September 24, 2015

A Plague of Locusts upon the Land

  By Ann Ryan and Patrick Pontillo

Being that the conservative TEA Party did exactly what was needed to literal-
ly turn American into 20th Century Argentina and Oliver Twist's England, the
following article is a wake-up call for those Catholics deceived into registering
Republican.  They did their registering as dupes to the carrot-and-stick pro-life
platform of the life-destroying Republicans, where said-Republicans have been
promising for over 30 years to get a pro-life amendment tacked on to the United
States constitution.  The Republicans never even tried.  They lied, in order to get
the amazingly vast Catholic vote.

America needs an entirely new political system, anchored on administrative
law and chancellery law, under uniform codes, such as the Uniform Commer-
cial Code, Uniform Weights and Measures, etc..  We need to be free of the
near-monopolistic tyranny of a mere two-party system, one of which is  the
sweatshop profiteering party, while the other one is the sex-drugs-and-rock-
'n-roll party with an abortion after having messed up having sex, drugs, and
rock 'n roll.

Stated for the record, if the Democratic Party would drop abortion-on-demand
from its campaign platform, I would register as a Democrat within a week.  I'm
not the only Catholic who left the Democratic Party on account of its abortion
platform.  The dems could use us Catholics, because of our sensitivity toward
livable wages, poverty-stricken immigrants, and the ecology of planet earth.
After all, we are the Saint Francis of Assisi People.

Quick intro of Ann Ryan

Ann Ryan is the nom de plume of the individual who was once regarded as the
premier expert in student loan consolidations.  This means that she was consult-
ed by people throughout the United States, during times of desperation.

This Nation's Psychological Hazard

A national hazard in having a political system limited to two major parties is that
it projects within the human mind the idea of Good vs. Evil.   Politics is seen as
the epic battlefield.   The two-party nation, by its nature, is a polarized one.  In
the two-party system, the opposing party is made to look like the personification
of evil, threatening what you value the most.

Apparently, what is happening today is that both sides on Capitol Hill are willing
to fight to the death.   In order to save the country, both sides have to find a com-
mon ground.  It has always been that way, and usually the parties work things out.
This time, they're not doing so until the last minute.   Any semblance of teamwork
is not evident.

Stalemate:  Both Sides Lose

We're at a stalemate.  The nation has become stale.  It has become a land of stale
ideas.  Basically, everyone is stuck.  This immobility comes from one political par-
ty being unwilling to let go of the golden egg-producing geese that it has enjoyed
for decades.  It doesn't look for alternatives.  It seeks to conserve to the point of

Enter the Republican party which presents itself as the God-fearing morality party
of Abraham Lincoln, family values, and financial responsibility.   Now, the caption
that this party provides is one that makes it sound fair and balanced.   However, the
Republican party has shown itself to be nothing more than the miser party, the party
of the power predator, and the military spend thift party which assisted Reagan in
tripling the national debt ... and which allowed George Walker Bush to increase the
debt from $5.7 trillion to $10.62.

In fact, TEA Party Republicans are so stubborn that they're endangering the planet
in their denial of the authentic existence of environmental ills that are in need of
remed.  Texas continued to have a record breaking drought, record breaking heat,
and record breaking wildfires in 2011.  Yet, it's governor claimed that there is no
indication that human industry contributed to the rebellion of nature against man-
kind.  This is irresponsible stewardship over an earth that will be a landmine of
poison for future generations.

The Republican Marketing of Fear

The observed technique of this party is to accuse of being a Communist, Socialist,
or Fascist anyone not contributory to its grab for wealth.   That is to say, the tech-
nique of this party is to market fear of its political opponents.   The hypocrisy of
consists in the fact that conservative Republicans were the ones who partook in the
totalitarian process which included that of transacting business with a brutal Com-
munist dictatorship that hideously underpaid its workers, and even established the
quintessential Orwellian labor camp.  Thus, it was the right wing Republican who
was the willing collaborator of Communists, empowering a Maoist dictatorship
with American business dollars.  Yet, these conservatives have the audacity to
call the present president a Communist.

The president has his shortfalls, but being an avowed Leninist, as opposed to a
head of state confounded by political restraint, doesn't appear to be one of them.  
In as much, if you are going to condemn someone, condemn him for the right rea-
sons.  Oh, and about him being allegedly born in a foreign country, use your ears.  
The guy has an American accent.   He knows about American pastimes, and he
was a student and editor on Ivy League campuses.   What more do you need to
prove that he is a part of the American experience?   Condemn him for things
which matter.   Condemn him for things which are a matter of life and death. 

