January 04, 2019

How Reagan won the 1984 election by a landslide (Revised Edition)

In 1980, Reagan lied throughout the presidential campaign, making Jimmy Carter
look like an economic horror story in all things, and not merely in the interest rate
debacle.  Even though Carter proved Reagan to be a liar in a pivotal statistical false-
hood, it wouldn't yield the needed effect of warning America that it was about to
elect a chronic liar.  This is because people didn't have any access to the fact check
websites that exist today.  This meant that Reagan's lies were able to go unchecked
in the lives of many misinformed Americans, despite the existence of newspapers.

No newspaper of 1980 had a central database or a search engine or a line itemized
archive.  Finding information became hit and miss while two sides of the campaign
were telling a different story about the state of the United States.  When a 1980s per-
son heard only Reagan's side of an issue, the individual assumed that Reagan was
telling the truth.  This is because America recently went through the Watergate days.
In 1980, no one thought that another Republican politician would have the audacity
to lie to the public.

This was so, until the Iran/Contra Scandal, upon which America realized that they
put another liar in the White House.  Reagan was already in his second term.  How-
ever, light bulbs should have illuminated in the minds of Americans when Reagan
said that trees were a cause of pollution.  This was during the 1980 campaign.

Reagan ran on the pro-life ticket, thereby gaining millions of votes.  Meanwhile,
people were generally kept clueless to the fact that he signed into law an abortion
bill that would result in 100,000 or so California abortions per year, between 1967
and January 21, 1973.  Abortion would then remain a California trait till this day.
Being in tact, when Reagan departed his governorship post in 1975.

During the 1980 & 1984 presidential campaigns, Reagan's abortion bill was over-
shadowed by his campaign volunteers who presented Reagan as the ultimate pro-
life candidate of the ages. 

Even though the California bill resulted in massive amounts of abortions per year,
Reagan didn't lift a finger to have the bill amended or repealed.   He could have be-
gun in 1968 to have the bill amended or repealed, if he were so conscientious.  But,
he did not do so at any time during in his governorship.  Reagan proved himself to
not be pro-life.  He proved himself to have only been a calculating politician look-
ing for millions of votes from people who had no internet fact-checking  access.

Keep in mind that the California abortion bill was a pivotal proponent in the Roe vs
Wade case.  If Reagan would have strived for an amendment of the abortion bill that
he signed into law, changes are that abortion would not have been declared legal by
the U.S. Supreme Court.  If Reagan did what he should have done, then the Colorado
abortion bill wouldn't have carried much decisive weight in 1973.

His abortion stance was for votes, and people attached to churches were told to vote
for Reagan, as a duty of conscience.  This was reasonable.  The problem was that he
would end up being "lip service only," after he was elected for a second term.  Dur-
ing is first term, he only did one act of grandstanding.  It concerned the Mexico City
Policy.  This was all that he did in his eight years of being all so pro-life.  Despite
this, church affiliates praised him as a great and moral man.  No one did any home-
work on Reagan.  These people actually believed that Ronald Reagan was going to
end abortion, so he got a ton of votes, solely on false pretenses.

Reagan also presented himself as the tough guy who would never negotiate with ter-
rorists and who would stand up to Soviet Russia.  Yet, he ended up secretly negotiat-
ing with Iran, concerning those hostages who were snatched during his presidency.

Reagan ended up winning the 1980 election with a wide electoral college margin, but
not by a large popular vote.  The unemployment rate quickly sky-rocketed to 10.8%
during Reagan's first term, and he turned out to be a budget deficit president who
would triple the  U.S.national debt.  Yet, he won the 1984 election by a landslide,
and the fact that a snarl-faced, pro-abortion woman was running with Carter's form-
er vice president meant that any Republican candidate would have won by a land-
slide.  In fact, 1984 was the first time in U.S. history that a major political party
nominated a woman to be part of the presidential ticket.

