June 01, 2017

Hillary is a Republican (aka Southern Democrat) w/ an abortion platform

Wow.  Hillary Clinton and the Clinton people don't quit, and they don't get the
message.  We don't want as president.  Period.  Anyway, she is running for the
oval office again and already.   There  is an extreme  psychological problem
with any continuous obsession, including the obsession for the Oval Office
of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, when the next election is 3 1/2 years away.

Now, the Hillary/Obama die-hards still seek to cause trouble.  So, one needs
to know what Hillary politically is.  She presents herself as a progressive pro-
choice savior of all woman who want to end their pregnancies.  But, her fruits
are that of a Southern "Jim Crow" Democrat which happens to be the same
thing as a Reaganite Republican in terms of economic stances.

And of course:

Hillary was once a Goldwater Girl, as in 1964 Republican presidential candi-
date, Barry Goldwater.  Thus, Hillary isn't as hip and cool as she is made out
to be.  She is a warmonger with no temperance.  So, no matter what you think
of Donald Trump, his voter base saved America from Hillary Clinton and all
her multi-million dollar donations which now dried-up after her failed cam-
paign's end.

By the end, according to a Dick Morris who was very close to the Clinton Camp,
Hillary failed her attempts to pass the Washington DC bar exam, and then went
to Arkansas, where the exam was much more easy.  So said Mr. Morris.

Hillary Cronyism Clinton

Hillary was a Goldwater Girl of the 1960s.  Her mindset was that of the Southern
Democrat, evidenced by her being First Lady in the Confederate State of Arkansas.
She proved herself to not know what she was saying when she obsessively pushed
for NAFTA as much as she obsessively pushed for abortion on demand ... even
when the demand is one day before birth and while a child was being born.

Any first week ... first month ... first year economics student knew that NAFTA
was to be an economic disaster for America.  This is because, in college-level
Econ, the first thing we were taught was a nation's flow of money, as in Leakages
and Injections into a nation's circular flow of currency.  It was guaranteed that
the NAFTA which Hillary Clinton advocated was going to cost the United States
middle class neighborhoods millions of livable-wage jobs.  In fact, in 1978, an
Arkansas seamstress made $14 an hour.  The during Clinton years, a 24 cent an
hour Cantonese worker replaced the Arkansas seamstress. Yet, people continue
to fall for Clinton's carrot-and-stick con game.

A multi-millionaire public servant is NOT a public servant.  Rather, she is only
a self-servant, playing carrot-and-stick with the minority classes of America.
She also made sure that she would get the hedonist vote, in her obsession with
abortion on demand. 

The Wikileaks revelations and email server scandal comprising 13 hand held de-
vices which were hammered to shreds should have been enough to have America
discount her as deadly to America.  This is in addition her alleged means of harass-
ng political enemies, even to the point of the ever-so-coincidental tax audit of a low
income earner named Paula Jones.

And of course, the repeatedly discovered "pay-to-play" accommodations given to
her money sources is nothing less than Good Ole Boy Cronyism, even more corrupt
than the Vatican II church's Vatileak Scandals.

It's only that the abortion-obsessed vicious fight to get Hillary in power, because
they see human life as an invasion upon their hedonism, self-worship, and selfish-
ness, not to mention the laziness of being too lazy to raise children.  Their great
hypocrisy is that someone brought them into the world and sustained them when
they were to weak to walk.  They refuse to return the favor.  Of course, if the
abortionistos took full control of humanity, there would be no more humanity
within a few decades of time.  Plus, they will have no one in the younger gen-
eration to care for them in their aging years ... if they make it that far.

In addition, it's unbecoming of a hag who spent decades in luxurious comfort to
act like the super tough and macho military terminator.  She has already proven
herself to have no military prowess or instinct.  Yet, she presents herself as a
hawk . . . more like a chicken hawk willing to be tough with the blood of others.

Donald "New York Minute" Trump:

Trump made his fortune on "frontloading" his CEO compensation package.  The
guy was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy court more than once.  Yet, he seems to have
had a change of heart in having spoken with Americans from coast to coast.  He
seems to be simply tired of the corruption of present government.  Yes, we have
overthrown the monarchs, only to get full blown cronyism tyrants and political
corruption on a grand scale.

A vote for Trump is a deliberate vote against the existing establishment which in-
cluded a Hillary Clinton not academic enough to have passed the DC bar exam
and who had to go to an Arkansas which is notably academically inferior to any-
where in the Midwest, West Coast, Mid-Atlantic States, and New England.  That
is to say that Southern bar exams and Southern academia was well known to be
far behind Northern academia, not to mention Japanese, British, French, and
German academia.

Trump did mention that he would abolish the Johnson Amendment, and this
shows an alert and studious person who was polite enough to have listened to
the pastors of the various religions found in America.  The Johnson amend-
ment is the one which suffocated the freedom of speech of religions during
elections.   It stated that any religion which supported any candidate would
lose its tax-exempt status.

