March 08, 2019

A fetus can only grow if it's first alive: It's not lifeless unti the abortionist touches it.

Definition:  Abortion -  The act of taking something alive and making it dead.

In politics, when the abortion the predictable activism diatribes got heated,
those obsessed with keeping abortion accommodated in modern society kept
saying, "Don't  push your morality off on me."  They entirely missed the
point.  A citizen objecting to the legalization of a crime  against humanity
such as abortion wasn't trying to push any moral code on anyone.  Such a
person was trying to not be an accomplice to your crimes against humanity

Now, in thinking-out the abortion issue, the following becomes realized by
the reasonably minded person:

In order for anything to be able to grow, it must first be alive.  It's doesn't first
grow, and then suddenly becomes alive, as if a fairy godmother placed a wand
on it.  There is no transition point where something that has been growing and
developing suddenly becomes alive.  It either was already alive, or it was never
alive and will never be alive.  Therefore, life can only begin at conception.

Now, when the living being who is afflicted with a tumor dies, the tumor ceases
to grow.  Plus, if the tumor is separated from the person carrying the tumor, the
tumor also ceases growing.  In comparison, when a child is separated from its
mother via birth, the child continues to grow.  The final result of the malignant
tumor is death, showing that such a thing was never alive.  The final result of
every healthy pregnancy is a living being.  This shows that the thing which was
growing inside its mother was alive in the first place.

The next question would be, "What about bird and amphibious life that springs
forth from eggs?"   ANS:  The question is not favorable to an abortion-obsessed
propagandist.  Firstly, the young bird needs to be alive, in order to peck through
the egg.  It doesn't become a living thing only upon hatching.  It hatches itself
out of the egg, meaning that it was alive inside the egg.  Thus, life doesn't be-
gin upon birth ... or hatching.  Thus, the most obsessed abortion propagandist
must admit that, at some time, a fetus is alive inside the mother, meaning that
any elective/demanded abortion beyond that point in time is murder.  Being
that the fetus was growing since Day 1, that fetus' lief began on Day 1.

Life is simple.  Manipulative people act as if it's too complicated for you, in
order to deceive you into thinking that only they have the minds to make the
rules.  But, they don't think things out.  So, they do what they can to make
sure that you don't take the time to think things out, either.  That's why they
throw out all sorts of interference.  Abortion people are always telling you
what to think.

If abortion-on-demand were a natural right, people would easily recognize
it as so, and the abortion-obsessed propagandists would not be immediately
uttering out the hypnotic phrase "woman's right to" ... what is nothing more
than premeditated murder.

They pound that  phrase into your head, because nature and civility does not
recognize abortion-on-demand to be a lifesaving right.  The fact that there
have been over 6 billion births in the past century, as is evidenced by the
world's population shows that most people are NOT pro-abortion, aka
"pro-choice," as if choosing to kill a helpless and innocent human life is
an option.

Hitler's people kept pounding anti-Semitic sentences down the throats of the
German people, as much as the abortion-obsessed bark out their diatribes.  If
you notice, no abortion-obsessed propagandist ever sits down and explains
with reason why such a crime against humanity would be a civil right, ex-
cept in one repetitive sentence.  They say that the child within the mother is
not a human life, because the child cannot life outside of the mother, on its
own.  Firstly, that's why abortion, outside of the mother's life being in direct
danger, is murder.  Secondly, you cannot live own your own outside of the
16% oxygen atmosphere of Planet Earth.  Does that mean that you are not
a living being when you are scuba diving.  Of course, not.  Therefore, the
abortion propaganda completely fails to the point of being a complete lie.

Concerning the abortion-obsessed who don't know how grotesque they are
when they start spewing out their diatribes, you could include the following,
if you need to address those people who basically don't let others speak, in the
first place.

"You act as if you are all too great a lover to ever have to spend time on raising
children.  Children aren't glamorous enough for you.  Well, I can assure you
that you have no love generating from you, and you need love, in order to be
a great lover.  Your self-love circulates within you and stays within you to the 
point of becoming like mold.   The result is that it makes you the ultimate
paranoid isolationist.   You are so paranoid that you think that a helpless
child is the enemy.

One guarantee always is that history repeats itself, much like the cyclical seasons
of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter which return and return again.  Human-
ity will witness yet another Nuremberg Trial scenery, yet on a more massive scale.
It will include include those sweatshop boys and lasses who profited from human
misery.  It will include specific types of economic injustices in addition to sweat-
shop labor profiteering.  It will also include the abortion-obsessed who saw to it
that society would be an acquiescent accomplice to their crime against humanity.
If you think that this will never happen, then do want place a bet on it?  Well, the
abortionists and their propadandists already bet their lives on it, as much as the
Nazi heads bet their their would never be summoned to Nuremberg.

Let us review: 

In order for a fetus to grow and develop, it must first be alive.  Therefore, it is
100% logical, reasonable, and natural to conclude that life begins at conception.

There is no transition point where a fetus suddenly goes from inanimate lifeless-
ness to becoming alive, as if a fairy godmother affixed her magic wand to the
womb.  If it's a growing and developing fetus, by its nature its alive.  It's grow-
ing only on account of the alive essence within it.  To separate it from its mother
is to kill something alive.  In common speech, this is known as murder ...  cold
blooded, premeditated murder.

One more thing:  Quit using the phrase, "pro-life."  You make it sound optional,
open for debate and compromise.  You make it sound like self-righteous, pushy,
and in-your-face.  Use the phrase, "Respect life."  That sounds far more humble.
Pride kills.

March 05, 2019

These priests were violating the Catholic Faith.
They weren't observing Canon Law in their crimes and retaliations.

There was no catechism book that told 1 in 25
priests to go out and molest minors.  There were
no statutes in Canon Law which ordered a minor-
ity of priests to abuse youth.  No Seminary Rule
required priests to reach their claws toward the
direction of seminarians, and no bishop told his
priests to go out and molest every child in sight.

What the molester priests did was something long
since declared sinful in Catholic Church teaching.
They violated the New & Everlasting Covenant.
They abandoned the Faith of Peter and showed
themselves to have had no intent to honor their
priesthood vows.  Hundreds of millions of Cath-
olics go a lifetime without molesting minors.
What those priests did was anti-Catholic.  It isn't a common practice in Catholicism.
Therefore, it isn't a reflection of Catholicism.  They were frauds in clerical garb.  So,
instead of seeking to have the Catholic Church evicted, liquidated, and dissolved from
the Earth, why not get the priests of today to finally practice the Catholicism that they
vowed to uphold?  The Eternal God is changeless.  Therefore, the pivotal elements of
the Faith of Peter are changeless.  Power-grabbing narcissists do not have the power
to change the nature of God.

When Richard Nixon was found to be a violator of United States law, did this mean
that the entire United States was to be declared evil and invalid?  When the starting
picture of a baseball team is getting pounded by the opposing team's batters, does
this mean that you have to dismantle the entire baseball team?  When a person has
a kidney that fails him, does all of his organs have to be removed?

Catholicism is the religion of Saint Patrick going to Mt. Croagh, to fast for 40 days
and nights.  It's the religion of Saint Francis of Assisi going to Mt. Alvernia, to also
fast for the same amount of time.  In fact, Catholicism was made into an art form by
Catherine of Siena, Catherine of Sweden, Claire of Assisi, Claire's sister, and num-
erous other folk, from the hunched back Saint Margaret of Costello who has aban-
doned by her arrogant parents to a Maria Goretti who was martyred at eleven years
to the young Domininc Savio who died at the age of 14 to the Maximilian Kolbe who
died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Catholicism is the religion of those who were sent to the Roman circuses, to be torn to
shreds by lions.  It was the religion the Irish continued to teach from behind hedges, dur-
ing the occupation of the anti-Catholic British.  Catholicism, throughout pockets of time
and quilts of geography, was the hunted one, even during the Soviet years.