The Hegelian Model:   The Occupational Hazard of Congress, 
Guaranteeing that the Lesser of Two Evils Will Be the Goal

The Dialectics of Hegel is synonymous with Marxism.   A two-party system, by its
nature, opens the door to a government that solely transacts in the Hegelian model
of Thesis vs Antithesis and the search for a Synthesis thereafter.  Such an approach
is not a democratic one.  Such an approach guarantees that the ultimate ideal will
never be attained.  Such as approach insures that the final outcome will always be
the lesser of two evils.   Dialectics is the act of diluting ideals.   It is the surrealistic
art of compromise.   It makes life boringly stale.

The United States was never designed to be a democracy.  It was designed to be a
bicameral two-tier republic, founded on electors.   The tiers consist in the sovereign
states and the federal government.   As a result, there's one camp who sings the song
of "state's rights," while the other camp is more likely to be federalist.  In this model,
we find a system of government where the Dialectics of  Hegel stand to prevail, in a
dichotomy that shreds the fabric of unity.  As a result, the American form of govern-
ment is nothing more than an Us vs Them Hegelian model, designed 59 years before
the publication of the Communist Manifesto.

Whereas the Hegelian model speaks of thesis vs antithesis, followed by the quest for
synthesis, the James Madison model describes checks and balances.  However, Mad-
ison deliberately designated the balancing forces to be the civilian factions that existed
in America, where one faction would keep another faction in check.  He designed the
constitution in such a way that Americans would be fighting it out with between each
other, in scenarios of ebb and flow politics.   He would concern himself with curbing
the potential tyranny of government, while leaving future generations of America prey
to the tyranny of factions, neighbors, private citizens, and private business.

Even the Civil Rights act of 1870 was insufficient.   It simply created the protected
class member, meaning that common citizens belonging to the majority have no legal
recourse in federal jurisdiction.  In this nation, the common man is the common prey,
easy to be devoured if he stands individually.   Thus, the Madison model of govern-
ment assumes that man is herded cattle.   A man became identified by the groups to
which he belonged, as opposed to being identified as an individual.  The Madison
model is the modernized social phenomenon of Tribal Territorialism.

They Make it Sound as if Someone Must Unavoidably Go Hungry

Being that the nation is heavily indebted, the present circumstances makes it look as
if there are not enough allocatable resources to go around.    Things are presented
as being the case, despite the high profits being made by certain corporations and
the exorbitant compensation packages availed to certain CEO's.  Yet, the present
atmosphere gives one the impression that people in this nation are going to have to
go hungry.  After all, that's what they've been telling us, isn't it?

The Republican party states that it must not be impeded from making astronomical
profits, lest the United States lose liberty and jobs.   However, the same party finds
it acceptable to have an entire spectrum of humanity exist within the realms of depri-
vation.  This party acts concerned about creating jobs.  However,  the only jobs in
appreciable numbers that the Republican world has been creating were the very low-
waged jobs of sweatshop and slave field nations.   How much more money do they
need, before the unemployed and underemployed sectors of America will get back
into the world of the livable wage?

The Republican party oversaw the spending of exorbitant amounts of money on an
extremely high-maintenance military infrastructure.  Now, it costs money to keep air-
craft carriers, escorts, and destroyers afloat.   Therefore, when the Republican Party 
finally bankrupt us, they'll no longer be able to maintain their costly military infra-
structure.  The very military infrastructure that the Republican party was using to
intimidate the rest of the world will soon be used against it, after it becomes com-
mandeered by those entities sympathetic to neither the Republican nor Democratic
party mindset.  No one thought that Babylon would fall overnight.  In like fashion,
the patrons of Botox Barbie television don't think that the United States will sudden-
ly fall into a shattered array of broken states.

The previous Republican administration ended up costing America $1.4 trillion in two
protracted wars that it was either unable or unwilling to win.   We drained our military
resources on enemies which had zero armored divisions, zero air force units, zero air
cavalry units, zero paratroopers, zero naval fleets, and zero amphibious assault forces.
On what was the money spent?  Why were there two occupations lasting eight and
ten years.

Whoever wields the gold wields the military.  In as much, the Republicans have set
up the mechanism for the United States to lose it all, in a debt that reached the stat-
us of a run-away train, in the midst of a non-manufacturing economy that causes the
continuing accumulation of the trade balance deficit.  Even the services once provid-
ed in this service-based economy keep going overseas.   After all, what type of ac-
cent do you usually hear when speaking to the phone representative of a customer
service hot line?   It's not any type of American accent, more often than not.  This
is how much those flag-waving Republicans love this country.

