December 09, 2015

Fraternity trumps co-existence which is mutual dysfunctionality

France funded the American Revolution.  France gave America a military
officer named Rochembeau who knew how not to get decimated by the Brit-
ish and who engineered the Battle of Yorktown.  France was America's very
first ally:  Americans should act accordingly, instead of mocking the French
for things not true in the perimeters of history.

One more thing: France was known as the Eldest Sister of the Church.  In fact,
St. Francis of Assisi was named after France.  And a series of pivotal Marian
apparitions occurred in France, making it one of the nations of destiny, along
with Russia and the Ukraine.  Add to this the fact that the revelations pertain-
ing to devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus occurred in Paris France.

Let's review France, from the church-authenticated Marian apparitions which
were investigated and found to be credible by church officials:

1} Our Lady of Laus, 1664-1718.  2} Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Paris,
1830.   3} Our Lady of La Salette, Grenoble, 1846.  4} Our Lady of Lourdes,
Pyrenees Mountain range, 1858 5} Our Lady of Pontmain, 1932,  and two
20th Century apparitions in French-speaking Belgium, namely Our Lady of
Beauraing, 1932-1933 & Our Lady of Banneux, 1933

In view of the above list, would the reasonable person say yes or no that France
is close to Our Lady's heart?  Ironically, the stereotypical cross burning, lynch
mob Anglo-Saxon Southern Baptist despised the French as much as he despises
the Virgin Mary.  Très ironique.

Anyway, you have probably encountered the phrase, "effe France,"  as in the
"f" word.  Of course, the ones who say that France can take a running leap off
a high cliff cannot speaka zee French.  None the less, France the land of  Louis 
Pasteur ... Louis Braille ... Antoine Lavoisier ... Louis Deguerre (photography)
... Claude Debussey ... Jean Foucault (the Gyroscope & eddy currents,) Jacques 
Cousteau ...  Maxim Guillaume (Turbojet,) ...  Jean-Pierre Blanchard (manned 
hydrogen balloon flight,) Yves Gentet (holographic targeting systems,) Paul
Héroult (electric steel furnace and aluminum electrolysis,) Georges Claude
(neon tube lighting & liquifying air).

The the list of French inventors continues ... not to mention the authors, artists,

and saints of France, such as the incorruptible Louis of Montfort, Saint Marga-
ret Mary Alacoque, and Theresa of the Child Jesus, aka Therese of Lisieux.

Le Fête National; Bastille Day in France.  This commemorates the nationwide act
of an exasperated people who freed from a prison those locked in a vicious Catch
22.  Persons in default of a debt in Marie Antoinette's France were sent to prison
for an indefinite period of time.  They would not be freed from prison until their
debts were paid.  Yet, they needed to be freed from prison, so that they could
work and eventually pay their debts.

The governing authorities at the time didn't govern.  They frequented hair salons
and held promenades.  In fact, their great act of charity was that of taking the men-
tally ill to the theater ... literally.   At the time, mentally ill persons were called the
"alienated.,"  So, that's your French lesson for the hour ... or day.  None the less, the
French throughout France were suffering greatly.   So, what were the French to do?
They revolted in the midst of hunger pangs.  Hunger is the fuel of revolutionsy.

Of course, the French went too far, in sending to the guillotines the Sisters of St.
Joseph whose religious was founded for the purpose of educating orphan boys.
The revolutionaries then went even further in claiming jurisdiction over that
which only the church has; that of sacramental marriage.  As a result, French
couples would have to attend a civil wedding ceremony, followed by the sacra-
mental church wedding. It was the matter of a split nation that kept tuning its
Republic, much like Microsoft's operating system.  We are presently in the era
of the Fifth Republic.

Ironically, the French who cared deeply about the rights of man gave themselves
an Italian emperor and a few Bonapartes to follow.  One such Bonaparte would
even become a high ranking member of the United States government.  Doubly
ironic was that he was a very conscientious and decent man, much unlike the
pillaging Napoleon who was shocked that there was nothing in Spain for him
to pillage.

Le Fête National belongs to a nation whose modern motto is Liberty, Equality,
and FRATERNITY.  Fraternity, incidentally, is something always lacking in a
nation as polarized as the United States where neo-confederates and eye-doctor
Rand(y) Paul seem to be positioned to lunge at the throat of anyone who shows
respect for the 1964 civil rights act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Anyone against the ADA is another Hitler willing to take the afflicted to ovens.

