The Reason Why Hell Exists and Never Ends

    #1 -- Hell is filled with people who never thought they'd go there.
  #2 -- If it were easy to get into Heaven, then it wouldn't be worth getting into Heaven.
#3 -- In order to get into Heaven, you must first be Down-to-Earth.

As a preview ... or a quick summary:  If you were to let the souls in Hell out of Hell, they would immediately start-up doing the evils which got them into Hell, in the first place.  The torments of Hell teaches no damned soul a lesson.  Hell exists, in order to protect you from the damned.  The torments of Hell come from the damned, themselves.  All that they would do is share with you the torments which is them, themselves.  Hell really is "other people."  

Likewise, it's the people and angels in Heaven which makes Heaven, Heaven.  And, the Greatest Irony about Heaven is that, even though it is a place of purity and perfection, every time a new soul enters Heaven, it becomes a better place.  The population of Heaven reflects the features of God.  When enough people reflect the entirety of God's attributes and features, then the number of souls in Heaven will be fulfilled.  The creation of Mankind is determined to be finite, even though each man will exist forever, be it in Heaven or in Hell.

None the less, Hell exists to protect you from the viciousness of the damned.  Let us proceed:

In Saint Ignatius of Loyola's 30 day retreat, the first meditation/consideration is
the existence of Hell.  In the writings of doctor of the Church, Saint Francis de
Sales, at the point of introducing the reader to the devout Catholic life, the first
consideration is Hell.  The only reason for the coming of the Messiah was to
save "many" from the unending Fires of Hell.  In fact, the only new prayer
that the Virgin Mary taught to two of the three present children/seers of the
Fatima apparitions was, "Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us 
from the Fires of Hell . . ."
An Introduction to Something that Never Ends . . . ever.

The Immaculate Virgin appeared in Paris (1830), La Salette (1846), Fatima (1917),
Beauraing (1933), and Akita (1973) because numerous souls were falling into Hell
and she wanted to stop the pattern.    In fact, Teresa of Avila, Carmelite doctor of
the church, said that she saw souls falling into Hell like snowflakes, during the vi-
sion given to her.   The same sight was witnessed by Sr. Lucia, one of the Fatima

The difference between Sr. Lucia and the saint of Avila is that Teresa regarded her
vision as one of the greatest gifts ever given to her, being that seeing Hell gave her
the incentive to intentionally avoid going there.   As far as goes Lucia, she said that
Our Lady's presence, in her being with the children during the vision, was a necessity.
Lucia said that, if Our Lady didn;t tell them previously that they would be going to
Heaven eventually, they would have died of terror.  The most startling point to this
is that the vision lasted one to four seconds.  Yet, the vision made a clear and lasting

From the Fatima children came the reminder that, when you go to Hell, you are there
forever.  Fittingly enough, it was also at Fatima where Mary instructed humanity,
through the three children, to say the following prayer after each decade of the
                                      Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us from the
                                      Fires  of  Hell.     Lead all souls to Heaven, especially 
                                              those who are most in need of your mercy.

Today, the existence of Hell has been doubted and even expressly denied by those who
believe in the existence of God, under the belief that a God of love would never cast any-
one into Hell.   The fact is that God doesn't cast anyone into Hell.   The evil spirits con-
verge upon those who die in the state of spiritual death, taking the lifeless souls back to
the abode of the forever-damned with them.   The fact is that demons come and take to
Hell those souls whom God the Father does not recognize, and God the Father only re-
cognizes in a soul what he recognizes in his own son.   Therefore, if you are not another
Christ, in one degree of intensity or another, you go to Hell.

Those who refuse to acknowledge that a God of Love would ever let anyone go to Hell
are those who overlook the fact that the same God allows individuals on earth to endure
untold living hells of various types, at the hands of the ruthless and vicious.  In fact, this
is the same God who allowed three shepherd children to see Hell.  Now, there was the
complaint over the idea that God would dare have three Portuguese children see Hell in
the 20th Century.  Well, the fact is that children saw Hell throughout the entirety of the
20th Century.

Altar boys saw Hell in the eyes of those predatory priests who should have never been
ordained.   Jewish children saw Hell in the eyes of the Nazis, as did gypsy children and
disabled children.  Children saw Hell through Ida Amin and other dictators, such as a
Joseph Stalin who sought to deceive humanity into thinking that he was a holy man who
cared for others.  Children saw Hell throughout WWII,  the Mao Dictatorship,  the Viet-
nam War, and the Pinochet regime.  In fact, children saw that the Planet Earth became a
branch campus of Hell.

