Quick Note about the Virgin of the Globe Statue

There was an inquiry as to the meaning of the serpent under the Virgin Mary's feet
in Catholic statuary.   It simply means that Our Lady is holding the Devil at bay.  It
means that she protects her children from the demonic world.   However, when it
comes time for her son to have his church punished for its unrepentant sins, Mary
simply lifts her foot and lets the Devil have his way with humanity.   Then, after the
repentance of her children, namely the members of the church, she steps on the in-
fernal serpent's head once again, holding it at bay.  

The image of Mary crushing the serpent's head has one of its many origins traced to
the 1830 apparitions of Rue de Bac, in Paris, involving Vincentian novice Catherine
Labouré.   It refers to Genesis 3:15, the passage known as the Protoevangelium, aka
the First Gospel, which states: "I will put enmity between you and the woman;  be-
tween your offspring and hers.  You will strike for its heal and it will crush your 
head."   Therefore, Genesis 3:15 is the image of Mary crushing the head of the an-
cient serpent.   Incidentally, the pronoun in the Hebrew verse was neither the male
nor female form --- neither he nor she.  It was the neuter form.

One of the Rue de Bac apparitions consisted in Mary having three rings on each of
her fingers, while varying rays of light emitted from most of them.   She told Cather-
ine that each ray represented graces that she dispenses on those who ask for them.
She also said that the gems from which no ray came were symbolic of those graces
for which people stopped asking.

No one in the state mortal sin gets converted randomly.  Someone offer prayer or                                      make a sacrifice for that person ... maybe a lot of prayers and a lot sacrifices.  All                                  in all, if there i no prayer, then there is no grace.  If there is no grace, then there is                                  no glory.    


Now, Jesus said to Saint Gertrude the Great to not think that you can only ask for
small things.   He said that it is salutary to ask for great things.  Therefore, it is
noble to ask for cures to diseases declared incurable by high-priced medicine.
It's expected that you pray for the overthrow of those who gained power through injustices.
God and Our Lady needs the modern church to quit be a gathering of airheads
and pampered prisses.  There are intense outrages occurring on a mass scale.
Look and think:

1}Slave Labor, 2}Obscenely high medical costs which constitute theft, as in
the price of an aspirin at the hospital and the price that a physician charges by
looking at a patient's chart, as well as the price gouging done by Big Pharma.
3}Chemicals appearing in products that were never tested for safety and that
are medically known neurotoxins, asthma incitants, endocrine disruptors, etc.
The same chemicals then end up in water supplies, and ever so coincidentally, 
hermaphrodite aquatic life was discovered in modern man's water supllies.
4}Exorbitant military spending,  5}The legalized adultery which is called
Divorce & Remarriage, as if humans are expendable.  6}The disregard for
the Christian Sabbath.  7+}Other evils which are not going to continue
much longer without God performing the Divine Intervention that re-
peatedly comes to mankind in intervals of time.  History repeats itself
like a circular clock.  History is as round as the Earth and moon.

Praying for great things is commendable, because there are great consequences
in life.  Human life isn't the joke that the abortion-obsessed and slave labor pro-
fiteers make it out to be.  In fact ...  

It actually glorifies God when a person uses the mind God made for humanity,
and ask for answers to question which have perplexed people for centuries, in-
cluding question about faith, as well as the Bible.  Invfact, it offends God each
time a person states that we are just to believe what we are told to believe, and
that's the way it goes.  People who say this simply were too lazy learn the faith.
They were too self-centered to look beyond themselves to learn ... or to be pa-
tient enough for the answers and truths to come to him/her.  .

In order to enter Heaven, you need grace.  In order to receive grace, you need to
be merciful on earth in one way or another.  Plus, there comes a time in every
person's life, where being heroic is the task and not the option.  If a person isn't
merciful from time to time in life, as well as heroic in other occasions, then that
person will go to Hell.  The fact is that the merciless and anti-heroic are living
Hells to other people on earth, being that they only take take and take yet more,
as if to be a plague of locusts upon the land.

One person has to take all the women, and leave behind used merchandise for
the other guys.  Other one has to grab all the money.  Yet, another one has to be
in the spotlight, as if the only goal of humanity was to praise him/her.  Yet, an-
other one has to molest all the altar boys he can.  It's the world of narcissism,
greed, and predatory that prevails in this era.  In as much, there isn't time to
pray for small things.

In the end, a person goes to the place that resembles their way of being, concern-
ing the way the person is at the hour of death.  Heaven is only for the merciful.
Hell is for the money grabbers, those who set people against each other, the lust
ridden wolves, the manipulators, the ones who use violence to get their wants,
and the con artists you can hear on TV, hear on the radio, read in the press, and
read online.


The Significance of Portugal in Catholic History, in relation to Fatima

Cover photo
Straught ahead from here i America, give or take a few degrees latitude, is Portugal.
Fatima Portugal:  In 1916, the  Angel of Peace, in Crystalline beauty, appeared
to 3 children and taught them prayers about adoring the Holy Trinity and offer-
ing the Infinite Merits of Christ for the conversion of those in the state of mortal
sin.  One year late came Our Lady,  She made six visits to Fatima, resting lightly
on a holmoak tree during her apparitions.

Each time when she came out of eternity and entered time & space, in order to
present herself to the children body & soul, her brillance reflected the clouds so
much so that the children and pilgrims thought that there were seeing lightning..

Mary would appear on the 13th of each month, beginning in May and ending
in October.  The three children comprised a 10 year girl, a 8 yr old boy, and a
7 yr old girl who relayed wisdom which she said was partly taught to her by
Our Lady and partly thought-up herself.

Now, at the start of the first apparition, the nine year old boy couldn't see or
hear Our Lady.  He then started praying the rosary, and she visual appeared
to him.  However, at no time during any apparition did he hear her.  The two
girls were able to hear her and see her.  The 10 yr old was the only one who
spoke to Mary during the apparitions.

On June 13, after having spoke to the children, Our Lady leaned over, opened
her hands, and the children were immersed in the love of God.  On July 13,
Our Lady opened her hands in the same way and the children saw the vision
of Hell.  This is known as the First Secret of Fatima.  Within moments came
the Second Secret of Fatima.  The secret was the prophecy of World War II.
In fact, Our Lady said to the Fatiima children, "War is a punishment from
God for Mankind's sins."  None the less, shortly after the Second secret came
the formerly famous Third Secret.

In June of 2000, three provenly corrupt officials of the Vatican issued a press
releast which stated that the Third Secret contained no words from Our Lady.
However, the 1960 press release which stated that the Vatican was not going
to make the Third Secret public expressly admitted that the secret included
words spoken by Our Lady on that topic.  The Vatican claimed that the Third
Secret was merely a prophecy of the attempted assassination of John Paul II.
HOWEVER, being that the three corrupt Vaticanistos said that there were no
words attached to the Third Secret, there was no way to prove it.

In fact, after becoming pope, Benedict XVI expressly said that NO ONE IS
that we would be deluding ourselves to think that Fatima is a thing of the past.

The Reason Why Portugal Was the Venue for the Apocalyptic Secrets

The proximate reason why is because Portugal is a nation where the Faith of
Peter will officially remain in tact, as far as concerns official Catholic Church
Teaching on matters of Faith and Moral Theology.  Thus, Portugal will be a
safeguarder of the True Faith of Peter during a time when the Great Apostasy
prophesied in the New Testament will emerge.

