January 11, 2019

Dolan Lied

The Catholic Church, at present, needs a housecleaning ... not diversionary tactics.
Archbishop Timothy Dolan, in unequivocal arrogance and basal demeanor, claimed
that teachers molested minors ten times more than did priests.  When asked for his
bibliographical source in his bold assertion, a spokesperson said that it was a NYS 
Special Commissioner of Investigation report that substantiated 78 abuse cases 
by teachers in 2009, and 73 such cases last year.  The source was the Richard J.
Condon Investigation for the NYC School District whose 2010 issue is ound at:


Now observe The New York City School District has 1,700 schools that educate
over 1,100,000 students.   The Catholic Church in the New York archdiocese has
279 Catholic schools that educate approximately 83,000 students.  The New York
City School District has approximately 80,000 active teachers.  The NYC archdio-
cese, on the other hand, has 1,783 priests operating throughout it, in active ministry.
This means that, for every one priest operating in the New York archdiocese, there
are 44 teachers employed by the NYC School District.  That's a ratio of 44 to1.

Moreover, the 73 substantiated cases included consensual sexual relations between
teachers and students who have reached the age of consent.  It also included verbal
sexual harassment, and perhaps even showing inappropriate movies to youth.  Do-
lan deceived the public into instantaneously assuming that there existed 73 cases of
physically invasive and non-consensual contact with minors matriculated in the NYC
school district.

Now, a part of the 73 cases did involve criminal acts with underage students, includ-
ing consensual relationships with students under the age of consent.   But, Dolan did
not make any qualifying statement in relation to this fact.  He made zero differentia-
tion.  He exaggerated.

Visually observe the statistical ratio of 2010 NYC teacher impropriety cases versus
the entire student body population of the New York City School District.  Keep in
mind that there are 279 Catholic schools in the ten countywide Archdiocese of New
York vs the NYCSD's 1,700 schools, and that there are 44 secular New York area
teachers for every one priest operating throughout the NYC archdiocese.

                Total Number of NYC School District Students in 2010:  1,100,000
        Total Number of substantial sexual impropriety cases in 2010:               73

              Students enrolled at Archdiocese of NY Schools in 2010:       83,000

        Total Number of NYC School District TEACHERS in 2010:        80,000
       Total Number of substantial sexual impropriety cases in 2010:               73

Ladies and gentlemen, in the Year 2010, only 1 out of 1,095  NYC school teachers
were substantially found to have gone out of bounds, in varying degrees sexual abuse,
ranging from verbal abuse to conduct recognized as criminal activity in the State of
New York.  This means that some of the teachers' actions were equivalent to a Trop-
ical Storm, while the conduct of other ones was equivalent to a Category 4 Hurricane.

In addition, keep in mind that there are almost as many NYC area school teachers as
there as Archdiocese of New York Catholic School students.  Now compare the rate
of modern American priest sexual abuse to the rate of 2010 New York City school
teacher sexual impropriety ratio.

               American priest sexual abusers between 1950 and 2002  1 in ...  25.
    NYCSD teachers who transgressed in varying degrees in 2010  1 in 1,095.

                                                              Number of NYCSD schools:      1,700.
                         Approximate Number of Archdiocese of NY schools:      280.
                                             Number of Archdiocese of NY parishes:       370.

                                                             Number of NYCSD teachers:     80,000.
                                    Number of active priests in NYC archdiocese:     1,783.


When you make an allegation as brazen as did Timothy Dolan, you are obligated to
produce concise statistics.  He needed to produce the number of teachers employed
by the NYC School District from 1950 to 2002, along with the number of school stu-
dents who suffered substantiated sexual abuse in a number degrees of intensity.

With the statistics made available, it is ascertained that Dolan lied.  Such a lie consti-
tutes Invasion of Privacy in a False Light, as well as Defamation committed against
the NYC School District and its teachers.   False Light, incidentally, consists in tak-
ing a photograph or a set of statistics out of context.  Dolan did no less than incite
animosity, violence, or even a McCarthyism-type witch hunt against New York
City teachers.This constitutes the harassment of school teachers.

Dolan arrogantly denying that he deliberately removed $130,000,000 from Archdio-
cese of Milwaukee bank accounts, in only two sets of transfers, shortly after two piv-
otal court rulings were entered into law, is something that can be suspected as having
the same lack of credibility as his claim that teachers molest minors more than do the
Vatican II priests ... of priest who were mostly recruited during the days when the al-
leged Lavender Mafia allegedly took hold of the Office of the Training for the Priest-
hood, even to the point of changing its name to the gay sounding Office of Priestly

If this is new to you, know that Archbishop Timothy Dolan played Abra Kadabra and
Alakazam with over a hundred million of dollars when Milwaukee's archdiocese was
in the midst of sexual abuse lawsuits.  He claimed that the financial repositioning was
coincidental, in light of the fact that there are no such thing as coincidences when more
than two intersecting events occur.  In the Milwaukee case, there was the intersecting
of four events ... two court adjudications and two large money transfers.  The Ameri-
can dollar should no longer have George Washington's picture on it, stating "In God 
We Trust."  Rather, it should have Harry Houdini's picture on it, stating, "Now you 
see it.  Now you don't, especially when Timothy Dolan gets his hands on it." 

Your Friend in Intermittent Reality Checks and Balances,

Patrick Anthony Pontillo