What needs to be understood is that the Catholic Church became hunted by uncon-
scionable predators who infiltrated it as wolfs in shepherd's clothing.  Instead of con-
demning the church, compassion should be extended to the laity who suffered at the
hands of the worst that the church could possibly offer in terms of its clergy.

                           The Cause of the Silence of Lay Members

There is a reason why a number of people in the church remained silent to the outrages
of certain clergy members.  Firstly, not very many knew what was going on, being that
they weren't at the ground zero of the chaos.  Concerning the few who know of speci-
fic things, the silence of some of them was a result of the fear of retaliation, as in what
Father James Torquato did shortly after he was reported to Donald Wuerl for immoral
conduct  ... and concerning what Torquato did shortly after he and Wuerl were report-
ed to local law enforcement officials, a few months later.

There were those who reported other ills to Rome and ended up ignored.  So, they fig-
ured that reporting wrongful priests was a fruitless endeavor.  After all, look at the case
of Marcial Maciel.  Numerous allegations against him were ignored for years.  Report-
ing him was pointless.

The unconscionable clerics and prelates abused their positions.  What they did was not
Catholicism, not Catholicism, not Catholicism.  In as much, Canon Law isn't unchange-
able, infallible doctrine.  It can be amended.  You do not need to destroy Catholicism.
You only need to destroy the Anti-Catholicism of modern clerics who used the wealth
of the Catholic Church ... and its influence ... for their own lusts.  You need to remove
priests such as James Torquato, and bishops such as Donald Wuerl.  You need to re-
move those violating Church teaching.

                                     Test the Intention of the Detractors

When you encounter a vocal detractor of the Catholic Church, you need to test the
person and see if there is honest intentions among him/her.  Test to see if he/she is us-
ing the clergy abuse crisis as an excuse to proliferatehis/her long-term hatred of Catho-
licism.  The hatred of Catholicism usually consists in one of two forms:  1} The desire
to proliferate a lifestyle that Catholic Church Teaching defines as sinful.   2} Being in
competition with the tax free collection basket money that sits in the wallets of Catho-
lics, in the quest to draw Catholics into the detracting preacher's church.  Such de-
traction is solely done out for money.

Some people hate the idea of Purgatory, so they do what they can to discredit Catho-
licism.  This is done in the hopes that no one considers the reality that nothing unclean
enters Heaven; that you still must wash your linens white even after you're absolved of
your mortal sins.  There are other examples.

Some people, of course, are utterly scarred and embittered by the corruption of the
modern Church, as was thriving during the Cardinal Angelo Sodano days.

It is very important that you do not equate power-abusing clergy members with kind-
hearted Catholics of good will.  The Catholic Church needs scoured clean ... and not
destroyed.  Now, Catholicism IS the first Christianity.  Do you really think that the
Eternal God will let it go the way of the ancient Roman ruins?  If so, then God has
nosense of fidelity.

If God has no sense of fidelity, then we are dealing with an unstable God.  If we are
dealing with an unstable God, then you can be annihilated into non-existence at any
moment in time.  But, you will exist forever.  Therefore, God is stable and God is
Fidelity itself.

Something or someone brought you into existence in such a way that your existence
is not of your doing.  Thus, you were given life.  You didn't earn it.  This means that
life is your gift.

Don't abuse the gift given to you.  Don't abuse that same gift given to others.  People
like Cardinal Angelo Sodano abused life after life after life after life, in letting life after
life after life be destroyed.  It is necessary to pray and fast, so that we can be freed of
such people who were proven to be murderous to humanity.

You will not cure the cancer of the Vatican II church by killing off the entire church.
These people will simply take their evil elsewhere, and you will STILL have to deal
with their evil.  Destroying the Catholic Church isn't the answer.

March 03, 2019

The Greatest Saint of Modern Times

St. Therese had an infatuation with snow.   It reminded her of purity.   It reminded her of herself.
She didn't have a media propaganda machine contriving loudly chanted logans that nev-
er came from the heart.   Instead, she was a devoteé of the Sacred Heart, interacting with
the most intimate mysteries of  Divine Mercy.   She was never published in the pages of
any literary anthology during her lifetime.   Yet, she wrote poetry that will bring tears to
the eyes of anyone not as lifeless as stone.   In fact, this young woman's autobiography
was published two years after her death, and her writings are now part of the legacy left
behind by the greatest saints thus far produced by the same church which recently pro-
duced some of  humanity's greatest devils.

She was born in Normandy France, in 1873.  She next entered religious life in 1888.
She then entered eternity on September 30, 1897.   Her name was Thérèse Martin.
In religious life she was Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.   Devoted
intelligentsia know her as Thérèse of Lisieux.

She was a Carmelite nun who died from tuberculosis at
the age of 24.  This translates into a compacted volume
of wisdom left behind, in written form.   She left behind
deeply anchored insights which carried within themselves
paradoxical weightlessness.   Now, the maturity level of
her texts, coupled with the poetic timbre within the same,
provides evidence that she was a saint of the most stellar
magnitude.   However, she was down to earth, knowing
that the stars for which poets and dreamers reach are
arrayed throughout the universe within each one of us.

She belongs in the Hall of the Lionhearted, as does Saint Bernadette Soubirous, due
to the sufferings that she endured through tuberculosis, as well as through the suffer-
ings rendered when she learned of her father's illness.   Yet, she identified herself as
a little flower inconspicuously placed in the garden of Our Lady.   However, she has
been more like the mystical hummingbird who intensifies the color of the flowers that
she has been visiting since her death.   The other flowers, incidentally, are defined as
other members of humanity who sometimes learned of her without searching for her. 

2 - The Way of Littleness Easily Fits through the Gates of Heaven

She proceeded through life on the premise that doing little things with great love results
in great sanctity.   She once wrote that the saints can soar to the lofts of contemplation,
as if to be eagles, but that she would go about fluttering her little wings.   Her way is
much like the way of the 18th century Franciscan saint, Francis Pontillo, originator of
the way of littleness.   This is not unusual, being that history has shown cosmic alliances
between the ancient Carmelite order and the Franciscan order prophesied by Francis
of Assisi to be one destined to endure until the end of the world.

Even though she is the saint of the little way, the greatest secret in her estimation is that
the greatest saints, upon death, don't go through a judgment procedure, but rather en-
ter into an abyss of Divine Mercy.  Embracing the Mercy of God comprised the way
of Thérèse.   Of course, mercy never comes to the merciless, so Thérèse knew that
she had to transform into mercy itself, so that mercy could be her endless possession.

Thérèse lived the reality that the mystery of love is that of transforming into the object
of your love.   Thérèse's love was mercy, and her transforming acts of mercy consist-
ed in praying for others, offering her pains for the eternal destinies of others, heroically
enduring her pains, and enduring the faults of others equally as heroically.   The life of
Saint Thérèse makes for a good compass when you get lost in life, forgetting how to
conduct yourself in controversial and stressful situations. 