Yet, there is an ultimate reason.  In as much, why is it that Portugal will be a
nation that will safeguard the true faith with an element of human decency?
What is in the Portuguese mindset that avails itself to human decency in the
midst of chaos?

Well, a tree is known by its fruits, and it isn't the mindset which causes some-
thing good to happen, it's only the grace of God which does,  At this point, the
Order of the Knight Templer takes center stage.

To start, the Knights Templar had officially became an entity in Champagne
France, under the title, Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.
The year was 1118, and the purpose was to escort Christian pilgrims to what
is referred to as the Holy Land.  It quickly got to the point where the knights
needed to remain in the Holy Land, being that, after escorting pilgrims to the
Middle East, the Knights left them defenseless, where they were attacked by
Moslems, anyway.  Thus, the King of Jerusalem, Baldwin II, gave the nine
original Knights Templar living quarters on the king's estate.

As time pased, the Knights became masters of finance.  It had gotten to the
point where one of the outstanding debtors was the King of France, Philip IV.
The year was 1307.  Now, the King of France quickly payed his past debt to
the Knights, as far back as 1287.  But, the price of silver rose, due to the de-
crease of Saxon silver mine production and the cost of further wars.  So, in-
stead of paying his 1307 debt to the Knights, Philip IV decided to annihilate
them, thereby being relinquished of his heavy debt to them.

That there were exaggerated accusations against the Knights was obvious.
None the less, in 1307, the warrant for the arrests of the Knights was issued
throughout France.  Only some of the Knights were captured and later execut-
ed, however.  Many took flight.  Now, even though the Knights were outlawed
throughout most of Europe, there was still a place for them and their services.
The place was none other than PORTUGAL, as well as Spain;  Iberia.

At the time, the Moors were still in Spain and Portugal.  The Templars' services
were very much needed there.  So, the Knighs Templar responded to the call and
successfully drove the Moors Southward.  Upon this success, the King of Portugal,
Dinis II, gave the Templars a home.

Now, the Templats had been fighting against the Moors in Spain, since the 12th
Century.  The fateful year, which turned the geo-political structure of  Portugal
favorable for the Christian natives there  was in the Year 1212.  Thus, the Knights
already had a good reputation there and everywhere there was a Moslem army
ready to kill Christians.

In the Year 1318, King Dinis petitioned the pope, now stationed in Avignon,
for the recognition of the Order of Christ.  This was the restart of the Knights
Templar, simply under a different name.  That time was a pivotal one which
brought changes.  For example, the papacy moved from Rome to Avignon
France in 1309, two years after the witch hunt on the Templars.  In fact, it
was at the Council of Vienna where the Pope official dissolved the Knights
Templar.  Nine years later, the Templars would be reconstructed by means
of an act of papal approval from the very same nation which secured their
destruction.  Incidentally, King Philip IV died in the Year 1314.  So, bring-
ing the Knights Templar back to life wasn't going to be met with any severe

Today, the Grand Master of the Order of the Cross is none other than the
President of Portugal.  Thus, Portugal was a nation of great destiny in the
Middle Ages, during a turbulent time.  It will be so again.  The spirit of the
Knights Templar, therefore, is entrenched in the Fatima charisma.

None the less, according to one individual who did read the Third Secret of
Fatima, another Nation of Destiny, along with Portugal, is the Ukraine.


La Salette and the two sins that desecrate the Presence of Christ

At the start of the Grenoble autumn of
1846, Our Lady told two children tend-
ing a flock of sheep and herd of cattle
that she tried to warn the French of the
severity of two sins being commonly
committed throughout France.

She said that she did this by means of a
potato crop failure which preceded the
historic famines that began shortly after
her 1846 apparition.  A narrative of the
apparition which was quickly approved
by church authorities appears after this

The Eternal God does nothing in vain.  This includes assigning Mary as a mentor
of humanity.  When the Virgin Mary appears to either shepherd children, a novice,
or a convent's prioress, she does so for a reason.  When she makes an appearance,
she brings a specific & unique message with her, each time.  The Virgin Mary
does NOT repeat herself in her various apparitions.

There's a reason for Marian apparitions.  This makes it an act of disrespect to God
when they are ignored.  It also makes it an act of foolishness to disregard them.
Marian apparitions are designed to rescue humanity from an approaching disas-
ter.  They are life preservers tossed out to a drowning humanity.  Mary is the life-

A Qualifying Statement about Marian Apparitions in General

There is a qualifying statement that is needed to be made about authentic Marian
apparitions.  There is no new doctrine that is spoken in any one of  them.  Rather,
each one is an affirmation of something already revealed to the original apostles.

Qualifying Statement about La Salette, Specifically

If you know the narration of the La Salette apparition, skip down to the end of this
article where you will find the general/overall message of La Salette.  Keep in mind
that the message of  La Salette is NOT to be confused with the controversial secrets
of it.  The message of La Salette is the Morale of the Story.  It's the wisdom of the
spoken words.

The overall message of La Salette had concurring teachings which were easily found
during the first half of the 20th Century.  They were found in the catechism sections
of pray books.  Such sections were basically penny catechisms.

In fact, the message of La Salette is in the official religious name of the greatest saint
of modern times, namely Thérèse of Lisieux.  In religion, her name was Thérèse of the
Child Jesus and the Holy Face.  The message of La Salette emphasizes the Holy Face
Jesus, which symbolically represents the Divine Presence of Christ.  The central mes-
sage is that any society which no longer recognizes the Presence of Christ, because of
clutter and static, ends up falling for the Anti-Christ.

Another way to sin against the Holy Face of Jesus (aka, the presence of Christ) is
by propagating heresy.  This is because such a thing presents a distorted version
of Christ, making Christ look as heartless and/or perverse and/or greedy and/or
lustful and/or mean-spirited as the ones spreading the heresies, thereby creating
a false God in their own image and likeness. 

The Narrative of September 19, 1846

Enter Grenoble France and a small town within it, on September 19, 1846.  Ironical-
ly, it was the memorial (feast day) of St Januarius, the patron saint of Naples whose
blood has the effect of a prophetic weather vain.  Then, enter two shepherd children,
Melanie and Maximin.   Finally, enter a sphere of supernatural light which descend-
ed upon the higher elevation of La Salette.  When the sphere of light landed, it split
in half, revealing a beautiful lady sitting on a rock with her face in her hands.  When
the lady stood from her seated position, she was seen with tears in her eyes.  In fact,
the spot where she choose to appear was a response to something that Melanie did
that day.

You see, the day prior, Melanie meet Maximin.  Max was sent by his employer to
watch cattle.  However, Melanie didn't want company.  Yet, after a while, the two
children acclimated to each other, and met the following day.  One of the habitual
things that Melanie did was that of taking wildflower and making a Paradise per-
imeter out of them.  The lady appeared in that perimeter of wildflowers.

