October 20, 2015

The closer you get to perfection, the more intensely you notice your imperfections

This fact is what caused the young Saint Dominic
Savio to say,  "either be a saint or a nothing."
In the end, you become either all or nothing.

Noticing imperfections is ideal for needed humility.
Noticing imperfections is a gift from God.  Now,
humility is an element of gentleness as much as
is gratitude, and if you're not as gentle as a rain-
drop, then you have no capacity for the love of
others . . . only love of yourself.

When you do notice your imperfections, you find them a little too hideous to keep
as a part of you.  So, you strive to rid yourself of them.  Seeing your imperfections
is actually a gift from God.  It's usually a silent action of your guardian angel,  and
beings of pure spirit do exist.  Their intelligences exceed that of mankind.  Yet,
man can do something that angels cannot do.  Man can suffer and move the heart
of God in the suffering, enabling graces to be showered on humanity.

One more thing:  The closer you get to God, the more simplistic becomes your
understanding of things.  Pseudo-intellectuals aren't anywhere near the Core of
God.  They are like a blind person waving arms in every direction, trying to find
his way.

Simplicity is the phenomenon of having a clearer view of the unseen God.  Faith
is the gift of understanding the same unseen God.  In sequence, Hope is the gift
which causes a person to desire Life Everlasting and to simultaneously trust in
the Infinite Being who put the desire in us.  In fact, the Little Flower of Lisieux
who died at the age of 24 and then was declared a doctor of the church once wrote,
"When God wants to give a person something, God first instills in that person the
desire for it."  Your desire is your ultimate destiny, whatever it is that you desire.