interview with Lucia which Has Zero Evidence as to it's Contents

There was an alleged interview with Sr. Lucia, conducted by Bertone shortly after
the Trade Towers ignited and collapsed.   This was in November of 2001.   In fact,
the United States had already unleashed it's latest military technology throughout
Afghanistan, beginning in October of that same year.

The interview was said to have been conducted in the presence of Lucia's prioress
and a priest who promoted the canonization of Sr. Lucia's two cousins.   Keep in
mind that a person can conduct an interview full of loaded and deceptive questions.
A person can also lie about interview statements that were never made.   Without
the transcript of the interview and without a recording of the same, nothing of what
Bertone reported can be believed, being that the entire Vatican had long since lost
its credibility.

Bertone claimed three visits to Lucia and ten hours of conversation with her.

It is pivotal that Bertone made his report of the interview without providing recorded
evidence of what was actually said.  The most glaring contradiction of his report con-
sisted in him claiming that Lucia expressly said,  "I fully confirm the interpretation 
made in the Jubilee Year."   Well, the Jubilee Year interpretation stated that Lucia
might not have had a vision pertaining to the third secret at all.   The interpretation
expressly stated that she may have conjured the whole thing in her own imagination,
via pictures seen in devotional booklets.  However, years prior she said that she cer-
tainly had an involved vision, consisting in several parts, on July 13, 1917.

The June 2000 interpretation insinuated that Lucia might have been mistaken about
the third secret, even though she received the first two Fatima secrets at the exact
same hour without having made any mistake about them.   Therefore, according to
the Vatican Trio, Lucia said in 2001 that she might not have seen anything pertain-
ing to the third secret in 1917.  Before 2001, she had zero doubts.  Yet, in order for
her to accept the "Jubilee Year interpretation," she had to claim that she might have
been completely delusional about the Third Secret of Fatima, while being perfectly
sane about the seven other segments of the July 13th apparition.  Plus, when in the
presence of the Virgin Mary, a person is incapable of delusion.  Thus, Cardinal Ber-
tone has the audacity to expect the reasonable person to believe that Lucia went
from full sanity in one moment's time to psychosis in the next moment, and then
back to full sanity in the following moment.  This is an amazing medical phenom-
enon presented by a cardinal who has no medical degree.

The pivotal question is thisWhy didn't Sodano and Bertone have Sr. Lucia go be-
fore a microphone and announce these things to the public, followed by a question
and answer session, as is the common custom of the modern Western world?   What
did they have to hide?

Why didn't those in power prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sr. Lucia said what
she was claimed to have said?  Why couldn't she freely for years?  Why did she not
go on lecture circuits and give speeches?  After all, the Virgin Mary said to her that
she needed to learn to read and write, because God wanted her to make Mary known
as loved throughout the world.  Lucia should have been on touring circuits, making
Mary known.

Heaven Never Told Sr. Lucia that the 1984 Consecration Was Accepted

Another glaring contradiction in the November 2001 interview pertains to Lucia
allegedly saying that Heaven accepted the 1984 solo consecration of the world as
the collegial consecration of Russia.   However, in the same interview she alleged-
ly stated that she had no additional revelations from the Virgin Mary to report.   If
that is the actual case, then how did she know that the 1984 consecration was the
one accepted by Heaven?  No one from Heaven told her.  Therefore, we have yet
another contradiction told by the Vatican who allowed the perpetuation of clergy
sexual abuse ... by a Vatican who welcomed Marcial Maciel Degollado's de facto
acts of simony which were performed between his many acts of molestation.  The
Vatican kept accepting the money that Maciel's enveloped-carrying delivery men
were transporting into the hands of Vatican clerics. 

The Undeniable Evidence that Bertone Lied on Italian National TV

Bertone stated that Sr. Lucia "confessed with disarming candor" that Our Lady
never commanded that the third secret not be read until 1960.  He said that it was
a fictitious date.  This means that he called Lucia a liar and a poor student of the
sinless Virgin Mary, in having allegedly lied.   However, it was found that Bertone
was the one lying.   Exactly three weeks after his defamatory statement, he let the
Italian public see two envelopes Lucia used to house the third secret.  On both she
wrote something in Portuguese that he apparently didn't take the time to get trans-
                                  "By the express order of Our Lady, 
                             this envelope can only be opened in 1960."

Therefore, Lucia claimed that the Virgin Mary specifically ordered that third
secret to not be opened until 1960.   Lucia didn't invent the date.  Bertone was
caught lying.  If Sister Lucia arbitrarily chose the Year 1960 herself, then she
made one lucky guess years prior to designating the year.   She should have
been sent to Las Vegas, if 1960 were her guess, opposed to it being a man-
date from the Virgin Mary.  This is because, the events surrounding 1960
made the opening of the third secret a matter of perfect timing:

 1] In 1959, the molester of the ages, Marcial Maciel Degollado, was readmitted in-
     to ministry by the cardinal who received a relatively handsome donation from him
     years prior, thereby making the donation a delayed-effect act of simony.   Maciel
     did little more than hog the stage of influence and soak up money from the rich,
     while neglecting the important elements of the church.   He threw the vows of
     his vows of ordination out the door, and wemt about violating and defiling per-
    son after person.

