Who rolled out the red carpet to homosexuals at the seminaries? Donald 'Priestly Formation' Wuerl knows.

Catholic Church doctrine has always held that homosexual activity is one of the four
sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.   Therefore, any attempt to incorporate homo-
sexuality into mainstream Catholicism constitutes the attempted theft of a 2,000 yea
old international organization that still possesses estates of considerable wealth.

The attempt at an ecclesiastic overthrow will always include the manipulative takeov-
er of church property and government.   In fact, such a takeover attempt will always
be orchestrated by a cabal dedicated to replacing centuries of unbroken church teach-
ing with self-seeking doctrines that delight only a skewed and selfish few.   Thus, any
attempt to overthrow a 2,000 year old worldwide church doesn't limit itself to control-
ling the average Catholic's mind with puppet slogans.

This type of usurpation always constitutes the Breach of Duty of Loyalty, as in using
church wealth for the purpose of consummating lusts once held by Sodom, shortly be-
fore it became a sulfuric blast furnace.   Such a hostile takeover includes occupying
clerical positions involved in seminary training.   In recent decades, it has included the
policy of denying seminary entrance to anyone unwilling to abet in the sin of Sodom.
When the seats of church authority become occupied by those who have no intention
to honor the vows taken at ordination, the power occupied becomes a matter of ac-
cession by fraudulent misrepresentation. 

               The Pertinence of the Wuerlgate Series of Revelations:
                       A Gun Smoking More Now Than Ever Before

If the Torquato case isn't a smoking gun that proves the deliberate incorporation of
the sodomite world into the modern church, then no case is.   Firstly, Torquato was
a seminarian who ended up being personally ordained by Donald Wuerl.   In fact, he
was a Wuerlite protégé who began his physically intrusive antics only one calendar
year after his ordination.   He didn't wait long to get into action.   This indicated that
Torquoto had no resolve to honor at least one of his vows.

Do you think that Donald Wuerl was clueless to the fact that Torquato was a homo-
sexual?   Well, if he were clueless, then Wuerl showed himself to be a terrible judge
of character and should have never been ordained a bishop.   If, on the other hand,
the present archbishop of  D.C. knew of  Torquato's homosexuality, then he should
have been removed from office while he was the bishop of Pittsburgh.

In allowing homosexuals to be ordained, and in not stopping the influx of sodomites
into American seminarians, Donald Wuerl showed that he neglected to employ the
due diligence needed to prevent the church from being victimized by the noted an-
tics of homosexual clergy who should never have been ordained in the first place.
In ordaining Torquato, and in covering up his wrongful actions, Wuerl showed him-
self willing to let damage be inflicted upon the laity entrusted to him.   This is ruth-
lessness.  If you are unfamiliar with the Torquato case, see:

Jpeg Evidence, stats, and witness accounts at the site posted below illustrate that, in
Pittsburgh, Cardinal Wuerl conducted a Reign of Terror, and in DC, he has been a

The Jpegs include newspaper articles reporting on the Wuerl's failed Triple Cover-up
which resulted in the indictments and arraignments of three priests.  The news went
from coast to coast and north to south.  Then came the addition of Ann Rodgers to
the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  Thus came propaganda that would have made Nazi
Germans jealous, except for the observation that Rodger's articles about Wuerl
were compared to Harlequin Romance writing..  Incidentally, Wuerl is NOT 5'11,"
as Rodgers claimed in print. He's 5'4."

Donald Wuerl was involved in the seminary visitation (inspection) program.  He pub-
licly reported that the state of American seminaries were healthy.  He lied.  The book,
Goodbye, Good Men, proved Wuerl to be a liar, as did the 9th Circuit Jesuit sexual
harassment case.  Wuerl is a proven liar in this aspect, as much as his propaganda ma-
chine lied about his dirty sex abuse handling record.   He should be required to pay
damages to all who were harmed by the homosexuals in the seminaries during the
years when Wuerl was in the visitation program and in any ad hoc committee in the
embarrassingly gay sounding, Office of Priestly Formation.


                   The welcoming committee for the Sodomite world 
                    and its harm upon the Church of thenNear future 
                  which now constitutes the Church of the recent past     

Donald Cardinal Wuerl was known for holding influential posts in the ecclesiastical
office originally known as the Training for the Priesthood.   During his years of
influence, the title was replaced by the embarrassingly gay sounding title, Office of 
Priestly Formation.   In looking back, we see that it would have been much more
accurate to have named it the Office of Prissy Formation, in light of the caliber of
seminary reformers found in the modern church.   In fact, a suffix should have been
added to the new title, in order to reflect the stranglehold that the Power Predators
and completely heartless Power Abusers had around the Catholic Church's broken

Donald Cardinal Wuerl's guarding of the seminary chicken coup occurred during the
years when American seminaries were being turned into homosexual havens.   One
such seminary earned the sarcastic nickname, Notre Flame, while  another one got
tagged with the name Pink Palace.   The re-identification of seminaries by those in
the know included the one at the nation's capital, where it came to be known as the 
Theological Closet, as in the coming out thereof.

