November 15, 2015

St. Gianna's Maternity Home, Warsaw North Dakota

In the event that you come across a young lady or a woman with child who is simultane-
ously in a state of need, and the person happens to be able to travel to Warsaw North
Dakota, then no problemo.  Simply have recourse to Saint Gianna's Maternity Home,
via the contact information provided below. 

If you happen to be the one with child and in need, then don't be deceived into thinking
that it's the end of the world.  This is because it's actually the beginning of someone else's
world, and for the time-being, that person is helplessly in your hands.  Saint Gianna's can
help.  It's located approximately 30 miles north of Grand Forks, ND.  

The reason why a place such as Saint Gianna's exists is because God's greatest attribute
is mercy and those devoted to the actual God, as opposed to a false prophet's rendition
thereof, instinctively resemble God's mercy.  So, if you're in need for two, and are able
to travel to North Dakota, give St Gianna's a call.  There's even a toll-free number pro-
vided below.  This also applies if you're carrying twins or more.  Furthermore, if travel
to North Dakota is not an instant possibility, call and ask if the personnel at St. Gianna's
can direct you to someone who will help with the transportation thereof.  Or else call,
to see if there's a similar maternity home closer to you.  Opening the lines of communi-
cation would be the order of the day.  Something will eventually fall into place.

Now, if you're an individual who would be willing to help keep the doors of mercy open
at Saint Gianna's, in terms of donations and maybe even volunteer work, then refer to the
following contact information, also.   Always feel free to save the day:

    Saint Gianna's Maternity Home                 Toll Free:  877-701-3077
    15605 County Road 15    
                           Phone:       701-248-3077
    Minto, ND 58261