February 09, 2019

Former freemason ... present convert and attorney ... speaks expertly on the Fatima consecration issue

Even in the littlest things, God made an elaborate design.
You need to understand that the Catholic Church is seen as a prize that manipuators
seek to control on puppet strings.  They simply want to have the doctrines handed
down by the original apostles replaced with their own.  Such is the recent example
of the Kasper/Wuerl camp, as was seen in the 2015 synod.

In centuries prior, certain players, such as Henry VIII, would simply steal local
portions of the Church's infrastructure and start their own religion.  Then, as any
type of faith in Christ waned, certain players, such as Garibaldi, wanted to destroy
the Catholic Church from the outside.  When the 20 Century was underway, the
enemies of the Church wanted to infiltrate the Church and have doctrine changed
to their liking.  This was the basic testimony of Bella Dodd before the U.S. Senate
in 1953.
Enter the Masonic Secret Society and its various guilds.  Enter John Salza, a form-
er high ranking mason who eventually reverted back to the Catholic Faith of his
Italian ancestors.  Presently, he's an attorney.  With a legal background and mind-
set in hand, John embarked on an investigation of the Third Secret of  Fatima, as
it applies to Cardinal Angelo Sodano's June 2000 "attempted" interpretation of
it.  Salza blew Sodano's claim out of the water with clarity, factuality, and pro-
fessionalism.  He, along with a few others, illustrated how the Sodano Interpre-
tation is a cruel farce.

Of course, Sodano is the one who spent years protecting from accountability the
worst molester in the known history of the Catholic Church.  Thus, Sodano is
literally a criminal accomplice.  In addition, according the Fifth Lateran Coun-
cil, no cardinal has the God-given authority and/or power to interpret any pri-
vate revelation.  Only the pope has that charisma, and of course, the June 2000
release on the Third Secret of Fatima was not written by the pope at the time.

John Salza always did the iinvestigative work needed to prove that the Vatican
did NOT reveal to entire Third Secret.  If you have the time, Jon Salza is worth
the listen.  His writings are worth the read.

All in all, Fatima is NOT something consigned to the past and the Triump of
the Immaculate Heart of Mary has NOT yet arrived.  Nor has the prophesied
Era of World Peace commenced.  This means that you have a lot to look for-
ward to experiencing, much of which will be unexpected, including mass
conversions that appear at this time to be impossibilities.

Incidentally, a person who leaves an evil secret society and re-embraces
Catholicism is a person who takes the Faith far more seriously than many
a bishop.  This is the value of John Salza.