  2] In 1959, John XXIII announced his intent to convoke the second Vatican Coun-
      cil.   It was a council that resulted in so many heretical abuses and sacrileges
     that John Paul II publicly apologized for the observed abuses of Vatican II. 

  3] An American U-2 spy plane was shot down over Russia in 1960, heating up
      the Cold War.

  4] Cuba confiscated $770 million worth of U.S. property in 1960 and would later
       make an alliance with Soviet Russia, resulting in the Missile Crisis of 1962.

  5] It was on June 5, 1960 when the planning for Vatican II commenced.

  6] Ike's famous "military industrial complex" speech occurred in January of 1961.

  7] The first baptized Catholic in American history was elected in November of
      1960, only to be assassinated in November of 1963.

  8] The Berlin Wall would come to be constructed in 1961.
  9] The Soviets launched the first man in space in 1961.

10] The Bay of Pigs fiasco occurred in 1961, resulting in 1,113 prisoners taken,
       and the setting up of the Missile Crisis of 1962, when the world literally al-
       most came to an end.

11] The Great Chinese Famine transpired between 1958 and 1961.  This resulted
       in 20 to 43 million fatalities directly as a result of the famine.  In as much, it's
       ironic that the third secret was to be opened at a time of great famine; during
       the reign of a fat little pope who was obviously very well fed and who alleged-
       ly did not want to hear any bad news, even that of being warned of the coming
       evils which could be prevented by one simple act of consecration.

The logical conclusion is that the Virgin Mary mandated the Year 1960 herself as
the year when the world was to be told the Third Secret of Fatima.  Now, Bertone
had an intense motive to lie about the Year 1960.  This is because, if the third secret
was the prophecy of a pope who recovered quite well from four bullet wounds, then
the date that the Virgin Mary would have given was 1981.

It's no coincidence that the same cardinal caught lying about Fatima was one who
had a petition sent to the Hague to have him criminally prosecuted for his alleged
part in the Vatican II church's sexual abuse of the laity and even seminarians.

In the vision of the third secret, a plurality of soldiers kill the pope and not wound
him.  There are a number of people suffering.  The 1981 assassination attempt did
not involve those other people.

Socci, author of the Fourth Secret of Fatima

Antonio Socci is well known in Fatima circles, being that he produced reason to be-
lieve that there were two parts of the third secret.   He simply referred to them as the
third and fourth secret.  Add to him the puzzle pieces provided by other journalists
and we have the following

1]  Even though the Vatican claimed that the Third Secret of Fatima comprised 62
lines of four sheets of paper, witnesses who alleged to have seen it said that Lucia
wrote the third secret on one sheet of paper, to the tune of 25 lines.

2] Cardinal Mario Ciappi, personal theologian to John Paul II, was quoted as hav-
ing allegedly said that the third secret involves apostasy starting at the top of the
church.  It's important to note that "the great apostasy" is prophesied in the New
Testament, in the Second Books of Thessalonians.

3] "... it is most likely that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lucy
wrote down the words Our Lady confided as a secret to the three shepherds of
the Cova da Iria."

4]  The 21st Century Vatican officials stated that there were no words attached
to the Third Secret of Fatima.  Yet, in the 1960 press release, concerning open-
ing the letter that quotes the third secret, the Vatican stated, "... it is most likely
that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lucy wrote down the words
which Our Lady confided as a secret to the three shepherds of the Cova da Iria."
Thus, the Vatican of 1960 admitted that the third secret includes a quotation
of Our Lady.

The Third Secret was Written in Letter Form

In a 1957 interview, Sr. Lucia stated that the third secret was written in letter form
and addressed to the bishop of Leiria.   That which the Vatican presented as the
third secret was not written as a letter to anyone.   In addition, the third secret of
Fatima was said to be a 14 line message written on one sheet of paper.   The Vat-
ican produced a four sheet message.

Concerning Paolini's communication with a former secretary of John XXIII, the se-
cretary went as far as stating that he wrote on the envelope the names of the people
who read the secret, along with a note that John XXIII left the decision to publish
or not publish the message to his successors.   At an advanced age, this former se-
cretary publicly denied that two texts comprise the third secret.   He then stated that
he destroyed the envelope that carried the text of the third secret and the names of
those who read it.

