February 06, 2019

Even if it's not the Third Secret of Fatima,
it's something that came true, none the less

Consider the following conjecture as to what might be the verbal part of the Third
Secret Fatima, in light of the Legionaries of Christ scandal and the numerous com-
plaints leveled against Opus Dei.  This includes the accusations attached to a law-
suit filed against Opus Dei, as well as the two court summons that required mem-
bers of the same Opus Dei to appear in a Parisian criminal court in September of
2011.  The conjecture is that the third secret mentioned that new religious orders
would undermine the church.   An example of what would be a paraphrased and
inexact version of the Third Secret goes as follows:

Remember that this is a broadly paraphrased conjecture and NOT a quote from
anyone.  However, it is something that came 100% true in the 20th Century:

~~~ New Religious orders will soon be established that will undermine the 
        church and seek to dominate it.   The superiors of these orders will seek 
        to do this by:

        1] developing alliances with dictatorships,  2] accommodating govern-
        ments at the expense of the church,  3] amassing wealth that will be
        acquired from industrialists who will hideously underpay their work-
        ers, 4] and by giving large amounts of money to the Holy See which
        will have the effect of bribery. ~~~

~~~ By money will they seek to control the church.  Yet, each newly found-
       ed religious order will be working for its own gain.   The new religious 
       orders will even abuse their own members, recruiting them in deceptive 
       and forceful ways, as if to be kidnapping them.   While this is going on, 
       the superiors of the religious orders will go about, seeking to manipulate 
       the highest ranking authorities of the church, in order to make themselves 
      equal to those authorities.

I assume with 99% surety that, if this were mentioned as a part of the Third Se-
cret, only one or two sentences would have been spoken by the Virgin Mary, to
summarize it.  None the less, whether the aforementioned statement is or is not
a part of the Third Secret of Fatima, the aforementioned did happen in the 20th
Century.  It all came true in the cases of Opus Dei and the Legionaries of Christ,
as well as Regnum Christi.

The bottom line is that the Third Secret of Fatima perhaps included mention of the
corrupting of the church via new religious orders that had ties to political power.
This is because Mary, in her apparitions, warned her people of the greatest evils
soon to come upon the church, and two of the greatest evils destined to distort the
church were Maciel's order and the leaders of Opus Dei.

Concerning the Legionaries of Christ, why couldn't anyone at the Vatican realize that
the founder of that order was committing ongoing simony, in the repeated outlays of
cash via envelope, as was reported by Jason Berry?   This includes the grief-inducing
John Paul II who should have detected Maciel's deceit, instead of publicly praising him,
as if he were the greatest saint of our age.  Perhaps the players at the Vatican assumed
that the laity of our high tech age was too collectively stupid to ever notice the blatant
simony of Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ.  Well, it's important to note that the
Vatican fooled neither Jason Berry, nor Antonio Socci, nor Mrs. Randy Engel,  nor a
number of other people.

The Vatican remains on track for humanity to witness the fulfillment of the prophecy
that Christ gave to Sister LĂșcia Santos, in a Rianjo convent.  The prophecy is that the
bishops will meet the destiny of King Louis XVI.   Apparently, the present players at
the Vatican assume themselves to be immune to the accountability of their own serial
outrages, neglects, and sacrileges.  Or else, they're well versed in the various Vatican
escape routes. 

Recount the prophecies relayed by 1] Sr. Lucia, 2] Jacinta Martos, 3] Saint Pius X,
4] Saint John Bosco, 5] Leo XIII, 6] Marie Julie Jahenny, 7] the approved Marian
apparition of Akita, Japan, and 8] the equally approved Marian apparitions of Quito
Ecuador which involved a convent's mother superior and not a trio of  illiterate shep-
herd children.   The absence of conscience in the Angelo Sodano Vatican is the sign
that we were living out the Third Secret of Fatima, throughout the John Paul years.

The Opus Dei Awareness Network

The Opus Dei Awareness Network was established for the purpose of detailing the
less than noble fruits of the order founded by Josemaria Escriva.   In fact, the tragic
American espionage traitor, Robert Philip Hanseen, was a supernumerary member
of Opus Dei.   Today, he is the lifetime resident of a supermax fed pen in Colorado.
Concerning Hanseen, he now spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, in the
spirit of Opus Dei secrecy.   This is irony times ten.