3 - Popularity Without Any Madison Avenue Fanfare

The fact that the Little Flower rose to prominence without media propaganda in her
lifetime is the evidence needed to show that nothing about her is fake.   In fact, there
are things about Thérèse that the vain, pompous, and pampered can neither feel nor
comprehend.   She suffered intensely, and she made suffering sacramental.   In fact,
the fruits of her sufferings manifested themselves after her death, in miracles and even
visions given to certain nuns.   Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus is a testimony to the
Gospel truth that the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  

A certain newspaper columnist who can be identified as a member of the non-cosmic
and heavily pampered Vatican II church called Thérèse God's cheerleader, as if this
Carmelite saint were nothing more than a frivolous air head.   This columnist called the
proven miracle worker a mere cheerleader as if the pampered columnist were the in-
tensely cosmic one who heroically fought the battle between Heaven and Hell.   Such
profane writing is, of course, a legacy of the Vatican II church ---  a church marked
by the repeated desecration of the altar, the ensuing desecration of the altar boy, the
compromise of cowards, and the emergent doctrine of kissy-pooism.   The more that
a pampered member of the modern church writes on the Little Flower the more the
pampered writer ends up blaspheming the eternally mystical God.

4 - The Prophetic Thérèse

Thérèse served in the Carmel of Lisieux with two of her sisters.   One was the prior-
ess of the community.  On her death bed, Thérèse told her sister, Celine, to publish
her autobiography "immediately, or else the Devil will make sport of it."   When
asked if it will bring benefit, the Little Flower said, "It will benefit everyone, except
those with exotic tastes."   She was prophetically correct.

Thérèse once wrote that she had to win the palm branch of Saint Agnes, and if she
couldn't win it with her blood, then she would win it with her love.   Now, the palm
branch of Saint Agnes is symbolic of martyrdom, and a number of holy cards depic-
ting virgin martyrs have them holding a palm branch.   When Thérèse was exhumed,
her palm branch was uncorrupted.  Therefore, in 1910, when the body was first ex-
humed, Heaven spoke through a miracle.   The 19th Century palm branch that was
buried with Thérèse went uncorrupted for 13 years under the ground.   In 1910, it
was as freshly green as it was in 1897.  In fact, it was as freshly green going into the
21st Century.   See:

The Little Flower once spoke to a fellow Carmelite nun on the importance of praying
for priests, mentioning it with a notable intonation of urgency.   Thérèse stressed the
importance of praying for priests, and we see what happened to the priesthood dur-
ing the decades of the 20th Century, when the majority of western humanity stopped
including prayer in their daily and nightly lives.   The result of not praying for priests
was a devastation that exceeded the destructive capacity of a nuclear arsenal.   The
words of the Little Flower turned out to be prophetic. 
 The Cause for Her Canonization

The greatest champion in the cause of the
Little Flower's canonization was Scottish
priest, Fr. Thomas Nimmo Taylor.   At the
least, he was the one most moved by her
writings.   While visiting the convent where
Thérèse was stationed, the prioress said to
him,  "You might as well canonize every 
nun here."   Thérèse was an unknown even
among her own, despite a death which result-
ed in the instantaneous healing of one of the
nuns present.   In fact, when she was dying
(and the Carmelites were gathered around
her),  the sister in charge of convent public
relations asked what she was to write about
young Thérèse, in the notice of her death. 

During her death, she stated, "I had no idea that a person could suffer so much."
She also stated things such as, "Yes, be patient."   "Why would I want to suffer
any less?"   At the end, she was heard saying, "Oh, I how I love him."   She then
sunk into death, as if it were her end.   Then suddenly, she sat up quickly, with a look
of exhilarated surprise, as she looked upward at the statue of the Virgin Mary associ-
ated with her childhood healing.   She then died.   Just as instantly did a nun present
become immediately cured of a serious illness.   Going by memory, it was a statue of
Our Lady of Victory present at the Little Flower's death.

The writings of the Little Flower revealed a lot.   The miracles attributed to her and
the visions of her revealed even more.   The writings of  Thérèse of Lisieux were not
destined to be consigned to dust-ridden shelves.   Rather, a following of humanity in
love with her way ensued.   In fact, it was two years before her canonization when
the Society of the Little Flower was established.   It's mission is to make Thérèse of
Lisieux known and loved far beyond the confines of her native France.   It's mission
is to also help in the training of Carmelite seminarians, among other things.   In fact,  
the Circle of Roses Giving Program helps the Carmelite order in general.

It's important to point out that the Carmelite order is amongst the oldest in the church,
with a roll call of doctors of the church.   Thus, it's a time-tested order that can easily
undo the evils found to have been done by certain religious orders that were founded
in the 20th Century.   When in doubt, go Carmelite and save the church.

On May 3rd, 1944, Pope Piux XII named the Little Flower co-patroness of France.
Thirty-four days after she was commissioned France's patroness, the successful allied
invasion of France transpired.   Seventy-nine days later came the Liberation of Paris.
This saint has been known to work quickly.   The only problem is when people don't
petition her for her intercession.   If you don't ask her to pray for you, and if you don't
ask to unite your praying to hers, she can do nothing.

Being that it's mission is to ultimately inspire others to be like Saint Thérèse, the mis-
sion of the Little Flower Society is to actually make the world a better place, as well
as making Heaven more populated.  Being that the church has been overrun by those
void of a conscience, the mission has become more demanding.   Now, there are ap-
proximately 500,000 active members, at present.   However,  Faith, Hope, and Love
have been laid waste throughout a scandal-ridden and sodomized church.   Therefore,
humanity needs the Little Flower more now than ever before, and the Society  of the
Little Flower needs to work overtime.   So, feel free to become a hero and join, or
else join and then become a hero.   Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, as she is known
in America, will help you through your training wheels stage, if you are a beginner.

Through the Little Flower's Society, you can enlist yourself and others in Mass enroll-
ments, for stipends (donations) as little as $5.00.  In fact, you can enroll electronically,
becoming a beneficiary of Carmelite Masses, prayers, and good works.   Having the
showering droplets of the Little Flower's protection is then what you need to reflect
on, after becoming an enrolled member of the society.   If you remember that you're
under the umbrella of her protection, it will keep you from doing something regretful
during stressful times.   Let the Little Flower into your world, so that she can either
save it or save the worlds of those near you.   For starters, you can learn about the
Society of the Little Flower by going to:

Whenever writing about the Little Flower, it's always wise to finish by stating, "to be 
continued."   This is because the Little Flower will continue the conversation in one
way of another.  Become the beneficiary of what she is willing to give you --- herself. 

            In America                         In Canada                      In Great Britain

Society of the Little Flower    Society of the Little Flower    Society of the Little Flower
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    Darien, Illinois   60561           Niagra Falls, Ontario       Barclays House, 51 Bishopric
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Phone: (630) 968-9400               (800) 922-7622                      01403 274242  
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FAX: (630) 968-9542                (904) 356-6733                       01403 274242                                          

A Lesson through Word Association

A tree is known by its fruits.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a rotten tree
cannot bring forth life-supporting fruit.  In fact, a person's fruits identify the per-
son.  In as much, below is a lesson that can be taught without speaking a single
sentence in the process of getting to the point of the lesson.

Below, in packets ... in pockets ... is a series of column games where you match
the person on the left hand side with the invention ... state of affairs ... or quote
on the right hand side.  The answers of each match game is directly below each
section.  The point to this exercise is evident at the end of it.
Difficulty factor: medium

Will Rogers                                     A - Steel

Thomas Edison                               B - Penicillin

Andrew Carnegie                           C - The Sherman Tank

Albert Einstein                               D - "I never met a man I didn't like."

George Patton                                 E - The incandescent light bulb.