In as much, the stereotypical redneck ... former confederate ... former inbreeding
regions of the United States like to mock the French as cowards who immediate-
ly surrender as a matter of habit.  Well, the Free French Forces under Charles De
Gaul NEVER surrendered.  Neither did the French Underground.

In contrast, the  confederates surrendered to the tune of 426,634 troops ... twice
as many as union troops who surrendered during the Civil War.  Yet, Southern-
ers have the audacity to mock the French who got their nation back.  The Con-
federate States of America, on the other hand, exist no longer and have been
extinct for 150 years.  The French, therefore are smarter and more powerful
than the Johnny Rebs.

Co-existence in America is simply Mutual Dysfunctionality

Co-existence is being preached in America, in the midst of this neo-confederate
animosity.  However, there is a huge difference between co-existence and fratern-
ity.  Co-existence never lasts for too long of a time.

In all actuality, the original French motto was Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity or 
Death.  This meant that the lack of the three aforesaid social states of being results
in the death of a society.   It also meant that dying was to be preferred over living
under tyranny, as was the case with sweatshop China and Americans under dictat-
ors as ruthless as the George Bush / Dick Cheney duo.   This was also the case in
blood-laden revolutionary France.

If you study the French Revolution, you'll find that the French aren't the sissies they
were made out to be by the envious and less-than-suave Anglicized Protestants of
rural America.  You'll realize that the French aren't the sissies that propagandists
made them out to be by studying:

 1} the Franc's victory over the Danish Vikings, during the Siege of Paris, 2} the
      victories of Simon of Montfort, 3} Charles Martel, 4} Charlemagne, 5} Saint   
      Joan of Arc's legions,  6} Napoleon's army,  7} the Battle of the Marne, 8} the
      Battle of the Seine, 9} the French Underground, 10} the Marquis of La Fayette,
11} the General Rochambeau of Battle of Yorktown fame,  12} the French Empire.

Don't forgot the Maginot Line and Robespierre's 18th Century Reign of Terror.
In fact, it was French marines who went through the fire trenches during the first
Iraq War.  So, cut it out with calling the French a bunch of pansies.  If not for
them, the Normandy landing would have been far more tragic than it was.  They
gave the allies details on the whole Atlantic Wall.

One more thing.  The British took a beating at Waterloo.  Napoleon was on the
verge of winning.  There was a farm house there and the crest of a hill which
eventually lost it for the French, in addition to the fact that, at 4 pm or so, the
Prussians joined the fight.

More Olympic Medals Per Capita than the United States

Furthermore, if France had the population of the United States during the 2012
Olympics, it would have won 51 more medals than did the U.S.  It would have
won 78 more medals than the U.S. during the Beijing Olympics if it had the pop-
ulation of the U.S., and it would have won 50 more medals than the U.S. in the
Athens Olympics.

In fact, if France had the population of the U.S. during the 2000 Sydney Olymp-
ic Games, it would have won 73 more medals.  That is to say, the sissy French
have recently been winning far more Olympic medals per capita than the United
States.  Yet, you can't deny that the U.S. always has an impressive Olympic rost-
er filled with world class athletes.  How much more the French who are mocked 
by the typical American hoopie boy and talentless American writer who can ef-
fect nothing without mocking someone.

The U.S. has 4.6 times the population of France.  So, it should win 4.6 times
more medals than France.  It hasn't been doing so.  Yet, Americans call the
French sissies.  Well, sissie nations don't bring Napoleons to world dominance.

In conclusion, you can call the French rude, but you can't call them a bunch of
sissies.  Of course, the French enigma came from France losing to Hitler.  Well,
in order for the Nazis to have conquered France, they had to bypass the massive
Maginot Line and break international law by invading France through neutral
Belgium.  Thus, it was the Nazi's running away from the French, and not visa

During the battle for Paris, 15% of the French  army was out of the equation,
manning the Maginot Line that the Nazis avoided, because they knew they
couldn't beat the French in any one-on-one match.  So, it would do well for
the Southern Baptist neo-Confederates to keep their lies to themselves when
defaming France, especially in light of the fact that, when the Southern mal-
content finally triggers violent unrest, the French will side with the Northern-
ers and Westerners of the U.S., being that metropolitan northerners and coast-
line Americans understand the concept of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

The Southern man, according to his history, only understands low wages, good
ole boy cronyism, crying wolf, using religion to deceive the people, lying about
other people and other nations, gerrymandering, lynching, inbreeding, and com-
plaining about environmental law,  all the while despising the UN and cursing
international law, in between burning crosses.  The South collectively needs
psychiatric therapy badly.  It clings to the mindset of an isolationist inbreeder.

