January 14, 2019

Matrimony: The Sacrament of Life

In marriage, you share your life with another.  In fact, you give your life to an-
other, vowing your exclusive fidelity to that one person for life.  This includes
you being willing to give the totality of your life, as you know life to be on this
Earth, in rescue of the other, should the occasion call for it.

In marriage, you transmit life into another (or visa-versa.)  On occasion, life comes
forth from the intimate union thereof, and it usually bears the reflective marks of the
love shared or the love absent between you and the one to whom you vowed your life.

This brings us to one conclusion.  In addition to rule of you and the other person
having to be either not-yet-married or widowed ... the only person you can moral-
ly marry is the one person you love more than life itself.

If you are engaged to be married, and you do not love your fiancee (fiance) more
than life itself, then cancel the wedding.  If you do not cancel it, you will eventual-
ly be engulfed in some habitual form of evil or another, making a more in-depth
mockery out of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  Quite frankly, if you are going to
be taking marriage vows with someone whom you do not love more than life it-
self, then you are already making a mockery out of marriage..