Alexander Fleming                         F - The unified field theory
Will Rodgers (D), Thomas Edison (E), Andrew Carnegie (A),
Albert Einstein (F), George Patton (C), Alexander Fleming (B)
Difficulty factor also moderate:

Philo Farnsworth                          A -  The electrochemical cell battery

Vincent Van Gogh                         B - "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

Alessandro Volta                           C -  The air conditioner

Willis Carrier                                D - "Starry Night"

Judy Garland                                E -  The television
Philo Farnsworth (E), Vincent Van Gogh (D), Alessandro Volta (A)
Willis Carrier (C), Judy Garland (B)
Difficulty factor: Extremely high

Duane Locke, Walt Whitman & A- Deserts of vast eternity.
Edna St. Vincent awardee
                                                             B - The starless silence, fleeing
Nico Suarez, National Book                   from her rhythmic tambourine,
Award of Bolivia & student of       falls where the sea whips and sings,
Duane Locke
                                                             C - I find myself alone, in the suicide
Garcia Lorca, Spanish poet who          of your eyes, aflame with the torment
disappeared without a trace, dur-          of words spoken through closed doors;
ing the Franco Regime                         your blood dripping from every hinge.
Andrew Marvell, 17th Century          D - My life has been a card game played
metaphysical poet                                    by those who scribbled in chalk their
                                                                names on the sidewalk. 
Patrick Pontillo, Immanentist       
poet & student of Duane Locke    E - How long I have seen an ocean
                                                                   dying in your eyes.
Duane Locke (D), Nico Suarez (E), Garcia Lorca (B), Andrew Marvell (A),
Patrick Pontillo (C)
Difficulty factor: minimal

Thomas More                                A - Freeing the slaves

Thomas Aquinas                           E - Liberating India without firing a shot 

Abraham Lincoln                         C - Summa Theologica

Edward Jenner                             D - Utopia 

Mahatma Gaundi                         E - Institutionalizing the use of the vaccine
Pope John Paul II                         F - The Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal


         Get the message?

March 01, 2019

EWTN Letter about Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, sent by its founding president to me.

In re: The Thoroughly Disgraced and utterly ruthless Cardinal Donald
Wuerl who literally had more than one youth-molester protection ring.

The weaker the leader's character, the more vicious his deeds

Keep in mind that Mother Angelica publicly admonished then LA arch-
bishop Roger Mahoney, only to have the prelate perform bully tactics up-
on the well-intentioned founder of EWTN.  Well, a package of evidence
was sent to the EWTN people, concerning Donald Wuerl, to no avail.
However, Mother Angela allegedly stated in private, "Donald Wuerl is
as gay as they come."  None the  less, Donald Wuerl's weekly TV show
was dropped from the EWTN schedule long ago, whatever be the reason.

The letter posted below was the response of EWTN, after a package of
incriminating evidence was sent to it, concerning Wuerl.  It was sent to
EWTN years before Wuerl was to be transferred to DC.  Therefore, it
was sent years before he was elevated to the College of Cardinals.  This
 shows that Wuerl's corruption was already known, yet nobody did any-
thing to stop it.  Wuerl was elevated instead of disciplined, as if to have
bee rewarded for his viciousness.

This teaches an important point:

The scandals of the church, as expert witness and author Richard Sipe
illustrated, started at the top.  In the Fr. James Torquato retaliation, we
have a case in point where the cover-ups of the Vatican II church were
sustained be imposing fear upon the victims, advocates, and whistle-
blowers of those protected by corrupt bishops.  The laity feared being
bullied by abusive bishops and priests.   They feared undergoing what
a few of us were forced to endure during the Torquato Retaliatio.

As a note, the papal nuncio was contacted during the first phase of the
Torquato Retaliations, and he said that he would do no more than con-
tact Donald Wuerl about it.  It was equivalent to contacting the fox
already in the chicken coup.

Being an object of church retaliation during the tenure of John Paul II
meant that you were entirely unprotected, unless someone in secular
law enforcement or civil law would reach out to help you;   and not
look the other way.  The letter below is proof that the EWTN  Televi-
sion network looked the other way, thereby negating its purpose for
being on air.  Such a thing was a sin of cooperation.

Lots of hard copy evidence are online at:

Prelates such as Wuerl are a fulfillment of the Virgin Mary's prophecies
spoken at Akita Japan and Quito Ecuador.  She predicted a corrupt
priesthood, and Wuerl can symbolically be described as the Decaying
Tooth Fairy, and a lengthy outline of his corruption can be found at the
site posted above.  There is where you can learn of:

1} Wuerl being publicly recognized by a district attorney as having been
uncooperative with law enforcement officials  in what resulted in the in-
dictment of three of Wuerl's priests.

2} Wuerl retaliating against school children, because their parents protested
against Wuerl, on TV.  He closed their children's school, and he became
intimidated by the fact that those parents didn't worship him as a god.

3} Wuerl locking a seminarian and credible accuser into Wuerl's then diocese
and then refusing to ordain him.  He was never been realized from the Diocese
of Pittsburgh, so as to be able to be ordained elsewhere.

4} The Cipolla case turned out to have been a cruel hoax.  Wuerl only became
famous for removing Cipolla from ministry and then keeping him out, while the
local newspapers claimed that Cipolla had been arrested for molestation.  Well,
Cipolla was never arrested.  Accusations against him and his then-bishop were
fact checked and proven to have been lies.  Wuerl did this, so that he could use
Cipolla as a smoke screen, while Wuerl hides evils that have now been unveiled.

5} Wuerl covered up the molestations of an Edward Huff who was reported to
Wuerl three times, by three different groups of concerning parishioners.  It ended
up in Huff being criminally indicted and prosecuted.

In order to learn how on-target Mary was in prophesying corruption at the top
of the Catholic Church, go to  The fact that he is still in
power is proof that there has been no Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
as was falsely claimed by some of the most corruption cardinals in the history of
the church, namely, Sodano, Ratzinger, and Bertone who was caught lying by
journalist Antonio Socci.

For the record, this letter was an untold insult, being that it admitted that Wuerl
was someone who should never have been a bishop, yet people in a position to
give tremendous help ended up giving zero help when it was needed.

February 22, 2019

The Fatima Prophecies are NOT in the dark past. They're in front of your face.

Neville Chamberlain assured the world that peace was guaranteed,
right before the Nazis began their relentless march across Europe.

          Concise Background of the Fatima Apparitions

In 1917, the Virgin Mary promised three Portuguese shepherd children that a Russia
soon to fall into error would be converted as soon as enough inhabitants of the Earth
complied with two of her requests.  She furthermore promised that an era of peace
would be granted to the world.   One request was that humanity make reparation for
the sacrileges and defamation directed toward her Immaculate Heart.   Her other re-
quest was that the Successor of St. Peter consecrate Russia to the same Immaculate
Heart, in union with the all of the bishops of the earth.  This collective act is known
as the Collegial Consecration, and consecration in itself consists in setting aside for
a sacred purpose part of a whole.  Now, Russia is part of the world.  In as much, the
consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary defeats the purpose of
consecration.  It defeats the purpose of consecration.

Now, the Immaculate Heart of Mary is symbolic of the love that radiates from her.
The conversion of Russia would constitute the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary, while the prophesied era of world peace would constitute the Reign of the Sa-
cred Heart of Jesus.   Take note that no period of peace has been enjoyed by human-
ity in either the 20th or 21st Century.   This indicates that there was no consecration
performed by any group of bishops occupying Heaven, Earth, Purgatory, or Hell that
was recognized by Heaven as the one requested by the Virgin Mary. 

The Burden of Proof is on the Vatican

The media-supported claim is that the collegial consecration occurred on March 25,
1984, when John Paul II performed a televised consecration that was sponsored by
the Bic Corporation.   Yet, the 1984 consecration did not mention the name of Rus-
sia, and no evidence has been presented that it was done in union with all the avail-
able bishops of the world.   Concerning the claim that the consecration was validly
done, the burden of proof is on the Vatican.   There is the requirement to produce
at least two witnesses in each diocese and eparchy who saw their local bishop per-
form the consecration.   Collegiality is the essential element of this type of consecra-
tion.   Therefore, where are the notarized witness testimonies which prove that the
collegial consecration was done?

