The Rosary of the Virgin Mary

The major objection that the arrogant have of the Rosary is that they assume
it to be a devotion for illiterate women and children, but not for lofty minds.

Well, the sacred scripture reads:  "Out of the mouths of babes come perfect
praise."  The Rosary can very much be a bringer of Wisdom - - - of Wisdom
radiated to you from Heaven.

Mary says, "And I present to you my son ..."
The Virgin Mary brings her realm to you.
You don't go to it, as if it's an impersonal
force field that you can reach with the help
of a cosmic map. The experience of being
in her realm is very personal.  In fact, the
Realm of the Virgin Mary is like a sapphire
dome room, where:

1} Sapphire is the symbolic color of Heaven
that exists in the depth of Mary's soul as much
as it exists throughout the expanse of angels &
saints.  2} Dome is symbolic of Mary's Queen-
ship over the angelic world and all of humanity.
3} Room is symbolic of the intimate rapport that
she has with her devotees.

Mary's sapphire dome room is symbolic of the state of purification achieved through
devotion to the Rosary.  This is because, when the state is achieved, you intensely
feel the sense of Mary's presence which is Heavenly.  In Jewish tradition, Heaven
is associated with the color blue, as in blue sky.

In the black Protestant world, blue is associated with circulation cut-off and the lack
of oxygen, thusly giving us a 1,4,5 music progression called the Blues.  In the Catho-
lic world, blue is oxygen, flight, and freedom to soar.  Blue is life-giving water and
the color one associates with Mary.  It's a beautiful color, not to be presented as ugly
by a Protestantism which tossed out mysticism and majesty.  The Virgin Mary is
majestic.  To state otherwise is a lie.

The interesting thing about finding yourself in Mary's Sapphire Dome Room is that
you will feel at home, as if you were always destined to be there.  It's there where
you will feel a casual rapport with her, in the midst of a beauty that fits you like a
perfect set of garments.  It's there where you will be fluent in understanding and
articulate in communication.  The surest way to gain entrance into the Realm of
Heaven's mysticism is, of course, via praying the Rosary or any Rosary-like de-

Let it be repeated:  

If you want graces that are confided to no other people on Planet Earth, pray the
Rosary.   The Rosary is what can enlighten scholars, the illiterate, and children
simultaneously.  Very simply, the Rosary consists in meditating on the various
events in the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph while praying the Our Father and
Hail Mary.  Thus, the Rosary consists in vocal prayer and meditative prayer si-

If you despise the Rosary, you are simply too lazy to mingle vocal & meditative
prayer simultaneously.  Everyone who began the Rosary had trouble juxtapostion-
ing the two types of prayer.  This is due to the effect of Original Sin in us.  It's just
that some people had the patience and humility to persevere in the Rosary and over-
come the lack of spiritual gymnastics which comes with the effect of Original Sin.  

Ironically, some individuals who begin a devotion to the Rosary experience the
most mystical lights instantly.  But, it had nothing to do with them, except for a
thing.  They made their bodies sensitive via modern mortifications.  Modern morti-
fications are known as Work-outs, as in Weight Lifting, Spurt Training, Basketball,
vigorous ice skating, gymnastics, Self-defense training, long distance jogging, and
similar types of athletic training, as well as regimented dieting and/or fasting of any
variety.  It was graces bestowed upon them which resulted in them being so moved
that they returned to the Rosary, for more of the same.  If you did experience mysti-
cal intensity when you first started a devotion to the Rosary, know that it was Mary,
paying you an advance.

At this point, it is absolutely essential to understand one universal truth:  You can do
nothing without the grace of God.  Now, Catholics believe that Jesus of Nazareth is
God-made-man.  Thus, Catholics believe that, without Christ, a person can do no-
thing good.  Thus, if you bear fruit in prayer, its the grace of God making it happen.

One danger in having gotten consoling lights at the start of a Rosary devotion is the
spiritual dryness stage .... the arid stage ... a stage to which Saint Teresa of Avila was
so familiar.  When that stage comes ... and it is only temporary ... Faith alone suffices.
This means that, when you meditate on each mystery of the Rosary, and you are no
longer being moved as you were at the beginning of your devotion, simply think to
yourself, "This mystery really happened."
Whereas Jesus was born in the poverty of Bethlehem,
he is born in the poverty of your heart.  He doesn't mind.
The Rosary's Beginning

The present Rosary traces itself back to St. Dominic, in the early 13th Century,
during the days of Francis of Assisi, Clare of Assisi, and Anthony of Padua.  In
fact, it's predecessor was the ancient prayer rope used by monks, in repetitively
reciting either the Jesus prayer or the Hail Mary.

Now, as far as goes today's Rosary of the Virgin Mary, this devotion started when
Dominic performed a three day Category 5 hurricane-style penance, done solely
for the conversion of the Albigensians.   He then allegedly went unconscious, in
the process.   According to Saint Louis of Montfort, when Mary appeared to Saint
Dominic, she said to the effect:  

"Dominic, you are trying to cultivate where no rain has been sent.   In this 
type of warfare, the effective weapon has always been my Angelic Psalter."  

The Angelic Psalter is the Hail Mary prayed a number of times in succession, and
an individual Hail Mary is known as the Angelic Salutation.  Mary once told Saint
Dominic that the Angelic Salutation is the cornerstone of the New Testament.   This
is logical, being that the New Testament's starting point was when the Archangel
Gabriel appeared to Mary and said, "Hail, full of grace.  The Lord is with you.  
You are blessed among women."   The New Testament then went to its next step
when, after a long journey, Mary entered the house of her cousin Elizabeth, only to
hear her cousin say, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of 
 your womb."

The Hail Mary commemorates the two initial events of the New Testament.  There-
fore, only an avowed liar filled with hatred toward Mary would have the audacity
to claim that the Rosary is a non-Biblical pagan devotion, as many have done in the
past several decades.  In fact, John Paul II called the Rosary "the Gospel in Mini-
ature."  Thus, the Rosary is very Biblical.   Moreover, a number of Successors of
Peter had only had good things to say about the Rosary, even to the point of advo-
cating it as a devotion.