A nation of sissies doesn't amass an empire that stretches from Southeast Asia to
Northern Africa to Central Africa to North America and the tip of South America.
Yes, even the Three Rivers region of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (where this article
was written) was part of the French empire.

Now, the French Empire eventually faded; but not the French.  The Spanish empire
eventually faded, too, even to the point of Spain becoming a land of poverty.  Hitler's
empire quickly turned into rubble and craters, while the Ottoman Empire vanished as
a result of WWI.

The British Empire, which was at its height shortly after World War I, lost much of
its influence.  In a dominoes effect, long after having lost America, it lost its jewel,
namely India.  It lost its Opium War prize, Hong Kong, along with Burma (Myan-
mar), Ceylon, most of Ireland, Ghana, the Gold Coast, Kenya, Zanzibar, rainless
Botswana, Gambia, Lesotho, Qatar, Bahrain, Tonga, Fiji, Papua New Guinea,
Belize, and other nations which do have a right to independence.

So, why would Americans think that the American Empire is immortal, especially
now that it has been sabotaged by Reaganomics and the ensuing long-term Trade
Balance Deficit, along with an exorbitant national debt that Reagan tripled, while
raising the taxes of the lower middle class and working poor?

Any new American empire ... any replacement American empire ... in the very near
future, will either be that of Brazil or a new political entity in the land mass now re-
cognized as the United States ... but such a land will have to weed out the backward,
neo-confederate, self-seeking, good ole boy operatives who pose as Born-again mo-
ral majority members, while keeping America in serious social, economic, and micro-
environmental peril.

The American Form of Debtor's Prison ...
... An economic one that deprives and stifles.

In the United States, on the state level, there is a form of economic debtor's prison
when it comes to college loan default.  It is an equally vicious Catch22 as in the
Marie Antoinette days.  However, it depends on the American state in question.

Depending on the state, an American citizen loses his or her professional or voca-
tional license, if he/she defaults on a college loan.  The Catch22 is simple.  A per-
son who can't pay his/her monthly loan is rendered in a condition which makes it
even more difficult to pay his/her loan.  You need employment to pay a loan, if
you're not receiving investment returns.  Yet, places such as Tennessee, Texas,
and Ohio will take away your ability to make an income needed to pay the loan,
by taking away your professional license.  This is the thinking of 18th Century

Federal solutions are notably burdensome, but they are not the vicious cycle that
ends a person's life as he/she knows it.  It can make a person the equivalent of an
indentured servant, but not someone guaranteed destitute living.  One example is
that a person in public service for ten years can have his/her college loan debt
completely erased.  But, it makes you an indentured servant for ten years.  The
bottom line is that the granting of these loans was a matter of predatory lending,
in an economy where jobs by the millions went overseas, to low-waged protec-
tionist dictatorships.  College students were set up for a life of debt at the outset.
This was unconscionable.

Federal ways to collect a college loan include garnishing 15% of one's income,
including Social Security disability payments.  Now,  how much of an income
can one expect to have when one's professional/vocational license is revoked by
a state's mandate?  This doesn't help money to get into the hands of the lenders.
It stifles the ability to make money and to pay a loan debt.  This is a version of
Marie Antoinette's France.

Of course, political operatives cite physicians who default on their loans, as if
everyone defaulting on his loan is a wealthy professional who refuses to pay his
fair share.  Well, there are individuals immersed in heavy college loan debt who
aren't given any type of employment that can pay their living expenses and their
loan debts, simultaneously.  Such persons are barred from receiving financial as-
sistance in the future.  Such persons are in a trap caused by a system that accom-
modated predatory lending.

The various states of the United States co-exist, but do not share in any type of
universal fraternity with each other, outside of regional and polarizing factional-
ism.  America is a house divided, and all divided houses fall.  I have previously
stated that former Reagan Budget Director, David Stockman, already surmised
that the Republican Party ruined the US economy.  In as much, how can you pay
a debt in an economy that keep draining its money supply into the sweatshop dic-
tatorships?  According to the Republican way of thinking,  multitudes of Ameri-
cans have the duty to drown in college loan debt, for the sake of Walmart and the
Walton heirs.  Isn't $90 billion enough for five people?

The American money supply is subject to a vacuum suction mechanism held by
an extreme few, by which the money supply keeps getting sucked out of Ameri-
ca's macroeconomic circular financial flow, going to Maoist China, Fire Hazard
Bangladesh, and Mitt Romney's Cayman Island accounts.  Americans who voted
for any right wing Republican candidate have been duped and apparently haven't
learned from the 2008 Great Recession.  They haven't learned from the elevated
prices of fuel and food which has not receded.  They haven't learned from the
exorbitant hourly fees of attorneys or even medical costs.