The Opus Dei Contradiction, if not Hypocrisy

The glaring hypocrisy about Opus Dei is that it marquees itself as an order where a
person can achieve sanctity while living in the world, but it operates as an anti-social
secret society in the same world.   It operates like an isolationist phantom group so
much so that it was referred to as the Mafia shrouded in white.   As an example, it
operates a hotelier school in France so secretively that students were unaware that
they were attending an Opus Dei school. 

Opus Dei's Founder, Josemaria Escriva

Concerning its founder, there were eleven hostile witnesses who should have been
allowed to testify at the Escriva canonization trial.   Ten were refused the right to
do so, making the process that was changed by John Paul II reminiscent of a racket
operated by mafia hoodlums.   Concerning the only anti-Escriva witness permitted
to testify, if and only if memory serves me correctly, the wrongful habits testified to
having been committed by Escriva were concluded to be sins from which Escriva
converted.   The eleven hostile witnesses would not concur, stating that they never
witnessed a phase in Escriva's life where he showed himself to have converted from
his allegedly vicious temper.   None the less, if Escriva truly is a saint, then he would
want the religious order he founded to be cleaned-up immediately.

Two of the Judges Voted Against Escriva

Two of the canonical judges in Escriva's trial voted against his canonization.  One of
them stated that canonizing Escriva would bring scandal upon the church.   Well, the
canonization did succeed in lessening the credibility of a Vatican whose credibility
was destroyed under John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  If Opus Dei were a holy and
fair religious order, then the Opus Dei Awareness Network would not exist. 

Internationally known professor and lecteur, Juan Martin Velasco, assessed Escriva
in the following way:   "We cannot portray as a model of Christian living some-
one who has served the power of the state and who used that power to launch 
his Opus, which he ran with obscure criteria, like a Mafia shrouded in white,
not accepting the papal magisterium when it failed to coincide with his way
of thinking."

One Day, Through the Scapular and the Rosary

The Virgin Mary expressly stated that through the Scapular and the Rosary she will
one day save the world.   This denotes the Carmelites and Dominicans --- NOT the
Legionaries of Christ and Opus Dei.   Concerning Catholic spirituality, the wisdom
attached to the Virgin Mary's promise is to go Carmelite, all the while referring to the
original Dominican way, in order to save the church.   Delve into the mysteries of the
Rosary and the prayer which relives the foundation of the New Testament, namely
the Hail Mary.   That prayer was started by an archangel who said, "Hail, Full of 
Grace, the Lord is With You.  You are the most blessed among all women."

Going Carmelite involves familiarizing yourself with 1} the Nazi-era martyr, Titus
Brandsma, 2} another Nazi-era martyr named Alfonso Mazurek, 3} Dachau martyr,
Hilary Januszewski, 4} Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, 5} Elizabeth of the Holy
Trinity, 6} Saint Teresa of Avila, 7} Saint John of the Cross, and Sister Immaculata,
author of Communion with God.

Referring to the Dominican way consists in familiarizing yourself with St. Thomas
Aquinas, St. Catherine of Siena, Blessed Innocent V, Peter of Verona, St Antoninus,
St Margaret of Castello, St Rose of Lima, St Catherine of Ricci, St Louis of Montfort,
and the saint credited with having established devotion to the Stations of the Cross,
Alvarez of Cordoba.

As you can see, the Carmelites and Dominicans have epic saints and a vast spiritual
treasury that will enable the Virgin Mary to one day save the world.   Opus Dei and
the Legionaries of Christ have nothing in comparison.   Now, Josemaria Escriva was
26 years old when Opus Dei was founded, and Maciel was merely 21 years when the
Legioaries of Christ were founded.   It's not a coincidence that the two major religious
orders founded in the 21st Century were founded by males in their early and mid 20s.
It is equally no coincidence that those two orders have bitter complaints and even
criminal complaints against them.

There is also the matter of lower ranked Opus Dei members giving their paychecks
to Opus Dei, only to get a pittance of their own money in return.   It's alleged that
these members get no pension from Opus Dei upon retirement or disability.   This
indicates that Opus Dei merely uses people for selfish gain.   The Dominicans take
care of their retired, and the Carmelites do the same.

With the Dominicans and Carmelites in the church, who needs Opus Dei and the
Legionaries of Christ?   In fact, the church would do much better without those
two organizations.   After all, a tree is known by its fruit, and the fruits of the two
major Twentieth Century religious orders constitutes a densely obscure poison,
often concealed before its toxicity reaches you.