It was in 1946, during an interview with Thomas Walsh, when Sister Lúcia stated that
Our Lady required the collegial aspect of the consecration to be done on the same day,
though not in the same one place.   With this being the case, what was each of the oth-
er bishops doing on March 25, 1984?   It has been 32 calendar years since the tele-
vised consecration of the world and no world peace has transpired.  If the valid con-
secration were made in 1984, then humanity would be enjoying world peace by now.
The needed consecration, therefore, has obviously never been done. 

As Far as Concerns the Claim that Russia Converted

Russia was said to have converted because a wall in Berlin was demolished and be-
cause Russia could no longer afford to keep its satellite nations in tact.   In fact, it had
gotten to the point where Singapore was exporting more than was continentwide Rus-
sia.   In 1991, the powers-that-were tried to re-establish Sovietism, but the sum total
of Russian troops refused to fire on their own people.   Therefore, the people caused
the wall to fall.   Now, the people would have to have shown conversion in their per-
sonal lives, in order for Sodano, Ratzinger, and Bertone to have validly claimed that
Russia converted.  Mary's goal was that of having Russia converted from sin in itself.
No signs of a national conversion occurred.   Rather, the opposite occurred.   Abor-
tion, pornography, human trafficking, and organized crime prevailed instead.

To claim that Russia converted is to redefine the definition of conversion.   To do that
is to place yourself outside of 2,000 years of church teaching.   Jesus once revealed
to Saint Gertrude the Great that he only does things that lead to one's salvation.  The
true conversion of Russia only involves the eternal salvation of Russian souls.   The
Fall of the Wall in 1989 didn't result in conversions that would take people off the
road to Hell.   The Vatican players of the Year 2000 described the conversion of
Russia as something profane and secular, as opposed to something sacred and spir-
itual.  Thus, no conversion of Russia ever occurred.

In addition to the fact that abortion ran rampant during the years when Russia was al-
legedly converting, a former KGB agent came to be the Head of  State of Russia and
his personal wealth allegedly came to be without justification.   Furthermore, during
the years when Russia was said to be converted, the following catch phrase arose:
"The intolerable Catholic presence."  Thus, the Vatican claim of the conversion of
Russia violates Catholic Church teaching on the definition of conversion.   Nothing
more than a change in Russia's political system occurred.  Of course, was a rumor
spread, stating the Gorbachev was a secretly baptized Christian, but he refuted that
rumor himself, showing it to have been a political operative's lie.

To Claim that this is the Triumph is Blasphemy Against the Virgin Mary

To claim that the state of affairs of an immoral Russia in the 1990s constituted the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to claim that she is powerless and in-
competently buffoonish.   If all that she can accomplish is the toppling of a Wall that
didn't exist for the first forty-four years of Sovietism, then she is worthless.   Soviet-
ism, incidentally began in 1917.   The Wall wasn't built until 1961.   The Wall was
not the essence of the Errors of Russia.   It was merely an accumulation of them.

In addition, an allegedly converted Russia announced recently that it now has the
technology to have nuclear armaments enter American airspace without detection
as to where the deployed MIRV's are to be directed.   This doesn't sound much
like conversion.   In fact, if Russia is so converted, then how do you explain the at-
tempted assassination of  Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko, the successful
assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, and the misfortunes coincidentally visited up-
on those who were critical of the Russian powers-that-be?   Someone with media
access equated a rearranged political system with a nation's conversion. 

The Third Secret

At Fatima, secrets were relayed to two of the three shepherd children vocally and all
three of them visually.  That is to say, Lucia saw, heard, and spoke to Our Lady.  The
young Jacinta only saw and heard her.  Francesco only saw Mary, not hearing what
she was saying.   One of  the secrets confided to the children was kept undisclosed
throughout the 20th Century, despite the fact that the Virgin Mary allegedly instruct-
ed for that secret to be revealed in 1960.   It was called the Third Secret of Fatima.

Then came June 26, in the Year 2000, when select members of the Roman Curia pre-
sented what they claimed to be the third secret.   It was anti-climatic and disappointing
to a number of people.  This is because it didn't match the rest of the Fatima revelations.
That which was claimed to be the third secret had ZERO words of the Virgin Mary at-
tached to it.   Yet, there would have been some type of classroom instruction provided
to illiterate shepherd children by Mary, simply to console and encourage them.   This
means that the Mother of Jesus would had to have said something vocally in relation to
the vision of the third secret.

Of course, the Year 2000 claim was that the Third Secret of Fatima predicted the
attempted assassination of John Paul II, in May of 1981.   There is a contradiction
is the claim, to the point where it blasphemes the Virgin Mary.  They claimed that
the vision of the third secret was that of a pope being shot to death, even though
the Vatican Trio claimed that the Third Secret consisted in Mary saving John Paul's
life from an attempted assassination.  Thus, according to the Vatican Trio, the Virgin
Mary was too stupid to know that the John Paul was not going to die from a failed
assassination attempt and live for another 24 years.  They claimed that Mary got it
wrong.  That's arrogance.

The prior two secrets of Fatima had the Virgin Mary's explanation attached to them.
This prevented confusion and fear from prevailing amongst the children to whom she
appeared.  According to the June 2000 press release, however, the third secret was
allegedly a silent movie, prefixed by one sentence spoken by one unidentified angel.
Moreover, shortly before she confided the third secret, Our Lady was quoted as hav-
ing said, "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc."  In as
much, Fatima experts have repeatedly concluded that the "third secret" was replaced
by the "etc."   Therefore, reasonably minded persons would conclude that the third
secret included words spoken by Mary.  After all, do you really believe that the Vir-
gin Mary said "etc" to three Portuguese children, without the children asking what
the "etc" specifically meant?

At this point, a qualifying statement needs to be made.  It was pointed out that life
in modern Portugal doesn't seem that much different than life elsewhere in Europe.
This suggests that the practice of the Catholic Faith is waning in Portugal as much
as anywhere else in Western Europe.  Take note that Mary said that the DOGMA
of the faith would be preserved in Portugal  ...  not the practice of the faith per se.

This hints of the contents of the third secret.    In as much, the official erasing of the
Faith in documented form will not occur in the nation of Portugal.   This suggests
that it will do so elsewhere in Europe.   The Catholic Catechism will remain in tact
in Portugal, at least on dust-ridden book shelves.   Whatever be the case, we did
not need to know the actual third secret.   We needed the valid consecration of Rus-
sia to have been done.

The Vatican, in 1960, Said that There Were Words Spoken 

The following was allegedly the Vatican's 1960 press release, concerning the Third
Secret of Fatima:

"... it is most likely that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lucy 
wrote down the words which Our Lady confided as a secret to the three shep-
herds of the Cova da Iria."

According to the 1960 Vatican, the third secret involves words spoken by the Virgin
Mary.  According to the 21st Century Vatican which housed molestation accomplices,
it does not.   The 21st Century Vatican lost its credibility in the worldwide sex abuse
crisis and Vatican bank scandals.   A tree is known by its fruits.  A bad tree cannot
bear good fruits.  The same generation of Vatican officials who lied about the abuse
scandal would equally lie about Fatima.  Or do you mean to tell me that the Vatican
lied about everything expect the Third Secret of Fatima in the 21st Century?   The
Vatican even lied about the international molester, Marcial Maciel.

The Year 2000 presentation of what many do not believe is the entire third secret was
accompanied by the bold declaration that all of the Fatima prophecies have all been
fulfilled, meaning that the Collegial Consecration was already completed and that
the period of world peace was in progress.   However, one calendar year after select
members of the Curia claimed Fatima to be a thing of the dark past, war ignited in
flames, beginning in a New York City that saw lanes of its Manhattan precinct over-
taken by surreal clouds of pulverized concrete.