Needless to say, the lady's body position can rule out the Coast-to-Coast AM theory
which obsessively conjectures that Marian apparitions are all alien visitations.  She
actually wore a white shawl during the apparition which seemed to have been pearl-
studded.   In fact, the majestic lady wore a high golden crown, denoting a person of
power.  The crown, incidentally, was the only thing not a part of the local Grenoble

Around the lady's neck was a crucifix.   On one side of the cross bar of the crucifix
was a hammer.   On the other side were pincers.  This symbolically means that we
have the power to either drive the nails into the wounds of Christ or to remove them.

When She Stood

Mary stood up and immediately said to the children,  "Do not be afraid.
I have great news to tell you."

Mary said:

If my people refuse to submit, I will be forced to let the arm of my
Son go.   It is so strong and so heavy that I can no longer hold it
back.   How long I have suffered for you!   If I want my Son to not
abandon you, I am obliged to plead with him constantly.   And you

don't pay any attention.    Therefore,  no matter how much you
pray in the future, you will never be able to make up for the pains
I have suffered for you.

(My son says:)   "I gave you six days to work, keeping the seventh
one for myself.  Yet, you won't give it to me."   And then those who
drive the carts cannot swear without bring my Son's name into it. 
These are the two things which are making my Son's arm so heavy.

If the harvest is ruined, it's because of all of you.  I warned you last
year with the potatoes.    Yet, you didn't pay attention.   Rather, as
soon as you saw that the potatoes were spoiled, you swore, using
my Son's name all the more.    They will continue to spoil,  and by
Christmas of this year, there will be no more.

In stating, potatoes, Mary used the Parisian phrase, pommes (dialect) called
potatoes las truffas.  Mary then asked Maximin if he ever saw rotted wheat.
He quickly said, no.   She  then reminded him of a time when he went with
his dad to visit a farmer whose wheat was continuing to go bad, followed by
his dad giving him some bread on the way home, stating that they might not
have bread next year.  Maximin then remembered.

Mary mentioned that during the warm
weather months only the aged women
would go to church, and during winter
people would only go, to make fun of
the Mass.  She also stated that, during
lent, the people flocked to the butcher
shops like dogs.  In 1846, every week
day of Lent was a day of abstinence.

Mary next asked the children if they
prayed well, as if she didn't already
know.  Mary then said that prayer
was important and that, if you have
little time, at least one Our Father
and One Hail Mary need be done.

During the apparition, there was also the conveying of an intellectual vision
upon the children which they understood as the state of the future.

Of course, Mary instructed the children to make her message known.  She then looked
to the east.  She finally looked upward with a look of deep joy, showing that the people
of Heaven were a joy to her.   The children then saw Mary hover, as if she were climb-
ing steps, and then she went from time and span to outside of it.  She vanished, as op-
posed to rising throughout the vast sky.   The two children didn't know who the super-
natural woman was.  They concluded that she must have been a great saint.

Within a very short time, the famine began.   This included the famous and tragic Irish
potato famine.  Incidentally, potato only became the Irish carbohydrate of choice, be-
cause British armies couldn't burn down a potato field as they could a wheat or barley

The Focal Point of the Apparition

Aside of the violation of the church law of abstinence, only two sins were mentioned
at La Salette.  These were two widespread sins that constituted the reason why God
was preparing to clean house in mid-Nineteenth Century Europe.  It was 1846.  This
date is significant in that Europe would soon go into Stage 1 of its revolutionary mode
in 1848.  It would then go into a history-changing mode in 1870.  Next would come the
events of 1914,  followed by those of 1939 which would be preceded by the annex of
Austria the year prior.  Meanwhile, at center ring of the Satanic Circus was a revolu-
tion undertaken in 1917.

The Essence of the Entire Apparition

The message of La Salette concerns the tragic consequence of an entire society engag-
ing in the desecration of its sabbath and the use of the Lord's name in vain.  The signi-
ficance of it today is that God is changeless and God is not mocked.  The desecration
of Sunday and the use of the Lord's name in vain has been commonplace for decades.
The tragic consequences of persisting in those two specific sins will be equally as
common.  A foolish generation forgets that God is slow to anger.

Now, Catholic Church spirituality recognized two sins against sins against the Holy
Face of Jesus.   As was previously mentioned, the Holy Face of Jesus is symbolic of
the Presence of Christ.  The two sins against the Holy Face of Jesus are:

1} the desecration of Sunday and 2} the Use of the Lord's name in vain.

Those two sins will make people no longer to recognize the presence of Christ, result-
ing in them being deceived enough to follow the Anti-Christ.  In failing to recognize
the Presence of Christ, a person fails to recognize the brotherhood of humanity.  Para-
noia, distrust, racism, and isolationism sets in.  Spontaneous acts of charity cease.

It needs to be repeated:  The Entire Meaning of La Salette

In committing sins against the Presence of Christ, the society doing so is guaranteed
to fall for the Anti-Christ, in being no longer able to recognize Jesus.   Two principle
sins are those that strike and disfigure the Presence of Christ, symbolically referred to
as the Holy Face of Jesus.

- The Desecration of the Sabbath

The desecration of the Sabbath is a sin against ecology.  This is because you need to
drain your excesses and replenish that which you depleted.  Observing a sabbath ac-
complishes the need to achieve the equilibrium within the person.

When it's a common sabbath that is observed, equilibrium between persons in the same
society is achieved.  Even at that, necessary job tasks must be attended.  This includes
utilities and power stations.  However, operating something as vain and as useless as a
department store's cosmetic counter is not a necessary job task.   Give it a rest.

Observing a common sabbath achieves one more necessity.  It results in people return-
ing to the original source of their existence and their reason for being.  Observing the
sabbath results in people returning to their roots and in keeping track of what matters
in life.   It clears the mind.  It allows God to recreate you.

One more thing:  You cannot force anyone to adhere to any religion.   However, you
cannot take away from Christians their need to observe their sabbath without you con-
stituting a persecutor of their faith.  To do so would make you a violator of civil rights.
In fact, it would make you a criminal.

Being that it is a sin against the Presence of Christ, the desecration of Sunday distorts
the instinctual ability to discern satanic impulses from angelic ones.   Where there is
the desecration of the sabbath, there is the inability to differentiate the essential ele-
ments of life.   There is the loss of differentiating the masculine from the feminine,
as well as man from woman.  There is equally the loss of differentiating the natural
from the unnatural, the sacred from the secular, the sinful from the morally neutral.

Where there is the desecration of the sabbath, there is justice getting replaced with
retaliation.   There is respect getting replaced with paranoia.   Constructive admoni-
tion then gets replaced with disrespect and mockery.  The idea of consecration and
vow dissolves in the mindset of society, and those who mock other people become
their own sickening jokes.  Where there is the desecration of the Presence of Christ
there are people who see Christ as a complete stranger.

The punishment for desecrating the sabbath is that of being taken over by a foreign
nation.  This was stated by WWII era stigmatist, Theresa Neumann, of Konnersreuth,
Bavaria.    She said that God prevented England from being invaded during World
War II, because the British honored the sabbath.   Israel was said to have fallen into
the Babylonian Captivity, because it violated to law of the Sabbath Year.

In America, where the sabbath is disregarded outside of religious entities who use
it as a day to draw tax-free collection basket money.