Concerning a God of love, the sufferings of Christ manifest and testify to the existence
of a love that endures until, into, through death.  In fact, those sufferings define Divine
Love.   It's about a God of love who created an off-ramp from the easily accessible road
to Hell.  It's the road that St John Chrysostom said was paved with the skulls of bishops.
Therefore, the Fatima apparitions included showing to mankind, through three shepherd
children, the unending torment from which Jesus has the power to spare you. 

Hell, and Not any type of Diamond, Is Forever

Concerning people who believe in the existence of Hell, it was discussed on national
television if it's possible to pray someone out of the state of eternal damnation.   The
truth is that Hell is the state-of-being for those who are locked in the state of spiritual
death when they go outside of time and space.  Another phrase for Spiritual Death is
the state of mortal sin.  Being that Hell is outside of time and space, it continues for-
ever.  Hell never ends.   It consists in you having zero control over your faculties and
zero control over your being.  It consists in have zero equilibrium.  In as much, there's
nothing proportionate about a soul in Hell.  Those in Hell is in a perpetually mangled

The Reason Why It Exists, Is Because Hell Becomes Wherever They Are

Hell exists because, if you were to let a damned soul loose, that soul would immediate-
ly start cause trouble, turning everything within his/her reach into a Hell.  In Hell, the
damned vividly realize that they were deceived by the Devil, all the while realizing at
point blank range how much they have become the direct object pronoun of the demons'
resentment of mankind.   None the less, the moment that you would let a damned soul
loose, that soul wouldn't change.   It would keep tormenting others.

Satan and the other demons spiritually stick to the damned like a melting tire glazed
with an endless supply of burning gasoline.   In this state, the soul screams,  "Get him 
off of meGet him off of me!"    However, the wailing results in nothing more than
seeing the Devil gleam in an incendiary oppression.  

Hell is where those who have suffocated the lives of others on earth now suffocate for
eternity.   This suffocation is equivalent to being constricted by a large, coiling serpent.
Those who make the lives of others on earth living Hells are the ones who go to Hell.
In fact, those who abuse power on earth end up becoming the powerless and distorted
ones forever, be their abuse something that transpired in civil government, church gov-
ernment, corporate management, the military realm, neighborhood life, home life, rural
life, or life on the streets.   Bullies go to Hell because bullies are hell.  After all, your
destiny is what you are.  If you are compassionate, you spend eternity with the com-
passionate.  If not, then your eternity is away from the compassionate.

Through the apparitions of Lourdes, we learn that a sinner is a person who loves evil.
In the mystery of love, we see that a sinner is a person who loves evil and transforms
into the evil loved.

Hell is also where pointless people go.   Those who are too cowardly to stand up for
someone else always end up in Hell.   This consists in those who remain silent in the
face of widespread legalized sin.   Such a thing is known as the Sin of Accessory, as
well as the Sin of Cooperation.   In as much, accomplices go to Hell, because they've
have proven themselves to be nothings who only look out for their selfish little selves.
In fact, Hell is where a person realizes how much of a nothing he was while on earth.
Each damned soul took his nothingness with him into eternity, and upon entering time-
less eternity, he/she immediately becomes an unprotected target of the demons. 

Fires of Hell, Dark Smoke, and a Suffocating Serpent Darkening Your View

Hell is sometimes described as total darkness, while at other times it is described as
incendiary flames.   So, how can the two metaphysical experiences co-exist simultan-
eously?  ANSThe fire is symbolic of the Wrath of God flaring out from the damned
soul.  In that sea of rage is the coiling serpent of darkness wrapping itself around the
damned, creating the darkness and simultaneously squeezing the life out of the soul
which was already dead.  This places the soul in an eternal state of suffocation.  Plus,
within the sea of fire is rage so infinite that it eternally knocks a soul off of it's equili-
brium.  There is no control of one's faculties in Hell.  It's like being a ship knocked
about, during a storm.