The Rosary is the simultaneous mixture of verbal prayer and meditative prayer.  
The subjects of the Rosary meditation are the events surrounding the incarnation,
life, sufferings, death, resurrection, and glorification of Jesus, as well as the glor-
ification of his mother Mary. 

The Verbal Part of the Rosary

The Rosary is usually preceded by first praying the Apostle's Creed.  Now, this
prayer is actually a prayer of simple (non-ritual and non-possession-related) ex-
orcism, being that it's spoken during baptism.   Praying it deflates Satan's influence
on your senses, being that it renews the power of baptism over Satan and his seeth-
ing minions.

Next is the praying of one Our Father, followed by three Hail Mary's.   This occurs
before the meditative part of the Rosary.   Concerning the three Hail Mary's, it was
revealed to Saint Gertrude the Great, while she was mystically being shown a fleur
de lys, that:

1} Except for God the Father, no one has the power that Mary was given.
2} Except for God the Son, no one has as much wisdom as she does.
3} Except for the Holy Spirit, no one is as kind as Mary.

The guarantee Mary gave to Gertrude was that those who pray three Hail Mary's
daily, in honor of the privileges granted to her by the Trinity, would see Mary at
the hour of death in an extraordinary splendor that will fill the dying soul with
heavenly consolation.   Such a thing will prevent a soul from succumbing to de-
spair during its last hour on earth.

After the three Hail Mary's, one prays a Simple Doxology.  That's the Glory-be,
as in Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as it was in beginning, is 
now, and forever shall be, world without end.  Amen.

You can even pray the Trappist monk version as follows Glory be to the Fath-
er and to the Son and to the Spirit who dwells within.  The God who is, who
was, and who is to come.

You can even try this version:  Glory, praise, and thanksgiving be to the Fath-
er of Heaven, the Son of the Most High, and to the Spirit who dwells within. 
As it was before the beginning began, is now, and forever shall be; the Reign
of Endless Ages.  Amen. 

Next comes the original Rosary:

Traditionally, beads are used.  However, they are not essential.   When beads are
used, however, one Our Father and Ten Hail Marys are prayed while meditating
on each individual Rosary mystery brought into prayer.  There are five joyous mys-
teries, five illuminative ones, five sorrowful mysteries, and five glorious ones.  In
fact, Carmelites have six joyous, six sorrowful, and six glorious mysteries in their
Rosary.  These meditations are the essence of the Rosary.   Even if you forgo the
praying of the Angelic Psalter (the Hail Mary's), you will still be engaged in pray-
er.   However, the verbal part of the Rosary helps to sanctify and even cleanse your
outer senses.

If you only have time to pray one decade of the Rosary, then you did your best, and
will have grace radiated to you in one way or another.  That is to say, you don't have
to pray all five decades at once.   Moreover, the closer to God (in contemplation) a
person gets, the longer it will take the person to pray a decade of the Rosary.   It will
even get to the point where the contemplative person's praying of one decade of the
Rosary will take as long as a basic person praying three of them.   Whereas the aver-
age person takes 15 minutes to pray five decades, the contemplative person will take
45 to 60 minutes, in doing the same.  Sometimes 90 minutes, depending on the person.

Keep in mind that members of a certain religious persuasion claim that the Rosary is
a non-Biblical thing of Satan, even though the Our Father and the first half of the Hail
Mary are in the Bible.   Now, view the mysteries of the Rosary posted below.  The
vast majority of them are mentioned in the Bible.   The bottom line is that those who
claim that the Rosary is a non-biblical anti-Christ devotion of pagan idolatry are one
of the following things:

1} Filled with laziness,   2} Filled with envy toward Mary,  3} Carry an evil view
of women and don't believe that any woman could be holy,  4} Are in synchronicity
with Satan's feelings of despair and despondency, assuming that the Rosary causes
those feelings.  However, those who condemn the Rosary under the claim that it's a
non-biblical act of idolatry are easily provable liars.  The Hail Mary prayer is from
the Bible, as are 18 of the 20 mysteries of the Rosary.

People who want nothing to do with the Rosary are those who have trouble simul-
taneously being engaged in verbal and meditative prayer.  They usually say that their
minds wander.   Well, even in verbal prayer a human mind conceived in the state of
original sin wanders.   In  class, minds wander, too.   Does that mean no one should
ever be in class?   Does that mean that everyone should remain stupid?   Well, as you
continue the Rosary, if you continue it, praying it gets more streamlined. 

A detriment to devotion to the Rosary for some is mood.   If you pray the Rosary on-
ly when in the mood, you are missing out on seeing  a wide and then deep view with-
in you.  Our Lady or the angels will get you in the mood, shortly after you start the
Rosary.  What they do is open an ambiance, and you find yourself in a rhythm.
Those Events Really Happened

In the Rosary devotion, there is the dry stage.   It's at that point when you need to do
the following:  Whenever you have trouble meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary,
state in silence the following during each mystery "This really happened."   If that
is all you do for the meditative part of the Rosary, then you have prayed.  You were
there in attendance.  You recalled at least one mystery.  You believed that each event
really happened.  This includes the Annunciation, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection,
the Ascension, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, etc.   This is what St. Paul meant when
he said, "Faith alone suffices."   You need not have any colorful emotionality or ex-
quisite intellectuality when praying.   You only need the faith which believes that the
events remembered in the Rosary actually happened. 

The Events Combined is the Manifestation of the Love of God

The Secret of the Rosary is this:  If each event of the Rosary happened at the same
time, you would see the complete spectrum of the Love of God being unleashed in
all of its attributes.    In each mystery God is unveiling and actualizing Divine Love
in the world of time and space. 