The other punishment for violating the sabbath is that of ecological disasters.  This
was the case with La Salette.  The previously mentioned Theresa Neumann prophe-
sied that God promised to spare America from Nazi-like concentration camps in its
land, due to America's generosity toward war-torn Europe.  God instead resolved to
punish America through the elements, as in natural disasters.

- The Use of the Lord's Name in Vain

Using the Lord's name in vain constitutes anti-praying.  It's the act of bringing curses
upon your nation, as opposed to blessings.   It's the act of knotting up the presence of
Christ to the point where he is unrecognizable.   It is the act of crowning Christ with

Preaching false doctrine is also the use of the Lord's name in vain.  Distorted doctrine
distorts the Face of Christ presented to those being taught the false doctrine.   It con-
sists in misrepresenting Christ.  All in all, the use of the Lord's name in vain consists
in replacing Christ's face with your own ego.   It's a typical Orwellian act, where the
blasphemer calls good evil and evil good.

                             It was the Feast Day of Saint Januarius

Now, what significance would there be for Mary to chose St. Januarius' feast day to
appear, when she could have chosen another day in the month to appear to shepherd
children?  Well, Mt. Vesusius is on a the Bay of Naples, it erupted a number of times
in history, yet Naples is still standing.  In fact, volcanic lava only visited the precincts
of Massa and San Sebastiano, and only in the eruptions of 1855 and 1944.  So, Saint
Januarius had a lot of protecting to do throughout the years.  If the date of the Virgin
Mary's appearance at La Salette is a message in itself, then the message is that a pro-
verbial volcano of chastisement will eventually erupt, but you can be spared during
the eruption.   Maybe that is what the message was.  Let's go one step further in the

Major eruptions of Mount Vesuvius occurred in 1794, 1822, 1834, 1850, and 1872.
other eruptions occurred in 1660, 1694, 1698, 1707, 1760, 1767, 1779, 1839, 1861,
1868, 1906, 1926, and 1929, in addition to 1855 and 1944.  Now, incorporate into
the equation statistical probability.  It is warranted to claim that Naples was spared
by random coincidence?

The Virgin Mary had control of the wheat of France.  Heaven would also have con-
trol over the direction of the Mt. Vesuvius ventilation system.  So, it's not good vibes
and it's not directed energies that prevent natural disasters.  It's refraining from offend-
ing the Celestial Court of Heaven which does.  Take this consideration yet another step

In the Book of Romans, St. Paul states that one of the punishments given to those who
engage in Sodomy is to be given up to "all sorts of uncleanliness."  In the ancient Jew-
ish mind set, uncleanliness meant bacterial infection.  Okay then, of all the people who
could have brought to humanity to ultimate bacterial infection disease of AIDS, how is
it that the homosexual subculture did so?  Quite a coincidence in light of the Book of
Romans.  The lesson is that God is in charge, even when punishing mankind for its sins.


Today's Bishops and their Compliance with Corporate Sin

Corporate Sin is defined as a commonplace injustice commonly practiced by
an entire society.   It does not refer to sins only committed by corporations, ev-
en though corporations are often front-runners in getting a sin to be practiced
throughout a society as habit and law.

Corporate Sins include foreign labor exploitation and other forms of slave
labor profiteering, - Segregation, -Abortion-on-Demand, -the form of adul-
tery known as "divorce and remarriage," -legalized polygamy, -the disregard
for a Sabbath rest day in the society, environmental irresponsibility and other
forms of inundated a society with neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, liver cell
killers, respiratory irritants, etc.  So, don't think of corporate sin as something
committed by a board of directors.  Let's proceed:

Think:  Today's bishops, as if they have no consciences, continue to accept into
their tax-free collection baskets the profits of sin.  This includes weekly envelope
donations from parishioners whose job descriptions have them cooperating with
a mortal sin ... a social injustice ... even a crime against humanity.

For example, to work for any one of the many U.S. corporations that profit from
overseas slave labor is to make your income via the sucking of the blood of ex-
ploited workers and to simultaneously be an accomplice to one of the four sins
which cry to Heaven for vengeance, namely Defraudment of Laborers of their

When an entire nation of bishops keeps silence to such a crime against humanity,
all the while accepting the proceeds from this crime into their collection baskets,
their hypocrisy creates a stench throughout an entire nation that repels people away
from the church.  In as much, the bishops, in their silence, are consenting to the pre-
sent sweatshop profiteering practice which will inevitably find itself in a Nuremberg-
type setting.  After all, history repeats itself.  Of course, history repeats itself only
because the Eternal God is changeless and responds equally to each era of humanity.

As an example, the Nazi Germans smugly thought themselves to be untouchably
immune, as much as do the bishops of today.  So too did Cromwell's accomplices.
Then came the gallows and the hangings ... of Cromwell's accomplices and Hitlet's
servants.  Add to the list the French ruling class that let hunger rule over the French
citizenry, only to find themselves beneath the newly invented guillotine.  Etc go the

One more thing, when such stone-cold and heartless people (such as Cardinal Angelo
Sodano) have power over you, it is a punishment for the sins of entire collection of
people.  After all, people get the governments they deserve, by it a matter of church,
state, or corporation.  The present Vatican's true colors get repeatedly exposed ... far
beyond the disgrace of Vatileaks which came from the hands of a butler so outraged
by Vatican corruption that he, in conscience, could not remain a silent accomplice.

Let us continue, whether you are mature enough to do so or not:

Now remember, not everything is in the Bible, and the Gospel of John states this.
The following subject, however, happens to be mentioned in the Bible.  But, it's
expounded in the teachings of the doctors of the Church. and it's clarified in the
magisterium's official ChurchtTeaching.  It's reference source is Ezekiel 3:18.

18If I say to the wicked, You shall surely die—and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade the wicked from their evil conduct in order to save their lives—then they shall die for their sin, but I will hold you responsible for their blood.19If, however, you warn the wicked and they still do not turn from their wickedness and evil conduct, they shall die for their sin, but you shall save your life.
The bishops have the moral obligation to speak out against social scandal, other-
wise regarded as corporate sin.  The prime purpose is to see to it that the faithful
will not be accomplices to those sins.  If Catholics go to work and are expected
to participate in a mortal sin, as a part of their job descriptions, the bishops must
intervene, instead of remaining silent.  This is especially the case with the cardi-
nals, being that they wear the color red as a symbol that they are willing to shed
their blood for the Faith of Peter and the faithful adherents to that faith.

You need to perceive the aggravation being endured by the Eternal God, at the
hands of cowardly bishops who will not speak-up and mobilize the forces.  This
is because the faithful are the only hands, feet, and voices God has on Earth, to
do God's will, and the bishops have the laity immobile and without direction.

The bishops have the moral obligation to mobilize a counter-effort and be actively
involved in ending those sins which are an institutional part of their society's life.
Once upon a time, one social scandal was racism of the South.  Today, it's foreign
slave labor exploitation throughout the United States by which American homes
are filled with product labeled as Made in China, Made in Vietnam, etc.

