January 11, 2019

The Falsest of Prophets: In DC and at State Capitols

Those who call themselves Christian are crucifying Christ anew.
1)  Reflect on the Republican 35 year old carrot-and-stick game by which activist
     Republicans since Reagan promised to begin the procedure of enacting a pro-
     life amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The infinitely empty promise was
     designed to ensure the vast Catholic vote.  Catholics keep falling for it.

     In 34 years, there has been no effort to enact the necessary respect-life amend-
     ment, in order undo the damage caused by the US Supreme Court in 1973.  In
     as much, token line-items written into long-winded congressional bills do not
     suffice.  Nor do State level regulations that keep abortion clinic licenses from
     being issuied is the answer:  

    1] a Supreme Court case that will reverse Roe v. Wade.
        2] an amendment to the United States Constitution. 
            3] a new set of government officials who reflect the mindsets of Thomas
                More, Ambrose of Milan, and Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  Therefore,
                a new way of governing is needed.  In historical terms, this usually in-
                volves the forming of a new political party and/or government.

                By the way, history does repeat itself, and it only does so because the
                Eternal God is changeless.  The Law of God never changes; nor does
                God's way of responding to people who remain obstinate in the break-
                ing of God's Law ... especially when the sins are legalized to the point
                of mandating society to cooperate with such sins.
      Incidentally, one of the things I learned from formally studying Thomistic Philo-
      sophy is that the Law of God, the Will of God, and the Way of God are the same
      thing.  The Summa Theologica volumes were in the basement of the campus li-
      brary.  There were no distractions down there.

     Despite 34 years of empty promises, politically operative American Catholics
     continue to be gullible enough to keep chasing the carrot tied to the Republican
     stick.  Or is it that the politically active Catholics want the non-political Catho-
     lics in America to remain gullible, so that the activists could keep procuring the
     Bush-type of economic advantages which benefit a few and sabotages the rest? 
     Republican politicians are like the son who said that he would go into the field
     and harvest it, yet never went.  By their actions politically active Republicans
     have proven that the respect for life was not their priority.  The proof that the
     Republican Party arranged an economy which makes it nearly impossible for
     young couples to afford families and homelife, as did the young couples of the
     50s, 60s, and 70s.

2) Despite the inflation rates of the Ford and Carter years, many Americans were
     were living mercifully well.  For example, in the Pittsburgh area, it was a com-
     mon sight to see a very young steel worker driving either Z-28 or a Trans-Am. 
     As another example, during the 1970s a Fort Smith Arkansas seamstress would
     make $14 an hour.  Then came Reaganomics, the 10.8%  unemployment rate, the
     two-income family, and the latch key kid.  Next came the exploitation of foreign
     workers and outrages such as NAFTA.  Going by memory, the wage in China
     started at 24 cents an hour.  In the Year 2010, the Cantonese wage was 75 cents
     an hour. 

 3) Simply because the Democratic party supports two of the four sins which cry
     to Heaven for vengeance (the Sin of Sodom & Willful Murder), it does NOT
     automatically make the Republican Party holy.  Similarly, the presence of So-
     viet Communism in Europe didn't automatically render German Nazism holy.
     Nor did it sanctify Mussolini's reign in an Italy where he would be executed
     by firing-squad and then hung on display, upside down.

     The Republican Party heavily supports one of the four which cry to Heaven for
     vengeance --- Defraudment of Laborers of their Wages.  In modern terminology,
     it's known as Sweatshop Profiteering.  Whatever you call it, it sends you to Hell.
     In as much, Republicans have untold audacity in claiming that their party is the
     moral majority party.   Incidentally, Reagan increased the size of the federal gov-
     ernment, and spent his way out of economic failure, thereby tripling the national
     debt.  He also signed into law 11 tax hikes.   In addition, his true wife was Jane
     Wyman.  Theory has it that she left him because he was destroying lives in being
     an accomplice to Joseph McCarthy.  In addition, a former Soviet spy publicly
     stated that there were NO Soviet spies in Hollywood, because Moscow was on-
     ly interested in industrial, military, and technology information.

4) Impugning the Known Truth is the fourth sin which cries out to Heaven for Ven-
     geance.  Now, the Republicans in the U.S. Congress did what it took to sabotage
     the U.S. economy as much as possible, in keeping the Bust Tax Cuts in tact and
     in voting down the recent jobs bills.  They then lied, in blaming their doing on
     the present president.  

     In addition, their economic injustices have caused many to be overwhelmingly
     burdened.  Yet, they blamed the victims for the evils which the victims had to
     endure.  In as much, know that the great mooch and leech is the corporate CEO
     who makes his windfall profit off of hard working sweatshop employees.  It
     is present corporate management, as well as the Mitt Romneys of this world
     who have sucked the blood of sweatshop employees and other abused work-
     ers throughout the world.   And the pro-life world has no problem with en-
     dorsing this individual who wrote-off 47% of America.  Life does not come
     from such a person.  Remember, George Bush II claimed that he was pro-life.
     Yet, he was a living hell.

    Romney was among the most vehement pro-abortion candidates.   He is only
    singing the pro-life tune for votes, and this is deceitful.  Keep in mind that an
    election is NOT a contract.  No political candidate is obliged to keep any of
    his campaign promises.  Reagan signed into California law an abortion bill
    that was exploited to the deaths of many human lives.  Yet, he was praised
    and endorsed by the pro-life sector.  Yet, elective abortion (aka abortion on
    demand ) remained imbedded in America decades after Reagan left office. 

    The Republican Party is NOT the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    It's propagandists are filled with hatred, greed, and documented lies . It's the
    party of the predatory George Bush and Dick Cheney who turned the United
    States into a Paranoic Totalitarian Police State.  It's the party of liars who
    drained the taxpayer.  This included the outright lies told about Iraq.  This
    involved the farcical presentation of Colin Powell and the wreckless en-
    dangerment of all persons associated with former CIA agent Valery
    Plame, simply to discredit Joe Wilson.

    Incidentially, concerning those alledged decontamination trucks about which
    Colin Powell spoke at the U.N. assembly building, they were nothing more
    than ordinary fire trucks.  In addition, concerning the alleged Niger document
    which mentioned that Hussein was in the market for "yellow cake" uranium,
    it was easily proven to have been forgery.  For example, some of the dates on
    the forged document dates didn't match the stated days of the week, and there
    was the signature of a government official who was long since retired. 

    There were already inspections transpiring in Iraq.   Bush's attack is known
    as War of Aggression, in Nuremberg case law authority and international law.
    Republicans aren't pro-life people trying to safeguard an imperiled America
    which is already guarded by two massive oceans, one large gulf, and five seas
    erroneously called "Great Lakes."  They are predators.

    The Catholic world could have launched its own political party, basing its
    platform on natural law and the common good.  It could have done soon with-
    out ever mentioning Catholic.  But, for some reason, a number of Catholics in
    influence decided to leech off of the Republican circuit, thereby aligning them-
    selves with the County Club and Industrial Robber Baron party which tortured
    immigrant Catholic worker after immigrant Catholic worker, to the point of
     triggering events such as the Homestead Riots. 

    If you are a Roman Catholic, chances are that Republicans made life a misery
    for  your grandparents and/or great grandparents and/or greater grandparents. 
    Yet, you insist on voting for the party which has been cheating foreign work-
    ers by the million, which had an unfair advantage over Americans who want-
    ed to start their own businesses, and which has made the Trade Balance Deficit 
    a perpetual part of America, along with the job losses that it automatically brings.

    It took a lot of audacity and lack of conscience for the politician Ryan and the
    propagandist Hannity to call themselves Catholic, as much as it took a lot of
    audacity for Biden, Pelosi, and associates to call themselves the same.  It was
    equally audacious for world class molester, Marcial Maciel Degollado, to let
    John Paul II publicly define him as the efficacious guide of youth.  You are
    still living out the Fatima, Akita, and Quito prophecies.  

    No triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has occurred.  Politically active
    Catholics have only been contributing to the Reign of Satan.   Look at the Bush
    Years, as an example, as well as the Reagan Years.  The next stage in history will
    be the 21st Century version of the French Revolution.  It will be God's way of re-
    moving malignant cancer from seats of power, thereby removing the abusers of

Pertinent Note:

The successors of the true apostles in America, namely the bishops in union with
the Holy See, do NOT concur with the Ryan vision of life and economics.  As far
back as April 17th came the following from the US Conf. of Catholic Bishops:

WASHINGTON—As Congress began working on the FY 2013 budget and 
spending bills this week, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) 
wrote several letters that repeated and reinforced the bishops’ ongoing call 
to create a “circle of protection” around poor and vulnerable people and pro-
grams that meet their basic needs and protect their lives and dignity.   

The bishops’ message calls on Congress and the Administration to protect 
essential help for poor families and vulnerable children and to put the poor 
first in budget priorities. The bishops’ letters oppose measures that reduce 
resources for essential safety net programs.

In the letters, Bishops Stephen E. Blaire of Stockton, California, and Rich-

ard E. Pates of Des Moines, Iowa, chairmen of the Committees on Domestic 
Justice and Human Development and International Justice and Peace, re-
spectively, urged Congress to resist proposed cuts in hunger and nutrition 
programs at home and abroad saying that “a just spending bill cannot rely 
on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor & vulnerable persons.” 

1.  Every budget decision should be assessed by whether it protects or threat-
     ens human life and dignity.

2.  A central moral measure of any budget proposal is how it affects “the least 

     of these” (Matthew 25).  The needs of those who are hungry and homeless, 
     without work or in poverty should come first.

3.  Government and other institutions have a shared responsibility to promote 

     the common good of all, especially that of the ordinary workers & families 
     who struggle to live in dignity in difficult economic times…

     Just solutions, however, must require shared sacrifice by all, including rais-

     ing adequate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military and other spend-
     ing, and fairly addressing the long-term costs of health insurance and re-
     tirement programs.

     In April 16 and April 17 letters to the House Agriculture Committee and

     the House Ways and Means Committee addressing cuts required by the 
     budget resolution, Bishop Blaire said “The House-passed budget resolu-
     tion fails to meet these moral criteria.”   Bishop Blaire also wrote that 
     cuts to nutrition programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assis-
     tance Program (SNAP- food stamps) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) 
     will hurt hungry children, poor families, low-income workers and other 
     vulnerable people. 

    Additionally, he wrote that if cuts to the federal budget need to be made, 
    savings should first be found in programs that target more affluent and 
    powerful interests.