January 11, 2019

Russia's Decrease in Population via Abortion on Demand

  Russia is undergoing an ongoing population decrease.  We begin with an outline of
  the stats pertaining to this:

 1} Abortion is legalized in Leninist Russia, as of 1920.  In 1936, Hitler and the Nazis
     of Germany begin their rise to military aggression.  Stalin, needing a population to
     stave off eventual German dominance over Russia, makes abortion illegal.

 2} Stalin dies in 1953.  Abortion is made legal once again, in 1955.

 3} At the end of that decade, in 1959, there were 2.79 million births recorded in
      Russia.  During that  same year there were 4.17 abortions ... in Russia alone.

 4} In 1965, during Russia's tenth anniversary of being an abortion state, there were
      6,100 nuclear warheads housed in the Soviet Union, ready to be launched at
      NATO.  There were 1.99 million reported births in Russia, as well.  There were
      also 5.46 million legal abortions in that nation, meaning that 73.2% of all record-
      ed pregnancies ended in abortion ... in Russia alone.

 5} In 1975, America was in its second year of legalized abortion.  The abortion rate
      of the States was 21.7%, with 1.03 million abortions having been performed.  In
      Russia, that rate was 68.9%, with 4.67 million abortions having been performed.
      During that same year, the United States had 27,052 nuclear warheads.  The Sovi-
      et Union had 19,055.

  6} In 1985, the Soviet Union had 39,197 nuclear warheads.  Russia had 4.55 million
       reported abortions, at a rate of 65.7% of all recorded pregnancies.  America had
       1.58 million abortions, at a rate of 28% of all pregnancies recorded.

  7} Cardinal Angelo Sodano (criminal accomplice of serial molester Marcial Maciel
       Degollado) claimed that Russia was converted in the vicinity of 1990, 1991, or so.

       - Well, in the Year 1990, Russia had 4.1 million recorded abortions, at a 67.7% rate.

       - In 1992, Russia's abortion rate was 68.4.  In 1994, the rate was 68.5%.
      - Meanwhile, in 1992, Russian had 25,155 nuclear warheads.

  8} In the Year 2000, Sodano publicly proclaimed that Russia converted back in the
       1990 time range.  In the Year 2000, Russia had 2.138 million recorded abortions,
       at a rate of 62.8% of recorded pregnancies.  It also had 10,201 nuclear warheads. 

  9} In the Year 2003, when Bertone claimed to have spoken at length with Lucia,
       the statistics for that year ended up beingover half of the recorded pregnancies
       in Russia resulted in recorded abortions, to the tune of 1.864 million abortions,
       at a 55.8% rate.

10} In the Year 2007, when Bertone was heavily publicizing his claim about the
       Third Secret, his alleged conversation with Lucia, and his attacks against
       Antonio Socci, Russia had 1.479 million abortions, at a rate of  a 47.9%.

      Let's play Common Sense:  First of two questions:  Did Russia convert?
      Final of two questionsHas a period of peace been granted to the world?
      Bonus question:  How mindlessly gullible are you?  Sodano and Bertone
      obviously think that you're an idiot.




Despite the tremendous evil that the modern hierarchs have done, they have been spared
of the consequence.  Yet, instead of showing gratitude, arrogant haughtiness was shoved
down certain individuals' throats.  A collegial consecration done according to the way
that the reasonably minded person realizes how it should be done would have been an
act of gratitude.  But no, they couldn't bring themselves to do it, simply as conditional
measure, being the 1984 consecration reeked in invalidity.  The historic events in the
years to follow also indicated invalidity.
The most obvious proof that Russia has not yet converted, in fulfillment of the Fatima
prophecy, is in its induced abortion rate; in its rate of killing off its own future.  As a re-
sult of that rate, Dmitry Medvedev ended up mentioning, in his Stalinesque Five-Year
Projection, that Russia needs to overcome a  'foreseeable decrease of employable pop-
ulation ...'  In light of this, the lower house of the Russian parliament (the Duma) went
about, to draft legislation to induce birth, instead of abortion.  This pivotal toward birth
is not done out of any sense of conversion.  It is the result of statistical demographics.
After all, Stalin made abortion illegal.  Yet, neither he nor Russia was converted at the
time, to say the least.

Last year, while he was still Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, made a resolution
on Russia's diminishing population which, incidentally, is approximately half of that of
the United States.  He resolved, at the time, to elevate the Russian population, even to
the point of enticing foreigners to immigrate to Russia.  Thus, Russia's dwindling pop-
ulation has been in the pipeline of government policy for a while.



It suspiciously appears that the policy of Cardinals Agostino Casaroli and Angelo So-
dano, the previous Vatican secretaries of state, was to use hypnotic suggestion, to get
people to achieve what only grace can make happen.  This suspicion came from one
allegation.  It was alleged that the Vatican order the various Fatima apostolates to pub-
licly declare the that the 1984 Consecration of the World as the one which fulfilled
the request of Our Lady of Fatima.  The source, AbbĂ© Pierre Caillon, stated that:
              An order came from Rome,  obliging everyone to say and think:   
                                            The Consecration is done.’”

Perhaps as far back as Casaroli's tenure, the Vatican thought that, if you tell people
that peace has been guaranteed, they would mindlessly start acting peacefully.  Well,
one calendar year after Sodano arrogantly stated that Fatima was a thing of the dark
past, wars intensified, beginning with the terrorism of September 11, 2001.   The dark-
ness became thick black smoke.