May 12, 2015

The Testimonials of Iraq War Vets Who Alleged U.S. War Crimes

 Links to a sample of the video-taped testimonials are directly after the introduction.
 (The link to a decisive documentary on the lies which lead to the Iraq invasion, as 
  was explained by mainstream experts and even famous individuals, is at the very 
  bottom at this post.)

                                     Republican Party Trickle-down Atrocities

Many of the Wikileak files are to be avoided, if you want to be spared of legal trouble.
This is because a number of the Wikileak documents were tagged as top secret when
they were revealed.  However, top secret paperwork wasn't needed, in order to show
that the occupying forces in Iraq were turned into an army of Frankensteins.  This is
because a number of US occupation veterans came forth, to give public testimonials
about their tours of duty in Iraq ... years ago ... all the while being ignored by the main
mainstream commercial media.

To say the least, public testimonials are cathartic.  None the less, this article has been
posted for those who, during the Iraq War years, only had contact with the mainstream
media who, for years, weren't even allowed to photograph the caskets arriving at Dover
Air Force Base.  The other point to posting something that transpired years ago, though
it's new to many, is to show that America needed to clean-up its act ... severely.  It's al-
soto show that the Republican Party is in no way the pro-life party it claims itself to be.
It's the party of cold blooded aggression, greed, lies, and the dehumanization of humanity.

The testimonials were given during a Maryland weekend in 2008, at a gathering known
as Winter Soldier.  The gathering was fashioned after the 1971 Winter Soldier Hearings
which detailed the atrocities which were occurring in Vietnam.  According to the vets
who were present in Maryland, little changed since the last time a Texan president took
the United States into a costly & bitter quagmire which depleted the world's respect for

Atrocious, as in war time atrocities, would be the operative word, to describe the al-
leged conduct of the U.S. forces in Iraq.  According to the public witnesses who were
in Iraq, such atrocities seem to have been the United States' Standard Operating Pro-
cedure.  A fitting description of U.S. military conduct came from a woman during an
eviction process, where the U.S. military suddenly claimed ownership of her family's
home, all the while paying the family zero compensation for taking hostile possession
of the home.  She shouted to the armed American eviction agency, aka her aggressors,
"You're worse than Saddam."

              Creating Frankensteins the George Bush and Dick Cheney Way

A military's mindset is a reflection of it's head of state.  The pushy arrogance displayed
by the George "Bring-it-on" Bush who wore a flight suit, in order to give an arrogant
mission accomplished speech, would logically become contagious to his subordinates,
in a trickle-down effect.  According to a number of veterans, it was very contagious.
Perhaps the violence of the U.S. military upon Iraqi civilians was unpublished policy.
Whatever it was which triggered the mode of conduct in Iraq, it was criminal conduct
against civilians.  Therefore, the Nuremberg case law authority and the Tokyo War
Crimes trial applies to the military commanders of the Iraq invasion and occupation.

In as much, the trickle-down effect of George Bush, Dick the Waterboarder Cheney,
and the mean-spirited mouthpieces of the Chicken Hawk Party apparently found its
way to the occupation forces of the U.S. military.  This was according to the panelists
who spoke on behalf of Iraq Veterans Against the War.  The majority of the panelists
were the vets who witnessed the atrocities.  Some admitted committing them.

Some of things alleged by the veteran panelists were beyond outrageous, as well as
grotesque and disrespectful, even in the conduct they displayed toward Iraqi children.
The testimonies describe an extremely undisciplined military whose allegedly feloni-
ous way of conducting itself was said to have been "perpetrated by platoon sergeants 
and squad leaders."  In fact, the testimony of the panelists indicate that U.S. military
higher-ups so out-of-order that there constituted dangers to society.  After all, these
taxpayer-funded military higher-ups destroyed America's image in the sight of many,
creating an explosive animosity against the United States.  None the less, ransacking
home after home was the least of the accusations and/or admissions of guilt.

The Bush II administration resulted in Americans being regarded as monsters, in-
stead of the bringer of liberty, being that Bush's soldiers committed monstrous ac-
tions and liberated no nation.  Iraq was a diplomatic disaster.  It only resulted in
more hatred toward America, at the hands of Republican chicken hawks who act
tough with the blood of others.  The predatory aggressor Republican demeanor
trickled down to the troops in Iraq.  You have to admit that George "Bring it on"
Bush and Dick the Waterboarder Cheney hypnotized the American public with
goose-stepping diatribes, while they lied to the American public about having
incontrovertible evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of indiscriminate
destruction poised to strike Americans.

Selected videos:

This veteran's testimonial is accompanied by photographic and video evidence, in-
cluding the photo of a lifeless Iraqi man, entirely unarmed, shot off of his bicycle.
The veteran featured here began by taking off his medals and throwing them away
from him, publicly saying to the U.S. Marines, "I don't work for you, anymore."

In this one, the speaker mentions that he is plagued with guilt every time he sees an
elderly gentleman, a mom with children, etc.  This is because his superiors ordered
him and his platoon to raid 5 or 6 Iraqi homes and evict the residents.  This included
children and the elderly.  In the evictions, no compensation was given to the rightful
home owners, for the property that the U.S. military declared its property.