At this point, you have to think like a 1984 American; not like one today:

The reason why Reagan won by a landslide in 1984 was because his opponents were
two people whom many Americans shunned, in as far as concerned their personality
traits and their political affiliations.  The packaging of them was as poorly done as
was the packaging of 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.  In addition, the
Southern Democrats pulled up their tent stakes and moved their circus over to the Re-
publican camp.

Firstly, democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro perpetually had a
mean snarl on her face when campaigning ... even when she would call Reagan "a
cheerleader."  She literally looked like a mean lady or someone with a chip on her
shoulder.  She often looked as if she were about to whack the nearest bystander.
In her case, there was the absence of window dressing.

Secondly, she was a female candidate during an era when the Soviet Union was a
formidable military power, especially in its missile capacity.  Americans couldn't
take seriously the idea of a woman with no military experience (outside of her con-
gressional briefings) suddenly becoming Commander in Chief of America during
the era when nuclear doom was always a half hour away.  The irony is that Reagan
had zero military experience, outside of the Illinois national guard.  We stayed in
Hollywood throughout WWII, gaining zero experience of combat, logistics, and
psychological, as well as medicine and materiel maintenance.

The added feature to this irony is that Ferraro was far more knowledgeable about
military deployment strategy and hardware than assumed.  However, she appeared
to have been someone who would leave America weak, because she opposed the
MX Missile and the B-1 Bomber.  However, she supported the Pershing II missile
and the Trident submarine.  This meant that her mindset was to outflank the enemy
by providing an arsenal outside of America, in the event of invasion.

Keep in mind that a vice presidential candidate is assessed as the person who might
immediately take the reins of the executive branch of government.  Ferraro did not
make people feel safe from foreign invasion or missile attacks.  The campaign did
not accentuate her knowledge in such things.  She was made out to be the candidate
of the National Organization of Women with a chip on her shoulder.  She was made
to look one-dimensional and tunnel-visioned.

In all reality, the democrat party's stance on abortion caused it to lose by a landslide
in 1984.  Therefore, Jimmy Carter's 2013 commentary on the need of the Democratic
Party to amend its platform came from experience and logical realization.

In similar fashion, Ferraro was obsessed with abortion at a time when the majority of
Americans lived most of their lives in a society that regarded abortion as a crime and
an act of immorality.  There were Americans who also had school prayer in their lives,
as youths.  Well, on March 15 of 1984, the Congress voted down voluntary prayer in
schools law, and this mobilized the conservative Southern Baptists.  The irony to this
is that Geraldine Ferraro voted in favor of voluntary school prayer.  However, her un-
compromised mitigated stance on abortion sabotaged her chances of gathering votes
for Mondale.  Abortion was the deal breaker, and any lreasonable person in tune with
the times knew that Reagan, as incompetent as he was, was going to win by an em-
barrassing landslide.

Americans were tired of ERA Rhetoric at that time in history.

Fourthly, two years prior, the ERA Amendment failed to be ratified before its expira-
tion date.  Thus, the American people already stated their collective decision on that
issue, and they were tired of it.  Ferraro was seen as the person who would bring it
back onto center and nag to America about it.  Therefore, Ferraro was packaged as
only being concerned about issues supported by a private interest group, instead be-
ing concerned with the common good of America.

Concerning the ERA amendment, Americans feared the idea of their sisters, wives,
and daughters going into military combat.  This was before the push-button war

What made her presence worse was the fact that she was running with Carter's form-
er vice president, and the Carter administration was seen as the do-nothing admini-
stration who cowered to Iran.  However, Carter was employing constraint toward
Iran, being that the U.S. had the capacity to wipe Iran off of the face of earth.  Yet,
his waffling was very aggravating.  He suddenly tried to rescue the hostages, only
for America to learn that the former Navy officer didn't prepare for materiel loss
and contingency plans for the mission.   After the failed rescue attempt, Carter
seemed to go into the inaction mode.

Carter was seen as the president who didn't persevere and who didn't have the wits
to strike fast, strike convincingly, and to engage an enemy with lots of contingent
safeguards attached to an attack.  So, the fact that Carter's former vice president was
the democratic presidential candidate guaranteed a loss.  In as much, the 1984 cam-
paign was one where the democrats hideously defeated themselves.  As was previ-
ously stated, any Republican candidate would have won that election.