Now, there is nothing wrong with making money.  But, you have to be ethical about
it, and not hurt anyone in the process.   None the less, one argument that is expect-
ed to come from the Republican party is that some people win and some lose.   The
fallacy in this is that the losers were the ones who made wealth for the wealthy, by
working at tasks that created the wealth.  If it weren't for the low-paid sweatshop
workers, there would be no wealth for Republicans.  however, instead of showing
gratitude for the workers' existence, Republican operatives treated the workers as
subterranean nuisances.

Take note the ten-year Trade Balance Deficit has been $5.65 trillion.  This is money
lost to dictatorships, cheating many Americans out of the American dream.  See: 

As Sweatshop Imports Drain the U.S. Money Supply 

An Example of the Subterranean Nuisance Stigma

One example was in the 911 clean-up crew members who were hailed as American
heroes until they started coming down with Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome,
Small Airways Disease, and things that can be developed from exposure to alkaline
concrete dust.  FoxNews mocked them and turned out to be 100% wrong in what
was stated about them.  They did have a physical illness.  It came from the pulver-
ized concrete dust which happens to be very alkaline.   This was announced by the
prestigious Mt. Sinai Hospital.  Thus, FoxNews once again shows itself to be the
harbinger of liars.

Add to the roll call of disdained American workers, the victims of the various Gulf
War I diseases which were finally proven to be physiological in nature.  Concern-
ing Gulf War II and Afghanistan, without going into summary, the following can be
very helpful:

The Republican party showed that its members want to take money away from those
who are already disadvantaged, as if disadvantaged people are violating the rights of
the wealthy.   Republicans end up making a person think twice about becoming heroic,
due to Republican ingratitude.

Pro-life in Name, Anti-life in Practice

The other technique of this political party is that of repeatedly insinuating that anyone
on "entitlement programs" is nothing more than a leech of society, draining martyred
Republicans of their wealth.  Yet, it was the conservative Republican who was has
been the ultimate leech, in profiting from extremely underpaid and interned workers.
These Republicans didn't do the work.  Their underpaid victims did.  This made the
right wing Republican a thief who oppressed human life, in partaking in the foreign
sweatshop economy.  For the record, Social Security is an insurance plan.  The
FICA (payroll tax) payments are the premiums paid.

The hypocrisy of the toter of the Republican party line is that he claimed himself to
be "pro-life," all the while preventing multitudes from having any semblance of a life,
in their being interned and/or severely underpaid.   It was the hypocrisy of the con-
servative Republican to have claimed himself to be pro-life, when the same conser-
vative Republican arranged things in such a way that it became impossible for any
young married couple to afford a house and a family.   The conservative did what
it took to tempt young couples into having abortions and into not taking marriage

There was nothing pro-family about the economy that the Republican party has pro-
vided to America.  The typical right wing conservative has shown himself to have no
family values outside of his own family.   Conservative politicians apparently masque-
rade as Family Values candidates, so that they could win the family-man vote.

The Laws of Nature Can't Be Changed by the Republicans

They in Washington act as if they can validly adjust regulations involving the environ-
ment.  However, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, no matter how many
congressional acts are passed to make it rise in the north and set in the south.  In sim-
ilar fashion, chemicals will not be made any less toxic, even should every Republican
caucus in the world increase the numerical value of the toxic dose of every chemical
known to mankind.  Just because Republicans claim that something isn't as toxic as
was formerly declared, it doesn't mean they're right.   It usually means that they are
manipulating things for each one's personal benefit.

In light of this, it's obvious that Republicans desire deregulation, so that they will have
no one policing them and holding them accountable for what they're willing to do to
labor and the environment.   Without workers, nothing gets built.  Without a surviv-
able environment, survival becomes a thing of the past, and the quest for windfall
profits turns out to be the sickest and last of all jokes.   A case in historic point is
late 19th Century Pittsburgh which was fashioned in the image and likeness of An-
drew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick.  During that time, Pittsburgh was called Hell
with the Lid Off.  The prevailing snide jokewas that six months in Pittsburgh consti-
tuted grounds for suicide.  The world of Andrew Carnegie and Henry Frick is the
expected fruit of any industry in deregulation.