Then there is the legalized adultery known as "divorce & remarriage," by which 
no attorney and no wedding planner is morally permitted to participate in such
a sin,  For them, it is  a sin of cooperation.  Yet, there are those who are willing
to cooperate with mortal sin, to make an income.  Well, you cannot buy your way
out of Hell, and Hell is endlessly forever.  It doesn't end and their are no time-outs,
no relief, no reprieve, no hope.  All of the cooperating with sin did nothing more
than damage the cooperators forever,

In as much, silence, such as the criminal silence of bishops, is a sin of coopera-
tion.  Bishops are quite capable of going to Hell for all eternity, too, especial-
ly in light of the fact that the more which is given to you the more which is
required of you.  And of course, St. John Chrysostom wrote that the road to
Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. 

How many bishops of today have you seen doing their duty in mobilizing the
faithful in the effort to end those institutionalized sins known as social scandal
and corporate sin?  Yet, such a counter-measures occurred in the 1960s, in the
Grapes and Lettuce boycott.  It worked well, benefiting the workers at the time.
Today, however, the bishops show themselves to be selfish brats who couldn't
care any less than they do about the suffering of others.

The institutionalized desecration of the Christian Sabbath in heavily christened
populations is another social scandal.  Sins against the Ecology of the Earth and
the home is categorized under "Thy shall not kill."  Plus, medical price gouging
is another scandal that the modern Church must not empower.  It is categorized
under, "Thy shall not steal."  But, the church partakes in medical price gouging,
these days.  The great irony is that hospitals were originally for the poor, as op-
posed to being extremely expensive places.  Saint Louis of France founded a
hospitals that housed three-hundred patients.  It was called Quinze-Vingts, as
in 15 x 20 = 300.  Quinze means 15 and Vingts 20.  For the record, I was a
French major as well as an Economics & Accouting major.

Today's bishops seem to be insensitive to human suffering.  And of course, sin
harms others and causes them to suffer.  In as much, bishops who remain negli-
gent toward addressing and countering socialwide sins are vicious, ruthless, and
self-absorbed.  In as much,  if they don't form the needed apostolates, ..  if they
don't mobilize the laity ... if they let socialwide mortal sins go without objection,
then those sins end up embedded in their own dioceses.  It literally comes up to
their doorsteps and enters their homes.  In their sins of negligence, their eternal
salvation is non-existent.  Only everlasting Hell awaits them, because they were
more than willing to let people on earth go through Hell.

God is changeless.  If you remain obstinate in sin today, you get a full dose of
God's wrath as much as you would have gotten it two thousand years ago.  Now,
you might think that you are too glamorous and filled with "love feelings" so
much so that God grants you special favors and will not exact divine vengeance
upon you.  However, Go is neither impressed with nor intimidated at egomaniacs
who think that they are too glamorous for God's law.

The approved Marian apparition of Quito Ecuador mentioned that  a corrupt priest-
hood will have emerged in the 20th Century.  The approved Marian locutions of
Akita Japan mentioned that bishop will be against bishop and cardinal will be
against cardinal.  The approved apparition of La Salette had its apocalyptic 
ecret, and there were number of beatified and canonized people who pro-
phesied about this era, too.
Today's bishops, in their criminal silence,
continue to let the nails be driven into Christ anew.

Then comes the Third Secret of Fatima.  Being that the Quito, Akita, and La
Salette prophecies have yet to come to pass, the Fatima prophecies are not
yet a thing of the past.  

Concerning this, also keep in mind that, in June of 2000, Cardinal Sodano was
purposely orchestrating a diversionary tactic to take the attention off of inter-
national criminal, Marcial Maciel.  So, he feigned the Triumph of the Imma-
culate Heart of Mary.  That triumph has not yet happened, and when it does,
everyone in the Catholic world will recognize that Sodano, Bertone, and Rat-
zinger (the authors of the June 2000 Fatima press release farce) were lying to 
humanity, all along.  They will forever be recognized as the hideous beings
they have been for decades.

Concerning the fate of today's bishops, the prophecy is that they will under-
go the same destiny as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  However,
the other part of the prophecy was referred to as "the Restoration."   The
bottom line is that the end of the world will not be coming any time soon.
Rather, we will be seeing an end to a generation of bishops accomplished
in the vulgarity of cronyism, nepotism, negligence, retaliatory conduct, 
narcissism, and insensitivity to other people's pain.  They, in their mortal
sins of negligence, cause pain.  In as much, when you die, you get what
you gave in this life.  So, guess what they will get.  Amen.


A fetus can only grow if it's first alive: It's not lifeless unti the abortionist touches it.

Definition:  Abortion -  The act of taking something alive and making it dead.

In politics, when the abortion the predictable activism diatribes got heated,
those obsessed with keeping abortion accommodated in modern society kept
saying, "Don't  push your morality off on me."  They entirely missed the
point.  A citizen objecting to the legalization of a crime  against humanity
such as abortion wasn't trying to push any moral code on anyone.  Such a
person was trying to not be an accomplice to your crimes against humanity

Now, in thinking-out the abortion issue, the following becomes realized by
the reasonably minded person:

In order for anything to be able to grow, it must first be alive.  It's doesn't first
grow, and then suddenly becomes alive, as if a fairy godmother placed a wand
on it.  There is no transition point where something that has been growing and
developing suddenly becomes alive.  It either was already alive, or it was never
alive and will never be alive.  Therefore, life can only begin at conception.

Now, when the living being who is afflicted with a tumor dies, the tumor ceases
to grow.  Plus, if the tumor is separated from the person carrying the tumor, the
tumor also ceases growing.  In comparison, when a child is separated from its
mother via birth, the child continues to grow.  The final result of the malignant
tumor is death, showing that such a thing was never alive.  The final result of
every healthy pregnancy is a living being.  This shows that the thing which was
growing inside its mother was alive in the first place.

The next question would be, "What about bird and amphibious life that springs
forth from eggs?"   ANS:  The question is not favorable to an abortion-obsessed
propagandist.  Firstly, the young bird needs to be alive, in order to peck through
the egg.  It doesn't become a living thing only upon hatching.  It hatches itself
out of the egg, meaning that it was alive inside the egg.  Thus, life doesn't be-
gin upon birth ... or hatching.  Thus, the most obsessed abortion propagandist
must admit that, at some time, a fetus is alive inside the mother, meaning that
any elective/demanded abortion beyond that point in time is murder.  Being
that the fetus was growing since Day 1, that fetus' lief began on Day 1.

Life is simple.  Manipulative people act as if it's too complicated for you, in
order to deceive you into thinking that only they have the minds to make the
rules.  But, they don't think things out.  So, they do what they can to make
sure that you don't take the time to think things out, either.  That's why they
throw out all sorts of interference.  Abortion people are always telling you
what to think.

If abortion-on-demand were a natural right, people would easily recognize
it as so, and the abortion-obsessed propagandists would not be immediately
uttering out the hypnotic phrase "woman's right to" ... what is nothing more
than premeditated murder.

They pound that  phrase into your head, because nature and civility does not
recognize abortion-on-demand to be a lifesaving right.  The fact that there
have been over 6 billion births in the past century, as is evidenced by the
world's population shows that most people are NOT pro-abortion, aka
"pro-choice," as if choosing to kill a helpless and innocent human life is
an option.