At the end of each mystery, traditionally prayed is one Glory Be (one simple doxo-
logy.)   It is suspected that Louis of Montfort began that practice.   Well, at Fatima,
the Virgin Mary told us to pray the following after each decade of the Rosary:

          My Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us from the fire of Hell.  
     Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy.

In review, either go the contemplative route of praying Angelic Salutations at will,
while meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, or use blessed beads and pray one
Our Father, ten Hail Mary's, and the Fatima Decade Prayer posted above, while
meditating on a mystery of the Rosary, every ten Hail Mary's.

Below is the list of the Mysteries of the Rosary.   After that comes brief mention of
Rosary-like Devotions:

 Joyous Mysteries

1} The Annunciation.  This was when the Archangel Gabriel informed Mary that
     she was to bear a son who would be called Son of the Most High and Son of
     God.  This means that the Annunciation marked the first time in history when
     the existence of the Holy Trinity was revealed to humanity.  She was disturbed
     at his appearance, because she was too humble to think that an angel would ap-
     pear to her with a message from on high.  In addition, when Gabriel said, "Hail,
     Full of Grace," he was saying, "Hail, woman free of sin."  He was affirming
     Mary's Immaculate state of soul.

     This is the mystery where you are most likely to perceive the Eternality of God. 
      In this eternality, you will see yourself.   This mystery of the Rosary is the corn-
      er stone of the New Testament.  It's where the Will of God throughout the ancient
      centuries unfolds in a three dimensional feature.   This is where eternity and the
      fullness of time intersect.

2} The Visitation.  This was when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth.   As soon as
     Mary greeted Elizabeth, John the Baptist leaped in Elizabeth's womb.   This was
     because John was before the presence of Christ, and in the process thereof, the
     future prophet was immediately rendered into the state of sanctifying grace.  This
     proves the validity of infant baptism, in Biblical reference.   John and Elizabeth
     recognized whom Mary was carrying.

     This was when Mary spoke the Magnificat, stating that "From henceforth, all 
     generations will call be blessed, because he who is mighty has done great 
     things for me, and holy is his name."   This means that Marian devotion is
     certainly Biblical, even though the Bible is not the only thing involved in God's
     revelation to humanity.   Every generation after the Ascension of Christ had in-
     dividuals who honored Mary, calling her blessed.   When you pray the Rosary,
     therefore, you're fulfilling for the umpteenth thousandth time the Biblical pro-
     phecy that all generations will call Mary blessed.

3} The Nativity of Christ.  Whereas Jesus was born in the poverty of Bethlehem,
     he is born in the poverty of your heart.

4} The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.  This was the time when Anna the
      Prophetess recognized the Messiah ... and when Simeon got to see the Messiah,
      as he was promised.   This was very moving and caused Mary to ponder the ex-
      periences of that day in her heart.   This shows that she was a reflective woman
      involved in what was transpiring around her.   She was no airhead, as the adher-
      ents to White Trash Protestantism claim her to be, in their Satanic hatred of her.

5} The Finding of Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem.  After Joseph and Mary
       spent three days searching for Jesus, they found that he was safe.  They simul-
       taneously found him amazing the doctors of the temple with his questions and
       answers and understanding.   This is generally understood to be a prophecy of
       Christ's Resurrection.   However, here's a mystery to ponder:  What did he do
       during those three days?   Someone answered by saying, Charity Work. 

In the Carmelite Tradition:

6} The Immaculate Conception.  This consists in Mary being created free of the
     State of Original Sin the first moment she was created, due to the foreseen mer-
     its of Christ.   At Lourdes, Mary called herself the Immaculate Conception.   She
     is this in essence, not just in name.

The Illuminative (or Luminous) Mysteries

The paradox of the Luminous Mysteries is that they transpired in earthy and ruddy
settings ... not in palatial, glittery, or lime-lighted ones.

1} The Baptism of Jesus.   It was the Visitation all over again.   John the Baptist re-
      cognized Jesus for who he was, as he approached John, in order to be baptized.
      In humility, John told Jesus that Jesus should have been the one baptizing John.
      Jesus simply told John to baptize him.   Upon Jesus' baptism, there occurred the
      vision of the Holy Spirit descending upon Christ in the form of a dove.

      Now, John's baptism was a ceremony that initiated penance.  It had a strength-
      ening effect, and it was the starting point for cleansing.   This is why, after Je-
      sus was baptized, he went immediately into the wilderness and fasted for forty
      days and nights.

2}  The Wedding Feast of Cana.  Recount it.  Put yourself there.   If you do, then
      you are praying.   This was the site of Christ's first known miracle.   It did in-
      volve wine.   Therefore, it's not a sin to drink wine, as a couple religions claim.  
      Rather, it's a mortal sin to overuse wine to the point of injuring your health.  It's
      interesting that Catholicism was presented by the world as a suffocating and op-
      pressive religion.  However, the God of Catholicism, for his first miracle, turned
      water into wine.   Why?

3}  The Proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven.   This is the multiple event mys-
       tery, in that Jesus spent a number of occasions saying that the Kingdom of God
       is at hand.  It's here and now.   In fact, Saint John the Evangelist, one of the Sons
       of Thunder, once wrote,  "This is Eternal Life."   This meant that the spiritual
       lights and Divine Presence that the early Christians absorbed into their senses
       were the same ones they would encounter in the next life.   The Life of Devo-
       tion is the preview of the life to come.   Thus, the Kingdom of God actually is
       at hand, being that God is everywhere, involved in all things.

4}  The Transfiguration.   Jesus took three apostles with him into a private out-
       door mountain area and transfigured into crystalline luminosity.   Moses and
       Elijah then appeared next to the crystalline Christ and started conversing with
       him.  What did the three say to each other?

       It got to a point where Peter hid his face while in the midst of overwhelming
       presences and awe-provoking sights.  Jesus then leaned over, touched Peter
       and said, "Do not be afraid.  It's only me."   The great lesson is that, no mat-
       ter how hideous are your sins, do not be afraid of Jesus.  He will not hurt you.
       The problem is in him abandoning you, leaving you to the demons who WILL
       hurt you badly.  

