January 05, 2019

Under Governor REAGAN: 100,000 California ABORTIONS per year, after he signed a 1967 abortion bill. He was caught lying numerous times.

California, along Interstate Highway 10, during my solo 12,000 mile road trip in 2012.
Preliminary Statement:  It's presidential election time once again, and someone will
once again use Ronald Reagan as the model of holy holy presidents.  Firstly, he lived
in the state of adultery which is what divorce-and-remarriage is.  His parents did get
married in the Catholic Church, but then left the Church for the typical rural Baptist
("I'm saved") heresy.

As Mr. Pesidente, Reagan 1} tripled the national debt, 2} let the unemployment rate
soar to  10.8%, and 3} increased the size of the federal government for the sake of
creating jobs,  even though he promised to decrease the government's size.  In fact,
Reagan's hypocrisy was in him claiming that "government is the problem" and that
the most evils words ... according to Reagan ... is "Hi.  I'm from the government
and I'm here to help."  Well, I have done and am presently involved in government
contract work (in construct.)  I can assure you that those contracts consisted in do-
ing a number of people some good.

Back to Reagan - - -

Reagan started the Savings & Loan crisis, due to signing into law the elimination
of a pivotal land developer tax loophole.  Plus, Reagan was president during a Wall
Street stock market crash.  He vetoed the Anti-apartheid Act, as well as had frozen
the American minimum wage, thereby abandoning America's working poor.

Of course, his more known evil was the  Iran/Contra Affair, as well as him support-
ing latin America dictators and their literal "death squads."  Even journalists were
killed in Latin America during the Reagan years.

All in all, Reagan ended life as one knew it in a prosperous America.  He started the
American journey into Oligarchy, and opened the door for the crime against human-
ity involving profiting from foreign sweatshop labor work.  In the Nurembeerg Trials,
Slave Labor was the 6th Criminal Count.  Thus, Reagan turned the American people
into accessories to an international crime against humanity.

Reagan as Liar

Reagan lied to you who were in America in the 80s.  He pretended to be the quint-
essential pro-life candidate . . . but only for the sakes of votes.  The Mexico City
money impoundment was done on election year, shortly before the 1984 presiden-
tial election.  This guaranteed him the Catholic vote which would result in him
winning in a hideous landslide over pro-abortion candidate Walter Mondale.

After the Mexico City theatrics, Reagan did nothing for the pro-life movement.
Reagan was caught lying numerous times, including about Iran-Contra.  There
was absolutely nothing Catholic about him.  Yet, he was made out to be a holy
holy man.  Under Reagan, America was living a lie as much as under a Bill
Clinton who gave technological secrets to a Communist China which spies
on everything American today.  Under Reagan, America was as much as lie
as it is under a Barack Obama administration which put into his administra-
tion the corporate lobby machine, including those attached to

Ironically, Reagan's parents got married in the Catholic Church.  But, they left the
church, and then left it.  Reagan was
raised by those who embraced heresy.  He was not taught truth.  This means that
you have to quit treating him as a patron
saint.  He doesn't come close to the Catholic experience.  He was never a combat vet,
either.  He was never a scholar.  He did nothing more than appear in cigarette adver-
tisements, narrate one TV show, played in Class B movies, and perform as  a ticker-
tape sports announcer who faked it to the point of making people think that he was
at the game, instead of in an office reading a ticker tape.  He learned how to deceive
early in life.  As far as concerns Ronald Reagan the Liar, see:


Reagan was initially the false prophet who was later made into a falser idol.  His
form of economics was sophomoric and as intrinsically unjust, as were the prac-
tices that lead to the Great Recession of the Bush II years ... as the 1987 Stock
Market Crash proved ... as the Savings & Loan Crisis illustrated ... as the 10.8%
unemployment rate under Reagan proved, and as was proven by the United States
becoming the top debtor nation under Reagan, despite the fact that it was the top
creditor the day Reagan took office.

The reality check is that Reagan had the economic prowess and a 1930s' book-
keeper and he did nothing more in life than be a 'pitch man' in cigarette advertis-
ing and other store shelf products.

None the less, Reagan is the one who signed into California law an abortion bill
which had the effect of a blank check.  This places Reagan, along with Colorado
lawmakers and California lawmakers, among the pioneers of today's ubiquitous
abortion culture.  In 1967, there were 518 abortions in California.  After Reagan
signed what was called the "therapeutic" abortion bill, there were an average of
100,000 per year in California for each remaining year of his two terms there.
He would be governor until 1975.  That was a lot of human deaths under Ron-
ald Reagan.  Yet, the Republicans had the audacity to call him pro-life.  He
was pro-Ronald and nothing more.