This was Johnson's ploy to beat his senatorial candidate, Douglas Dougherty,
back in the 1950s.  If this law would not have been passed, Johnson would
never have become president and there would not have been 58,000 Ameri-
can youth dying in Vietnam.  Trump is correct on this issue.

Bruce Bartlett was domestic policy advisor of Ronald Reagan, as well as a Treasury
Department official under George HW Bush (the first Bush.)  He is also regarded as
an expert of Supply Side Economics (a la Milton Friedman.)  So, one would expect
him to defend the TEA Party Republicans who have deified Ronald Reagan.  Well,
Mr Bartlett did the opposite.

On national TV, Bruce Bartlett referred to the TEA Party people as fringed fanatics
who have no idea of the economic repercussions that their acts will cause.  He also
said that yesterday's Southern Democrat is today's Republican.  However, I said it
first.  None the less, Mr. Bartlett went a step further in stating that the Southern
culture of old days took-over the Republican Party.  Incidentally, Dixiecrat is
synonymous with Southern Democrat.

There is no difference among them.  The difference is that the federal government
of the United States banned some of the evils closest to the Southern Heart.  But,
many of them perpetuate in altered forms, such as slavery.  Today, it's a matter of
slavery by proxy, where the sweatshop worker's of China, Indonesia, Bangladesh,
and similar nations replaced the African-American slave.

Here's a reality check for those still deceived into believing that the Republican Party
platform came down from Mt. Sinai with the late Jerry Falwell.   The truth is that the
Republican platform migrated from the Southern Democrats.  From the land of

  1} segregation, Jim Crow, and electoral gerrymandering,  2} poll taxes & grandfather
       clauses,  3} lynchings, 4} the murder of the Michigan Freedom Riders, 5} pellagra,
  6} anti-Catholicism, 7} congressional initiatives for obscenely high military spending,
  8} good ole boy networks,  8} very low wages,  9} anti-federal government diatribes,
10} anti-immigration sentiments, 11} antagonism toward civil rights, and 12} low SAT
       scores, as well as things that will not be stated here, out of a sense of politeness. 

As of October 2013, pursuant to the antics of Congressional members heavily from the
states of the former confederate South, you have witnessed the start on the path to the
second American civil war.

At this point, think:  They have been people advocating secession from the Union, ever
since the 2012 presidential election, even to the point of petitioning for it.  I personally
witnessed in the south that, amongst the good ole boy network of the holders of wealth,
there is no new South.  The federal government, as I have stated in other articles, is de-
spised by the rulers of the South, because it is perceived as the  watchdog who will
thwart their efforts to enrich themselves on injustice.  Thus, the federal government
must go.

The result was that they told the working class and poor that the federal government
is going to take away their guns, their jobs, their money, and liberty.  There was even
mention of marching on all federal buildings, and evicting all federal employees from
them.  Well, they did it, via the path of least resistance ... via government shutdown.

Concerning the recent shutdown and debt limit showdown, Dutch Ruppersberger of
Maryland's 2nd district said on October 1st, "It's bullying, not governing."

Similarities Between Southern Democrats of Old and Republicans of Now, 
and the 1964 ... as well as 1968 Civil Rights Acts were influential in their
egress from the Democratic Party.

The Southern Democrats were heavily into segregation.  Today's Republican party
was heavily committed to curtailing immigration.  This is an element of segregation.
In fact, oppressive immigration law is a contradiction for America, in light of the fact
that everyone in the States is a migrant, including native Americans  ... as in the Asian
9-repeat allele DNA coding on native American DNA, reaching into southern Chile.

At the turn of the prior century, Ellis Island was an open door for immigrants.  Today
however, achieving immigration status and eventual American citizenship is much
more difficult.  It used to be that a foreign national would automatically become a
citizen of the United States upon marriage.  No longer is this so.

At the turn of the prior century, the doors of Ellis Island were open for the sake of
amassing a population of low-waged factory and mill workers.  Today, America uses
the low-waged workers overseas, despite the fact that doing so caused the massive
and prolonged Trade Balance Deficit and loss of many American jobs.  All in all,
the slave-owning mindset of the South continues in the Conservative Republicans.
It consists in Slavery by Proxy, today.

The trade balance deficit incurred with China alone resulted in an estimated loss of
2.7 million American jobs, between 2001 and 2011.  This illustrates that southern
politicians are not the patriots that their propaganda machine make them out to be.


The shift of the U.S. political axis began in 1964, stopped, and resumed in 1980

In general and approximate terms, today's Republican states were often the Democrat-
ic ones of the 20s and 30s, at least when it applied to presidential elections.   In similar
fashion, a number of today's Democratic states were Republican ones.  This includes
New York.  So, there has already been a shift in America's political axis.