September 11, 2001 and the events to follow proved the June 2000 claim to have
been a falsehood.   This included the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which would per-
petuate for years.   This also included explosive terrorism in Europe, the rioting in
Indonesia, the strife in Chechnya, and the genocide in Dafur, as well as the rioting
in France.   This included things that recently transpired in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain,
Yemen, Libya, Mali, and Syria.   It would equally include: 

- the Burundi Civil War,  - the Central African Republic Army Mutiny,
- the Colombian Civil War,  - the Chad Rebellion,  - the Cote d'Ivorie
  Civil War,  - the India-Bangladesh Border Conflict,  - the Nepal Civil
  War,  - the al-Aqsa Intifada and the second Intifada,  - the Jos Nigeria
  Riots,  - the Sri Lankan Civil War,  - the Georgian and South Ossetian
  Confrontation,  - the Mount Elgon Insurgency (Kenya),  - the Naxalite
  Guerrilla War,  - the Macedonian-Albanian Uprising,  - the Ethiopian-
  Somalian War,  - the Xinjiang Riots,  - the 2010 Rio de Janeiro Riots,
- the 2010 Riots in Karachi, Pakistan,    - the 2010 Mozambique Riots,
- the 2010 Riots in Kyrgyzstan,  - the Maranhão Brazil Riots,   - 2009
  Ürümqi Riots,  - and many more hostile confrontations as of recent.

Elective abortion is an act of war and it was rampant in Russia during those years
when Russia had allegedly been converted.    It's practiced elsewhere throughout
the earth and it is an act of aggression.    In sequence, sweatshop labor profiteering
has been an act of aggression imposed upon multitudes and it has long since been
recognized in Church teaching as one of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for
Vengeance.   That practice is an act of war, upon workers without whom no city
can be built.

Add to the scenario nature's war on mankind, in the form of hurricanes, tornado out-
breaks, tidal waves, untold snow storms, etc.   The sum total of assaults on mankind
show that humanity has not complied with Our Lady's requests, including her request
for the Collegial Consecration of Russia.

Was this a deliberate diversionary tactic, in light of the abusive clergy?

Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe -- just possibly maybe -- the claim that the
Triumph of the Mary Heart of Mary occurred was a ploy intended to divert atten-
tion away from the abusive clergy cover-ups that would start to be revealed two
calendar years later, in 2002?   It was a convenient time to issue the press release
which claimed that the hierarchy of the church had everything under control.  As
you can now see, everything entirely was out of control for the longest time.

One more thing that proves that the consecration wasn't validly done.   This proof
can be explained in one title:  Vatican Bank.   Do they expect us to believe that
Russia has converted when those involved in the Vatican Bank have not done so?

  Aren't the bishops curious as to what actually would happen, 
if they were to finally comply with the Virgin Mary, for a change?

One would think that, by now, the bishops would be a little curious as to what would
happen if they were to make the Collegial Consecration the way that a reasonable per-
son would expect it to be done.   Everything else that they tried for the past 82 years
has utterly failed.   Incidentally, it was 85 years ago when the Virgin Mary appeared
to Lucy, at a convent in Tuy, Spain, stating:

       "The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father  to
         make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the con-
         secration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to 
         save it by this means.  So numerous are the souls which
         Divine Justice condemns for sins committed against me 
        that I have come to ask you for reparation.  Sacrifice your-
        self for this intention and pray." --- June 13, 1929.

The Vatican claimed that it presented to the public the Third secret of Fatima in
its entirety.   Well, if that's the case, then answer this:  What precisely is the third
secret?   Are there any dates, names, nations, signs, world events, meteorological
events, natural disasters, or political situations attached to this secret?

Keep in mind that the alleged third secret was so general and basic that it could be
applied to numerous eras of history.   Yet, Fatima was specific.   It dealt with Rus-
sia, the need to repair damage done to the Virgin Mary's reputation, and the near
future which was guaranteed to be catastrophic if humanity failed to listen to Our
Lady.   Humanity didn't honor her requests, and as a result, a second world war
occurred which went beyond the sound barriers of catastrophe.

War after war after riot after riot after atrocity after atrocity ensued thereafter, in-
cluding the atrocity of the modern church's abusive clergy.   If the bishops would
have done the needed consecration when asked, we would never have heard of
Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pot, Pinochet, and numerous other dictators who ratcheted-
up atrocities with modern factory line efficiency.   We would never of heard of
Marcial Maciel Degollado. 

The June 2000 claim does NOT concur with the church-approved 
apparition of Akita (Japan), Saint John Bosco's prophecies, 
and the church-approved apparition of Quito (Ecuador)

There is one more important thing to note:   Even though the Virgin Mary never re-
peats herself in specificity in her various apparitions, all apparitions must concur
with each other, like jig-saw pieces that perfectly fit.   In light of this, when consid-
ering if we have been told the truth about the Third Secret of Fatima, one must give
consideration to the prophecies of the church-approved apparitions of Akita, Japan
(1973) and Quito, Ecudor (1611 - 1634, intermittently.)   In the Quito apparitions,
Mary prophesied that a corrupted priesthood would exist in the 20th Century.

There is one more thing that the Vatican's claim must match.   It's the St John Bosco
prophecy, resulting from a prophetic dream.   It was the one that described a solitary
ship being attacked by many boats and ships, while the ship captain kept attempting
to dock it between two pillars.   On the platform of one pillar was Our Lady, under
the title of Help of Christians.  On the other pillar's platform was a communion host.
A captain of that ship collapsed.  Another captain then took the helm a glided the ship
easily to the designated port.  Ironically, Our Lady first appeared at Fatima on the
Memorial of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, with the intent to bring help. 

The Dominoes Effect

The Fatima prophecies included mention that Russia would spread its errors through-
out the world, if Mary were to be as ignored by humanity.   This means that the con-
version of Russia, when it finally comes, would be accompanied by the conversion
of those nations once influenced by the errors of the same Russia.   In light of this, is
not China a Marxist nation at this very hour?   Is not Roman Catholicism oppressed
in China?   Well, in order for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to have
occurred, China would had to have already been converted  ... through the influence
of Russia. 

The Coincidence of a Fr. Stephano Gobbi's Unrealized Prophecy

A priest named Father Stephano Gobbi was alleged to have received numerous locu-
tions from the Virgin Mary, dating back to the 1970s.   A locution, incidentally, is a
supernatural communication from one of Heaven's citizens that comes through the
spoken word only, without an accompanying vision.   One of Gobbi's prophecies
was that the promises of Fatima would come to fulfillment and fruition before the
Christmas season of 1999.   It were as if the Vatican were waiting upon 1999, be-
fore stating anything publicly.

Incidentally, Father Stephano Gobbi was photographed with John Paul II, thereby
deceiving good-faith Catholics into assuming that Gobbi was a genuine prophet who
passed the church's stringent tests of validity.   None the less, John Paul II was also
photographed with a notorious molester who started a modern-day religious order,
named the Legionaries of Christ.   To say the least, John Paul II lacked the radar
needed to be an astute judge of character.  Perhaps he was depending on what his
advisers told him.   If that's the case, then his advisers ran the church  ...  into the
ground.   In fact, consider the effect that his Parkinson-related medication had on
his mind and reflexes.   Consider how long he was on that type of medication.

