February 16, 2019

The Great Chastisement would only come when the majority of the Faithful were lulled to sleep at the wheel.

The sign of our times, compliments of the Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington
DC who appropriated banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years.  Dignity
Masses are those attended by people who claim that the Sin of Sodom isn't a sin.
They're dedicated to perpetuating that sin, to the point of regarding it as a sacrament.
Keep in mind that, at the start of 2014, the most recent Vatican news came
from a member of the Swiss guard who alleged that Vatican officials, in the
plural, made homosexual advances toward him.

Now, the true Third Secret of Fatima, as was vaguely explained by a handful
of clergy members who read it in the early 1960s, was that of Apostasy start-
ing at the top of the Catholic Church.

Well, according to a number of sources, including the Swiss guard,  Vatican
officials already apostasized from nature.  Commensurate with that act of
apostasy would be Apostasizing from the Faith of Saint Peter which teaches
that the way of Sodom and Gomorrah is one of the Four Sins which Cry to
Heaven for Vengeance.  In action, these Vatican official perched at the top
of the church are already motioning toward apostasy.  Apostasy is simply
the act of formalizing your religious hypocrisy.

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, former Vatican secretary of state, public liar, and
criminal accomplice of Marcial Maciel Degollado, lulled the Catholic Church
in the West into a false sense of security, in the sugar sprinkled minds of those
who profit from the stocks and bond of sweatshop labor corporations, as much
as Germans benefitted by the Nazi holocaust.  Of course, this only involves the
Western hemisphere sector of the Church, being that Catholics elsewhere have
been at the ground zero of human suffering for decades.

One calendar year after Angelo Sodano's bold proclamation of that the dark
days prophesied at Fatima are far behind us, the terrorism of 9/11 ensued.
This was followed by the water-boarding terror of Haliburton-friendly Dick
Cheney.  This included high tech war in Afghanistan, as well as the decima-
tion of any form of civility in Iraq.  Add to this numerous acts of terrorism
throughout the earth and an eventual series of revolutions which saw strong
men fall like dominoes.

Add to the equation of death the worst economic crisis since the Great De-
pression, the artificial sky-rocketing of fuel prices, the worldwide Occupy
Wall Street movement, and today's obscene degree of income disparity,
headlined by sweatshop slave labor profiteering.

All in all, recent history has illustrated that Cardinal Angelo Sodano was as
much of a liar as a criminal accomplice of the greatest molester in the known
history of the Catholic Church.  As of now, the Catholic Church in the West
has been dumbed-down and left clueless.  Warning after warning has come,
yet all of them have been ignored ... written-off ... dismissed by those who
live in excessive luxury.  All of the ingredients are here for that which was
prophesied about a housecleaning to be conducted throughout humanity.
No one in power is paying attention.

At the Vatican in 2013, we got to see a balloon show on day, as if it would
end 1} adolescent military inscription, 2}Foreign sweatshop labor profiteer-
ing,  3} the accommodation of sins detailed in Humanae Vitae,  4} excessive
income disparity, 5} the continuation of the form of adultery euphemistically
called Divorce & Remarriage, 6}artificially sky-rocketed prices which consti-
tute theft, 7} the disregard for the Sabbath Rule which is a part of natural law
and not man-made law, being that a person needs to drain his excesses and
replenish what is depleted in him/her, 8} the continuation of the drug traffick-
ing culture and the violence that ensues, 9} hedonism to the point of toxicity,
10} excessively dishonest political propaganda and the manipulation of the
political framework via anonymous funding, 11} industrial disregard for the
earth's ecology so much so that hermaphrodite frogs were discovered in what
used to be "natural settings."

All in all, the Apostasy from Nature is the indicator that the Great Apostasy
prophesied in Sacred Scriptures is next on the itinerary of various top Church
officials.  They have done little more than commit criminal negligence in not
forming what used to be called Catholic Action Groups, designed to end the
social sins which are widespread and accommodated throughout society, by
present government officials and corporations.  They have remained silent
to a number of sins which are now legalized and formally instituted through-
out modern society.  Such a thing is Apostasy in Action.

We had the 2002 sex abuse revelation, followed by Vatileaks, bringing us to
a Swiss Guard's accusations.  At the least, influential persons in the Church
need to admit that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has not yet
occurred.  Of course, it has not yet occurred because of those people present-
ly in power and influence.  The final prophecy concerning them, comes from
the Rianjo Prophecy, by which Christ gave a convalescing Sister Lucia a
vision from a tabernacle, telling her that his ministers (the bishops,) in de-
laying his command to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
would result in them having the same destiny of King Louis XVI.

All in all, there was been the opposite of world peace, from the moment when
Sodano claimed that the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphed.  World Peace
was prophesied by Mary as the final product of her triumph.  Thus, the arro-
gant in the Church who still adhere to Sodano's declaration need to admit that
he was 100% wrong, especially in light of the observation that his June 2000
declaration ever so coincidentally provided a diversion for the Marcial Maciel
file, in having it ignored for six consecutive years in Cardinal Joseph Ratzin-
ger's office.  Sodano's claim made it look as if Maciel the Molester was a great 
saint at the Ground Zero of history and holiness.  The following year came the
real Ground Zero, in the form of mangled metal and pulverized concrete which
constituted a temporary gravesite for a few thousand people.

Your duty for 2014:  Great living out Sodano's lie and quit repeating it as if it
were an infallible statement that came from the Throne of Christ.  Be assured
that you will not be seeing any world peace this year or in 2015.  In fact, ex-
pect this absence of world peace to find its way to your doorstep, thanks to
Angelo Sodano and all of the other corrupt Vatican officials who have no
reason to be perched at the top seats where they are positioned.  It's time for
a changing of the guard at the top.  In fact, it isn't likely that Swiss guards
appreciation the idea of protecting perverts at the top, when they could be
expending their time on noble pursuits.