October 17, 2013

The Affordable Care Act Federal Fund Exclusion for Abortions.
Plus, Sarah Palin is a liar, even concerning Alaska bridge funding.

 Sarah Palin used war veterans in a bogus ploy, to incite anger
against the black president for something the House Republicans.
did.  It's a sin to provoke a sin, even if you fail in the provoking.

Sarah Palin attempted to make herself the new Paul Revere, by announcing to Amer-
ica that death panels are inscribed into the Affordable Care Act.  Instead of making
herself look like the mirror image of a Paul Revere who only did his ride because
the British already had a noose with his name on it, she made herself look the hag
who would scare small children by means of horror tales.

The panel which was fraudulently misrepresented by Functional Illiterate Palin is the
Independent Payment Advisory Board (the IPAB.)  All that the board may do is pro-
pose cost-cutting measures, should Medicare expenses start to rise too rapidly.  The
cost-saving recommendations may NOT advocate reducing the amount of Medicare
or the quality of care.  This is law.

Funds Excluded for Abortions

Concerning abortion, you  must come to terms with the reality that there are people
of conscience in America who cannot bring themselves to support abortion, and
that this conscientious objection is neither a mental illness nor something limited
to a minority fringe.  These people will have tormented consciences, if they sup-
port abortion in any way.  In as much, the remedy was to make sure that private
insurers would have two premium accounts which go as follows:

1} one consisting of federal subsidy dollars and the major portion of the monthly
     premium paid by the policyholder and federal subsidy dollars.  No abortion pro-
     vider is to be paid from this account.

2} one for depositing into it a minority of policyholder payments.  Abortions will
     be payed-for from here.  The policyholders, and not taxpayers, fund it.

In addition, every company in the 'exchange' (in each sovereign state of operation)
must have at least one policy that does NOT provide abortion coverage.   In this
way, conscientious policyholders can be free from contributing premium money
to abortion.

Concerning the claim that the Affordable Care Act will make abortions cost one
dollar per abortion, the reality is that the cost for the rider covering abortion is not
to be lower than $1 of insurance premium money per month.

The essence of the Affordable Care Act is that persons of conscience are not put
on the spot when it comes to funding abortions with their tax dollars.  The artifi-
cial contraceptives rule is another issue and needs amended.

The Gravina Access Project

When America first encountered Sarah Palin, the first thing she claimed was that
the federal government kept pushing her to take federal tax dollars, for a bridge to
nowhere project, followed by her saying no.  Well, this turned out to be a complete
lie.  She ran on the platform of building the bridge with federal dollars.  In the end,
she received the federal dollars for TWO bridges to nowhere.

The specific funding for the bridge-to- nowhere was amended in such a way that
the United States Congress included it in an Alaska transportation bill.  Therefore,
Sarah Palin got the money she claimed that she declined.  Then in the Year 2007,
she cancelled the bridge construction project, altogether. 

So remember:  Palin RECEIVED & ACCEPTED bridge to nowhere money.  In fact,
she got money for TWO bridges to nowherenamely for the Gravina Bridge and the
Knik Arm Bridge.  It was included in a $286.4 million appropriations bill for  Alaska.
The vote in the senate was 91 yeas, only 4 nays, and 5 abstentions.

Stay away from liars such as Palin.  During the government shutdown, she was in-
citing a riot.  After all, TEA Party dregs took federal property and tossed it, like a
bunch of vandals, in front of the White House.  The WWII memorial was fenced,
because there were no guards to protect anyone there.  If an aged vet had a heart
attack, he would not have had a quick-response mechanism attending to him.

Palin committed a mortal in making the federal government look evil, when it was
being responsible, for encasing the WWII memorial in fencing..  She merely was
campaigning for vice-president, hoping that Ivy League grad Ted Cruz would ever
consider choosing as a running mate a virtual idiot who could not name a single
Supreme Court case, despite having been given THREE chances to do so on TV.
(Two with Katie and one time, while being interviewed about her inability to name
a single Supreme Court case.

All in all, stay away from liars, and do NOT place your life and your destiny into
the hands of any politician locked into the Born-Again Christian, anti-Marian, anti-
Sacrament heresy.  Such is the religion of the slave-owning South ... the cross burn-
ing South ... the land of the segregationists, anti-Catholics, isolationists, snake oil
husksters, and lying politicians who cut off WIC funding, NIH cancer treatments,
and also reduced food stamp allotments, while Southern Baptist congressman such
as Stephen Fincher pocket subsidy dollars.  In fact, stay away from anyone who
claims to be a Christian and holds the Virgin Mary in contempt, as do the Born-
again, Southern Baptist, fundamentalist, Tent Revivalists, and neo-Confederates.

World renown USA Today reported on Palin's TWO bridge to nowhere subsidiers,
as did the invaluable factcheck.org: