January 02, 2019

Penance & Prophecy: Punish yourself, so that God doesn't have to ...

Sign of Our Imperiled Times:

The reminder of God's exasper-
ation with mankind's sinfulness
is now the symbol of a sector
dedicated to living-out one of
the Four Sins which Cry to
Heaven for Vengeance.

Then comes the common prac-
tice of defrauding sweatshop
workers of their wages - a sin
that also cries to Heaven for
Vengeance.  Man is blinder
than his flint-clicking ancestry.
Here is the irony:  Modern Catholic prophecy began with Saint Augustine, well
over a thousand and a half years ago.  The same prophesies about this era became
startling true concerning the Virgin Mary's prophesies made to a South American
prioress (aka a mother superior) centuries ago ... in Quito, Ecuador.  There is where
she prophesied a corrupt Twentieth Century priesthood.

In fact, the incorruptible saint, Louis of Montfort, has his prophesies about this era,
too.  You probably are too hard-hearted to believe them, because he prophesied the
conversion of the Moslems ... of a certain people who, today, would kill a Christian
in a heartbeat.  Well, such converting happened before, and evidence is in the many
Spanish and Italian Catholics throughout the centuries who had Moroccan ancestry.

Then there is the 20th Century prophesies of Akita, Japan,where Mary prophesied
that bishop would be against bishop and cardinal would be against cardinal.  True
to form, concerning what transpired in the Vatican II church.

The bottom line is the mankind has become a grotesque caricature of its distorted
self, with arrogant war cries against justice ... even sexual justice, in taking women
meant to be the wives of other men.  That is man treading upon man in the most
intimate way.

As a preliminary note, the modern era is regarded, at least by me, as having started
during the second half of the 18th Century.  It was the era of an Antoine Lavoisier
who isolated oxygen from tin calx, as well as an Alessandro Volta who invented the
electrochemical cell battery.  It was  also the era of the Treaty of Easton which was
replaced by the American Revolution, and then followed by the French Revolution.

It was equally the time when the Ascended Christ, after having articulated his inten-
tions to St Margaret Mary Alacoque, ended up waiting 100 years for a French King
to consecrate France to Christ's Sacred Heart, only to abandon the French monarchy
in exasperation and let Robespierre establish a reign of terror in its stead.  Incidental-
ly, Lavoisier was put to death during the French Revolution, being that he was one of
the 32 members of the Ferme Générale.  He was a tax collector.

The theme of the following post is as follows In the 13th Century, to St. Dominic,
the Virgin Mary said, "One day, through the (Brown Carmelite) Scapular and the
Rosary, I will save the world."  For those unfamiliar, and for those unbelieving, each
brown scapular is a symbolic continuation of the Cloak of Elijah, blessed as a sacra-
mental by the church, and attached to an awe striking promise by the Virgin Mary.
Now, the word, "save," denotes rescue, meaning that the world will first be in un-
told turmoil and an annihilating form of anarchy before the "save" part commences.

People can no longer perceive beauty in the simplest things.

I couldn't help but notice that a number of people who come to this site are seemingly
looking to find out what's going to happen in the future. Well, presented at this site are
the prophecies which came from the Rianjo Apparition, the German Stigmatist Theresa
Neumann, Saint John Bosco, and Saint. Pius X.  Meanwhile, a guest writer reported on
a televised message given some time around the turn of the century by Mother Angelica.

Prophecies that already came true were also mentioned at this site.  This includes the
17th Century prophecy made to a prioress in Ecuador that the 20th Century priesthood
would literally be as corrupt as Hell.  This also included the 19th Century famine pro-
phesied at La Salette.

More can be conveyed here.  But, prophecies need to be followed by action, and the
needed courses of action have been completely neglected, due to the that fact that the
prophecy of clergy corruption came true in our lifetimes.  The bishops aren't leading
us.  We are on our own, in speaking out against Corporate Sin and Social Scandal,
against sins legalized and accommodated, as well as those sins which are mandated
in congressional/parliamentary acts.