An example of the shift goes as follows:  In 1924, democratic presidential candidate
John William Davis won all of the former confederate states, along with the State of
Oklahoma which didn't enter the Union until 1912.  In the 1920 presidential election,
James Middleton Cox of Ohio, won all but one of the former confederate states, while
losing Ohio to his Republican opponent.  Then, in the 1928 presidential election, the
democratic candidate, Alfred Emmanuel Smith, won a geographic line that comprised
six of the former Confederate states.  In one of history's anomalies, Smith won Rhode
Island and Massachusetts in the same election.  None the less, the former confederate
South was once a member of the Democratic Party.  I now has a Republican identity,
for the most part.

As an added example of America's polar axis shift, in 1944, the Midwestern States of
Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota went to the Republican side and
stayed there, except for the 1964 election.  Of course, that line of states was Republi-
can in a consecutive series of prior elections, and it appeared that the citizens of those
States simply switched to the Democratic side, in order to support the New Deal and
FDR.  Yet, the same state were democrat one in an even more previous series of pres-
idential elections.  So, the middle of America shifted its political axes more than once.

None the less, it was also in 1964 when the former confederate south went Republican
for the first time.  Of course, this was the year when civil rights activism was ratcheting
itself upward, and southerners were vehemently opposed to civil rights.  This political
swing would be followed by the 1968 election, when segregationist George Wallace,
along former Strategic Air Commander Curtis Emerson LeMay, won 9.44 million of
the popular votes, 46 of the electoral votes, and five former Southern Democrat states.

After a disastrous 1972 election, the Democratic Party sponsored a southern presiden-
tial candidate in the wake of the Republican Party's Watergate scandal.  Yet, the south-
ern gentleman and former Navy officer would only win by 1.7 million popular votes
and 57 electoral votes, despite the fact that the nation lost its trust in the Nixon admin-
istration.  Gerald Ford was perceived as a Nixon man and his democratic opponent
should have won by a landslide.  However, the South carried an unfavorable reputa-
tion, and even though James Earl Carter won all of the former confederate states ex-
cept for Virgina, he lost the entire west, except for Texas.

Now, keep in mind that the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s guaranteed that the former
confederate south would eventually be leaving the Democratic Party.  The Civil Rights
and Equality platform of the Democratic Party was the tipping point.

Then came 1980, along with Jerry Falwell and the Paul Weyrich who had founded the
Heritage Foundation with donation money given by beer magnate Joseph Coors.  The
combination of Falwell and Weyrich gave rise to the Moral Majority movement which
would eventually be associated with a Ronald Reagan who signed a decisive abortion
bill into California law and who was divorced & remarried.  Reagan's inclusion made
the Moral Majority movement one attached to hypocrisy.  Well, southerners became
Republican during this time.  It was the result of the Democratic Party now being
associated with civil rights and federal watch dog agencies designed to ensure the
safety and protection of Americans everywhere.

Even during the presidential elections of southern natives Bill Clinton and Al Gore,
the eastern part of the former confederate south largely voted Republican.  Of course,
Gore was from the State of Tennessee and Clinton was from Arkansas.  This resulted
in a southern presidential package in 1992 and 1996, as well as a democratic package
that even included Louisiana in the democratic victory.  After that time span, however,
the deep south would remain Republican in its sentiments, with the mid-atlantic states
of North Carolina and Virginia giving their electoral votes to Obama.

Florida would go the Obama route, also.  None the less, the Southern Democrat mind-
set continued to have its grasp on the traditional south.  They simply call themselves
Republican.  But, the song remains the same.

The Republican Party Platform, under Nixon, was low military spending.  In fact,
Republican President Eisenhower warned of the loss to the America's economy &
culture that excessive military spending would cause.  Moreover, it was under four
democratic presidents that America entered WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the
Vietnam War.  Thus, the war economy was associated with the Democrats and not
the Republicans.  However, after the Southern Democrats entered the Republican
Party, the Republicans became the long-term advocates of McCarthy-style military
spending.  Thus, the Southern Democrats turned Republican basically rekindled

Do not be deceived.  U.S. military spending as a part of GDP was very high, in the
50s. However, America was a manufacturing nation, and its workers were well paid
taxpayers.  America was reducing its debt, despite the high price of Cold War expen-
ditures, in the Arm's Race against Russia.  Today, excessive military spending does
nothing but sabotage America, because the manufacturing base of the United States
was decimated by the Republicans and NAFTA-type policies.

Anti-federal sentiments were a mark of the Southern Democrat who equated the fed -
eral government with the North and their loss in the American Civil War.  Republican
politicians of today carry anti-federal-regulation sentiments.  Plus, there was and is the
obsession with gun ownership, as in "Git off my land, you revenuers!"  None the less,
the 2nd Amendment only applies to a Well Regulated Militia.  It's common law in the
Restatement of Torts, 2d, which asserts the right of personal self-defense and even the
defense of a third party. 

All in all, today's conservative Republicans are the actual RINOs (Republicans In
Name Only.)  Today's conservative Republicans are nothing more than the Southern
Democrats of old.