January 06, 2019

My Security Clearances, to counter a 70+ yr old hag's retaliation against me.

In the event that you are new here, know I'm the individual who took the
present cardinal of Washington D.C. to the U.S. Supreme Court.  This was
done in the Year 2002, after I underwent retaliation at the hands of one of
the cardinal's former personal secretaries.  The cardinal's name is Donald
Wuerl.  The priest is a Father James Torquato.  Wuerl eventually made Fr.
Torquato the pastor of a Pittsburgh parish.  Wuerl was the bishop of Pitts-
burgh for 18 years,

I discovered that the priest was physically and sexually harassing a poor soul.
The poor soul was my co-plaintiff, being that he was also caught in the retalia-

When Washington DC Cardinal Donald Wuerl was in charge of the Diocese of
Pittsburgh, he shut down numerous churches, performed a number of retaliations,
and provided weekly Sodomite masses at two specific Pittsburgh parishes.  These
were called Dignity Masses.  The attempt is to bring dignity to the sin which re-
sulted in Sodom and Gomorrah being turned into sulfuric blast furnaces, after
which no rainbow appeared over the sky thereof.

Now, those masseswere banned by Vatican mandate.  Yet, Wuerl disobeyed the
Holy See, as if he owns the Catholic Church and makes the rules.  In fact, one of
those two Sodomite Mass parishes was pastored by a priest who was discovered
to have had a sex abuse settlement attached to him in the 1980s.  This was before
he ended up in Pittsburgh and before Wuerl became the bishop of Pittsburgh.  This
priest was accused of further sex abuse further down the timeline.

In addition, Donald Wuerl was caught in a triple cover-up which resulted in a DA
indicting three of Wuerl's priests.  The same Pennsylvania DA then announced that
Wuerl & his staff were non-cooperative with law enforcement officials during the
investigation.  Thus, Wuerl was in a spotlight and had a target painted on him.

Next, a well proven con artist named Tim Bendig went to the press and said that he
was molested for seven years by a Pittsburgh priest named Father Anthony Cipolla.
Bendig accused over a dozen seminarians and approximately 8 other priests of sex-
ual wrongdoing.

Bendig did this accusing after having gotten kicked out of the Pittsburgh seminary.
Bendig was a troublemaker and only lasted at the seminary for one semester.  In
fact, I personally spoke with Bendig and know that he is a liar.

Even in the present tense, Bendig is a con artist.  The details are withheld from the
public at this time, and I am not going to be the one to break the news on Bendig's
most recent con game.  Keep in mind that Bendig never sued me for calling him
a lying con artist.

Now, the accused priest, Anthony Cipolla operated two large youth groups and was
even given a plaque of appreciation by a police department for his service to one of
the youth groups.  He was never accused of any wrongdoing by anyone associated
with those youth groups.  None the less, Wuerl was going to use Cipolla as a scape-

Furthermore, Wuerl originally declared Tim Bendig NOT credible.  After all, Tim
Bendig accused exactly or approximately 9 priest and 14 seminarians of sexual
wrongdoing, and that is ridiculous, being that Bendig would have reported it
much much sooner, if it were true.

It was simultaneously reported in the papers that Anthony Cipolla was arrested for
molestation back in 1978.  This turned out to be a falsehood.  He was simply accus-
ed of molesting a 9 year old by the child's mother who never went beyond the initial
paperwork filing, in the hopes that a judge would "issue due process of the law and
have Cipolla indicted.  Cipolla did NOT end up getting charged and processed.

In addition, this mother was a teen pregnancy queen of the 1960s.  At the time of the
accusation, she was in desperate for money and had no bread winner male in her life.
Moreover, the type of molestation which she claimed was performed on her son was
impossible to do to a nine year old, being that nine year old males are too small in
size for the type of playing to be done which the former teen pregnancy queen alleged
was done.

After intensive research and sleuthing,  I found that Cipolla was never indicted, nev-
er arrested, and never charged.  I even tracked down the retired police officer who
was said to have arrested Cipolla in 1978.  He expressly told me that he did no such

Now, it was claimed that Cipolla was arrested and arraigned, but that the bishop
of Pittsburgh at the time and the local DA harassed the woman into dropping
criminal charges.   Well, civilians cannot drop charges.   Thus, the woman lied.

Furthermore, she gave a story of Cipolla being taken to this local police station here
and then to that local police station there, for his processing.  This was an obvious
lie, because you are taken to COUNTY JAIL and processed, and then sent to appear
before a magistrate.  You are not taken to Police Station # 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.  And the
police do NOT release you on your own recognizance.  A magistrate does.