Whatever is prophesied will come to be, no matter what you or I do.   However, some
prophesies are designed to have the faithful veer away from disaster.  Therefore, keep-
ing the prophecies unknown is a sin against charity.  Well, teaching faithful adherence
to Catholic Moral Theology will achieve the same effect of getting the faithful to veer
away from disaster, without mention of any apparition.

The danger in presenting Catholic prophecies is that they might be turned into a cheap
tabloid newspaper article.  So, prudence is of the essence.  This is why there are speci-
fice prophecies I will not mention.  I also refrain from mentioning them, lest someone
in the future claim that certain prophecies came true only as a matter of suggestion and
brain washing.  None the less ...

... Concerning the prophecy of Fire from Heaven (Our Lady of Akita) and the Three
Days of Darkness, (Bl. Anna Maria Taigi and numerous others), each event occurred
previously, if the centuries-old scriptural passages are true.  So, the prophecies of fire
and three days of nighttime aren't foreign ideas to people of faith.  Egypt was report-
ed as having endured the three days of darkness, but it was not reported in any known
Egyptian script.  The fire from Heaven was recorded in scriptures as having descend-
ed to earth at Elijah's behest, in order to prove that Jezebel's priests were not the chos-
en people of God or Baal.

Prophecies automatically imply a host of other events to occur.  So, an outline of the
future can be literally drawn, in very general terms.  For example, it's only logical to
conclude that, when the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary occurs, there will
be no more divorce & remarriage, elective abortion, and sweatshop labor profiteering.
However, I have not seen a properly done outline of what to expect in the future.  I have
 thus far only seen outlines that suit French Nationalism, German Nationalism, and those
American survivalists who heavily patronize companies which sell beans by the barrel.

I have also read things that were presented as prophecies, but which were little more
than wishful thinking, based on the over-reach of a prophecy here and the misinter-
pretation of a prophecy there.  Yet, there are inclusive events which accompany any
given prophecy.  This means that prophecies are package deals.   In as much:

Here is the general future for us to expect, if and only if the princes of today's church
refuse to finally perform the valid consecration mentioned by Mary at Fatima:

- After a traumatizing baptism of many fires, the remainder of humanity will rebuild
from the toxic ashes and ruins thereof.  Mentioning the specific fires of chastisement
could make this article sound like a tabloid.  None the less, the Virgin Mary at Akita
(Japan) said that the work of Satan will be so successful that bishop will be against
bishop and cardinal will be against cardinal.  She also prophesied the fire from Heav-
en, if mankind continues on its course of dedication to mortal sin.  The prophecy was
made in 1973.  This was the year abortion was made legal in the United States.  She
then stated that the living will envy the dead ...

   - Theresa Neumann stated that the United States will NEVER have a concentration
      camp in it, from the date of her prophecy onward.  However, it was designated to
      be punished for its sins by means of "the elements."  This translates into natural
      disasters.  The prophecy was made in the vicinity of 1948.  In fact, God promised
      to never let a Nazi-style concentration camp be constructed in America, because
      Americans were kind enough to establish the Marshall Plan in 1948.

    -  St. Pius X has a vision where he saw one of his successors flee over the bodies
       of dead cardinals.  This is completely believable, in light of the arrogance and
       injustice of the present-day cardinals which was uncovered and which resulted
       in the prime minister of Ireland (the taoiseach) reading the Vatican the Riot Act.
       Plus, there is a group known as Anti-theists.  At least one of them mentioned
       that he would like to arrange for a demonstration at Vatican.  In as much, this
       prophecy seemed unlikely decades prior, but it is now seen as the natural con-
       sequence of abusing power and provoking the rage of the people.  Do not be
       deceived.  There have been people outraged enough to swing baseball bats at
       Vatican heads.  After all, it is a sin to provoke a sin.

       See:  Enda Kenny’s attack on the Vatican reflects ferocious public anger

     - According to John Bosco (a canonized Italian saint,) the news of a pope's death
       and the election of his replacement will occur in the same news dispatch.  The
       pope in focus will have taken flight and died in hiding.

Concerning other elements of the oncoming Great Chastisement:

- According to the approved Akita locutions (vision via voice of angel, saint, Mary,
   of Christ) after the Eternal Father unleashed the Great Chastisement, the living
   will end up envying the dead.