Donald Wuerl was influential in seminary life during the time he occupied 5078 War-
wick Terrace, in Pittsburgh, PA.   Even before being ordained a bishop, he was the
rector of Saint Paul's Seminary, in the Pittsburgh suburb of Crafton.   Now, it was
shortly after the time when the Vatican II reforms became a multiple-ringed circus,
when an unconscionable fox with access to a control panel opened the seminary
doors to the sodomite world.   Donald Wuerl was there, in close proximity to the
scenes of the crimes.   He was there ...

1] while at the side of the John Cardinal Wright who was alleged to have been an ac-
tive homosexual,  2]  at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary, from the calender year after
Wright's death, until the calender year before becoming an auxiliary bishop, 3] as an
influential figure on the national level, in the overtly gay sounding Office of Priestly
Formation, 4] even in two tours of the euphemistically sounding seminary visitation

Thus, it cannot be regarded as an unrelated coincidence that the one bishop given
the nickname, Donna Wuerl, was a gatekeeper of American seminaries during the
homosexual influx of them.   Plus, you call tell that the Vatican II church has been a
deceiver church and a sodomite church, simply by the deceptive and gay names it
used.  Why not call it "Seminary Inspections," like a normal person would?

Concerning the practice of deception-by-renaming, while in Pittsburgh tiny Donald
Wuerl used to call the church tax, the Parish Share Program.  Yes, Wuerl made the
coercive church tax sound like an altruistic charity drive that was reaching out to the
poorest of the poor.   The reality is that the title, Parish Share Program, meant that
each parish had to pay its share, so that Donald Wuerl could live in the luxury of the
Warwick Terrace manor located next door to the diocesan mansion rented by Opus
Dei.   In Pittsburgh, neither Donald Wuerl nor Opus Dei lived the poverty & humility
of the Carmelites and Franciscans. 

Protégé of Alleged Über Sodomite, John Cardinal Wright

Donald William Wuerl was the personal secretary of alleged über sodomite John Car-
dinal Wright.  Without his nexus to John Wright, Donald Wuerl would probably have
been a relative nobody, unless he would have become one of the priests accused of
sexual abuse of a minor.   This means that Wuerl's rise to power consisted in him rid-
ing the coat tails of a cardinal whose private life was alleged to have been a war cry
against Catholic morality, the laws of nature, and the vows of ordination.

Concerning the specific accusations leveled against John Wright, they allegedly came
in graphic illustrations.   In fact, do not read Randy Engel's narration of them shortly
before you are about to eat.  They constitute a play by play broadcast, and they will
succeed in keeping you on a diet if you read them. The allegations were so graphic
that Wright's accuser, Bill Burnett, was either in the same room with Wright or else
he was in a grotesque fantasy world.  If you are curious enough to read the narrative,
be prepared to get completely grossed-out by the alleged actions of the one cleric
principally responsible for Donald Wuerl becoming a premier figure in the sodom-
ized Catholic Church.   I'm not going to link to it, though.

If the accusations against Wright were true, then it was a domino sequence of events
which lead Donald Wuerl to provide a series of welcome mats to the unnatural sub-
culture emerging throughout pockets of the Catholic Church  ---  doing so almost as
soon as he became a ruling bishop, aka a local ordinary.   If the habitual conduct of
effeminate Donald Wuerl's early years was not the dominoes effect of John Cardinal
Wright's alleged sodomy, then Wuerl's accommodating of the homosexual world was
an uncanny coincidence.   After all, you cannot spend years being the personal se-
cretary of a reputed homosexual cleric without being one yourself ... or without be-
ing complicit, via silence and concealment.

An example of this welcome mat service occurred when founders of New Ways Min-
istry presented Homophobia in Religion and Society at St. Mary's Convent, in
Carlow College.   Another example of Donald Wuerl's red carpet favoritism toward
homosexuality existed in the nexus that his diocese had with St. Elmo's Books and
Music.   The store which carried Sodomite erotic literature also carried Wuerl's reci-
tation tapes.   The same St. Elmo's Books was permitted to operate tables at dioce-
san conferences, such as at the Tri-diocesan Teachers' Conference and a two day
conference held at Duquesne University.