The excuse was that the California legislature was going to override Reagan's veto
of it, and it was said that Reagan sought to water down the bill, before signing it, in
order to assure less abortions.  It resulted in 100,000 abortions yearly, and signing a
watered-down bill was equivalent to Pontius Pilate washing his hands from a Christ
who would be crucified on account of the hand washing symbolism.

In addition, Reagan's Mexico City abortion funding ban was done shortly before the
1984 election.  It was a ploy to win the Catholic vote and the votes of the followers
of the "TV evangelists."  Proof exists in the fact that Reagan did nothing else about
abortion throughout his entire presidency, except for giving lip service to the Janu-
ary 22 protesters whose sacrificial efforts in the brutal cold landed on deaf political
ears.  If Reagan were all so pro-life, abortion-on-demand would have already been
made illegal.  And yes, there needs to be an exception when the mother's life is in
direct physical danger of death or permanent impairment.

A pro-life (respect-for-life) amendment was never initiated under any Republican or
Democrat in the White House.  The only thing which has happened was that Jimmy
Carter, the former US Navy officer, recently stated that the Democratic Party needs
to take abortion off of its platform.  In as much, all pro-lifers should join the demo-
cratic party, go to the various conventions, and get abortion off the democrat's plat-
form.  The alternative is to start an entirely new political entity.

A tree is known by its fruits.  The Republican Party thrived on economic injustice,
environmental outrages, and ridiculously high military spending.  It's pro-life stance
is a con game, designed to win the massive Catholic vote and those of the followers
of TV evangelists.

Catholics have a rich academic tradition when it comes to lawmaking and governing,
as well as morality, equity, and philosophy.  American politics is often an offshoot of
anti-Catholicism.  This includes factions founded in the backwoods, with their spooky
isolationism, inbreeding, moon-shining, lynching, and cross burning.  However, the
Holy Roman Empire endured for 800 years and remnants of it still exist in Europe.

Catholics and Southern Baptists are not on the same page.  They have thus far failed
to achieve any noble undertaking in any concerted effort.  After all, while Catholics
were fighting for civil rights, Southern Baptists were ferociously fighting against it.
While Catholics were speaking out against exorbitant military spending, Southern
Baptists were welcoming it.  While Catholics were speaking out against environ-
ment wrongs, Southern Baptists were calling ecological stewardship an one-world
government Marxist conspiracy designed to take their guns away from them.

Catholics must disenfranchise themselves from the "born-again," "I'm saved," South-
ern Baptist world for another important reason.  The Southern Baptist "born-agains"
sound crass and entirely senseless when defending pro-life issues.  They make the
pro-life movement sound repulsive, thereby driving people away from it.  After all,
they make Christ look repulsively grotesque, as if Christ were born and raised near
the moonshine, inbreeding, lynchings, and cross burnings.

Christ is an infinitely majestic being who went through the depths of suffering and
who embraced humility.  The Southern Baptist world is one completely adverse to
delving into spiritual mysteries.  They insist on saying that they are already saved
and never have to delve into the Battle between Heaven and Hell.  Delving into
spiritual mysteries and the unknowing that comes with the delving frightens them.

This results in them being spiritually formless, like flabby out-of-shape people
who never do physical exercise.  People detect the formlessness and spiritual
cartoon character demeanor, thereby becoming repulsed.  People equally have
an instinctual aversion to their pro-life stances.  After all, people who don't do
penance are people who don't clean themselves.  The uncleanliness in these
people is what is instinctively detected.

They are so easily spooked that they compensate for their fears by psychotically
insisting on belief in the Great Rapture, as if God is going to let millions of auto-
mobiles suddenly be abandoned while traveling on roadways, crashing into the
autos of the "unsaved."  They don't want to hear about sacrifices, challenges, or
unknowing.  This scares them.  As a result, they are void of any Charism.  When
you are void of a charism, yet speak of Christ or pro-life issues, you emit an de-
gree of uncleanliness that causes people to have an instinctive aversion. 

Their religion will be entirely negated when the great tribulation arrives without
having been preceded by the Great Rapture.  For those unfamiliar, the concept of
the Great Rapture is a falsehood which has zero roots in original Christianity.  In
as much, when the Great Tribulation does come, these people will be in a state of
shock, grief, terror, and disequilibrium.  At that point in time, and only then, will
they realize that they have been adhering to a cruel joke that they arrogantly be-
lieved made them the elite, despite their extremely crass and lazy culture.  And
remember:  The Protestant Work Ethic was/is White Anglo Protestants having
slaves and sweatshop workers do their work for them.

Catholics either need to reform the democratic party which was once a very Roman
Catholic political venue, or else they need to align themselves with a new party that
is based on Natural Law ... on common sense ... on the realization that we here in
this life are all in this together.  No more private-interest catering.

