July 31, 2013

World renown Mount Sinai Medical Center links chemical and pesticide exposure to Autism.

Preliminary comment:

It is written, "Thy shall not kill."  Well, modern politicians are killing off anyone and
anything in big business' chemical vapor trail.  Thus far, there has been no accounta-
bility for the harm caused by modern poison peddlers.  Endocrine disruptors have
disrupted aquatic life, as well as the livsd of women afflicted with breast cancer.
Carcinogens, chromosome chain breakers, liver cell killer chemicals, sensitizers,
phthalates, neurotoxic chemicals, and oxidative chemicals were given free rein
for decades.  Do you believe that those who turned modern society into a chemi-
cal waste dump are destined to be anywhere in eternity other than the place where
you can find the sulfuric citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah?  The chemical industry
has proven itself  to have been an industry without a conscience.  Flooding society
with chemicals never tested for safety, as well as the ones known to cause harm, is
a is sin against creation, as well as assault and battery upon the people harmed by
synthetic chemical exposure. 

A pivotal series of discoveries pertaining to autism came from Mount Sinai Medical
Ctr, the Univ of California-Davis, and the Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The Mount
Sinai subdivision involved was the Children's Environmental Health Ctr.  Concurring
with the findings via commentary was the Director of the United States National Insti-
tute of Environmental Health Sciences.

In summary, eight categories of chemicals and two heavy metals are implicated in the
cause of autism.  This includes chemical exposure undergone by expectant mothers, re-
sulting in their children becoming disadvantaged at the starting gate of life.  A statistical
case in point goes as follows:  Expectant mothers living within 1,000 feet of major high-
ways were twice as likely to have children who would end up developing autism.  As
an added example, clusters of autistic children were found near farm areas which em-
ployed the use of a certain type of pesticide.

The blame is to be extended upon those United States Congressional members who
saw to it that the farcical Trade Secret Law would allow chemicals to enter your own
bdy without having first been tested for possible harmful effects.  American politicians
were more than willing to let untested chemicals enter the bodies of Americans every-
where, without the Americans even knowing that the chemicals were present in their
own personal lives; that the untested chemicals were emitting from the very products
Americans were commonly using.

For example, fragrance ingredients were not required to be disclosed on any of the
product labels.  In as much, to not warn people of potential and imminent hazards
to health is a mortal sin.  This is why the Nuremberg-type and Andersonville-type
of  trial emerges throughout the history of civilization.  This included the trials of
the French Revolution.  Those who fail to learn from the errors made in history are
condemned to relive them.

The genetic element has been included, in connecting the dots of autism.  However,
genetic factors NEVER explain the epidemic frequency of a disease which has in-
creased 78% in the past ten years.  Exposure to chemicals have increased signifi-
cantly in the past ten years, commensurate with autism.  This means that there is a
confirmed relationship between the rise in chemical exposure and the rise in autism.
Corporate America and American politicians, therefore, have been killing America's
children, all along.  Humanity needs to make preparations for the 21st Century ver-
sion of the Nuremberg Trials.  Therefore, SAVE all your evidence against the crim-
inals of present corporate America.  Pass the evidence on to two or three people,
for backup purposes.

Keep in mind that this deals with present corporate America's practices and NOT
corporate economic systems per se.  Men of conscience can operate a corporate-
based economy in accordance with Natural Law.   Men without consciences can
pervert any system of accounting, government, and economics.  Thus, evil men,
and not systems per se, are the problems that must be addressed.

Needless to say, the rise in chemical exposure throughout society has been a result
of the lying propaganda of John Stossel and similar criminal political operatives,
as well as lobbyists and US Congressional  members void of consciences.

Commensurate with the rise in chemical exposure has been asthma.  The AMA and
other medical entities long since confirmed that fragrance ingredients and many com-
mon household chemicals which had no place in society for centuries trigger the fight
to breathe in those who have developed Irritant-induced Asthma, Reactive Airways
Dysfunction Syndrome, and asthma due to low-weight molecular agents.  The rise
in chemical inundation yielded the rise in asthma, also.

Update:  It  appears that the 2013 version of the proposed Safe Chemicals Act is
a compromised product ... an ineffective watered-down version.  This was polite-
ly suggested by the Physicians for Social Responsibility, an affiliate of the Nobel
Prize winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.   How-
ever, the physicians' article links to several articles of people more emphatic and
certain as to the absence of social value in the new and compromised Safe Chem-
icals Act.



Plus, in sweatshop China, the capitol of labor exploitation, cancer rates amongst
children under the age of 14 have been on the rise.


Furthermore, a statistical nexus was detected between BPA exposure and prostate


In addition, hormone disruptors implicated in breast cancer, but that goes without



The added reality check is that the rate of asthma has been on the rise.  Accord-
ing to CBS, the rate rises yearly, as a matter of course.  In fact, world-renown
Columbia University chimed-in on the subject of synthetic household chemi-
cals triggering asthma.



The actual article which connects chemical and heavy metal exposure to autism is
at the sister site.  The article contains several links to articles and medical abstracts
which explain the recent public disclosure about autism in more detail  You cannot
sit back and do nothing, without going to Hell when it's all over.  In fact, to sit back
and do nothing in the midst of humanity suffering is to be a living Hell to others on
Earth.  Such is the essence of the Sin of Cooperation, aka Being an Accessory to the
Sins of Others.  Such is an element of the Sin of Indifference, as was mentioned by
the Angel of Peace at Fatima.  Therefore, the dark days of Fatima are not behind us.
They are here, in front of a negligent humanity who caters to the greed of a few.