The Point in Time When the Homosexual Cabal Gained Controlling Interest of the Catholic Church

One of the two parishes where dissenter Cardinal Wuerl permitted
weekly Sodomite Masses, while bishop of Pittsburgh.  Wuerl spent
eight years defying the Vatican in rolling out the red carpet to those
dedicated to perpetuating the Sin of Sodom.
So, what actually happened that put the unnaturally inclined male at the ground zero
of power in that which would soon become the Sodomized Catholic Church?  How
did the homosexuals get to hijack the church which literally traces itself back to the
original apostles? 

The answer goes as follows:

1] As soon as Vatican II was called to order, it was immediately turned into disorder,
    in that carefully prepared texts were immediately targeted for impeachment.  Actu-
    ally, they were targeted for being ignored.  Of course, today the cardinal stationed
    at the United States capital stated that he WILL IGNORE Catholic Church teach-
    ing, in favor of Sodomy, even though he stated that Catholic Church teaching will
    remain in tact.  The cardinal stationed in Washington DC, of course, has repeated-
    ly been alleged to have been a practicing Sodomite.  He always has been siding
    with Sodomites, and has no objection to violating Canon 915, in giving Holy
    Communion to unrepentant Sodomites, including those who apostacized from
    the Faith of Peter, adhering to a pagan religion in the process thereof.

    In order to learn of Cardinal Donald Wuerl and to view a number of pieces of evi-
    dence against him, in a number of injustices, retaliations, and cover-ups of wrong-
    ful priests, see:

2] Throughout the years while the council was in progress, seminary recruiters would
     tell prospective candidates that soon the church was going to permit western rite
     priests to marry.  Therefore, men entered the seminary under false pretenses, as-
     suming that each one would be allowed to have a wife, as priests of old, priests in
     the eastern rites, and married Protestant converts who elect to pursue Holy Orders.

 3] Simultaneously, a number of American men were enrolling into seminaries during
      the Vietnam draft years, simply to avoid the draft.

 4] Vatican II concluded without permitting Western Rite priests to marry.

 5] Eventually, those who entered the seminaries under false pretenses felt cheated.
     Meanwhile, the Vietnam War finally ended and President Jimmy Carter eventu-
     ally granted amnesty to Vietnam era draft dodgers.  During the 1970's a number
     of priests asked to be relieved of their priestly vows.  It had gotten to the point
     where Paul VI made an appeal to all priests, stating that all priests should abide
      by the following commitment, "With Christ I am nailed to the Cross."  This
      statement was even quoted by the Catholic press at the time.  It didn't matter to
      those priest who felt betrayed.  The requests keep going to the Vatican.

 5]  Thus was the Great Egress from ministry.  It left openings.  Guess who filled them.