January 05, 2019

Ronald Reagan, the Great Liar; not great communicator

During the Reagan years, the truth came in miserly trickles.
This is posted at the Marian site, because it's extremely important for members of the
only church ever founded by Christ to quit presenting the adulterer and perpetual liar,
Ronald Reagan, as the guiding light of the ages.  Firstly, Reaganomics is always a di-
saster, as the Great Recession of 2008 proved, as well as the 1982 unemployment rate
of 10.8% and the October 19, 1987 Stock Market Crash.  Therefore, you must quite
treating him as a replacement for all the canonized saints of the church.  You do an
injustice to them when you praise a Ronald Reagan who only had the prowess of a
1920s bookkeeper and who was nothing more than a corporate advertising pitch
man for various products, including cigarettes which are not the most healthy
things on earth..

Contained herein are links to a number of newspaper articles written about Ronald
'O-ring' Reagan during the actual Reagan years.  Those articles are journalism at
point zero range, chronologically speaking.  They constitute journalism complete-
ly free of time distortions and altered historical accounts.  They serve the function
of the evidence that Reagan was neither the great prophet, nor the enlightening sage,
nor the fearless warrior that the right wing world made him out to be ... that he was
NOT Mount Rushmore material, to state it politely.

Reagan caused a lot of harm to Americans who weren't the richest of the rich.  He
caused so much harm to America that the Reagan years consisted in picking up the
pieces of American wreckage, after he signed something into law or set forth an
executive order.

            By his life and by his deeds, Reagan taught us one thing:
. . . that the exceptionally stupid lie an exceptional amount of times.

For those of you brainwashed into believing that Ronald 'O-Ring" Reagan was the
greatest man to ever live, the following links will provide you with an eye-opening
and mind-liberating education.  Reagan was a chronic liar during an era when there
was no internet fact checking capability.

The news articles linked from this page are in the Must Read status.  Included are a
few commentaries written around the general time span of Reagan's 100th birthday.
They mostly concentrate on how much of a liar Reagan was.  Those added articles
are also Must Reads.  They'll answer all questions but one:  When did Reagan not 
lie?  If you were there, in the Reagan years ... and if you were not a yuppie ... you
would understand.

As an added preparatory section:

Under Reagan, in 1985, the U.S. became a net debtor nation for the first time since
In fact, in 1985, the United States became the largest debtor nation on earth.  Yet,
when Reagan entered office, the U.S. was the largest creditor nation on earth.

In contrast, under Gerald Ford, the United States was the second largest exporting
nation in the world.  Plus, under Gerald Ford, the number of Americans living be-
low the poverty line diminished.  Despite this successful economic state of affairs,
Reagan ran against Ford in 1976, as if there were cause to do so.



Under Reagan, from 1981 to 1983, the number of Americans living below the
poverty line went from 31,822,000 to 35,303,000.  The comfortable Ronald
Reagan was NOT one of them.
In 1987, the U.S. was still the top debtor nation on earth.  Reagan kept making
America weaker.

In 1988, Reagan's last year in office, the U.S. remained the top debtor nation.

The Ronald Reagan propaganda machine made it sound as if the state of the Ameri-
can economy was consistently improving with time.  Well, Reagan entered office in
January of 1981.

1} The worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression emerged.  2} As was
previously mentioned, in 1985 the US turned from top creditor nation to top debtor
nation.  3} What wasn't mentioned yet was that, also in 1985, the first of many S&L
bank failures occurred.  It resulted in a bank holiday being declared in an Ohio where
the deposit-insurance reserve had been drained.  4} Then came the following year,
when the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was signed into law, along with the repeal of a
real estate investor's "passive activity deduction" which turned the Ohio S&L Crisis
into an eventual national phenomenon, in combination with fraud, deregulation, and
Reagan's obsession with decreasing inflation, while not keeping the prime interest rate
down.  5} The piece de resistance of the Reagan Years occurred on October 19, 1987.
That was when the Stock Market Crashed.

This leads us to the ultimate and quintessential question for the Reagan Propaganda
Machine:  What Reagan Recovery?