Hitler's people kept pounding anti-Semitic sentences down the throats of the
German people, as much as the abortion-obsessed bark out their diatribes.  If
you notice, no abortion-obsessed propagandist ever sits down and explains
with reason why such a crime against humanity would be a civil right, ex-
cept in one repetitive sentence.  They say that the child within the mother is
not a human life, because the child cannot life outside of the mother, on its
own.  Firstly, that's why abortion, outside of the mother's life being in direct
danger, is murder.  Secondly, you cannot live own your own outside of the
16% oxygen atmosphere of Planet Earth.  Does that mean that you are not
a living being when you are scuba diving.  Of course, not.  Therefore, the
abortion propaganda completely fails to the point of being a complete lie.

Concerning the abortion-obsessed who don't know how grotesque they are
when they start spewing out their diatribes, you could include the following,
if you need to address those people who basically don't let others speak, in the
first place.

"You act as if you are all too great a lover to ever have to spend time on raising
children.  Children aren't glamorous enough for you.  Well, I can assure you
that you have no love generating from you, and you need love, in order to be
a great lover.  Your self-love circulates within you and stays within you to the 
point of becoming like mold.   The result is that it makes you the ultimate
paranoid isolationist.   You are so paranoid that you think that a helpless
child is the enemy.

One guarantee always is that history repeats itself, much like the cyclical seasons
of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter which return and return again.  Human-
ity will witness yet another Nuremberg Trial scenery, yet on a more massive scale.
It will include include those sweatshop boys and lasses who profited from human
misery.  It will include specific types of economic injustices in addition to sweat-
shop labor profiteering.  It will also include the abortion-obsessed who saw to it
that society would be an acquiescent accomplice to their crime against humanity.
If you think that this will never happen, then do want place a bet on it?  Well, the
abortionists and their propadandists already bet their lives on it, as much as the
Nazi heads bet their their would never be summoned to Nuremberg.

Let us review: 

In order for a fetus to grow and develop, it must first be alive.  Therefore, it is
100% logical, reasonable, and natural to conclude that life begins at conception.

There is no transition point where a fetus suddenly goes from inanimate lifeless-
ness to becoming alive, as if a fairy godmother affixed her magic wand to the
womb.  If it's a growing and developing fetus, by its nature its alive.  It's grow-
ing only on account of the alive essence within it.  To separate it from its mother
is to kill something alive.  In common speech, this is known as murder ...  cold
blooded, premeditated murder.

One more thing:  Quit using the phrase, "pro-life."  You make it sound optional,
open for debate and compromise.  You make it sound like self-righteous, pushy,
and in-your-face.  Use the phrase, "Respect life."  That sounds far more humble.
Pride kills.


The asthma-triggering fad of letting cars reek with gluttonous amounts of chemically laden fragrance products; two, four, and six of them in one car.

If you claim to be pro-life and the following information doesn't effect
you, then you're not pro-life.  When reading this, keep in mind that there
are between 21 to 25 million asthma sufferers in America, and a sizable
number are children ... children dependent upon adults being decent and
considerate to their respiratory tracts.

1} A very nice young lady who works at a store's deli section told me
     that some cars today reek with such a gluttonous supply of synthetic
     fragrance products that she literally was choked a few times, when in
     the presence of those cars, such as at a red light or in a parking lot.

2} A female Bank of America employee said that she got overwhelmed
     by the gaudy odors of the same type of vehicles ... those containing
     two, four, six, and even seven chemically laden fragrance products.

3}  A very athletic young lady who has the physique of an Irish River
      Dancer concurred, in that some cars today are noxiously repugnant,
      due to the glut of synthetic fragrance products that either hang from
      their rear view mirrors or are clipped on dashboard vents.

 4} Her manager agreed.  In fact, both ladies responded with their eyes
      wide open, in confirming that they, too, were overwhelmed by inor-
      dinate amounts of synthetic fragrances that reek from today's cars..

5}  An aging cashier for a spacious health food store told me that the
      artificial fragrance odors reeking from cars give her splitting head-
      aches ... and she had to walk through a parking lot at least twice a

6}  A sporting goods cashier mentioned how Febreze clip-ons are the
      worst things for her asthmatic respiratory tract.  She even stated
      that she once detected from a distance an auto reeking with the
      asthma-triggering smell of Febreze, with her husband as a wit-
      ness to the event.  In fact, there were two Febreze clip-ons at-
      tached to the dashboard.  Her radar was on track.

7} Concerning Febreze, a woman who communicated to me several
     times, even during my 12,000 mile road trip, stated that Febreze
     was her worst nightmare.

8} Yet another woman ... from the other side of America ... let me
      know that, as soon as she removed Febreze from her home, her
      symptoms vanished.  Febreze Air Effects was found to have 86
      chemicals ingredients in it.

9} A gentleman who developed breathing difficulties and even had
     surgery stated that the taste of Febreze lingered in his mouth for
     an amount of time far longer than what decency permits.

10 Yet another gentleman concurs with all of those above, in having
     had the experience of asthma being triggered while he was at many
     a red light, motel room, and parking lot, due to the high levels of
     chemically laden fragrance products reeking from autos.  He had
     to leave motels and look for elsewhere to stay, on account of this.

11  A forty-four year old woman on Social Security disability stated
      that she is tortured by automobile air fresheners, too.

Incidentally, for a reality check on Febreze, refer to the following:

When we were young, we were told to never overdo it with cologne.
Two dabs will do.  If you go any further, you'll reek and drive people
away from you.  Today, that rule of nature has been forgotten.  Yet,
there are far more asthmatics in the world today, some of which are
reactive to fragrance chemicals.  Even automobiles reek hideously
today, illustrating a generation of humanity entirely out of touch
with perception reality and proportionality ... of a generation en-
tirely inconsiderate to other people ... kind of like right winged
conservative Republicans:

When you're at a red light, in a parking lot, or in a traffic jam, while
driving a car or truck that has in it 2 to 4 to 6 chemically-laden fra-
grance products in it, and there.  If you're hiding the odor of illegal
substances that you smoke, by means of putting high levels of sick-
eningly sweet fragrance chemicals in your car, know that you're at-
tracting attention.  That's not how you hide things.

If this applies to you, know that the American Lung Association and
other organizations of trusted reputation publicly acknowledge that
"air fresheners" are asthma triggers.  This means that, if you have a
gluttonous amount of synthetic "air fresheners" in your car, your car
is an asthma attack waiting to happen to an asthmatic somewhere.
The person merely needs to be relatively near your car; not in it and
not beside it. 

An anti-cigarette commercial explained it correctly, years ago

An anti-cigarette commercial, years ago, explained it properly, by re-
minding the viewers that the clothing in the closet of any cigarette
smoke reek with cigarette smoke.  The same applies to chemically-
laden fragrance products.  They are cigarettes with a wider reach-
ing delivery system, meaning that chemical fragrance odors travel
much further than cigarette smoke, because the smoke vs vapor/fume

 The airspace in your car or truck is very small.  The glut of chemical
fragrance products in those vehicles don't achieve what you think they
do, because they reach a saturation point in your vehicle's cab, and the
rest the fragrance compounds leak out of the cab, making your vehicle
reek.  Your car isn't airtight.  If it were, you would suffocate in it.  The
scenario goes as follows:

Saturation Point ==> Leakage ==> a car that reeks ==> asthma attack
to any poor soul afflicted with asthma and stuck at a red light next to
(or behind) a reeking auto.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency concurred with the
American Lung Association, concerning synthetic "air fresheners" trig-
gering asthma.  So, why not start protecting the American environment,
for a change?   Now, Dick Cheney and his cohorts succeeded in dumb-
ing down America.  The fragrance industry is succeeding in numbing it
down, as in neurotoxic chemicals, sensitizers, clastogens (chromosome
chain slicers), endocrine disruptors, hepatotoxins (liver cell killers),
irritants, etc.