The Duquense conference, incidentally, was co-sponsored by Catholic Charities and
the embarrassingly gay sounding Diocesan Secretariat for Social Concerns which fi-
nally admitted that it only concerned itself with obtaining income-bearing government
social service contracts.

It's no secret that Wuerl gave long-term shelter to the so-called Dignity Masses for
those dedicated to living thoroughly undignified lives.   Coincidentally, the owner of
St Elmo's Books and Music was president of Dignity, at one time in his life.   In fact,
Dignity USA was an exhibitor at the Fourteenth Annual Pastoral Musicians' Conven-
tion which followed the theme, Singing A New Church.

The title of the fourteenth convention suggested the concerted effort to incorporate
anti-Catholic things into the Catholic Church, including the institutionalization of ho-
mosexuality.   The heresy in the title is blatant of course, being that the New Church
began approximately 2,000 years ago in a Jerusalem cenacle, and not in a Pittsburgh
convention hall frequented by homosexuals.

Then there was the AA type of homosexual support group, Courage, given top pri-
ority by the Donald Wuerl who should have instead given first concern to the most
pressing moral issue of the day, namely sweatshops and field labor abuse.   Now,
Wuerl is the cleric who allegedly acted girly in the presence of a certain parish coun-
cil woman, and who was cited as having had the second softest handshake ever en-
countered by a certain diocesan lecteur.   Wuerl was also listed on the website of
premier expert witness Richard Sipe as a bishop carrying a blatant homosexual
psychosexual orientation.

It's alarming that Donald Wuerl remained indifferent to the pain of sweatshop labor-
ers, all the while acting as if the members of Courage were the most important thing
on earth.    This included Wuerl's indifference toward the 30-cent-an-hour youth suf-
fering in China.   The added hypocrisy of Wuerl's propaganda machine is that he is
heralded as the quintessential protector of youth, but he is criminally and perverted-
ly indifferent to a crime against humanity which victimizes the youth far more often
than the molestation of priests who should never have been ordained in the first place.
Only a pervert would have a dead conscience in matters of  sweatshop labor prof-
iteering, remaining as silent to that sin as bishops remained toward molestation.

It's a moral obligation for bishops to speak out against the sin of cheating workers
of their wages when the products made by the workers end up in the bishops' own
nation.   Donald Wuerl's silence is a war cry against God, if not an act of cowardice
toward the corporate America who makes a killing off of oppressed lives.

Wuerl spent a notable portion of his Pittsburgh days casting an illusion of sanctity up-
on an unnaturally inclined cabal whose predecessors ended up being incinerated in
a city state called Sodom that reached the sulfuric critical mass stage.   Now, a fatal
error of flaming homosexuals is that they apparently fail to realize how intensely they
broadcast their homosexual tendencies.   They fail to conceal their unnatural tenden-
cies from anyone except a few distorted church ladies.

The fatal error of such church ladies is that they equate femininity with good and mas-
culinity with evil.   This is like the adherents of the Manichean apostasy who equated
the spiritual world with good and the physical one with evil.   Therefore, a person as
void of masculinity as has been Donald Wuerl is one who would be mistaken to be a
holy man by out-of-touch church ladies.

Ironically, in-touch church women abhor homosexuals, while being fully aware that
the present church is in utter ruins.   Thus, it's only air headed glamor mongers who
treat homosexuals as Christmas tree tinsel.   Meanwhile, women of true faith are so
repulsed by homosexuals that encountering the worst plague in world history would
not disturb them nearly as much. 

The Former Archbishop of Omaha's Assessment

During his Pittsburgh days, Donald Wuerl did nothing more than toss tinsel on a sulfur
pit, and close parish after parish.   In fact, he closed parish after parish as if he had in-
sider information on the priesthood's population being made to dwindle.   Only those
bearing homosexual psychosexual orientations received the seminary red carpet treat-
ment during that time, according to several sources.   It was alleged by former Omaha
bishop, Elden Curtiss, that the priest shortage was deliberately contrived.

It was the Fourth Century doctor of the church, John Chrysostom, who stated that
the road to everlasting damnation is paved with the skulls (mindsets) of bishops.  In
Donald Wuerl and his contemporaries, we see why this is so.   If Wuerl doesn't inti-
mately know how the homosexuals flooded the seminaries during his watch, then he
is so pathetically incompetent that he should be removed from office.   If Wuerl did
know, then he should be removed from office and called to face accountability in a
court of some type of law.  He was involved with the seminary visitation program,
which was an inspection program.   He should be held accountable for the state of
the seminaries.