The Respect for Life Caused the Shift of America's Political Axis.

Of course, some Americans voted Republican solely on account of the Republi-
can Party claiming to be pro-life.  Of course, a person's respect for human life is
not to be mocked.  In fact, once a human egg is fertilized, it is no longer an egg.
In order for any being to grow, it must first be alive.  Therefore, the moment a
human egg is fertilized, it becomes something individually alive.  It instantly is
in process of growing and developing... due to the life it had suddenly become.

Pro-life voters are not oppressive demons from Hell, though some are exception-
al mindless.  They are people with feelings and consciences.  In as much, Repub-
lican politicians played on pro-life emotions, in the quest for the vast pro-life vote.
In fact, if the democratic party had erased its abortion platform, it would have had
the massive Catholic vote and would have won elections in landslides.  This is be-
cause Catholics were mostly Democrats, until abortion was thrown into the Demo-
cratic platform.  Modern democrats say that abortion is a private issue.  Therefore,
why is it a very public issue?   Do you notice the contradiction?

The outrage is that pro-life voters do not understand that Republican politicians
made an economy that tempts young couples or unattached women into having
abortions, on account of the financial difficulty in being able to afford to raise
a family.  This difficulty did NOT exist in the Pre-Reaganomic 1950s, 1960s,
and 1970s.  The very politicians whom the pro-life voters are electing are the
ones provoking the abortions.  This is complete hypocrisy.

If not for France, there would be no USA.  Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton,
Hancock, Adams, Knox, Franklin and company would have all been hung.

As a passing note, you can admonish the French for their rudeness and things
similar, but don't go around calling them a bunch of sissies who surrender as
soon as a leaf falls on them.  When you condemn someone, do it for the cor-
rect reasons, and allow him the opportunity to amend his ways.

If it weren't for the French, there would be no United States of America.  First-
ly, King Louis XVI funded the Americans, while Paul Gilbert (the Marquis of
of La Fayette) and the level-headed General Rochambeau rescued the Ameri-
can military from certain defeat, doing so  with the help of a French navy fleet
who showed up for the Battle of Yorktown and changed the history of America.
Do not be deceived.  George Washington was a incompetent military tactition.
The Battle of Brooklyn Heights proves this to be so.  In fact, Washington lost
more battles during the American revolution than he won.  If not for Rochem-
beau, Washington would have been caught and hung.

Americans need to show some gratitude to the French for funding the Revolu-
tionary War.  In return, the French need to show some gratitude to the Ameri-
cans for liberating them from Hitler.

By the way, I don't call them Freedom Fries, because freedom is more than po-
tato wedges.  I call them French Fries.  I also call it French Toast, and not Texas
Toast.  The George Bush thug regime is over.  You don't have to march around
like a robot, anymore.  Only jerks would boastfully go throughout the media and
dictatorially tell Americans to call something an exceptionally stupid name.

By the way, the Iraqis did NOT have any WMDs.  Yet, when I was in the former
confederate south for those ten years (for medical reasons), I was told that they
did have WMDs and sent them a Syria supported by Iraq's enemy, Iran.  Yes, in
the south, one could hear no logic and no truth ... ever.

I was a registered Republican, but no more

One more thing:  I was once a registered Republican, until the Rush Limbaughs
moved in and turned that political party into a repulsive distortion.  Yes, I left
the Republican Party because of Mr. Republican, Rush Limbaugh, and NAFTA
Newt Gingrich.

Of course, I would be labeled a RINO, concerning those days.  But, so too would
be the first George Bush who, contrary to Rand Paul's agenda, signed into law the
Americans with Disabilities Act.

Yes, Ronald Reagan was a jerk, and I didn't belong to the Republican Party until
after he left office.  But, there is merit in the pre-Reagan Republican Party.  The
former Republican Party's platform used to be that of lower military spending.
None the less, when the various right winged conservative talk show hosts
started deifying a thoroughly incompetent and dishonest Ronald Reagan,
I said, "Bye, bye."  After all, Supply Side Economics and Reaganomics
is a sick joke.  Reagan himself was a chronic liar.

This has been stated by a man who scored a 100% on a standardized collegiate
accounting exam sponsored by the Ivy League, doing so during the Reagan years.
This is also coming from a guy who was taught economics by a former member
of JFK's economic advisory committee, during the Reagan years.  This is also
coming from an inductee to the National Languages Honors, otherwise known
as Phi Sigma Iota, who is also member of the International High IQ Society.

