May 17, 2017

Malachi Martin's most pertinent comment about Third Secret of Fatima

For those of you who are seething condemnors of the late best selling
author Malachi Martin, he correctly predicted that Cardinal Albino
Luciani would become the successor of Pope Paul VI.  Malachi
did have an information network which could rival that of
anyone.  He was close to John XXIII and a scholar of
Middle Eastern languages, among other subjects.

For those unfamiliar, Malachi's
books included, 1}  The Keys to 
this Blood,   2} Hostage to the
Devil,  3} the Decline and Fall
of the Roman  Church,  4} the
Final Conclave,  5} Hostage to
the Devil, and  6} Windswept 

In addition, he was a periti of the
Jewish Cardinal Augustin Bea, dur-
ing the second Vatican Council. He
did read the Third Secret of Fatima,
under the oath of confidentiality.
Thus, he was literally an insider.
Firstly, keep in mind that the third secret of Fatima was conveyed to the Fatima
children minutes after that first and second secrets were conveyed.  Therefore,
within a matter of minutes, the Virgin Mary confided to shepherd children, via
a metaphysical vehicle known as a corporal vision, 1}the vision of Hell and
2} the prophecy of WWII.  In as much, one can logically conclude that the
Third Secret prophesied the worldwide occurrence of something worse than
the Second World War.

Concerning Mary visions and the children's perception of it, only Lucia and
Jacinta heard Our Lady.  The young Francesco only saw Our Lady.  Now, the
first two secrets had detailed words attached to them.  The third secret did al-
so, according to a 1960 press release issued in the name of the Vatican.  The
exact words in that press release was "the words of Our Lady," as the world
was being notified that the pope of the time, John XXIII, refused to let the
secret be publicly made known.

Ironically, the Third Secret was supposed to have been made known through
either the bishop in charge of the Fatima geographic region or by the Patriarch
of Lisbon.  And why?  The common opinion of any Fatima researcher is that
the Secret prophesies an evil that will occur in the Vatican, namely apostasy
starting at the top of the Catholic Church.  In as much, it logically goes that,
if the Vatican pulled rank, and ordered the Third Secret to be to Rome and
placed under the Holy See's control, that secret would never be revealed un-
til that which is prophesied comes true.  By then, the evil that the Virgin
Mary sought to be prevented would be too late to prevent.

The Third Secret has long since been surmised to be an indictment of the Vat-
ican.  Now, at this point a detractor of the Fatima visions who claims that the
Virgin Mary didn't prophesy corruption of the Catholic Church starting at the
top mut concede one undenial truth:  That the corruption did occur at a very
intense degree at the Vatican, whether Mary prophesied it at Fatima or not.
In addition, one must concede that Mary did prophesy that there would be
a brutal degree of corruption in the 20th Century priesthood.  This was pro-
phesied at Quito Ecuador.  Plus, the division and confrontationalism of the
bishops and cardinal that we see today was prophesied at Akita by Our Lady,
in 1973.  So, that which was conjectured to be the Third Secret of Fatima al-
ready came true in a major degree thereof.

One more note:  It is well understood that John XXIII, during the last phase
of his life expressly said that convening the council was a mistake.  He was
quoted as having said, "Halt the Council."  Well, at that time, he was already
dying.  It would have been halted, anyway.  Paul VI let it resume.  That was
a fatal error, in light of the fact that, because of the mindset of dissent which
came from the "Spirit of Vatican II."  At the time, there was a mistaken be-
lief that the council green-lighted public dissent to Catholic Church teaching,
as if such a thing were based on validation through social consensus, as op-
posed to the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.  Of course, if all teaching is
to be subject to social consent, then who needs the Holy Spirit?  Who needs
the Church?

Paul VI's major moral document, Humanae Vitae, was vehemently opposed
by priests and bishops at the time.  The mistaken beliefs as to what Vatican II's
documents stated caused this to happen.  This dissent ushered the way for the
civil legalization of abortion.  Those disobedient priests and bishops created a
Frankenstein, simply by creating the illusion that one can oppose the Vicar of
Christ's teachings as had been conveyed to humanity throughout the centuries.
Keep in mind that the teachings in Humanae Vitae simply reflect things that
were taught as far back as during the days of the early Church Fathers.  Thus,
Humanae Vitae was simply an affirmation of what the Church already taught.
Malachi Martin certainly spoke about the Third Secret that he read under
the oath of confidentiality, and he always alluded to a concise and clear
message.  He didn't even mention the visionary part of the Third Secret.
He did publicly state that Russia and the Ukraine are mentioned by name
in the Third Secret.

In the official quotation of Our Lady's July 13, 1917 apparition, the words,
the word, Etc., appears directly Mary said, "In Portugal, the dogma of the
Faith will always be preserved. Etc."  "Etc" replaced the text of the third
secret.  Devout Catholic knew that Sodano and Bertone were lying when
stating that there were no words attached to the Third Secret.  And why,
aside of the fact that the 1960 press release said so?  ANS:  It's because,
if there were no words spoken by Our Lady, then there was no secret
told.  Secrets are told ... not shown with no interpretation to the vision
Anyway,  Malachi Martin, best selling author & former Jesuit,  stated that the
Third Secret involves a plurality of chastisements, and that no area on Earth
will be spared of the Great Chastisement.  He also said that the Third Secret
deals with Apostasy in the Catholic Church starting at the top of the Church's
governing structure.  Of course, Francis I is being another Honorious I who
was pronounced to be a heretical pope after his death.

None the less, Malachi also publicly stated that the Third Secret of Fatima
mentioned Russia and the Ukraine by name.  Incidentally, Malachi Martin
died in 1999.