January 06, 2019

Fascist Spain's Infant Trafficking-by-Fraud Scheme

             Are we supposed to believe that the Opus Dei government officials
             of Franco's Spain were clueless to a scandal comprising decades of 
             time, 300,000 approximate allegations, and numerous nuns?

Two of my college friends were the children of Franco regime refugees.  Franco had
a Fascist dictatorship in Spain, and the two college buddies were the heirs of a text
book publishing company that was well known in Japanese schools.  The makers of
books had to flee Franco's Fascist Spain, as is predictable.  For some reason, when
it comes to dictatorships, books are the first things to go.  Next go the writers.  Well,
nice knowing you.

The Franco years were those when kidnapping by fraud occurred at the hands of the
Fascist dictatorship, through the cooperation of the church in Spain.  You see, many
mothers who delivered healthy children never got to raise them.  This amounts to ap-
proximately 300,000 alleged instances of kidnapping by fraud.  DNA technology has
been proving this allegation to be a reasonably confirmed fact, at least in a subset of
instances   ...   thus far.

The alleged habit was that a couple regarded as the low-lifes of Spain would be told
that their newly born child died shortly after delivery.  The child would then be adopt-
ed by persons deemed more worthy of possessing children, as judged according to
the Franco regime benchmark.  It was the act of taking custody of children by fraud.
The parents were deprived of the due process of the law.

Of course, this should not be a surprise to anyone reasonably familiar with 20th Cen-
tury Spain.  The Franco regime was a criminal one, meaning that the regime's ministers
were cooperators.  Now, this was the regime who was friendly to Opus Dei so much
so that, from 1957 onward, Opus Dei members occupied pivotal government posts.
Therefore, Opus Dei was a cooperator of Fascism and this is one of the reasons why
you should avoid all that is Opus Dei at all costs.

Concerning the fraudulent child custody acquisitions of Fascist Spain ( and even in the
1980s), the Opus Dei people in government never spoke-up.  Yet, the nuns in hospitals
who were the ones on the front line, telling lie after lie to undesirable parent after parent.
Therefore, how could the Opus Dei people have not known that this was happening?
Someone somewhere had to have ordered these nuns collectively to commit fraud.

And remember, Catholicism teaches that all forms of stating false declaratory state-
ments in a sin.  There is not even tolerance for white lies in Catholic Moral Theology.
Therefore, these nuns developed their own religion and fraudulently called it Catholi-

At the very least, the Fascist scandal shows that Opus Dei was worthless in achieving
any measure fairness and justice in society.  That is to say, through the Franco dictator-
ship Opus Dei was tested.  Opus Dei failed.  In fact, it has failed humanity thus far.

What type of religious order is it who never places its name on its administrative build-
ings and schools entranceways?  It sounds more like a secret society than a religious
order to the reasonably minded person.  In addition, Opus Dei is a prelature that does
 not have to answer to any bishop.  It does not even have to inform any bishop of what
it is doing in the bishop's own diocese.  Needless to say, this sounds very much like a
secret society.  And of course, there are numerous nightmarish allegations against Opus
Dei.  See:

                                       Opus Dei Awareness Network

Fascist Spain's long-term scandal was used by anti-Catholics to defame Catholicism.
To think, the very religious order which is now attempting to become the quintessential
definition of  Catholicism is something that conjures nightmarish images.  It is also some-
thing foreign to true Catholicism, being that it speaks of being a part of the world, in op-
position to Jesus and his saints who always emphasized the need to detach oneself from
the world.

Franco and his minions initiated each of its evils as a part of the Fascist platform, yet
Catholicism got blamed for it, as if such as outrages were canon law mandates.  You
need to know that Franco and his minions were impostors.

They were Fascism; not Catholicism. 

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