All in all, the woman's story was contrary to Pennsylvania's Rules of Criminal
Procedure, proving it to be her own fabrication.  Plus, other claims made by her
were fact-checked and proven to be lies.

This woman is now in her 70s.  I exposed her falsehoods in numerous articles,
and posted them at WWW.DONALDWUERL.COM.  In response, she retaliat-
ed against me by publicly claiming that I am Anthony Cipolla in disguise oper-
ating a child molester protection ring.  This means that she claims that Anthony
Cipolla wrote all of the articles at the site that exposes Cardinal Donald Wuerl's

Firstly, Anthony Cipolla is dead.  Thus, he is NOT the one posting articles at
www.donaldwuerl.com, at this site, or at the other Pontillo site known as the
Blue Marble Album.  Needless to say, I'm NOT the ghost of Anthony Cipolla.

Furthermore, this 70+ year old hag who defamed me claimed that you can look
all day online and find nothing about Patrick Anthony Pontillo.  Thus, she con-
cluded that my name was a fictitious one, made-up by Anthony Cipolla.

Proof that she knew she was lying exists in the fact that she sent me a series of
harassing emails shortly before claiming that I don't exist, but am Anthony Ci-
polla in disguise.

Now, I am one of those people whose literary & photographic works have gotten
over 5 MILLION HITS.  Online are numerous photos of me, including a couple
newspaper sports-section photos of me in my football days.  I have literature on a
Harvard University shelf, as well as at UNC Chapel Hill, Northwestern University,
Sweet Briar College and elsewhere.  I also have a couple pages of my medical re-
cords online.  But, most important are the photos of my security clearance certifi-
cations, proving that Patrick Anthony Pontillo exists and is NOT Anthony Cipolla
in disguise.

In my life, I have obtained EIGHT security clearances.  They included the FBI
Clearance, a Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections Clearance, A Child Abuse His-
tory Background Check Clearance, a Concealed Weapons Carry Clearance, etc.

My defamer never met me and never had a conversation with me, etc.  So, how
would she know anything about me?  Yet, she contradicted herself in stating that
I do exist, but have a temper like Mount Vesuvius.  Well, if I did have a violent
temper, I would never have gotten a concealed weapons license or a Pennsylva-
nia Dept of Corrections security clearance.  If I did have a violent temper, then
Father James Torquato would be dead and I would be in prison.

At this point, in order to undo a lying hags' solitary work, I present to you copies
of my security clearance certificates and remind you of two more things.

1} You have to be incredibly wealthy to operate a child molester protection ring,
     and I am a construction worker who occasionally does construction-related
     legal work.  I work in Pittsburgh and Chicago, and I have to drive between
     those two cities.  The company does not have the money to provide me with
     airfare time after time after time after time.

2} If I were a criminal protecting child molesters, I would have been arrested by
     now.  This woman proved that she was deliberately lying about me, because
     she never called the police or FBI on me.  Case Closed.

In addition, I have been in over a hundred domiciles, ranging from welfare housing
units to homes of the rich, doing construction work.  I've been on dozens of govern-
ment contract construction sites, as well, and I have been in schools, to do construc-
tion work and even to take measurements for project bidding purposes.  In all this
time, I have NEVER been accused of any felony or misdemeanor in any of those
homes or on any of those sites.

P.S. ... A mentally ill man in New Hampshire who is on psychiatric disability copied
that hag's writings and posted them on his blog.  He is the one who was arrested for
harassing Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League.  So, keep in mind that no
newspaper and no magazine ever reported me for being what the hag claimed.  I have
never been arrested or even questioned for that which she claims.  This shows that she
deliberately lied and that she thinks that you are really stupid.

She insulted your intelligence.  Are you going to sit there and let her get away with
doing so?  For now, view the samples of my security clearances and know that that
hag lied deliberately.  Such a person has murder in her heart.  Concerning this, she
caused untold stress to Anthony Cipolla.  He had bypass surgery and later died of a
heart attack.

I did a lot of work on the www.donaldwuerl.com site, on this site, and on the Blue
Marble Album.  You can go back to reading my works & viewing my photography.
My works have been viewed over 5 million times, as it is.  You can continue the
trend now.

     This clearance, alone, should speak volumes and shut up slanderous hags.

     For the record, I got my FBI clearance through the Dept of Education

                 This is one of those clearances where the sheriff's dept called  
                 a couple people who knew me, to vouch for my character.
                 You have to be crystal clean, to get this license.

I also have the 2017 edition of this security clearance.  
Okay then.  Go back to enjoying my works.