The Alien Tort Claims Act

The right wing conservative Republican has repeatedly illustrated that he neither val-
ues human life nor possesses an operable conscience.   This is shown to be the case
in an occasional federal lawsuit filed pursuant to the Alien Torts Claims Act, especi-
ally that which was filed on behalf of Indonesian workers, during the George Walker
Bush administration.  The Bush administration sent an amicus brief to federal district
court, pleading that the judge dismiss the case and let the abused workers suffer ev-
en more insult.

In summation, the conservative Republican is a person who leeches off of workers
and keeps them without remedy, despite the existence of the Alien Tort Claims Act
that appeared in the original United States Constitution.   The conservative Republi-
can waved the flag and ignored the Constitution. 

If You Empower a Tyrant, You Become a Tyrant

If you trade with Communists and empower Communists, you become a de facto
Communist, no matter how many times you wave the American flag and call your-
self a right wing conservative Republican.   You then set yourself up for a destiny
that has repeated itself throughout history .  Right wing conservative Republicans
are apparently poor historians.

It will be fascinating to watch the 21st Century version of the Nuremberg trials that
will probably be headlined as the Labor Crime trials.   None the less, the fascination
aspect of such trials will consist in the fact that right wing conservatives made them-
selves out to be members of the God,  Morality, and Family Values party, while si-
multaneously profiting from crimes against humanity which destroy the family, mock
every image of God, and disregard basic morals.   The future trials will be a lesson
in psychology, and the future trials are guaranteed to occur, because history repeats
itself as much as the yearly return of the seasons.

In the event that you think that such a thing will never happen, take the following
names to heart  Louis XVI,  Marie Antoinette,  Robespierre,  Noriega, Hussein,
Reynaldo Bignone,  Jorge Videla,  Kang Kek Iew,  Otozo Yamada,  Kawashima
Kiyoshi,  Kajitsuka Ryuji,  Takahashi Takaatsu,  Martin Bormann,  Friedrich Flick,
Wilhelm Frick,  Alfred Jodl,  Alfred Rosenberg,  Hans Frank,  Fritz Sauckel,  Julius
Streicher,  Ernst Kaltenbrunner,  Charles McArther Emmanuel, Momčilo Krajišnik,
Henry Vane,  and the Knapp Commission, to name a few.  This list should suffice in
getting a point across to you.   The point is that there is never such thing as sovereign
immunity, qualified immunity, or any other kind of immunity in the presence of malice,
abuse, and/or deliberate indifference.  There is only delayed justice.

Let us review:  The "pro-life" conservative was making a killing, and therefore, a very
dishonest living, in collaborating with a Maoist dictatorship that didn't value the lives
of its workers.  The right wing "pro-life" Republican did the collaborating, while call-
ing other Americans Communists and Entitlement Thieves.   This is hypocrisy.

Corporate Welfare and the Republican

The right wing conservative's hypocrisy was augmented in his never objecting to big
business getting corporate welfare in a number of instances.   The same right wing
conservative claimed himself to be the financially responsible person, even though it
was the Republican administrations of  Reagan and George Walker Bush who over-
saw the rocketing of the U.S. National Debt.   Plus, the same same right wing con-
servative camp never objected to the unconscionable price gouging that became the
rule throughout the pharmaceutical industry and the military industrial complex which
sold hammers to America at a price of $640 each.   During the days when the $640
hammer was public knowledge, master tradesmen hammers that were made by the
Estwing, Goldblatt, and Vaughn corporations ranged between $22 to $35. 

Bridges that Don't Collapse

It is the authorship's impression that President Obama's first goal is to make sure that
the American infrastructure doesn't fall into disrepair.  Preventing America from look-
ing like a scene from a Mad Max movie seems to be the first priority of the president,
as well as preventing people from meeting disaster on a bridges that will soon be in
need of repair.  Republicans have shown themselves to be willing to turn the Land
of the Free into a third world country, decorated in Early Ghetto.

Republicans:  Poor Historians

Pursuant to the the right wing conservative's track record, the Republican appears to
only value dollar value, as well as the political power which frees him from all legal ac-
countability when seeking to increase the amount of dollars in his various accounts.
The conservative Republican, at present, appears to carry the same presumption of
immunity which certain Nazi Party members carried throughout Nazi Germany, until
the appearance of the allied forces and the emergence of the Nuremberg Trials.   It
has been an observation over time that history repeats itself.   Whatever you fail to
learn from history, you are condemned to repeat it.

      A guest writer and Patrick Pontillo