March 02, 2013

It's a hoax: News of the criminal indictment of Benedict XVI

There's a certain Canadian activist of caucasian descent who set forth a series of
fraudulent misrepresentations about the Roman Catholic Church and the British
monarchy, all the while posing as an international government agency dedicated
to criminally indicting Benedict XVI, several cardinals, and Elizabeth II.  The de-
clarative statements made by this disingenuous activist were so false that each one
qualifies as something psychotic, as well as exaggerative scapegoating.  In fact, it's
nothing more than the provocation of hate crimes.

Of course, his major assertion is that the white man deliberately sought to annihilate
the Western Canadian aboriginals by means of the 18th Century smallpox epidemics.
However, hundreds of thousands of Caucasians were dying from the same disease in
Europe, and no European conspiracy sought to kill its own people.  Thus, the activist
has no ground upon which to connect smallpox to any European conspiracy.  He was
blaming the white man for something that came from the Middle East.  In fact, history
experts trace smallpox to first Africa, and then India, and finally China.  Yet, the white
man was blamed for it, even though the disease did NOT originate in Europe.  In addi-
tion, smallpox arrived in Europe long before the Crusades.  So, the activist can't blame
the various smallpox epidemics on the Crusaders.  In fact, smallpox found its way into
Europe a millenium before the tragic epidemics of the 1700s.

In addition, his contradiction exists in the fact that it was men of European descent who
publicly sponsored the effort to eradicate smallpox ... not spread it.  Thus, the activist's
hostile political movement constitutes harassment against Roman Catholics, as well as
the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace.  His hype was reminiscent of certain manipulat-
ors who posed as experts, blaming the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami on the U.S. nuclear
divisions.  In case you missed the point, know that white men dedicated themselves to
wiping out smallpox ... not to use it to commit genocide against non-white races.

Now, the non-factual Canadian activist claimed that an unnamed diplomat went to the
Vatican and warned Benedict XVI that criminal charges were going to be filed against
him by something called the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State,
thereby causing Benedict to suddenly resign.  The truth is that no such organization
exists.  The activist made up the organization himself.  It's Fantasy Government.  It
has no coercive power.  It's not an agency of the UN.  It's not part of the Hague.  It's
the fictitious invention of a cultic conspiracy theorist.

The same hoaxer additionally claimed that tribal leaders of the Canadian aboriginals
support him.  One such leader allegedly denied this.  In fact, a representative of the
Canadian aboriginals allegedly denied that she ever heard of the man.  The man is
a white, bald, nonathletic, and smirk-faced entity commonly referred to as a "dork,"
"nerd," etc.  In his case, man is an oxymoron, being that there's nothing manly about

He held rallies, and there were people gullible enough to have attended them, there-
by believing everything he claimed.  Such a thing was very Hitleresque.  I already
wrote an article proving his accusations to have been completely farcical.  He's a
cult leader of paranoiac, anti-social, conspiracy theorism.

The Accusations are Proven False in one 18th Century Document

Concerning the Canadian activist provoking hatred against the Catholic Church, he's a
person who claimed that the Catholic Church conspired with the British Crown to kill
all the aboriginals of Western Canada, despite the fact that the Royal Proclamation of
1763 commanded all British subjects to treat with civility all native American tribes
located west of the designated boundary line.  The line was basically Ohio, meaning
that Ohio and west of it were to be reserved for the American natives.

Furthermore, England's sought-for land was India, due to its tremendous amount of
wealth.  Western Canada had nothing of value to 18th Century England.

Whales were all that were of value to 19th Century Caucasians, concerning Western
Canada.  Being that these are maritime creatures, there was only an interest in Cana-
dian coastlines.  Furthermore, when it came to 20th Century Caucasians, the strategic
military land,  (against Imperial Japan, Communist China, and Soviet Russia)  as well
as NHL franchises, was the value of Western Canada.  In as much, the claim of a mass
murdering European conspiracy against aboriginals had no motive, especially in light
of the fact that Caucasians were dying from the same smallpox which the Canadian
activist claimed was the murder weapon used against Western Canada's aboriginals.

During the 18th Century, it is estimated that 400,000 Europeans died each year from
smallpox.  Even in 1972, there was a smallpox outbreak in Yugoslavia.  Yet, it was
traced to the Middle East.

Concerning the fur trade being conjectured as the white man's interest in Western
Canada, there is a reason why the land west of Pittsburgh is called Beaver County.
Beaver pelt was valuable at the time.  In as much, this has to do with land in eastern
America, far far away from Western Canadian territory.   Furthermore, if there were
a Catholic conspiracy against the aboriginals of Western Canada, then why was that
part of Canada not made part of the land mass known as Louisiana Territory?  The
bottom line is that the Canadian activist who mongers hatred against Catholicism
has zero basis in fact, concerning any of his conspiracy accusations.

Plus, concerning the smallpox blankets that whites were accused of handing out, did
they get vaccine shots before handling them?  Wasn't it that vaccinations only came
into existence a century and a half later, after a lot of trial and error throughout the
19th Century?  How were those white men immune to the smallpox on the blankets
anyway, unless of course, they survived smallpox?  The answer is something once
called variolation --- the precusor to vaccination by which dried powder of infected
substances were blown into the nostrils of non-immune persons.  This meant that the
aboriginals of any nation could have employed the practice.  However, sometimes
the ancient form of vaccination backfired.  None the less, the practice was prevalent
in China, India, and Turkey.

All in all, no official governing authority filed any criminal charges against the pres-
ent pope.  He's 85 years old.  Leave him alone.  The grievances you, I, others have
against him can be addressed by demanding restitution from other people in charge
of the Catholic Church, pursuant to the Superior Respondeat doctrine.

What kind of person is so obsessed with having people delegated by him ... a person
who has no authority  ... to apprehend an aging pope, several cardinals, and an aging
inhabitant of Buckingham palace, so that he can conduct Kangaroo Court Lynchings?
The reasonable person can assure you that Elizabeth II was not in Western Canada dur-
ing the 18th Century.  Nor was Benedict XVI.

Simply because the white Canadian conspiracy theorist does not recognize the gov-
erning authority of England, it doesn't automatically make him a governing authority,
onto himself.  One day, a true governing authority will show his followers that he was
never an authority and will never be an authority.  He's merely a menace, inciting lynch
mobism.  There is more than enough hatred on Earth.  No one needs him to perpetuate
more of it, especially concerning that which transpired in the 1700s, as result of man's
lack of microbiological knowledge.