       During Easter night, Jesus appeared in the Cenacle, and the first thing that he
       said was, "Do not be afraid.   It's only me."   This is a very important motto
       of the all-powerful King of Heaven who can crush humanity instantaneously
       and does not do so ... immediately after being offended, that is.  God is slow
       to anger.

5}  The Institution of the Eucharist.   Saint Anthony of Padua said that, at the
      Last Supper, when Jesus took bread in his hands and broke it, he was consent-
      ing to be broken in death.   This is eternal heroism.   This was the first Mass.

Note:  The Carmelite Tradition had no sixth Luminous mystery, being that this set
           of Rosary mysteries was instituted by John Paul II.   Thus, they are a new
           addition the Rosary.  None the less, this set is very effective for meditation. 

Sorrowful Mysteries

1} The Agony in the Garden.  This is when Jesus said that his soul was sorrow-
     ful to the point of death.   This is also when he said, "Watch with me for an
     hour."  As if he were a lighthouse in each tabernacle, he silently communicates
     to the person in front of the tabernacle, "Watch with me."  After having reached
     a critical stage of agony, Jesus was consoled by an angel; assumably the Arch-
     angel Gabriel.   Gabriel is known as the Teacher of the Nations and he doesn't
     reserve his consoling to Christ.   However, you first need to offer your suffering
     for the conversion of poor sinners, before expecting consolation.   Then, the suf-
     fering will have become worthwhile.

     Jesus told Faustina Kolwaska, secretary of the Divine Mercy revelations, that
     the greatest cause of his agony was the knowledge that there would be a multi-
     tude of lukewarm humanity who would be indifferent to his sufferings.   At that
     time, he was wondering why he was to suffer intensely, if mass sectors of hu-
     manity were to be indifferent to his sufferings.  Of course, his consolation was
     those people who would embrace a life of devotion.   None the less, while he
     was in his agony, torches, pharisees, and the temple guard were traveling in his

2} The Scourging at the Pillar.  The Romans tried to beat the kingship out of
     Christ.   They only brought out the helpless child, instead ... the actual Child
     of God.  This was an athletic event, in enduring the scouring.   Thus, the lazy
     are inclined to refrain from meditating on it.  Meditating on this gives a per-
     son a sense of honor.

3} The Crowning of Thorns.    Mocking the fact that he was a king, showing sup-
      eriority over him in the mocking.   This kind of thing happens to Christ today.

4} The Carrying of the Cross.   The actual cross had to be constructed at the site.
     So, carrying all the pieces alone wasn't a probability.  Thus came the involve-
     ment of Simon, the visitor from Cyrene.   This is where Jesus tolerated the most
     gutless of cowards who boldly walked into the street, to kick him while he was
     down.  He was afflicted with burning wounds and cramping by the weight of the
     Cross, all the while loosing his grip.  The gutless cowardly chicken hawks types
     wound up and kicked a person already down on the street.

    Some people act so tough when beating on the defenseless.   Jesus tolerated their
    presences.   When he met his mom on the way to Calvary, incidentally, it was a
    heart shattering moment of a level of mystery to which the vain and frivolous are

5} The Crucifixion.   This one is as involved as the Nativity of Christ.  A lesson
     is that the beginning and end of a life are packed with the most involved things.

      Those dedicated to the Crucifixion see the honor in it.  They also extend com-
       passion toward Christ, in the grief he suffered.  The Crucifixion existed in the
       most intense zone in the spiritual world.  It consisted in sacrificing everything
       for others, while watching your own creation kill you.   It simultaneously con-
       sisted in knowing that the vain, frivolous, and greedy will not ever care about
       what you endured for them.  

       For the record, Jesus does like to be consoled in his suffering and death.  There-
       fore, if you are a pretend Christian who says that crucifixes are evil, then you are
       a person who never brought consolation to Christ. 

In the Carmelite tradition:

6} Christ's Descent from the Cross, into his Mother's Arms.   The Virgin Mary
     didn't care how much blood was on her dress.  This crucifixion was devastating
     to her.  She was the only mother God will ever elect to have, and she saw the cre-
     ator of humanity get killed by his own creation.  Christ was then laid on her lap. 
     She had time to reflect.   Joseph of Arimathea was present, serving the function
     of defender of Christ's honor.  He made sure that he would get a burial.  John the
     Evangelist,  one of the Sons of Thunder,  was there, mainly because his original
     teacher, John the Baptist, influenced him into standing his ground.  Mone the less,
     Jesus blood came from Mary.  She saw it everywhere. 

The Glorious Mysteries

1}   The Resurrection.   In this mystery, we are dealing with a re-beginning.  There-
        fore, like Christmas and the Crucifixion, its too involved to mention between
        the parenthesis of an article.

2}   The Ascension.  This is another instance where the Bible ends and mystical ex-
        perience begins.   Did you ever wonder what was it like for the long awaited
       Anointed One to take his throne in the Heaven, doing so for the first time as the
       God-man?  The God feature was there before.  Not the divine man feature.

       The interesting thing is that his last words before ascending into Heaven was
       not "I will be with you always.   Even till the End of the World."   Before he
        ascended into Heaven, Jesus told his apostles and disciples to not go out into
        the world until they were clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit.   Thus fol-
        lowed the nine days of prayer in the Cenacle.   That nine days of prayer is why
        the Catholic Church uses novenas.   Incidentally, 'disciple'  means student.

3}   The Descent of the Holy Spirit.  It started with a wind you couldn't ignore.
       Thus, the townspeople and pilgrims gathered.  Peter, being the first Vicar of
       Christ, spoke in the name of the entire church.  Conversions ensured.  Then
       came the jealousy of the Scribes and Pharisees.   Then came the killing of the
       early Christians.  Next came Saul of Taurus, to end this Christian sect.  Then
       came the light.