Therefore, by the power invested in me, I solemnly tell you to stay away from
the Rand Pauls and Paul Ryans of this world.  Also stay away from the Southern
Baptist Neo-Confederate 'ole time religion'  world, because it disfigures the Face
of Christ,  it clings on to deathlike heresies, it abhors charity, and it's of the order
of the Ole South and its injustices.

Perhaps you have heard the expression, "They're still fighting the war down there."
Well, the word, neo-confederate, recently appeared in mainstream media broadcasts,
in describing the present mindset of the South.  I lived there for the vast majority of
ten years, for health purposes.  I have nothing encouraging to say about it.  If you
can avoid the South, then avoid it.  If you can leave the South, then leave it.  Think
in terms of the dust from your sandals instruction given in the Gospels.   There is
no Christianity there ... only religious hypocrisy and backwoods isolationism.  It
is a place where you can see psycho eyes emerge from Southern faces at the mere
mention of the word, pope.  It's a ruthless place, masked in all sorts of fakeness.

American Exceptionalism:  It's Chauvinism, an element of Isolationism 

American Exceptionalism is arrogant Chauvinism.  One reality check is that many
American advancements came from foreign-born individuals, such as Oppenheimer,
Fermi, and Farnsworth.  We can ultimately add Volta and Faraday to the list, being
that they were the forefathers of our electrical age.

The other reality check is that not all American regions are alike.  Have you ever
heard of the word, Redneck?  That's exceptional?   No one thinks so.  In fact, have
you ever heard of the word, 'ghetto.'  Well, that's an indictment on American gov-
ernments, both federal, state and local.

Moreover, have you ever heard of endocrine disruptors being in the waters of Amer-
ica?   The $18.4 trillion national debt as of October 2016?  The obscenely high US
Trade Balance Deficit?  All are indications of incompetence and manipulation; NOT
exceptionalism.  Only rednecks are flag wavers, saying we are the best.  Others go
about making it happen.  The problem is that American ingenuity has been choked
by the sweatshop import economy that drains money out of America.

Furthermore, America has the highest prisoner incarceration rate on earth, and it's the
second fattest nation on this planet.  This indicates that America is either the second
laziness nation on earth or the second most estrogenated one on earth.  After all, "the
pill" is never filtered, due to technological limitations.  None the less, such things are
anti-exceptional.  Plus, today's American youth are tattooed freaks obsessed with suck-
ing in high levels of chemically laden fragrance products, entirely inconsiderate of the
fact that gluttonous amounts of automobile fragrance products asphyxiates asthmatics
at red lights and in parking lots.

More than one person spoke about this new phenomenon, brought to us by the gener-
ation that huffed Scotch Guard and drank cough syrup, for the cheap high it brings.
One young and healthy-looking deli clerk said that she choked a few times, when a
fragrance-gaudy car stopped near her.  Another young and healthy-looking lady's
eyes bulged open, while mentioning how obnoxious those fragrance glutton cars
are.  A sporting goods sales woman spoke of how those cars triggered her asthma,
and a health food store cashier spoke of how the automobiles of fragrance gluttons
gave her splitting headaches.  This makes America one of the most inconsiderate
and obnoxious nations on earth.  If not for its young immigrants, the younger gen-
eration of America wouldn't stand a chance at surviving its own deadliness.

The truth is that advancements in technology depend on individuals, circumstances,
and opportunities; not if whether you're American or not.  Plus, if Paul Ryan and
Randy Paul believe so much in American exceptionalism, then why do they don't
they get Americans to make the products that line American retail stores, instead
of using exploited foreign labor to do Americans' jobs for them?  Why don't they
get Americans to be the customer service reps that are called at night, so that we
can actually understand the accent of the customer reps whom we call?

Incidentally, Randy Paul was only an eye doctor, and yes, he refused to dismiss
the verbose neo-confederate man from his staff.  This made national mainstream
news.  Now, if Rand(y) Paul should be president or senator, then we should make
all eye doctors senator or president.  In reality, to be a head of state you need to
be a Renaissance man or woman.  If you want to be the mayor of Mayberry, then
being an eye doctor will suffice.

Now, ophthalmology is an important profession, but so too is engineering, nursing,
auto mechanics, heavy equipment operating, computer programmer, plumbing, etc.
So, why not make members of all of those important trades president or senator?
The truth is that you can only have one head of state.  Rand Paul isn't the one for
America or any other reasonably minded nation.  He would bring zero fraternity;
only division in a house already divided.