Even an RN (registered nurse) writing for mentioned that
"air fresheners"are common asthma triggers.  Therefore, when you have
three, four, or five of those automobile air fresheners reeking from your
car, your car is literally a vehicle of toxic battery.  The operative phrase
in the article linked below is "common asthma trigger."

You're first response will be to say that you can do whatever you damn
please in your car.  ANS:  Not when it's invading an asthmatic's respira-
tory tract, suffocating that person, in his own car.  You're invading some-
one's personal space and injuring his health.  There is also the matter of
exposing gluttonous amounts of chemically-laden fragrance products to
children and small animals.  Remember:  The asthma rate is on the rise,
and has been so for years. 

Why would you want to have your car smell like a child molester's
car, with a sugary sweet lollipop odor?

Some of your cars smell as if you are trying to attract children to your
car,  with the now-familiar sickeningly sweet smell encountered time
and time again.  Why would you want your car to smell like a molester

Everyone needs air.  
No one needs a gluttonous amount of chemical fragrance products.

Asthmatics have the inalienable right to be on State and Federal roadways.
Today, a person can't even sit at a red light without being assailed by one
or more cars that contain obnoxiously high levels of chemical fragrance
products.  This noxious fad began in the summer of 2012.

If you ever have had an asthmatic attack triggered while sitting at a red
light, day after day, you would understand.  Why do you insist on having
two, three, four, and even seven of  these things in your car?   Do you know
that chemicals in America do NOT have to be tested for safety, in order for
them to be marketed?

Putting four clip-on "air fresheners" on the dashboard of one car is chemi-
cal assault, via Saturation Point ==> Leakage ===> Reeking Auto.  This is
four times the recommended dose.  I literally witnessed the four clip-on ha-
bit, as much as I repeatedly witnessed up to seven pine tree fragrance pro-
ducts hanging from a single rear view mirror.  There were even automobile
fragrance products encountered by me this past summer on a hand grenade
template.  Each one was especially odorous, and thus, especially chemical.

These things are not air fresheners.  Nature is the air freshener ... not a
chemist's lab.  The other thing which helps one's auto is the heater and
air condition, due to their ability to dry the air in your vehicle's cab.  Dry
air stops the molding and mildewing.

Have not you heard of the "Trade Secret Law?"  If not, the following can
educate you.  However, if you are a person who does the seven pine tree
thing, the probability is that you are too lazy to read.  In fact, it's unlikely
that this is being read by anyone to whom it's addressed:

Triggering respiratory ills isn't the new cool.  Thus, when it comes to assault-
ing an asthmatic's respiratory tract with a reeking vehicle carrying two, four,
and even seven fragrance products, something needs to be understood:

1}  Nuisance Law.
2} Aggravating a pre-existing condition.
3} The Americans with Disabilities Act,
      concerning those persons who have a right to be on a State road with-
      out being suffocated by gaudy amounts of chemicals reeking from 
      cars that have far too many fragrance products in them.

4} Cars have license plate numbers on them, and trucks have the employ-
     er's name written on them ... and sometimes the phone number. 


Miraculous Communion Hosts through the Centuries

For those unfamiliar, Christ was quoted by a
Gospel writer or two as having said, "If you
don't believe in my words, then believe in
my works." Of course, he was referring to his
miracles.  This includes miracles that occurred
long after he made his ascent into Heaven.  In
fact, it was centuries afterward.  The miracles
are reminders that he actually did ascend into
Now, one night in a Trappist monastery, as a long-term guest there, I was literally
reading through the 1983 Code of Canon Law where within it was stated that:

"The center of Catholicism is the Eucharist."

At the same monastery, it was said that, when you receive Christ, Christ simulta-
neously receives you.  You do enter into Christ, and within the mystical blood of.
Christ, there is the church that he founded, as opposed to the fragmented skewed
and abridged variations that mostly came through Luther, Henry VIII, and Calvin;
bone fragment of the body of Christ.

Needless to say, us Catholics, as well as the Greek, Russian, and Ukranian Orthodox,
have been hideously mocked for our believe in the True Presence of the consecrated
hosts and wine.  Not merely are Atheists the mockers, in their delusional belief that
all of the universe's intricate ordering and dominoes effects is mere random accident.
It's the uneducated, backwoods, isolationist, conspiracy theorist Protestants who used
to call themselves, "Born-Again Christians" who really mock it, because they are too
lazy to meditate on the concept of body and blood in the ultimate essence that com-
prises the meaning of body and blood.   Plus, they are too profane and crass, in their
lack of mysticality, to meditate on the idea of ingesting soul and the divinity of God.
Understanding these things will change your entire outlook on the cosmogony of the
universe.  It will make your life never the same again.

Due to the attacks against the Faith of Peter, that which the Holy Spirit made sure to
give the Church, in its defense, was Eucharist miracles that only a liar would deny.
This is due to the long time spans between each miracle and the very common trait
that each host-miracle shares.  The common trait is that the exact same blood type
was detected, 100% of the times when the miracles were scientifically analyzed.

Yes, Jesus does have a human blood type, just like the rest of us.  So, the Atheists
and Born-Again hoopies boys, with all their "Praise-the-Lords" and yee-haws, can
take their smirks and shove them down their socks, ladies and gentlemen.

All in all, you MUST defend the Faith of Peter, or else, when its your time to be
defended in death, Christ will not be there to defend you.  Rather, he'll be there
to let you go to the Hell you caused others to endure, most often by your sins of
Negligence and Indifference.

You Know that Things Aren't Always What They Appear To Be

 Concerning unlikely things, such as bread and wine turning into the essence of Christ,
(minus Christ's height, weight, and width) there are many things that aren't what they
appear to be.  For example, when you travel in a car on a clear night, it looks as if the
moon is following you.  Meanwhile, to passengers traveling in the opposite direction,
it looks as if the moon is following them.  Yet, you know that it isn't following anyone
on the highway.  In fact, the stars near the moon look to be the same distance from
the earth as is the moon.  They are not.  They are separated by light years of distance.
In a similar fashion, it looks as if the sun revolves around the Earth.  Needless to say,
it does not do so.

In light of very natural celestial phenomena, transubstantiation should be understood as
par for the course in this mystery where humanity finds itself.  Furthermore, if the bread
and wine were merely symbolic, as Protestants ended up professing, then Christ is vain
and pointless, in having made a big deal out of something that's pretend.  Why would the
Vatican go to extreme lengths to distribute communion to multitudes, during large papal
Masses, if it were all symbolic make-believe?

For anyone who has no faith in the transubstantiation of unleavened bread during the
consecration segment of a Mass, consider the miraculous hosts throughout the world.
Many consist in bleeding, coagulated blood, and blood that liquefies.  Concerning the
scientifically investigated ones that involved the appearance of blood, it turned out to
be authentic blood each time a validly consecreated host was examined, and the blood
type was always always always AB positive.

