January 10, 2019

The Bernadine Chicago Factor was actually the South Carolina Factor

Chicago and its Lake-Effect Sky
Popes come and go, as the Italian proverb states.  Cardinals come and go with
even more rapid frequency.  For decades, the City of Chicago was equated with
Cardinal Joseph Bernadin ... in the Catholic press ... as if he were an  honored
Son of Chicago.  Well, Bernadin was a native of a very Protestant & rebellious
South Carolina who kept the Confederate flag waving at the State capitol into
the 21st Century.  Bernadin's hometown area was where the Confederate flag
was kept in prominent sight.  Incidentally, I haven't heard anyone here ... in
Chicago ... mention Bernadin's name.  All indication is that he got artificial
press which made him look bigger amongst the people than he actually was.

None the less . . . 

Bernadine was made out to be a progressive rebel.  Stop here for a second
and amend your thought process.  Bernadine was from the rebel state of
South Carolina where the American Civil War ... aka War between the
States ... began.  Plus, it's important to keep in mind that the commonly
observed motto of South Carolina as I personally knew it for years was
and is:  I'm gonna do what I damn please.  And yes, I lived in South
Carolina for years.

Plus ... plus ... plus, the common motto of Protestantism as I knew it to
be was and is, "No one likes to be told what to do."  And of course, this
is the exact opposite of the metropolitan Catholic mindset, as I still know
it to be.  From the Catholic mind I have heard:

"What I am supposed to do about so-and-so?" --- "How should I handle
this situation?" --- "Someone, toss me a bone, here.  What should I do?"
--- "Should I lighten up?"  ---- "What do you wear at these events? ---

All in all, in the Catholic world, a person is often asking, "how, how,
how" to do something and "what what what" should be done about this
that and the other thing.  That is to say, Catholics instinctively seek ad-
vice.  All in all, Catholics do NOT resent being told what to do.  Rather,
they like being spared of making fools out of themselves.  So, they ask
for advice on what to do to prevent embarrassing fates.  Thus, the Pro-
testant World and the Catholic World are geometrically opposed to each
other.  They are different universes.  This brings us to Cardinal Bernadine
and what motivated him to basically instill false teachings & the rebellious
mindset in the modern church.

It's simple.  Bernadine had instilled into him the Southern, Rebel, Protestant
mindset.  It's nothing deep.  It's nothing sophisticated.  It's nothing more than
the fact the Bernadin was a stranger to the Northern state of mind.  The Vatican
basically assigned a flaming homosexual hick with the Southern Good Ole Boy
mindset to run the Chicago archdiocese.

People were deceived into thinking that Bernadine brought forth a new way of
thinking.  Oh no.  It was the old Southern way of thinking that Cardinal Bernadin
brought to Chicago.   It was the way of thinking that got Atlanta burnt to a crisp
at the end of the American Civil War.  The Yankees could NOT tolerate the ex-
treme disrespect that they, the conquerors, were receiving from the vanquished
Of course, the Chicago area is also home of the Mundelein Seminary . . .  the
infamous Mundelein Seminary.  Technically, it's known as the University of
Saint Mary of the Lake.  Concerning it, keep in mind that it is located next to
the financially affluent town/village of Libertyville and it is a posh campus. 
The entire place is quite luxurious in its atmosphere. 

In fact, it is literally down the street from Marytown ... the American headquarters
of the Militia Immaculata which was founded by the Polish concentration camp
martyr, Maxmilian Kolbe a few years before he was arrested by the Nazi Germans.
When I was taken to Mundelein and given a tour of it, shortly after I first arrived in
Chicago, I was surprised to find it to be so luxurious, and I realized that the evil al-
ways want to take over the best places.  It's that simple.

All in all, there is nothing deep & sophisticated about the evil that plagued the
Catholic Church in Chicago.  It was the most predictable of reasons why it hap-
pened:  1} The Southern Rebel Protestant mindset of 19th and 20th Century
South Carolina infiltrated the highest seat in Chicago and 2} the fact that the
selfish seek to commandeer the nicest places.
Downtown Chicago on a World Series Game Day.
The 1908 curse was broken shortly after I arrived here.
Maybe I should have showed-up here years earlier.
The rail system here is above the ground level.
It's a great use of space.
You can get a bit of a traffic jam convened in Chicago even on a Sunday.
In fact, I arrived here at 3:30 am one day, and the highway
I was traveling was not vacant.