- Natural Law, as opposed to legalized sins, will be the enacted law of the various
   lands, enforced by the powers-that-be.  The Declaration of the Rights of Man
   will finally be enacted and enforced.

- The powers-that-be will no longer be a crew of manipulative politicians who make
  humanity subject to the goals of well-funded lobbyists.  This means that there will
  be no more legislative tug-of-war games that always end in the Hegelian mode of

- Those who pillaged the environment, manipulated financial markets, and abused the
   least protected of workers will no longer be ruling the destinies of men.  Rather, they
   will painfully learn the meaning of the word accountability, in the most annihilating

- The following is very important to grasp:  The cultures and power structures in those
  geographic regions where the majority of the people profess faith in Christ, yet despise
  and condemn devotion to the Virgin Mary, will be erased from humanity.  Firstly, these
  are the people who present to the world a grotesque caricature of Christ and Christian-
  ity.  Secondly, they don't have the protection of the Virgin Mary, meaning that they'll
  not be seeing the power of angels bridge into their lives.  The demarcation line in the
  relatively near future is Mary's protection vs. the absence thereof.

It is important to realize that one needs to make reparation to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary so that the power of angels can bridge into the lives of men/women/children.
Without this bridge, you have annihilation.

As far as goes today's bishops, for them it will be the French Revolution, all over again.
This came from the 1931 Rianjo prophecy made to Sister Lucy, by Christ at the taber-
nacle.  Concerning you who do not believe in the real presence of Holy Communion,
keep in mind that the truth is often strange ... stranger than fiction.  After all, you are
willing to believe a carpenter who associated with fishermen and John the Baptist's
disciples is God, but you can't believe that the same carpenter turned unleavened
bread into himself, in an Emmaus roadside inn, as he suddenly disappeared after
having consecrating said unleavened bread in front of two minor disciples who
didn't recognize him until the bread was broken.

- When the chastisement prophesied at Akita begins, some people will begin rudimen-
  tary prayer, to ward off the fires of God's wrath.  However, they will require much
  more penance than they are willing to give, meaning that their prayers will have no
  effect.  Like those who planted the seeds of their faith on slate, they will impatiently
  stop the attempt to placate God's wrath by prayer.  They will then seek to flee from
  the wrath-in-progress and be lost forever.  This is a very serious matter that Angelo
  Sodano and Tarcisio Bertone turned into a quaintly insignificant thing.  Well, when
  the Great Chastisement begins,  you won't have to worry about Bertone and Sodano
  anymore, as well as others who vied for positions of power, solely out of narcissism
  and predatory greed.

  Satan will no longer be the battery upon which man operates.  In as much, Sister
  Lucia expressly stated, before she became censored, as if the Vatican were a Soviet
  dictatorship, that the prophecies made by Our Lady of Fatima will be good for some,
  while for others, it will be bad; very bad.

- So, there is a question:  For whom it will be good and for whom will it be very bad?
  The answer is found in the Gospels ... "The first shall be last and the last shall be
   first."  ... "Woe to you rich ..."  Very simply, the war makers will be replaced by the
  peace makers and the greed-stricken will be replaced by the generous.  Those who
  caused others pain will be replaced by those who feel your pain.  There will be a
  changing of the guard.

The most pivotal point in understanding any prophecy is this:

1} God is changeless and history repeats itself, because God's
     response to any generation obstinate in sin never changes.

2} God's response to any generation that converts never changes.

3} God's care for faithful generations never changes, either.

One more thing:  St. Louis of Montfort prophesied that the greatest saints would come
in the later days of the church.  He does have credibility in that he once wrote that he
clearly foresaw that raging beasts would come after his Marian Devotion treatise, with
the intent to shred it, —or at least to smother it in the darkness and silence of a coffer, 
that it may not appear.   The treatise, "True Devotion to Mary," went unseen for 126
 years.  Then, in 1842, it was found in a trunk.  The first 80 pages of it were missing.
The rest of the text was published.

Satan's hatred for something shows its value to humanity.