March 03, 2019

A Lesson through Word Association

A tree is known by its fruits.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a rotten tree
cannot bring forth life-supporting fruit.  In fact, a person's fruits identify the per-
son.  In as much, below is a lesson that can be taught without speaking a single
sentence in the process of getting to the point of the lesson.

Below, in packets ... in pockets ... is a series of column games where you match
the person on the left hand side with the invention ... state of affairs ... or quote
on the right hand side.  The answers of each match game is directly below each
section.  The point to this exercise is evident at the end of it.
Difficulty factor: medium

Will Rogers                                     A - Steel

Thomas Edison                               B - Penicillin

Andrew Carnegie                           C - The Sherman Tank

Albert Einstein                               D - "I never met a man I didn't like."

George Patton                                 E - The incandescent light bulb.

Alexander Fleming                         F - The unified field theory
Will Rodgers (D), Thomas Edison (E), Andrew Carnegie (A),
Albert Einstein (F), George Patton (C), Alexander Fleming (B)
Difficulty factor also moderate:

Philo Farnsworth                          A -  The electrochemical cell battery

Vincent Van Gogh                         B - "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

Alessandro Volta                           C -  The air conditioner

Willis Carrier                                D - "Starry Night"

Judy Garland                                E -  The television
Philo Farnsworth (E), Vincent Van Gogh (D), Alessandro Volta (A)
Willis Carrier (C), Judy Garland (B)
Difficulty factor: Extremely high

Duane Locke, Walt Whitman & A- Deserts of vast eternity.
Edna St. Vincent awardee
                                                             B - The starless silence, fleeing
Nico Suarez, National Book                   from her rhythmic tambourine,
Award of Bolivia & student of       falls where the sea whips and sings,
Duane Locke
                                                             C - I find myself alone, in the suicide
Garcia Lorca, Spanish poet who          of your eyes, aflame with the torment
disappeared without a trace, dur-          of words spoken through closed doors;
ing the Franco Regime                         your blood dripping from every hinge.
Andrew Marvell, 17th Century          D - My life has been a card game played
metaphysical poet                                    by those who scribbled in chalk their
                                                                names on the sidewalk. 
Patrick Pontillo, Immanentist       
poet & student of Duane Locke    E - How long I have seen an ocean
                                                                   dying in your eyes.
Duane Locke (D), Nico Suarez (E), Garcia Lorca (B), Andrew Marvell (A),
Patrick Pontillo (C)
Difficulty factor: minimal

Thomas More                                A - Freeing the slaves

Thomas Aquinas                           E - Liberating India without firing a shot 

Abraham Lincoln                         C - Summa Theologica

Edward Jenner                             D - Utopia 

Mahatma Gaundi                         E - Institutionalizing the use of the vaccine
Pope John Paul II                         F - The Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal


         Get the message?