The Quintessential Response to the Abortion-obsessed

The abortion-obsessed political operatives are now using the phrase, "fertilized egg,"
in claiming that a woman with child isn't actually with a child ... but that she is only
with a fertilized egg, even after it has grown into an intricately woven human ready
to see sunlight for the first time.  In order to deceive you into thinking that there is
no human life within a pregnant woman, they keep using the phrase fertilized egg.
Observe their absence of logic:

Once an egg is fertilized, it is no longer an egg, as it applies to the shell-less eggs
of mammals.  In order for something to grow and develop, it must first be alive.
Nothing mindlessly and inanimately grows and then later becomes alive.  The ul-
timate realization of this epistemological  axiom occurs when you contrast a new-
ly born child with a stillborn one.  Think:

The existence of a stillborn child proves that something in that child died; that the
child was once alive.  Growth stopped.  Movement stopped.  The lack of move-
ment indicates death.  Therefore, the stillborn child was formerly alive, at one
time.  If both the stillborn child and the newly born child spent months being
not alive ... but only had the status of a non-living fertilized egg ... then why
did one child stop moving and growing, while the other one did not do so?
How could the non-living die and become stillborn?  Thus, the stillborn
children was once a complete human life of a smaller scale.

Pro-abortion people do NOT have right on their side.  They are simply arrogant,
over-confident, and presumptive.  Their diatribes can be rendered to dust ... if you
refrain from using the Southern Baptist ways of trying to defend the pro-life move-
ment.  In as much, think further:

The Virgin Mary promised the greatest of graces and the most intimate understand-
ing of the divine mysteries to those devoted to the Rosary.  The Southern Baptist,
Born-again, Neo-confederate world abhors the Rosary as much as does any demon
in Hell.  Thus, 0% percent of that world possesses the greatest of graces and the
most intimate of understanding of the divine mysteries.  If you had ten years of
experience there, as I did, you would see.  Therefore, the Southern Baptist "Born-
again" neo-tent-revivalist world is not able to defend the reality of human life at
conception without sounding repulsively crass about it.

Furthermore, they never receive the plenitude of grace which comes from the sacra-
ment of penance and the sacrament of confirmation.  They are not intimately attuned
to the Holy Spirit.   After all, they have preachers who scream with gritted teeth, when
speaking of the Power of the Holy Spirit.  Yet, the Holy Spirit is Kindness in Essence.

At best, the typical Southern Baptist, Born-again, Moral Majority, Neo-confederate is
a bull in a china shop, void of the suavity which Christ possesses.  In fact, my personal
experience of ten years in the former confederate and present neo-confederate South is
that the typical right wing Southern is a liar by trade, with all the audacity which goes
with it.  Keep in mind that they claim that the sins of their future are already forgiven,
meaning that they can do what they please and still go to Heaven.  This is how sick &
twisted that mindset is.  This explains that low SAT scores in places such as South
Carolina.  They other blatant characteristic about the South is laziness.

The bottom line is that they, in their crassness, have sabotaged the pro-life movement
so badly that it would have helped greatly if they joined the other side.  Keep in mind
that I have ten years worth of experiences in the former confederate and present neo-
confederate South.  Do not be deceived.  They are not the holy Christians they're made
out to be, when speaking of the former George Wallace and Strom Thurmond South.
In fact, I had personal contact with a relative of Strom Thurmond whom I consider
as in indefensible.

The youth of South, from time to time, concurred with me on this assessment of the
South.  I actually did meet young Southern natives who purposely refused to speak
with a Southern accent, because the accent denoted an intense lack of intelligence
and extreme "redneck" crassness.  I also know what it is to get lost on a Southern
road, only to find myself on a street where someone is giving me the finger, with
an extreme look of hatred on that person's face.  None the less, it's pertinent that
the hero of the older generation of Southerner is a singer publicly stated that he
only knew three chord and who died from drug abuse, in a bathroom, in August
of 1977.  The great irony is that, even though these people hate monarchy with
an obsessive passion, they called their hero "the king."

Such a destiny as the King of the South is known as an unprovided death.  It's
something recognized as the ultimate curse in my Danish/Irish and Celtic/Irish
ancestry's culture, as well as something to be avoided in my Italian ancestry's
culture.  In fact, contrary to the assertions of the Dan Browns of this world, in-
ventor and art master Leonardo Da Vinci sent for a priest to administer to him
the Last Rites of the Catholic Church.

One more thing about the Dan Brown type of propaganda and hype.  It was the
French at the time, as well as Charles V, who held animosity towards the Papal
States and Rome.  Leonardo was a military armament designer for the  Italians
and against the French who captured his silver horse and used it for ammo.  The
bottom line is that, if Leonardo lived as a secret society member, he didn't work
as one and he surely didn't die as one.

We do not live in the information age.  We live in the disinformation age.