In another allegorical explanation of the spiritual reality of Hell, the fires of it emit a
densely dark and suffocating smoke which is symbolic for unburnt fuel ... of the fuel
provided by God for good works, but was never used by the damned soul for the good
works it could have done.  This darkness translates into a complete lack of understand-
ing.  The result is an inflammatory darkness, where a person is engulfed in a howling
grief.  Where a person is in the midst of zero comprehension of truth of God.

Hell is where the soul's action strives for the negation of its existence, all the while re-
maining locked in the unbreakable reality that God created that soul to exist forever.
Each of the damned is in a changeless state of gracelessness.   There is no sense of
mercy in such a soul, no sense of kindness within it, and no charity to be found in
it.  In fact, only the merciless go to Hell.

The great truth about Hell is that only the mercy of God prevents anyone from falling
into Hell.  Yet, unless a person performs acts of mercy on earth, he will never receive
mercy from God.   Souls in Hell only have the reflex to claw at others, all the while
realizing that they are vice-gripped in the anaconda-like melting tire experience for-
ever.  They were miserly, abusive, conniving, and manipulative.  This translates into
being merciless.

As was previously stated, the smoke of the Fires of Hell is symbolic of the wasted
energy of a person who failed to use that energy to do some type of good, from time
to time.  Where love should be emanating from the soul, a smoldering hole exists, in-
stead.  This was the result of the damned soul's life of indifference on Earth.

The indifference of the person results in the emission of the burning wrath of God's
everlasting rejection, coming out of that soul.  This is what Jesus meant when he re-
peatedly stated,  "There will be wailing and the gnashing of teeth."   As St Louis
of Montfort wrote, God is in  Hell, in God's Justice.   After all, God is everywhere
and involved in all things.   The omnipresence of God is addressed in Psalm 139. 

The Intensity of Hell Equals the Intensity of God's Love Betrayed

Hell is so greatly tormenting, because God's love is so incomparably great.   Those who
betray and sacrilege a love so great can only find the betrayal thereof result in an eternal
privation equally as intense.   This is why the degree of Hell's torment is unfathomable
to the finite human mind while that mind exists in time and space.  Being that the Di-
vine Love is unfathomable, the damnation of those who betrayed that love is equally
as unfathomable.

Oh Happy Fault.  Oh Necessary Sin of Adam
that Merited for Us Such a Wonderful Savior

The intensity of Hell's torment is the reason why Jesus is correctly regarded as a won-
derful savior.   He is titled, savior, because of his ability to save humans from falling
into the fires of Hell.  Very simply, Christ saves people from Hell by saving them from
their sins.  Therefore, to deny the existence of  Hell is to belittle Jesus Christ.  Saving
you from Hell was the mission assigned to him.   This is the reason why he was sent.

Concerning the percentage of humanity to be ultimately saved from falling into Hell,
all that is known in this life is that it's "many."  This means that it's not everyone.

The key feature in the Fall of Adam is that, if God let mankind be abandoned to its
sins, then God would have been committing negligence.  Now, if God would have
committed negligence, in letting mankind be abandoned to its sinfulness, then God
would have negated the purpose for having been a creator.  In sequence, God would
have negated his purpose for being God.

Creating man, without simultaneously preparing to provide for its savior, in light of
humanity's foreseen fall from grace, would have made God a pointless and entirely
worthless creator.   If God were a pointless and worthless creator, then God would
not have had the power to create angels or men in the first place.   This means that
the saving nature of God is what empowered God to create those angels who would
never sin and therefore never need a savior.   It was God's Divine Mercy that empow-
ered God to create a host of angels who would never sin.  This means that even the
sinless received God's mercy.  They simply received it before the fact.

An element of mercy is that of protecting creatures from sinning in the first place.
This is the essence of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, where the Virgin
Mary was preserved from sin from the first moment of her creation.  It was the fore-
seen merits of the Christ to come which empowered God the Father to create Mary
in a sinless state.   God is Mary's savior in that God saved Mary from sinning in the
first place.     That ultimate power of God as savior occurred in the sinless Virgin
Mary --- not in the greatest sinners of existence.

The Eternal God has created the human soul in such a way that it's nature is to emit a
collection of spiritual attributes which result in the soul emitting one collective ardor;
one collective glow.  This means that, in the end, everyone will burn in one fashion or
another.   It's simple.  You will either burn with the Fires of Hell or you will burn with
the Fire of Divine Love.  It's unavoidable.  Take your pick.  Your choice will be with
you forever.