The Gobbi prophecy turned out to be unrealized at the end of 1999.   Ever so co-
incidentally, select members of the Vatican elected to claim that the prophecies of
Fatima have already been fulfilled, but only after Gobbi's prophecy was reasonably
proven to be false.   That was the same time when they presented what they claimed
to be the entire third secret, to the disappointment of many devout Catholics whose
instincts told them that the secret would be startling and apocalyptic, as opposed to
starched, vague, and anti-climatic.   Well, if the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary actually did occur years prior, in 1989, then why didn't selected members of
the Vatican announce it as such years prior?    Why did they wait until the Summer
of 2000 to do so?

Ironically, June 25 was the anniversary of the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary
at Medjugorje, Herzegovina, near Catholic Croatia.   So, there are two convenient
coincidences attached to the press release of June 26, 2000. 

The Ongoing Insult to Our Intelligence

The great insult to human intelligence is that we are talking about the Virgin Mary.
We are talking about someone who went an entire lifetime without sinning.   This
means that she can accomplish things that all on Earth can only dream of accomp-
lishing.   The Vatican Players, in their play acting, claimed that we were already
living in the era of World Peace, despite the wars, strife, sweatshop oppression,
terrorist training camps, and abusive clergy members that were reigning through-
out the Earth at the time of the press release.

Did they really believe that we would be gullible enough to assume that the only
thing Our Lady was capable of achieving was the demolition of a wall in Berlin?
A question that instantaneously comes to mind is:  Is that all she's got?   The
reasonable answer is:  I don't think so.   The conclusion is:   The Collegial 
Consecration has obviously never been done.   The follow-up question is:     
How stupid did they think we were in June of 2000?

The reasonable layman/laywoman realizes that the Virgin Mary has a panoramic
view of this world from her place of eternal glory.  She can see what no one on
Earth can see.   Therefore, the arrogant class of bishop who disdains the idea of
Marian apparitions is a person lying to himself and wasting the lives of the laity.
Do these bishops realize how many millions of people would not be burning in
Hell at this moment, if the bishops would have simply made the consecration that
Our Lady requested?   Those bishops who have not yet realized it will eventually
discover the number of souls in Hell, and they will learn so in the hardest possible

A bishop who does not listen to Our Lady is one who will not be heard by her at
his death.   Refusing to perform the consecration was a act of shear mercilessness,
being that the consecration would have saved multitudes from Hell.   At death, a
merciless person is guaranteed to get no mercy.   This includes arrogant, lazy, and
politically calculating bishops.   A great saint once stated that the road to Hell is
paved with the skulls of bishops.

Modern bishops are associated with bully tactics, concerning the abusive clergy scan-
dal.   Bishops are also associated with fat-cat wealth and relentless photo ops.  Well,
when the surviving bishops finally come to perform the consecration, they will be do-
ing so trembling, filled with the fear of the unknown, realizing that the evil engulfing
them could have been entirely avoided by the consecration that they refused to make.

If the consecration would have been made, the church would have been spared of
its worldwide abusive clergy scandal, needless to say.   In as much, the same spirit
of impishness and deceit which caused the bishops to refrain from making the Fati-
ma Consecration is the same spirit that resulted in clergy scandals.

Bishops are inheritors of an long-term chain known as apostolic succession.   They
are only in the positions where they are because of Christ, Peter, and the heroic Cath-
olics who proceeded them; a number of whom died for the faith that cost Peter, Paul,
Andrew, Jude, both James, Stephen, and so many others their lives.   These modern
bishops did not build the Catholic Church.   Rather, they inherited it.   In fact, they
have been doing what it takes to tear the church down. 

The glorious angels also want things done Mary's way.   So, what is the objection to
a simple act of consecration?   What is so difficult about it?   A twelve year old child
can do it.   Why not a modern bishop?

Modern bishops are not spotlighted movie stars unto themselves who possess innate
glamor that the world must see.   They are only servants.   Instead of repeatedly hold-
ing spiritual Tupperware parties, why don't they make available to the world the grace,
beauty, and the power of the Virgin Mary?    She is much more pretty than any tinsel-
town bishop who steals the spotlight from the other ones, and she will get things ac-
complished pronto.   Plus, she is only one consecration away.  So, why the delay?
Why the delay of 82 years?   Multitudes have been conceived, lived, died, and gone
to Hell in that length of time.   Bishops are supposed to be dedicated to saving the
world --- or at least saving many personal worlds that inhabit this same one earth. 

A Destiny Similar to King Louis XVI

In 1675, Christ appeared a number of times to a Visitation nun, named Margaret Mary
Alacoque.   It was basically a continuation of his private revelations to Saint Gertrude
the Great and then to Saint Catherine of Siena.  His objective this time was to have
established throughout the church conscious devotion to his Sacred Heart.   As a part
of the revelations, he conveyed his promises to those who would come to be devout-
ed to this devotion.   Then, years later, in 1689, he appeared again to Margaret Mary,
telling her that the King of France was in need of consecrating his kingdom to the Sa-
cred Heart by name, promising that the French monarchy would be saved from de-
struction by means of this consecration.  Well, no King of France made any public
act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and mankind has seen the results.

In an apparition made to Sr Lucy in Rianjo Spain, on August 29, 1931, the ignored
Messiah said:   "Make it known to my ministers that,  in following the example of 
the King of France in their delaying to perform my request, they will follow him 
into misfortune."   This misfortune concurs with the prophetic dream of St. John
Bosco by which a successor of Peter would take flight and die in exile/hiding.

In canon law, a priest is to be punished doubly for abusing his power.   Be assured
that the Wrath of God is far more intensely delivered upon a offensive bishop than
upon a common citizen.   There is NO good ole boy network protecting any bishop,
once he dies.   No law firm will get a corrupt bishop off,  the moment that bishop
enters eternity.   Very simply, the more that is given to you, the more that is expect-
ed from you.

In re: The Fall of the Wall

If Russia had become a converted nation the year when the Berlin Wall's gates were
opened, then this would have meant that God generated within Russians the impulse
to desist from its system of satellite state domination, without any ulterior motive in
doing so.   The motivation for giving up the satellite states in the early 1990's would
had to have been an act of will and not the result of economic duress.   After all, there
is a difference between converting and crying "uncle" when your arm is held behind
your behind.   Well, in 1991, there was the attempt to bring back the Soviet System,
beginning at Red Square.   The Berlin Wall' gates were opened in November of 1989.
The year prior was when Russia began its withdrawal from the Afghanistan it invad-
ed during the Christmas season of 1979.

1988, a Notable Year for the Arms Race

Now, 1988 was a stellar year for the arms race.   Firstly, Russia drained 15.8% of its
Gross Domestic Product into its military, while Saudi Arabia spent 15.2% on its own.
The perennially imperiled state of  Israel spent 15.4% of it GDP in  1988, while the
United States spent an exorbitant $535 billion on its military.  In addition, Iran and
Iraq was in its eighth year of warfare, and Russia was more than emotionally drained
from the war in Afghanistan.

Singapore traded More than did Russia

Enter 1989, the year when Russia suddenly opened the gates of the Berlin Wall.
Was it the grace of conversion which motivated the act?   ANS:   The truth is that
Singapore's 1988 international trade statistics and the departure of military spend-
thrift Ronald Reagan coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall.   As you might have
learned in life, there is no such thing as coincidences when they come in packaging
larger than one.   Singapore was trading more than was mighty Russia, and this was
a significant motivation in the decision to let go of the satellite nations.  In addition,
by the time 1990 came to an end, the Russian economy was 36% the size of the
United States.

Reagan, had left office and took his military spending mentality with him.   This
allowed the Russians to take a break from stress.   Therefore, any motivation com-
ing directly from God, in the grace of conversion, was not evident in 1989. 