Neither was Ferraro seen as an economic wizard and nor a person who could mus-
ter international alliances in times of need.  Yet, she was concerned about those
who left the workforce for extended periods and then returned to the labor market.
This means that she did care for the potential underdog.  However, Reagan and his
camp made the worker look like the enemy.  This is typical for a politician who
never excelled at academics and who never developed any artisan skill, such as
barge pilot, carpenter, heavy equipment operator, seamstress, steeplejack, nurse,

Ferraro was also concerned about retirement pensions.  In addition, she made con-
gressional trips to foreign lands, showing foreign relations experience.  But, she
was seen as the abortion and ERA candidate, during a time when Americans were
tired of the ERA rhetoric that would take their daughters into military combat.

Remember, Vietnam only recently ended, and Americans were not into war talk on
one plane, while being too afraid of Russia on the other plane.  In as much, Ameri-
cans did not think that women in the military could withstand the Soviet army.  Af-
ter all, the Soviet Union had a 12 million man army at the time.  In as much, think
like a 1984 American, in order to see how the democrats were guaranteed a crush-
ing defeat in the presidential election of that year.

The Mondale/Ferraro ticket was the first one in US history to support an abortion
platform.  That guaranteed a 1984 loss for the democrats, in combination with the
fact that Walter Mondale was seen as weak as Jimmy Carter.

A Review, in order to be clear

As far as goes Walter Mondale He was seen as an extension of Jimmy Carter.  It
was assumed that, if another Iran Hostage Crisis would occur, Mondale would let
the hostages remain captive.  Mondale was too mild mannered.  Reagan was seen
as a shoot 'em up Hollywood cowboy who wouldn't tolerate another Iran Hostage
Crisis.  Yet, it would be discovered shortly after the 1984 election that Reagan was
negotiating with Iranian terror supporters, in the infamous Iran/Contra Affair.  In
fact, guns were being funneled into Nicaragua, in violation of congressional law.

Plus, Reagan made U.S. marines sitting ducks in Lebanon and then withdrew them
from Lebanon shortly thereafter, showing that he was the exact type of president
who would quickly back-down, despite the tough guy rhetoric.

In addition, the democratic campaign made the fatal error of not accentuating the
fact that Reagan had zero military experience outside of Illinois national guard
service, being that Reagan was safe in Hollywood throughout the entirety of
WWII.  The Mondale/Ferraro campaign didn't accentuate the Chicken Hawk
factor.  As was previously stated, Mondale was seen as the weak leader who
would let America be subject to its enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Yet,
Reagan was the one who buckled in the flash zone.

Do not forget that, at the time, the vast majority of Americans saw abortion as a
con artist's most lazy way to get out of raising a child, as opposed to it being seen
as any type of human right, except when the mother's life is in danger, of course.

For centuries, abortion was seen as unnatural.  After all, why would a person want
to kill part of herself?  How could a person not feel another person's pain?  In the
1980s, abortion was seen as a way to keep having fun ... as a racket ... as a way to
claw one's way into upward financial mobility and career advancement.  There
was to yet to be much more propaganda, in order for America's conscience to be

Even during the Clinton years, from the mouth of Clinton himself, abortion was to
be seen as something rare and not commonplace.  Let it be repeated, Bill Clinton
stated it as such in front of cameras, doing so for the record.  Of course, it was con-
strued as him trying to placate the millions of pro-life democrats that were near TVs.

Abortion was not seen as a worshipfully divine sacred right to which all mankind
must bow and pay homage in complete adoration and submission, as if it were the
ingredient needed to bring humanity into the evolved stage of higher consciousness.
It was seen as the whining and rantings of brats who wanted sex sex sex and who
were too selfish to usher another human being into this life.  It was seen as the
platform of self-seekers.