Black Monday: 25th anniversary of 1987 stock market crash; ABCNews, 2012


Reagan's Leadership, Too, Was Questioned After 1987 Stock Market Drop;
NPR News, 2011


A Brief History of the 1987 Stock Market Crash with a Discussion of the Federal
Reserve Response;  issued by the Federal Reserve Board, 2006

The Savings & Loan Crisis began on Reagan's watch, and eventually cost the Ameri-
can taxpayer $124 billion.  Now, the S&L Crisis and the Stock Market Crash occurred
late in Reagan's presidency.  Therefore, they were the product of Reagan's configura-
tion of the economy (his sabotage of it.)  Furthermore,  being that they occurred so
late in his presidency, he couldn't blame them on Jimmy Carter.
The commentaries written in the vicinity of Reagan's 100th birthday are also posted
here, after the 1960s, 70s, and 80s articles.  A few articles written at the turn of the
century are also linked here.  The 100th birthday commentaries were published by
the various media entities with the intent to inform the world that the adulation of
Ronald 'Iran/Contra' Reagan was nothing more than lying propaganda, in order
to deceive humanity into making the obscenely wealthy more obscenely wealthy.
Here is the block of Reagan-era articles: 

Reagan's Liar Charge Backfires, by Drew Pearson  1967 (famous writer at the time.)
Article of paramount importance, showing Reagan to be the quintessential liar:

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*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  * 

Callaway Cites Reagan's Past; Concord Monitor article in Nashua Telegraph, 1975.
Another article of paramount importance, showing Reagan contradicting his rhetoric.
Callaway was Gerald Ford's 1976 campaign director.

Reagan: Credibilty Gap, by Jack Anderson; St. Petersburg Times, 1967


Seventeen years later ...

Reagan's Credibility Gap; Schenectady Gazette, 1984


Now, observe:  Twenty years later ...

Reagan's Credibility Gap; Glasgow Herald, 1987

Reagan Scandal Probe; TheVillage Voice, 1976.  The article begins as follows:

"There is a storm brewing which will provide major embarrassment to former
Governor Ronald Reagan."

President (Jimmy Carter) says that Reagan Lied,
and pulls out the record to show it.

Reagan's Unemployment Thicket; Milwaukee Journal, 1982

Reagan:  Job Rate 'Tragic';  Pittsburgh Press, 1982, two years after Reagan was
sworn in as president.

10.8% Jobless Rate Highest Since 1940; Palm Beach Post, 1982


Deficit Picture Worsens; 1982 NYT News Service


Civil Rights Protection Down, Records Show; Bangor Daily News, 1982
(Illustrates that Reagan lied when he said that his administration processed civil
rights cases more frequently than the Carter administration.)


Reagan backs gas tax hike; Youngstown Vindicator 1982


Still Unemployment Rate Confounds Reagan Aids; Spokesman-Review, 1983


Indians call Reagan liar, deceiver; Lakeland Ledger 1983


News articles about polls taken in 1987, an Iran/Contra year:

Most in poll believe Reagan may be lying; Mohave Daily Miner, 1987


Poll finds most think Reagan lied on knowing, Pgh Post Gazette, 1987


Poll still shows Reagan lying on Iran/Contra; The Miami News, 1987


Poll:  North telling the truth, Reagan lying; Pgh Post Gazette, 1987


Iran-Contra Hearings; 
A Majority in New Poll Still Find Reagan Lied on Iran-Contra Issue, NYT 1987 

The quintessential article which summarizes the failure known as the Reagan ad-
ministration, written while Reagan was still president is found through the follow-
ing link.  It's titled, The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan, and it's brought to you
through the Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1988:

Articles written after the Reagan years:

Reagan broke promises and lied; others pay; Wilmington Star (NC) 1990.

Reagan (was) behind lies, (Oliver) North says; Milwaukee Sentinel, 1994

(Oliver) North said he lied to protect Reagan's role in Iran/Contra;
based on a 1994 CBS Face the Nation interview.

Observe how Reagan was not the iron lion he was made out to be;
how he waffled like Romney, the other intense liar:

Reagan:  Marines to stay in Lebanon; Pgh Post Gazette, Aug 1983


Marines prepare to leave Beirut; Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Feb 1984


Reagan's Legacy:  Homelessness in America

Published on Friday, March 10, 2000 in The Nation:

Ronald Reagan Was Many Things,
But Most Undeniably He Was A Pathological Liar,
by Eric Alterman


The Reagan Fraud, by Jeff Riggenbach, 2009


Why not let Reagan rest in peace?  Because many of the most 
serious problems facing America today began on his watch,
by Peter Dreier  2011