The veteran testifying here stated that racism has been used in history to justify con-
quest and expansion, meaning that racism was a motivating source for the disrespect
extended to the non-white Iraqi people.  He stated that racial animosity was a vital
weapon employed by the U.S. government at his time of service in the 21st Century.
The speaker is Caucasian.  He told the story of an Iraqi detainee who had blood com-
ing out from under the sand bag that was put over his head by American troops.

A former marine who made three tours of duty.  He mentions things that he never men-
tioned in his letters to home.  He speaks of "the dehumanization of individuals in their 
devaluation of worth."  He stated that there were no rules in Iraq.  This resulted in the
marines stationed in Iraq using their combat techniques on unsuspecting civilians, and
that these violent actions were perpetuated by squad leaders and platoon sergeants.  He
stated that this type of abuse happened all the time.  He alleges that he was there when
they destroyed all of the birth certificates in the city of Fallujah.  Therefore, US military
command ordered U.S. troops to reverse civilization into anarchy.

"How tough does a question have to be, to kill?"  It concerns an Iraqi who died during
questioning, as was alleged by a former armored cavalry sergeant.

Dahlia Wasfi is the second speaker in the following video.  Extremely insightful and
articulate.  She pointed at the photo of an activist killed in the Middle East by a bull
dozer funded by the U.S. taxpayer, and she then pointed to the veterans on the panel,

"This is what an American hero looks like.  This is what American heroes look like, 
not because they put on a uniform and picked up a weapon, but because they put it 
down and stood up for the truth."

The following link takes you to the testimonial of an infantry marine who served two
deployments in Iraq, during the early years of the war there; in 2003 and then in late
2004 to the Spring of 2005.  This shows that the alleged abuse and war crimes of U.S.
military personnel allegedly started at the start of the war, as if it were the premeditat-
ed strategy.  The former marine said that U.S. marines raided countless residences, ev-
en at 3:00 AM.  He also stated that they barely ever found anything, during these raids..

On occasion, the raiding troops would find an AK-47, but the ownership AK-47s was
legal in Iraq before the invasion of it.  According to the young gentleman, there was the
intentional dehumanization of the Iraqis, resulting in marines allegedly hitting guys in 
the genitals intentionally and as a matter of course.  These types of things happened on
a daily basis, according to his testimonial.

He spoke of the assault and battery committed upon three detainees, as if it were Stan-
dard Operating Procedure.  This testimonial should be presented to the Hague, for the
sake of war crimes indictments.  This testimonial is the description of textbook war
crimes, as is stated in the Geneva Convention.  This constituted brutality provoked
and even ordered by U.S. commanders.  He stated that the commanders in marine
training and indoctrination do exactly what it takes to produce the stereotypically
ruthless marine.  He described marines kicking a elderly man who was on the floor.
He described worse things.

The decorated veteran and officer in this video clip stated that he wished that he could
testify about the atrocities that were transpiring in Iraq in front of the US Congress.  He
responded to the fact that protesters were outside the convention center where the vets
were making their testimonials, as the protesters condemned the Iraq Veterans Against 
the War.  Firstly, he described them as "intellectually challenged," and then described
them as chest thumping American citizens who would carry the flag off a cliff.   Yet,
he ultimately responded to their condemnation of the idea of war vets having the right
 of freedom of speech, by quoting President Theodore Roosevelt:  "To say that there 
should not be any criticism of the president is not only unpatriotic and servile, but 
it's morally treasonous to the American people."  He spoke of military command's
dereliction of duty.  He spoke like a professor in a military science class.

The lies which resulted in the unjust invasion of Iraq and the subsequent alleged war
crimes was detailed by mainstream individuals in a 56 minute video, the link to which
is posted directly below.  The speakers include:

 --1} a former CIA director and Commander of the Second Fleet.  --2} a member of  
        the United States House of Representatives,  --3} a former senior director of the 
        National Security Council,  --4} a former Chief of Middle East Intelligence,  for 
        the Defense Intelligence Agency,  --5} a former vice chairman of the National 
        Intelligence Council of the CIA,  --6} a former political counselor to the U.S. 
        embassy in Athens,   --7} Valerie Plame's husband who refused to state that
        Saddam Hussein attempted to buy uranium from Niger,  --8}  a former chair-
        man of the National Intelligence Estimate, in charge of the president's daily 
        brief,  --9} the Washington editor of The Nation Magazine,   --10} a former 
        CIA director of the Office of Regional and Political Analysis,  --11} former 
         chief scientist of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,  --12]}  a former 
         U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia,  --13} a former commissioned officer and 
         Secretary of the US Army,  --14} the former White House council to Richard 
         Nixon who became a household name,  --15} a former female cabinet mem-
         ber of the United Kingdom,  --16} a former female Air Force Lt. Colonel, of
         the Office of the Under-Secretary of Defense,  --17} a former CIA operative,
--18} a former Assistant Secretary of Defense,  --18} former weapons inspector 
         and United States marine captain Bruce Ritter,  20+} and a few others.

The information provided by the many experts is a must-see.  It's something that needs
to be made known to humanity.  The sources are as mainstream and expert as you can
get on the subject.

Sincerely, Pat  ... the youngest son of an authentic liberator of France