4}   The Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  Meditate on her beauty and on how
       the patriarchs and angels waited for her to arrive in Heaven.   Now, for those
       who deny that Mary was assumed into Heaven body and soul, know that Jesus
       Christ was bound to the commandment, "Honor your mother and your father."
       This means that, if Jesus did not take his own mother into Heaven, he would
        have been dishonoring her and sinning in the process.   Thus, the Virgin Mary
        was assumed into Heaven, body and soul.

       Jesus was NOT going to let the body from where he came turn into insignifi-
       cant insect bait and eventual dust.   He was NOT going to treat his immaculate
       masterpiece as a dime-a-dozen person.  In fact, did you ever wonder what the
       King of Heaven thinks of his own mom?  

5}    The Coronation of Mary.   This was the ceremony where she was made
         Mediatrix of all Graces ... NOT the mediatrix for the forgiveness of sin.  In
         fact, Mary explained her power as mediatrix to Catherine Laboure in 1830,
         at Rue de Bac, in a Parisian chapel.   It was necessary for a human to be the
         Mediatrix of all Graces, so that the Commandment of the New and Everlast-
         ing Covenant could be fulfilled.  It was spoken by Christ at the Last Supper,
         when he said, "Love one another as I have loved you."   Mary is the master
         link in this chain of love.  In as much, the entire beauty of Heaven also exists
         in Mary's soul.

        Everyone who enters Heaven gets a coronation, though not as Queen of Heav-
        en.   This means that the fifth glorious mystery is pertinent to everyone who is
        not going to spend eternity in Hell.   Mary was given her throne, as the Holy
        Trinity showered its attributes and power upon her.  The Eternal Father re-
        garded Mary as his "highly favored daughter."   The Son of God called her
        mom.  The Holy Spirit cast his shadow over her, making himself her mystic
        spouse, thereby making Mary his immaculate mirror image.  If you don't
        think that she is the Majestic Virgin Mary, think again.   In fact, take time
        to meditate on it, while praying the Angelic Psalter.  Your eternal destiny
        depends on it. 

In the Carmelite Tradition

6} The Protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  Carmel means, Garden of the
Lord, and this spiritually refers to the flowering of holiness and even eternal glory.
Now, the Carmelites attribute the founding of their order to the ancient prophet
Elijah.  Thus, it is said to have gone from a devout Jewish order to a Catholic one
that professes the belief that the fulfillment of the promises given to Judea came
in the person of a humble and non-peacock-throne Messiah who was the Lion of
the Tribe of Judeavwhen it come to confronting demons and illness and even death.
Thus, it involves belief in a Messiah concerned with eternity rather than temporary
life on Earth.

A part of the Carmelite tradition is the wearing of the Carmelite scapular.  Such a
thing is an extention of the Cloak of Elijah ... of the miraculour cloak.  The protec-
tion of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel involves protection from demons and misfortunes
which have a permanent effect.  It's protection from whatever peril you may find
yourself, be it the malice of people who try to destroy through falsehoods to natur-
al disasters to invasion to instituted injustices such as a sweatshop/slave labor
economy, and other evils.  Her ability to protect equates her with a protective
wall, a quick-response emergency rescue department, a guard, etc.

Rosary-like Devotions

This would be 1} The Seven Sorrows of Mary,  and 2} The Seven Sorrows and
 Joys of Saint Joseph.  Simply mediate on the sorrows or joys, while praying the
Angelic Saluation, aka Hail Mary.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary:

1 - The Prophecy of Simeon, during the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple,
         when Simeon said that a sword of sorrow would pierce Mary's heart,
         and that Jesus would be a sign contradicted, and that Jesus would be the
         rise and fall of many in Israel.
2 - The Flight into Egypt, when Herod wanted the new king of the Jews dead.
3 - The Three Day Loss of a 12 Year Jesus in Jerusalem.
4 - Meeting Jesus on the Way to Calvary, while he was carrying his Cross.
5 - The Crucifixion.
6 - The Descent of Christ from the Cross, into Mary's Arms.
7 - The Burial of Jesus. 

Saint Joseph's Seven Sorrows and Joys:

1 - Finding Mary with child, thinking that another man was the father, and ...
         receiving in a dream news from Gabriel that Mary was carrying, by
         the power of the Holy Spirit, the one who will save his people from
         their sins.

2 - The Poverty in which Jesus was born, and ...
        the visit of the shepherds, along with the news of the angels singing
        Hosanna in the Highest in the fields of Bethlehem, after having told
        the shepherds that a king was born that night.

3 - The Circumcision, and ...
        hearing the name Jesus as the one officially given to the Christ Child.

4 - The prophecy of Simeon that a sword of sorrow would pierce Mary's
        soul, and ...
        the confirmation from the Prophetess Anna and Simeon in the Temple
        that this was the Messiah, proving that Joseph was not mistaken.

5 - The Flight into Egypt, and ...
        witnessing the idols there basically becoming extinct.

6 - The fear of Herod's successor, Archelaus, as Joseph returned to Israel
        with Jesus and Mary, as well as ...
      the joy of living in the company of Jesus and Mary, in Nazareth.

7 - The three day loss of Jesus in Jerusalem, and ...
        finding Jesus in the Temple on the third day of searching for him.

If you begin praying the Rosary, and you've never done so before, you will find
that Catholicism and the Faith of Peter are far more rich and involved than you
had previously assumed.   In fact, a devotion to the Rosary will lead to the exper-
ience of perceiving, without seeing anything, what can be symbolically referred
to as the Shimmer of Angels.   If you do proceed with a devotion to the Rosary,
the angels will regard you with more respect than would a restaurant's maître
d'hôtel toward the holder of a gold card.


A Rosary Tip, Concerning Our Lady's Titles

                                                                Do this when you pray the Rosary:
The Virgin Mary = Power in Gentleness.