AB positive happens to be the rarest type of blood.  Therefore, the use of AB positive
blood in any bleeding host hoax would make the hoax quit difficult to maintain.  In as
much, if dozens of hoaxes are in operation at various shrine, then the difficulty factor in
maintaining the many hoaxes becomes a lesson in statistics, as well as logistics.  In light
of this, the constant appearance of AB Positive blood in miraculous host phenomena
increases the likelihood that a series of authentic miracles, and not hoaxes, have been
occurring throughout the centuries.

In addition, if these hosts were all fraudulent constructions, they would have decom-
posed by now and the added features of them would never have been detected.  In
the alternate, if these were all hoaxes, someone would have been caught replacing the
hosts, via cell phone cameras.  In fact, if these hosts were hoaxes, then you wouldn't
be able to explain the consistency of their features, whenever comparing them to their
photographs of years past.

Keep in mind that some of the hosts turned to human flesh and that the contour and de-
tails of each host can be readily analyzed and compared to the early photos of the hosts.
If these hosts were constantly being replaced, the ones in the monstrances would look
entirely different from the ones in past photos, proving that the original hosts were re-
placed.  Therefore, if the intricate details of past photos are equal to the present host in
the monstrance, then the original host is in the monstrance, and such a host is a miracu-
lous one which should have dissolved centuries prior.

The photographic comparisons of a present miraculous host can easily disprove atheist
naysayers who claim that miraculous hosts can never be proven to be miraculous.  They
admit to actual flesh being in these monstrances, but they claim that it could have been
tissue taken from other bodies, human or animal.  Well, these miraculous hosts consist
in living flesh, and not in decaying tissue.

So, why have these miracles occurred throughout the centuries?  ANS:  According to
St Paul, it's because Christ cannot deny himself.  When a priest performs the consecra-
tion of bread and wine, while having zero faith in transubstantiation, Christ doesn't sub-
ject himself to the priests' lack of faith.  He still transforms bread and wine into himself,
through the priests' unfading power of ordination.  This is because Christ will remain
faithful, even should the priest become unfaithful.  Christ then makes the truth of tran-
substantiation visibly manifest ... from time to time.  The result has been dozens of
miraculous hosts throughout the centuries.

In a similar fashion, when Satanists and other types of occultists would desecrate a con-
secrated host, Christ wouldn't let himself be overcome by the blasphemies.  He would
let miraculous bleeding ensue, from time to time ... in order to accentuate a point of doc-
trine; in order to Glorify God in the midst of the blasphemy.

As a secondary effect, these miracles enable people to continue to embrace a faith that
has a way of getting distorted with the lapse of time.  Even at that, blessed is he who
has not seen, yet believes.   Cursed is he who denies living evidence.  A few examples

1] Lanciano,  8th Century:  "This miracle has undergone extensive scientific 
    examination and can only be explained as a miracle.  The flesh is actual-
    ly cardiac tissue which contains arterioles, veins, and nerve fibers.  The 
    blood type as in all other approved Eucharistic miracles is type AB!"

    It doesn't look like a host anymore.  The flesh is NOT dead flesh, either.  As was
    previously mentioned, AB positive is the rarest blood type, comprising 4 to 5%
    of African, European, and Asian populations.  It comprises only 1% of the native
    American populations.

2]  Santarem, Portugal (1225)"Miraculously, after 750 years, the precious 
     blood still remains in liquid form, defying the natural laws of science.  
     The Host is somewhat irregularly shaped, resembling real flesh with 
     delicate veins running from top to bottom, where a quantity of blood 
     is collected in the crystal."  Liquefied blood after 750 years involves the
     suspension of natural law.  Such a suspension is known as a miracle.

3] The Miracle of Amsterdam in 1345 and of the same host in 1452.  The same
     one host survived two fires, according to testimony.  It's an involved account.
     None the less, that which is asserted to be the same host is still in tact today,
     and intricate photographic detail can prove if whether it's a host that doesn't
     decompose or if the monstrance keeps getting replacement hosts put into it.

4] Faverny, France (1608).  Two hosts and a monstrance survive a fire.  Witnesses
    at the time testified to seeing something miraculous which cannot be proven today.
    They claimed to have seen the monstrance levitating over the ashes.  One host re-
    mains today, along with the monstrance.  During the French Revolution, one of the
    hosts was destroyed.

The list goes on and includes Twentieth Century miracles.  So, have fun explaining away
all of the miracles, while making life look mundanely boring, in a geektoid scientific way.
Of course, doing so will significantly take away your time to search for UFO's and be-
come the contactee who will one day introduce the world to Sphinctar the Nebulan,
from the Planet Zemulak.

Of course, you don't believe in silly things.  Oh noooooooooo.  Not you, Mr. Scientif-
ic UFO-Chasing Atheist.  You only believe in normal things ... like your claim that the
Dark Side of the Moon is an epicenter of UFO landing bases that our modern technol-
ogy can't detect, even though NASA was able to bounce signals off of the lunar laser
ranging reflector which was placed on the moon by terrestrial humans 30 thirty years
ago.   Suuuuuuuuuuure.  We believe you.  You don't believe in ridiculous things.

At least Catholics can see the miraculous hosts at shrines. No extraterrestrial UFO's
are on display anywhere.  Yet, you absolutely insist that they exist.  Okay then, prove
tht UFO's exit.  Where are the in-depth photos?  As you can see, that which Catholics
believe is more credible than what the UFO crowd believes, due to the various certified
miracles that occurred throughout the centuries. 

             It's equivalent to inviting a guest, so that you can abuse him

In light of the fact that a consecrated host is the essence of the living Christ, when you
allow someone dedicated to an habitual mortal sin to receive communion, you are allow-
ing that person to receive a guest into his/her home, so that he/she can throw rocks and
bricks at the guest.  Receiving communion while remaining dedicated to a mortal sin is
blasphemy in action.  Receiving Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin only makes
a person more locked into the state of spiritual death.  The priests of the church are the
ones who inexcusably must safeguard Christ from sacrilege.

Catholics do believe in the supernatural mystery taught about the Sacrament of Holy
Communion, being that it's in keeping with everything about a Christ endowed with
infinite humility.  They believe that the Holy Spirit, at the behest of a priest at an altar,
changes the substance of bread and wine into Christ, minus Christ's weight, height,
and width.  After all, this is a Christ who had no objection to being born in a grotto
and laid in an eating trough for oxen.  The same Christ would have the same humility
to let himself take on the appearance of unleavened bread and be consumed.  Inter-
estingly enough, whenever you receive Christ in this sacrament, thereby receiving him
into your finite body, he is simultaneously receiving you into his mystical body.

True Catholics have the instinct to understand that life in itself is mysterious.  Thus, it
is reasonable for them to expect that the ultimate sacrament instituted by Christ would
have attached to it an article of faith so mysterious that it gives cause to either abandon
faith in Jesus the Nazarene or to reassess the visible world around them.

One more thing:  At an Emmaus inn, on Easter Sunday Night, Christ blessed bread,
broke it and handed it to the two minor disciples who were clueless as to the identity
of their guest.  Upon doing so, he disappeared.  Where did he go?  ANS:  Into the
transformed bread.