The problem is that Bertone, in the same calendar year, produced two envelopes that
both contained Lucia's handwriting, along with mention that 1960 was the year when
the third secret was to be read, pursuant to an order of Our Lady.   Thus, if the third
secret were merely one text, and if Capovilla, former secretary of John XXIII, had
discarded the envelope that held the text, then Bertone would not have had any en-
velope to show to the public on May 31, 2007.   Therefore, there were two texts
pertaining to the same one secret, namely the visual aspect of the vision and the
verbal aspect which was hidden from the public.

Bertone claimed to have conducted yet another interview with Sr. Lucia, after the
alleged November 2001 interview which had zero recordings, transcripts, or third
party testimony attached to it.  The date of the alleged follow-up talk was in the
Year 2003, when the U.S. and coalition forces invaded Iraq.   This time Bertone
said that he merely took notes, despite the fact that he was speaking to a historic
figure whose quotes would have museum-piece significance.   Of course, a num-
ber of people simply assume that Bertone was lying about the 2003 interview, as
much as they assumed that he was lying about the 2001 interview.    After all, Sr.
Lucia went 60 to 70 years stating what she did about the required collegial conse-
cration.   Her alleged sudden change of stance on the subject is not credible.

On a number of occasions in the late 1980's, Lucia was quoted as having stated that
the 1984 consecration did not suffice.   One occasion was on July 20, 1987, when
she temporarily left the cloistered convent, in order to vote.  Then, a long-time friend
and intermittent visitor of Lucia stated that she received a visit from "an anonymous"
Vatican official in 1989, instructing her to state that the 1984 solo consecration of the
world constituted the collegial consecration of Russia.   The alleged person allegedly
told her to lie.

The Most Obvious Aspect Missing from the June 2000 Interpretation

Fatima dealt with the need for the church to make restitution to the Virgin Mary, on
account of the slanders cast against her and the Will of God.   None the less, the Fa-
tima message was about one more major topic, namely Russia.   Being that Russia
was placed in the spotlight at Fatima, wouldn't it be logical to expect that the Third
Secret of Fatima to mention Russia by name?    The most important element of Fa-
tima was assumed to be the third secret.   A failed assassination attempt of a pope
isn't the most important element, being that popes come and go.   Furthermore, the
prophecy of one pope's successful assassination or attempted killing was not so
unfathomable of an event that the Vatican would have kept in secret for forty years.

Other People's Statement about the Third Secret

Mario Cardinal Ciappi allegedly stated that, "in the Third Secret it is foretold,
among other things, that the great apostasy in the church will begin at the

The Fr. J. Schweigl who was personally sent by Pius XII to interrogate Lucia about
the third secret in 1952 stated that the third secret has two parts to it.   This is con-
trary to the June 2000 claim that the third secret dealt with the attempted assassina-
tion of John Paul II.   However, others in the know stated that the third secret deals
with something far more universal.  For example, Fatima Bishop Alberto Cosme do
Amaral once stated, "The Secret of Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs nor 
nuclear warheads nor Pershing missiles nor SS-20's.   Its contents concern 
only our faith.   To identify the secret with catastrophic announcements or 
with a nuclear holocaust is to deform the meaning of the message.  The loss 
of faith throughout a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; 
and it is true that faith is continually diminishing in Europe."

A British Catholic news outlet stated in June of 2011 that such concerns are nothing
more than conspiracy theories of invalidly minded people who are only harming the
church.  This was ironically stated during the long-term unrest in England.  The re-
corded unrest graphically proves that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
and ensuing era of world peace has NOT  arrived.  This also shows that the author
was nothing more than a lying propagandist and surrogate who quoted words that
Bertone never proved were spoken by Sister Lucia.   The June 2011 commentary
presumes that Fatima is a thing of the past and that we're now living the Triumph
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

To that writer, reason responds by stating, Tunisia - flames;   Egypt - outraged
citizens took to the streets, followed by Christians eventually being attacked;    
Syria - protesters dead on the streets;   Iraq - the Christians continue to die 
for being Christian;   Libya - warfare;  Yemen - bullets fly;   France - cars 
did burn;   Chile - the earth trembled;  New Zealand - icebergs caved-in 
during its earthquake;   Japan - a tidal wave resulted in multiple nuclear 
disasters;  Indonesia - relentless targeting of churches;   Haiti - tent people;  
The UK - an epidemic of arrests;   Mexico - violence and murder between 
criminal factions and inflicted upon unconnected citizens; Greece - riots;   
China - sweatshop labor;  the Sudan - where war reignited;  Turkey - riots;  
Pakistan - the persecution of Christians;  The rest of the world - Hell on 
Earth in many ways, including the way of sweatshop profiteering, social 
outrages, petroleum price gouging, corrupt government dealings which 
include exorbitant military spending, economic grief, the crushing of 
hopes, unjust laws, and various genres of oppression that can be de-
scribed in another venue at another time.

So, this is the Vatican's idea of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

                                     Bad idea   ..............   Bad Vatican.