Proof consisted in the 1984 presidential election landslide.  Ronald Reagan pre-
sented himself as pro-life and the Mondale/Ferraro side presented itself as dedi-
cated to accommodating abortion on demand.  Mondale & Ferraro lost in the
most embarrassing landslide in US history.  The democratic party set itself up for
defeat in 1984, and Reagan capitalized on it, pretending to be all so pro-life.

Also keep in mind that others saw abortion as a country club girl's way of contin-
uing to look like the good wholesome girl who deserved to marry into an affluent
family.  Others saw abortion as a poor woman's way out.  However, welfare recipi-
ents willingly had more children, because they would receive larger welfare pay-
ments.  They were not the abortion customers.  In as much, there is a ton of deceit
attached to the abortion issue, not unlike the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction
issue.  Americans need to re-assess their priorities very quickly. 

Union Buster Reagan

To think, Teddy Roosevelt was the Republican Trust Buster.  His successor, Ronald
Reagan, was the antithesis of Mount Rushmore Ted.  Reagan was the Union Buster.
Walter Mondale was seen as the friend of labor, and the Republicans were muster-
ing hostility toward unions.  The hostility toward unions translated into hostility
toward Mondale.  Reagan proved himself to be anti-union from the start, when he
fired the striking air traffic controllers, instead of being man enough to speak and
negotiate with their representatives.

Finally, the high unemployment rate started to subside shortly before the 1984 elec-
tion, even though wages were now getting lower, and even though housing costs
were now becoming burdensome.   No one except the rich and business owners
were better off than four years prior.  Reagan kowtowed to the rich who happened
to have much more money available for campaign contributions than the middle
class and poor.

Remember, during Reagan's first term, people were working 1 1/2 jobs, neglecting
their marriages, and neglecting their children.   Reaganomics gave rise to the latch
key kid.  The hypocrisy is that Reagan presented himself as the traditional family
man, much like that which was portrayed in Leave to Beaver and Happy Days.
The tradition was that the dad went to work, and the mom taught the children
ethics and cultural things.  Well, Reaganomics destroyed the one-income fam-
ily.  The traditional family found in the middle class had now become the most
endangered species in America.  By his deeds, Reagan was anti-family.  Proof
consists in the Latch Key Kid.

Simultaneously, there were families literally living out of their station wagons.

Reagan was the typical union buster.  Even at that, Mondale and Ferraro were both
seen as too weak to protect America from invasion and too much a threat to tradi-
tional America's moral fiber which was fading rapidly.  So, Reagan's anti-unionism
was ignored by pro-life voters.  Those who wanted to use foreign slave labor em-
braced Reagan's anti-union mindset, eventually capitalizing on it.

The Moral Majority slogan was very real during the 1984 campaign.  The priority
of many people was that of bringing back traditional morality.  Those individuals
assumed that the American economy would get better, even with 10.8% Reagan.
So, the Moral Majority factor was the deciding factor in 1984.  Do not deceive
yourself into believing differently.  Reagan was very incompetent, but a Mondale-
Ferraro ticket was seen as the end of the world "as we know it."  (That phrase was
used often during the Carter years.)

In addition, Mondale was equated with the ridiculously high interest rates which
plagued the Carter years.  Carter's failure as a president, in domestic issues and in
the Iran Hostage Crisis, is why Mondale was expected to be an failure, should he
be elected president.  At the time, people forgot about the Camp David Accords
and the fact that Carter's presidency was dedicated to preventing WWIII.

Morever, it was Carter who kept Russia from attacking Poland, during the Solidar-
ity movement days.  Carter didn't get the credit due to him.  After all, American
politics is nothing more than mud slinging and immaturity.

If anyone but Mondale were the democratic presidential candidate in 1984,  Reagan
would not have won by a ridiculous electoral college landslide.  After all, many an
American saw Reagan as senile and even as a country club elitist.

None the less, Reagan showed that he would keep America an ally of the United
Kingdom, being that he sided with the British Empire during the Falkland Islands
War which transpired off the coast of Argentina.  This would get him added votes
in 1984, from a number of native English speakers born and raised in America.

