June 06, 2017

In response to the claim that the Catholic Church hid the Bible from humanity and concealed its contents:

It's the same old predictable story.  Those from the rural sectors of Anglo America
and the nether regions of the human mind squeal out the accusation that the "Papist"
Church was the great oppressor who hid the Bible from humanity and didn't apply
any of the Bible to its doctrine.  Of course, this hysteria was most prevalently spok-
en in those venues known for chattel slavery, lynch mobs, white hooded cross burn-
ers, pelagra, moonshining, inbreeding, low wages, low S.A.T. scores, Jim Crow laws,
gerrymandering, redneckism, white trashism, and murdering the Michigan Freedom
Riders in cold blood, as well as plotting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

The aforesaid observation, alone, negates any credibility to the collective accuser of
a Catholicism stationed in Rome and seen as a foreign entity to rural, isolated, and
relatively illiterate Anglo-America throughout the centuries.  However, this obser-
vation isn't sufficient enough to illustrate that this accusation against the Catholic
Church is a complete falsehood. The following, however, is sufficient enough to do

News Flash:  The official prayer of the Roman Catholic (and not papist) Church is
the Office.  Monasteries have to pray it at least five times a day.  All priests are to
pray the Office daily.  The Office comprises the Old Testament Psalms. That pack-
age of prayers is part of the Bible.  Thus, the Catholic Church doesn't ignore the
Bible.  In fact, it is far more Biblical in its orientation than that of Anglo Ameri-
can Protestantism.  After all, Protestantism ignores the fact that Christ said that
he who "puts away his wife and takes on another one commits adultery."  It also
ignores, "Faith without good works is dead faith."  The aforementioned is mere-
ly a brief example of how Protestantism has regularly ignored Biblical passages 
throughout the ages.

In addition, the Catholic Church heavily advocates meditating on the mysteries
of the Rosary.  These are events in the life of Christ, his mother, and his church.
There are presently 20 mysteries of the Rosary.  Eighteen of these are expressly
found in the Bible.  Thus, the Catholic Church advocates meditating on events
conveyed in the Bible.  This means that the rural America Protestants influenced
by overpaid TV evangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart are liars.

Another News Flash:  At every Mass (Catholic church service) the Bible is read
aloud.  On weeks days, two excerpts from the Bible are read per Mass.  On Sun-
days and Holy Days, the Bible is read three times per Mass.  All in all, the typical
adherents of Jimmy Swaggart and PTL Club Protestantism lied to humanity.

Incidentally, Protestant denominations of the darker regions of Anglo America call
railings altars.  What they call "an altar call" is merely a walk to a railing.  Altars are
for offering sacrifices.  Protestantism has no such concept of offering sacrifices.

In Protestantism, no altars exist and no priesthood vestments exist, outside of the An-
glican and Episcopalian denominations thereof.  Only worldly business suits are worn
by those high income-bearing TV figures who dress like bankers.

Of course, some of the TV and radio preachers think that repulsively screaming out
Bible passages in a teeth-gritted fashion reflects a God who is gentle enough to have
created starlight, flowers, butterflies, humming birds, and streams.  This means that,
when these types of TV and radio evangelist scream out their heresies with Bible in
hand, they blaspheme God twice over, disfiguring the face of the God of Kindness.
After all, Isaiah (or his disciplines after his martyrdom) wrote that, when the Messi-
ah would come, "not a crushed reed he will break and a fainting wick he will not
extinguish.  The Book of Isaiah illustrates the gentleness of God.  The more obnox-
ious versions of TV and radio evangelists present a false image of God and cause
people to hold contempt and animosity toward what they falsely assume is Christi-
anity.  Of course, such a religion is a mockery of Christianity.

In addition, monks throughout the ages made handwritten copies of the Bible.  Now,
if the Catholic Church wanted to hide the Bible, it would have ordered monks to not
make copies of it.  Being that church authorities had monks make copies of the Bible,
the Catholic Church advocated the Bible.  In fact, the Catholic Church wrote the New

First came the church headed by Saint Peter.  Then came the ordaining of deacons,
following by the laying on of hands upon converts such as Saint Paul.  Then came
Mark and Luke, along with writings by Matthew, John, Jude, Peter, James, and Paul.
Eventually came a council of bishops which stated which texts constituted the Bible.
You first need a church to say what constitutes the Bible in the first place.  Thus, it's
a sin of idolatry to claim that all revelation is limited to the Bible, and that Bible is
the only thing needed for salvation.  Well, absolution from sin and good works are
needed for salvation, not screaming in public obnoxiously, while holding a Bible in
front of TV cameras.  Such a thing is the act of worshipping the Bible which hap-
pens to be an inanimate object.

Furthermore, church stained glass windows often comprised Biblical events.  This
means that the Church was NOT hiding the Bible from the people.  It was doing
the opposite.  Church art served the function of a school book for the illiterate.

Plus, Pius XII assigned a partial indulgence to those who read the Bible for at least
fifteen minutes, one partial indulgence per day.  An indulgence is the remission of the
temporary punishment due to sin, making one's purgatory either reduced or entirely
bypassed.  An indulgence, however, does not absolve from sin.  It only applies after
the remission of mortal sin occurs.  None the less, the Church advocates that people
be familiar with the Bible.

If the Catholic Church hid the Bible from mankind, Protestants would never have had
it handed to them by the followers of Luther and Calvin.  The New Testament is literal-
ly Catholic Church property stolen by the Protestants.  Now, if they refuse to believe in
"one holy Catholic and apostolic church," then they need to leave all that is Catholic be-
hind.  This includes leaving behind the Bible that they think is something magical, as
opposed to a benchmark that helps one discern the Wisdom of God from falsehoods.

The Bible was made for man; not man for the Bible.  Therefore, the Catholic Church
doesn't take the Bible out of context and turn it into a god unto itself.  The church has
been praying the Bible for centuries.  Therefore, the Catholic Church never hid it from
the people.  The Catholic Church has been reading the Bible at every Mass for an equal
amount of centuries.  The Bible is a Roman Catholic possession, as far as concerns the
New Testament.   To state otherwise is to lie.  Case closed.

There is only one Jesus Christ.  Thus, there only exists one Church of Jesus Christ,
founded by the same Christ.  All other churches constitute either impostor churches
or fractures in the only church founded by Christ.  This brings us to a question

Which would be the true Church of Jesus Christ?   ANS:  The church that was here
on Earth first, dating back as far back as the days of Peter, Paul, and certain pagan
Roman emperors who sent many a Christian to the Coliseums of martyrdom.

A broken electrical line sends zero electricity to its needed destination.  A broken
line that separates the people from the line of apostolic succession is the same type
of dead line.  In fact, it's arrogant to claim that God personally commissioned you
to suddenly start your own church, 2,000 years after the original apostles started
Christianity.  In fact, to make such a claim is to claim yourself greater than all of
the original apostles.  Without the apostolic succession that dates back to Day 1
of Christianity, namely Pentecost Sunday, there is neither truth nor sacramental
grace nor salvation.

As far back as the Year 100, the martyr St. Ignatius of Antioch identified the only
church founded by the only Jesus Christ as the Catholic Church.  Life is simple.
Only impostors make it confusing.