September 20, 2016

Let there be a Light Show of animals, on St. Peter's Basilica

When you condemn someone, you have to condemn him for the correct
reason.  Now, our present successor of Saint Peter had his staff construct
of a Light Show on the face of Saint Peter's Basilica.  It was a slide show
of endangered species.

Now, certain individuals asserted that this was THE SIGN of the Great
Apostasy, in the form of the worship of animals.  It was the paganization
of the Church.  It was the end of civilization as we know it.   Uhhhm.
cough, cough.  Some people don't know church history or the history
of Europe.  In as much, that light show was the sign of something:

It was a sign that the present Vicar of Christ took the name Francis, after
Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of pets and animals in general.

That light show was a reminder ...  even a lesson ... in something called:


You did not create the Heavens and the Earth.  Neither did I.  We don't do
what we damn please on this Earth or in the Heavens.  There are laws.
This includes that laws of stewardship.

If you want to condemn the present Vatican today, it is very easy to do.
Not performing the valid consecration of Russia at prescribed by Our
Lady is one way.  The hierarchy's blatant acts of Latitudinarian Indiffer-
entism is another.  For those not familiar, latitudinarian Indifferentism
is the heresy which states that one type of Christian religion is as good
in the eyes of God as any other one.  Of course, there is only one Christ.
So, there can only be one Church of Christ.  Identifying the true Church
of Christ, as opposed to the heretical impostor churches is very easy to
do:  The truth Church is the one which was here, first.  That's the Catho-
lic Church.

Now, concerning the teaching of "Outside the Church, there is no salvation,"
the correct teaching is:

The Church is the new Noah's Ark.  Outside of it there is no salvation, ex-
cept in cases of invincible conscience, otherwise known as unescapable
ignorance.  If you weren't shown the Faith of Saint Peter which is foun-
dated on the believe that Jesus the Nazarene is God made man, then
you are not bound to believe in a name you never previously heard.
And you are not bound to believe in the impostor's doctrine.

If and when the pope does anything that makes it sound as if faith in
Christ and the seven sacraments are insignificantly optional, then con-
demn him for that.