The 1984, the LA Olympics were boycotted by Russia, in retaliation for the United
States boycotting the 1980 Moscow Olympics.  Thus, there was tension between the
Super Powers.  In as much, the Ronald Reagan who was never closer than 2,000 miles
from a battle was seen as the great warrior who would protect the United States from
"the Ruuskies."  

Russia was still in Afghanistan in 1984.  Thus, the Soviet Union was still in the
conquest mode.  Reagan was advertised as the shining knight who would stop
Russia.  However, it was Singapore and the Polish labor unions who stopped
Russia, along with the financial burden of supporting Soviet bases in Czecho-
slovakia, Hungary, Eastern Germany, and elsewhere.  Reagan didn't conquer
Russia, while tripling the national debt and increasing the size of the federal
government that he promised to diminish.  Money and Soviet mismanagement
stopped the Soviet Union.  Proof consists in the fact that Reagan wasn't presi-
dent when the Berlin Wall came down.

It was George Bush the First who negotiated with the Soviet Union and saw the
Berlin Wall become a historic monument.    Reagan wasn't in power when that
occurred.  Yet, Bush doesn't get any credit for it.  Bush was the head of the CIA.
He was the one with the connections and international experience.

Several Landslide Elections, in US History

There were a number of landslide elections in American presidential history, in-
cluding FDR's successful re-election bids.   The point in mentioning this is to as-
sure the younger readers that Reagan was no political god.  In fact, there were
Republicans who were going to ask him to not run for re-election in 1984.

Reagan and his political legacy is mostly worthless, except for six to eight items.
Good things that he did included:  1} invading Grenada, 2} bringing to fruition
the Earned Income Tax Credit which was already in existence, 3} and granting
amnesty to a number of Latin American immigrants.

Keep in mind that Reagan had to abandon Reaganomics when the unemployment
rate sky-rocketed.  Today's Republicans are liars in mostly everything, including
how they fabricate the Reagan Myth.  The goal of the Republicans is to trick con-
gress into eliminating income taxes for the rich and to continue to allow them to
profit from low waged labor.

During the Reagan years and Bush II years, it was proven that dropping the tax
rates of wealthy individuals actually harms an economy.  So, forget about feel-
ing obliged to coddle to wealthy individuals who are more than pampered, as it
is.  And remember, a lot of them are rich by means of overcharging customers
and underpaying employees ... by capitalizing on subsidies ... by capitalizing on
exorbitant military spending budgets

There is a difference between the personal tax rates of the wealthy and corporate
taxes.  Concerning corporate tax issues, think in terms of tax  incentives, as well
as the need to set a stand-alone tax rate schedule for sole proprietorships, partner-
ships, and S-corporations.  In other words, the tax rates of the obscenely wealthy
should be separate from the tax rates of persons in sole proprietorships, etc.  At
present, all three types of business enterprises are taxed according to individual
citizen tax rates.  This must change.

Tax incentives need to be the central focal point in this issue.  Concerning the gen-
eral issue of the economy itself, the point of concern is the circular flow of money.
This is the key to a healthy economy.  In recent years, the wealthy cut off the cir-
cular flow significantly, by means of overseas tax shelters and uneven trade that
caused America to suffer an enormous long-term Trade Balance Deficit.

Today's tax sheltered wealthy aren't the solution.  They are the end of America as
we used to know it.   They are treasonous ... literally.   As was stated by a few repu-
table economists, if things don't immediately change, then its only a matter time for
the worst-case scenarios to be witnessed by you ... in your lifetime.

If you want to learn about a few truly great American minds, in order to show you
that Reagan is empty propagandist hype, learn of the three persons cited below.  In
addition, don't be a nationalist, thinking that only Americans are great.  Expand your
horizons.  Be universal.

Clarence Darrow ............. If you're not moved by him, you're not human.

George Westinghouse  ...  NOT Washington.  Washington was a miscalculator,
                                          a slave owner, and a member of a secret society.

Dr. Tom Dooley  ............  He WAS the Spirit of St. Louis in foreign lands.