At the point in the Angelic Salutation where
you pray, "Mother of God," substitute it in a
rotation of titles which come from the Litany
of Our Lady, Marian apparitions, and other
titles found in church-approved texts.  The
examples go as follows:

Holy Mary, Queen of Angels, pray for us sin-
ners now and at the hour of death.  Holy Mary, 
Mother of Mercy, pray for us sinners now and
at the hour of death.  Holy Mary, Health of the
Ill, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of
death.  Holy Mary, Mirror of Justice, pray for
us sinners now and at the hour of death.  This
was inspired by Louis of Montfort ... sort of.
Also include Mother of God in your Rosary throughout the month.  In your Rosary
recitation, you are simply adding to the title, Mother of God, other official titles that
define the Virgin Mary.   Therefore, this tip consists in incorporating the Rosary of
the Virgin Mary with her litany.  It's the act of praying two devotions simultaneously.

Of course, chose one or more Marian titles that you find applicable to the Rosary
mystery upon which you are meditating.  For example, for the Annunciation, the
title Queen of Angels fits, because an angel appeared to Mary, saluted more high-
ly than any human in history, and announced that she would become the mother
him who would be called Son of God.  Saint Gabriel the Archangel was saluting
his future queen.

Being that the Archangel Gabriel called Mary full of grace, and therefore free of sin,
you can also say (while meditating on the Annunciation)  Holy Mary, the Immacu-
late Conception, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death.  After all, Mary
identified herself as the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes  ...  during her final visit

Keep in mind that many titles of Mary apply to any one mystery of the Rosary.
Other examples of suiting a Marian title with a Rosary meditation include, but
 are not limited to:

1 - The Nativity of Jesus:  Holy Mary, Mother of Our Savior, being that angels
      appeared to shepherds that night and told them that a savior had been born
      unto them.

2 - The Scourging at the Pillar:  Holy Mary, Tower of Ivory, being that she was suf-
      fering intense grief and needed to spiritually ascend to the symbolic ivory tower.

3 - The Crucifixion:  Holy Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows .... self-explanatory.

4 - The Descent of the Holy Spirit:  Holy Mary, Queen of the Apostles, being that
      she was in the Cenacle with the apostles, during the nine days of prayer.

5 - The Assumption of Our Lady:  Holy Mary, Gate of Heaven  ...  self-evident.

Employ whatever title the Holy Spirit inspires you to use.

EWTN used to air two TV shows hosted by former North American Director of the
Militia Immaculata, Father James McCurry.  While on air, Fr. Jim defined the titles
of the Virgin Mary as being "efficacious ones."  Of course, this refers to the titles in
the Litany of Our Lady and elsewhere.  When you announce these titles in an applic-
able prayer, as opposed to pointlessly announcing them, you unleash light.  This is
because they each define an aspect of Mary and the aspect becomes alive in your
perception as soon as you acknowledge it.

This means that using these titles in prayer is actually the act of calling upon the pow-
er of Mary related to the power symbolized by the title you use.  For example, if some-
one is ill, it would be wise to pray, "Holy Mary, Health of the Sick, Pray for us now 
and at the hour of death" ... while you are praying the Rosary.   This will bring three-
dimensionality to your prayer.  It will keep you alert, also.  The bottom line is that the
titles of Mary have meaning.  They are not mere window dressing.

By the way, Fr. Jim told me, while we both were in Massachusetts, that he believed
the root of today's evils were the Dialectics of Hegel.  Such a thing is a method of
problem solving via Thesis ... resulting in Antithesis ... followed by Synthesis.

This process translates into compromising morals and changing doctrine according to
mere human whim ... or to convenience ... or in the image & likeness of a self-seeking

I have two of my own theories as to why things are so evil.   I simply decided to let
you in on what a former director of St Maximilian Kolbe's Militia Immaculata thought
on the subject.

The thing that impressed me the most about Fr Jim was that he was apparently taught
exquisite manners while growing up.   But, his actions were a reflex action.   There
was nothing fake or contrived about him.  Only a South American book award win-
ner I was published along-side a couple times had manners more exquisite.  Only a
Latin American gentleman whose typewriter I once borrowed had the equivalency. 
I have to vent.   Fr. James McCurry's manners, at least while he was stationed with
Conventuals at Granby Massachusetts, were impressive.  More importantly, James
McCurry, the last time I checked, knew his Mariology  ...  and then some.   Thus,
he would make an excellent reference source, in learning anything about Mary.

The tip of the moment is to use several Marian titles while praying the Rosary.
If you don't limit yourself, you will eventually have unlimited power intersect
your life.  At Fatima Mary said, "God has entrusted the Peace of the World to 
my Immaculate heart."  This means that without Mary, there will be no world
peace.  In fact, if you don't find peace in your heart, you won't find it anywhere
else.  Saint Teresa of Avila discovered this secret about peace.

Being that the higher percentage of humanity ignores or deplores Mary, the world
has been traveling in the opposite direction of the Road to Peace.  As a result, the
various subsets of humanity have been crashing into each other, thereby triggering
deadly conflicts of varying sorts.  The formula for World Peace includes praying,   
Holy Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death. 

Mary's titles in the Litany of the Virgin Mary include:

Holy Virgin of Virgins      Mother of Divine Grace    
Mother Most Amiable       

Mother Most Admirable    Mother of our Creator        Mother of our Savior        
Virgin most prudent         Virgin most renowned        Virgin most powerful       
Virgin most merciful        Virgin most faithful            Mirror of Justice
Seat of Wisdom                 Cause of our Joy                 Spiritual Vessel                  
Mystical Rose                    Tower of David                   Tower of Ivory
House of Gold                   Ark of the Covenant           Gate of Heaven  
Morning Star                    Health of the Sick               Refuge of sinners  
Queen of Angels               Queen of Patriarchs           Queen of Prophets 
Queen of Apostles             Queen of Martyrs               Queen of Confessors 
Queen of Virgins              Queen of all Saints            Queen of peace

There is also: 

The Immaculate Conception          Our Lady of  Good Counsel (good advice)  
Our Lady of Mount Carmel            Mystic Spouse of the Holy Spirit
Our Lady of Good Success             Our Lady of Perpetual Help     
Comforter of the Afflicted              Our Lady of Victory   
Help of Christians                          Mother of Mercy


The reason why God can only exist as a Trinity

Understanding the mystery of the Trinity with our finite
 minds is like trying to put an ocean into a beach pail.