No More Military Spendthrift Ronald Reagan

In 1989, Russia no longer had to parity Ronald Reagan's hyperdrive military spend-
ing.  Now remember, was much smaller than the United States.  It couldn't equal mil-
itary spending, only parity it.  It now had a much more mild individual to deal with
in the White House, in the person of George Bush, Sr.   However, Russia had a much
more calculating person to face in the White House, in light of the fact that they were
now dealing with the former head of the CIA.   This would mean that the height of
United States military spending was sure to have been reached, but the Russian gov-
ernment would still need to employ prudence.   None the less, Russia could now
take a breather and assess its situation in the midst of its withdrawal from Afghan-

The Invasion of Grenada Was the Influencing Factor

It was repeatedly said by right wing radio talk show hosts that Reagan's exorbitant
military spending caused Russia to realize that it couldn't keep pace with the United
States, thereby causing Russia to relinquish its satellite states.   This particular claim
is a falsehood, especially in light of the fact that Russia always was a nation with a
smaller population than the United States and it didn't spend nearly as much as did
America.   What Reagan did was cause Russia to finally leave Afghanistan, with the
help of Charlie Wilson's Capitol Hill fund raising efforts.

The other motivating action of Reagan was invading Grenada.   The invasion of that
island did more to motivate the Russians into abandoning their satellite nations than
did hundreds of billions of additional dollars in American military spending.   It was
not Reagan whom the Russians needed to fear.  It was people like Charlie Wilson
and even Caspar Weinberger whom they did.

Russia's Cushion Had Thinned in one Particular Geographic Region

Add one more motivating factor:   Russia was loosing influence over the border na-
tion of Poland.   Its satellite nations served the function of cushion for Russia.   Po-
land had now become a porous cushion.  None the less, in 1991, there was an active
attempt to restore Sovietism.   The attempt failed when Russian troops refused to fire 
on their own people, at red Square.   Thus, Russia didn't convert out of the kindness
of its heart.   It was a strategic public relations decision, followed by a change of the
original decision, followed yet again by a phenomenon where Russian power mong-
ers played Simon Says, and no one complied. 

Don't Ever Back a Tiger into a Corner and then Try to Keep it There

The presence of an economically diligent Singapore and the absence of spend-thrift
Ronald Reagan caused the wall to go down, along with the presence of the western
culture permeating throughout pockets of Eastern Europe.   The culture that was ac-
tually started by Elvis, refined by the Beatles, and perpetuated by additional western
icons contributed to the Fall of the Wall.   However, as long as Ronald Reagan was
president, the Russians could not risk letting the wall go down.   If Reagan were to
have remained in office, and if he were to continue his exorbitant military spending
each successive year, Russia would have eventually responded by attacking west-
ward.   However, that event was much further in the future and Reagan was in his
final year in office.  Never surround an enemy and never back a tiger in corner,
especially one of Siberian quality.

This type of thing is the phenomenon of the tiger trainer's first rule --- the rule to
never back a tiger in a corner, lest he pounce.  Author of the Art of War, Sun Tzu,
pointed this out, in his masterpiece of common sense.   He said to never surround
an enemy, lest you give him inspiration to fight fiercely.  Ronald Reagan was do-
ing exactly what Sun Tzu warned against doing, in his exorbitant military spend-
ing that resulted in the U.S. national debt being tripled during the Reagan years.

All indications show that Russia was not motivated by the grace of conversion, but
rather, by the economic duress that comes from a corrupted economic game plan.
There is a difference between changing your world by cause of your conversion
and changing your world by default.

Time for a Reality Check

It was said that a certain individual "brought down communism."   This is a lie in light
of the fact that well over a billion people are subject to communist regimes, ranging
from China to Laos to Vietnam to Cuba to North Korea.   In addition, some of the
errors of Russia are transacted in America even today, with the dialectics of Hegel
being one of them, and elective abortion being another one. 

The Vatican Spoke Falsely about World Class Molester Marcial Maciel.
It Spoke as Falsely about the Fatima Consecration, because a Tree is
Known by its Fruits.

In the spirituality of sin, it's not a matter of telling lie.  It's a matter of being a liar by
habit.  The Vatican officials who confidently claimed that the Fatima consecration
was a thing of the past were the same ones who publicly declared that the Molester
of the Ages, namely Marcial Maciel Degollado, was the premiere model of Catholic
youth everywhere.   That is to say, these Vatican officials told the sheep to go flock
to the devouring wolf that had been propped up on high for the longest time, by Pope
John Paul II.


If you are wondering where peace and the delivering of us from evil is, it's in the
Collegial Consecration.  The main question, therefore, is:  Where's the Fatima 
Consecration?  Have you seen it anywhereIf so, how was it performed?
If it were done as many say it was, then give the details of  how the collegial
aspect of it was done.

It's very simple.   If history-changing events come soon, attached to tragedies and
apocalyptic occurrences, then you will realize that the Vatican didn't prepare you
for it, and the same Vatican certainly didn't prevent it from happening.  This makes
the present Vatican accountable before God, in  not preparing you.  This also means
that the present Vatican lead you to your slaughter, by means of criminal negligence.

It's generally understood that, when the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
actually does occur, everyone will know it.   It will be so pronounced an event that
there will be no need for Vatican press releases.   Being that the Triumph of the Im-
maculate Heart was the most awaited event in church history, why did the Vatican
wait eleven years to state that it already happened?   The Vatican did nothing more
than attempt to con the entire church into believing that the long-awaited triumph
occurred at night, while we were sleeping. 

As of 2014

The end of Summer 2014:  I can assure you that Vladimir Putin is not on the path
to peace.  The Russia co-head of state ... the puppeteer of Russia ... is not a model
of conversion.  Present events ... at the time of this writing ... show that Russia never
converted.  It simply struck the pose that certain demons do during exorcisms, where
they pretend to have been cast out of the body their were possessing.  Let us review:

On July 13, 1917, after having shown three shepherd children a vision of Hell,
Mary stated that a Russia soon to fall into mortal error would only be converted
by means of a collegial consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.  She al-
so promised that, upon the completion of the collegial consecration, an era of
peace granted to the world.  At present, the world is at war.

Concerning the errors of Russia spreading throughout the world, evidence thereof
is in the home of the typical America.  Look at the labels of clothing.  Then look
on the back of your appliances.  There, you will read more often than not, Made 
in China.  The labels should read, "Made in Maoist China, by severely underpaid
sweatshop workers."  More concisely, the merchandise tags should read  "Made
in Communist China, due to the errors of Russia having been spread through-
out the world."

American corporations profit from Chinese Communism's labor practices, all the
while causing the same America to amass a massive international trade balance
deficit.  Communism is a fruit of Russia that spread throughout the world and
which is being kept empowered by the unfair trade practices of the Congress of
the United States.

Well, those in the Western church who live in pampered comfort claim that John
Paul's abridged consecration resulted in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary, the Conversion of Russia, and the ensuing World Peace.  Of course, these
same pampered individuals claim that Mary didn't mean that Russia would con-
vert from sin ... only from a political structure.  However, the Russian head of
state is a former KGB agent, and over a billion people on earth are locked inside
Communist regimes, on account of the ripple effect of Russia's 1917 Revolution.

Furthermore, the opposite of World Peace transpired since John Paul's 1984 conse-
cration which was not done according to Our Lady's instructions.  All of the evils
which Our Lady said would transpire, if all of the popes would fail to do the valid
collegial consecration, continue today.  Thus, no pope performed the needed conse-
cration requested by Heaven ... requested as far back as 1929.  Some people are too
pampered to accept the truth.

This is the revised edition of a 2011 article and a continuation of the following:

       The following serves as supplements for those who are willing to think
               and realize that the evils in today's church began at the top: