January 01, 2019

The Christmas message applicable for all generations throughout the centuries

Whereas Jesus was born in the poverty of Beth-
lehem, he is born in the poverty of your heart.
More importantly, he doesn't mind.

Concerning the beatitude which states that the
poor are blessed are the poor, what exactly does
it mean to be poor? ANS: To be poor means to
be constantly dependent upon God. .
Mary doesn't merely stand there and point to
Jesus, as if she were an inarticulately clueless
air head saying, "Duuuuh, do whatever he tells
you to do."  After all, any inanimate road sign
can perform the same function.  Rather, Mary
takes the Christ child and places him in your

The Son of God has infinite honor for his mom.
If you don't honor what he does, then you're a
stranger to him.  To avoid devotion to her is to
avoid Christ.