How do you begin to write about someone who has no beginning?

Very simply, you enter into the midst of the person's being and describe the
activity occurring in the present tense.  That which is currently transpiring in
the Eternal God is that which has been occurring forever.

In eternity, there has always been one person with neither a beginning nor an
end who has been generating forth from his own essence an action which in-
cludes, but is not limited to, Charity.  (Note:  I don't use the word, love, when
speaking of spirituality, being that, in today's society, love is equated with Eros;
the erotic.)

This one person is the first infinite person of existence;  the first person of the
Holy Trinity.  Translated into human language, that which is spiritually being
spoken from this person is, "Let there be light."  So, what is this light?  This
light is every virtue in existence occurring simultaneously.

This endless action includes, but is not limited to, Charity, is:

1] an act of will ------ as opposed to uncontrolled motions, imposed by an
                                   inanimate force.

2] an act of desire --- where the desire was first inspired by the one desired.

3] an act of consent - liberating the desire to the point of transforming it into
                                   a living reality.

4] an act of power --- enabling the desire to be fulfilled in reality and actuality.

5] a command -------- testifying to the necessity of having the power liberated.

6] a way of being ---- living out that which is commissioned in the command.

7]  transformative --- in being a Charity (an Agape) so impactful that it makes
                                   you never the same again.

What is power?   ANS: Power is the ability to make things happen and to get
                            things accomplished.  Those governed must have the power
                            to abide by the command of the one in power, or the one
                            making the command will be powerless.  Thus, the second
                            infinite person of all existence already needed the power to
                            respond to that which the first infinite person generated to
                            him.  That power had within itself the power to inspire the
                            first infinite person of existence to generate his spiration of
                            Divine Charity and all other virtue, in the first.

 In light of this reality, as the way of God's being reflectively translates into
human life, power per se is NOT a trickle-down Reaganomics affect.  Rather,
power is something reciprocal.  Proof that even human power is reciprocal ex-
ists in the revolutions that plagued humanity throughout history, most of which
were triggered by the injustices of those in power.

                            In like fashion, the second infinite person of existence needed
                            the power to respond to that which the first person generated
                            to him.

In as much, a virtue is the power to let Being perpetuate forever.  The possession
of a virtue is the possession of a power that prevents the occurrence of nothing-
ness; that prevents the negation of being.  All in all virtue is a power that pre-
vents privation.   It prevents one from committing acts which lead to spiritual
death.  Thus, if God ever sinned, God would stop existing.

The first endless person of all existence has always had the power to keep his
own essence in perpetual existence.  This is known as being self-efficient.
This means that God is non-causative.  Nothing outside of God caused God
to be.

Concerning God's power, it's the power of existence which is equal to the
power to be forever free from the danger of entering into nothingness.  In
as much, God is properly described as He Who Is and  I AM - the one in
whom there is 1] the absence of nothingness, 2] the complete absence of
inaminateness,  3] the absence of frivolous vanity and pointlessness.

In God, there are neither any lapses of consciousness nor blind-spottedness.
Being that there is no pointlessness in God, there has to have always been
a reason for the first infinite person of all existence to have been radiating
forth his spiration of all virtue, in the first.  There had to have originally
been a reason for God to exist, being that God's existence was no accident.

God's existence is not happenstance.  He was motivated to exist and spirate
every virtue in existence.  Without the first infinite person's Reason for Be-
ing, the first infinite person of existence wouldn't have had any reason to
exist, and therefore, he would not exist.  Neither would we.

God's Reason for Being

The reason d'etre of the first person of all existence is none other than another
infinite person of all existence who has existed eternally, also.  In the infinite
spacelessness of eternity, this second infinite person is the one who consents
in the virtues that exude from the first infinite person.

The decisive truth in the second infinite person of existence is that he was the
one who inspired the first person to spirate virtue in the first place.  He inspired
the first infinite person to be.  Thus, the second infinite person of existence had
power; the power to inspire the first infinite person to be.  This teaches us that
power is reciprocal.  The power of the first infinite person is therefore equal to
the power of the second infinite person of existence.

Without the second infinite person of existence to inspire the first infinite person,
there would be no infinite person spirating forth any virtue, especially in light of
the fact that there must be a second person in existence to receive the simultane-
ous spirations.  This means that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity is not sub-
servient to the first person.  Father and Son are equal in power, as well as essence.

The Divine Chorus

The most proper human name for the first person of all existence would be none
other than God the Father, aka the Eternal Father; the one who initiated the spira-
tion of Charity and all other virtues..  In as much, the most proper human title to
give the second infinite person of existence is God the Son.  This is because all
that is the Father has been generated to the second infinite person of existence.

The second person inherited the Eternal Father's divinity and infinite virtue.
The second person is the sole heir to all which is the Eternal Father.  They
have the exact same spiritual DNA.  The second person then can generate
that which his father sent to him, making him a spiritual father, as opposed
to spiritual mother.  He is a son who can perform the generating acts of a
spiritual father, as opposed to being a daughter who radiates virtue but does
not generate it.

From all eternity, in his consolidated infinite action, the Eternal Father has been
saying, "Let there be light."  God the Son simultaneously responds by saying,
"So be it."  God the Son requites every current of charity and virtue generated
by the Eternal Father back to the same Eternal Father.

Now, the synonym for So-be-it is Amen.  In the Book of Revelations, John the
Apostle records a vision that he had of the Second Person of the Trinity.  In that
vision the second person describes himself as the Great Amen.  After all, he is
the one who, in eternity, said so-be-it to the command, "let there be light."  He
simultaneously let the Will of the first infinite person of existence be fulfilled
in him.

More specifically, the second person of existence requites the charity that the
first person sends him.  In the process, both persons infinitely go through a
transformation which is complete, but eternal.  That is to say,  they are not
presently being transformed.  Rather, they have already been transformed
and are radiating the currents of accomplished transformation.

One God, One Reason for Being

Moreover, being that God is one, there is only one reason for God to have
been inspired enough to exist in the first place.  This reason for God's being
is the second infinite person of all existence.

The Third Infinite Person of all Existence

Even the virtues that are being generate from God comprise a living being.
Firstly, in God their is no lifelessness.  Even God's thoughts are alive in one
being.  The virtues which generate from God the Father and God the Son
are alive.  This is the Holy Spirit.  Properly speaking, the Holy Spirit is the
sum total of every virtue in existence being exchanged being the Father and
the Son.

In light of this, it is not as proper to state that God loves you as much as God
is Charity itself.  In sequence,  God is not merely faithful, as much as God is
fidelity itself.  Therefore, God is Truth & Kindness, endless innocence &
eternal heroism, along with infinite prudence and uncreated wisdom.  God
is also humility, fortitude, temperance, generosity, meekness, and mercy.

All in all, God did not create angels and mankind out of loneliness.  Rather,
God created angels and mankind out of generosity.


Comparing the Holy Trinity to a Song, a Chant, or a Hymn as well as Comparing Him to Waterfall with a Radiating Mist

The following comes from:  1} St. Bonaventure's Spiration (his teaching on the
eternal interaction between the persons of the Trinity,)  2} St. Thomas Aquinas'
writings on the essence &amtp; attributes of God, and 3} St. Catherine of Siena's themerp
of transformative love.  If this article fails to achieve understanding, then it's the
fault of the writer (yours truly,) and not the aforesaid doctors of the church.

It's important to first know that the mystery of love is that of in transforming in-
to the object of your love.   In the Holy Trinity, the Father eternally transforms
into the Son and the Son eternally transforms into the Father.   This transforma-
tion is the Holy Spirit, itself.  Now, if one were to describe a basic outline of the
Trinity, by means of comparing him to a song, then one would start by stating:

The first infinite person of the Trinity begins
by generating the lyric: 
                Let there be light.

The second infinite person of the Holy Trinity
simultaneously requites the generated light, by
radiating a tone of understanding and consent
which says: 
                             So be it

     The light is the Holy Spirit himself.
Within the Holy Spirit is the living fulfillment of every ideal embraced by the first
infinite person of the Trinity.   The ideals of God are not inanimate.  They're living
realities, living in the Holy Spirit.   They're not air headed "happy thoughts."  They
are a designed set of aspirations and preferences willed to be in existence.  In order
for such aspirations and ideals to be perfect, they must be actualized.  They must be
living.  They are the Holy Spirit, himself.  They're God's personality traits and God's
essence simultaneously.

The attributes of God include the virtues of fidelity and generosity, as well as kind-
ness and honesty.  They are humility and gratitude, as well as fortitude and fidelity.
They are equally justice and temperance, as well as mercy and generosity, existing
in equal fraternity.  It's not that God is full of virtue.  Rather, God IS virtue; the to-
tality of virtue acts in essence, infinitely existing and all at once.  Plus, within God
there is no conflict.

Divine Love is also known as Agape, (pronounced awe-gah-pay.)   Being that the
ideals of God the Father are living realities existing in one spirit, this means that
God is the infinite perfection of every virtue in existence simultaneously transpir-
ing in one being.   The aspect of God being living virtue, acting out all virtue, in-
finitely so, was explained by Thomas of Aquinas. 

Each infinitely radiating ideal is given the full consent of the second person of the
Trinity.  The second person was the inspiration for these ideals to exist.  That is to
say that the second person was the motivation for the Eternal Father's thoughts of
virtue.  In fact, the second person of the Holy Trinity is the First person's reason
for being.  If the second person of the Trinity didn't exist, the first person of the
Trinity wouldn't have been motivated to exist.

Each ideal, such as kindness, is the essence of the Holy Spirit himself.  Now, for
the finite human mind in the fallen state of original sin to comprehend the myst-
ery of the Holy Trinity is no different than attempting to place an ocean in a sand
bucket.  The most that we can do on Earth is make sand castles on the shoreline.

The general lyrics in the song of the Holy Trinity are a chorus:

First Person ------- Let there be light.    
Second Person --- I witness it to be good and I consent in it being.
First Person ------ Let there be the infinite perfection of every virtue.  
Second Person --- So be it in an unbroken collection.
First Person ------ Let it be alive in one Spirit.   
Second Person --- Let it radiate through me.

That's the paraphrased version of the Song of the Holy Trinity.  Now, the accom-
panying music to that song is of an untold quality, where the Father empties him-
self into his Eternal Son, somewhat like a waterfall.   The Holy Spirit happens to
be the water.

When comparing the Holy Trinity to a waterfall, the first person of the Trinity
becomes the light refracting throughout the water, while the second person of
the Trinity is the spray of that waterfall, making the droplets look like deeply
colored gems of a majestic quality.   It's music with infinite sustain, and there
is a gentleness to it, amidst majesty and deep tones.   If you ever come hear it,
your life will never be the same again.

A replacement word for "So Be It" is Amen.  This is why Jesus is referred to as  
the Amen  in the Book of Revelations, at the third chapter ... Verse 14, if you're
curious.  In fact, he is referred to as the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, and
the Source of God's Creation.   He consents in the Father's Will and then makes it
happen.   He requites the same person's spirations ... aspirations and inspirations.
The Holy Trinity is the one able to be in the state of being without outside help.