Gavin Newsom's a liar, too

The predictable lie of the Biden People is that the world is going to end tomorrow, if you don't vote for Joe today.  Actually, the opposite is true.
The small number of dem politicians who happen to always be in front of TV cameras are the real dangers to society.  They never give other democrats their turns.  The US Congress has 535 members.  Yet, you only see a handful of the members appearing & re-appearing on TV, like the annoying ghosts in a haunted house.  So, they make all democrats look like sick & twisted freaks filled with hatred toward white males.  

The perpetual TV presence of a small few who are NOT representative of democrats everywhere is beyond the scope of this particular discourse.  It's the Same Old Same Ole, with them.  It's tiring.  There is more to life than the two issues obsessively expounded by a handful of dems who do NOT about life in the common world ... in the real world.  Rather, they live in remotely accessible wealth, basically in Fantasy Land.

The one issue that I've seen common amongst all true democrats who are not super wealthy is =====> the livable wage & income disparity.  The super wealthy democrats' stance is at variance with the political stance of the working tradesman/craftsman & diligent employee.  That's for another discourse, however.

BTW, Nikki Haley is a liar by claiming that the Civil War was not caused by slavery.  It sure as Hell was.  Plus, Nikki Haley said that American was never racist.  Well, it sure as Hell was.  And it was extremely anti-Catholic, too.  In fact, the worse lynching in American history was done upon eleven Italians, in New Orleans, on March 14, 1891; one day before the 1,935th anniversary of the killing of Julius Caesar.  In 1911, Italians were proclaimed to be a little worse then the "negroes."  

Moreover, in 1785, Roman Catholics were forbidden to build their St. Peter's Parish Church within New York City city limits.  Then, in 1806, protestors gathered around St. Peter's, during the ordinary, centuries-old, traditional Christmas Eve Mass, upon which a riot started.   Something so common to Europe was frightening to Protestant New York, at the time --- a very backward time.

In as much, know that Nikki Haley is the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CANDIDATE FOR 2024.  If you're stupid, you'll vote for her.  If you think you're smart when you are not, you'll vote for Biden ... thinking that you're pulling a fast one.
Now for Gavin Newsom: Arrogant Liar who thinks you're stupid enough to believe him

Gavin Newsom is another wall-to-wall liar who thinks that you're stupid.  As a quick example of Newsom's deceit, call to mind what he said about today's petroleum prices.  He said that the high prices were caused by oil company greed.  He claimed that the price of gas would be the same today as it was during the Trump years, if the oil companies didn't commit price gouging.  Well, there is one thing that undoubtedly proves that Newsom was lying ... and that he obviously isn't very intelligent.  That piece of evidence is called the FUTURES MARKET.  If you want to know what the proper price of a commodity is going to be next season, look at the futures market today.  

Now, observe what a LIAR Gavin Newsom is.  Below is a graph of  Brent Crude per barrel pricing, as reported by NASDAQ, from 2018 to 2024

                 Now observe below the avg US gas price during same time span.  Brent Crude
                 prices ... derived via the Futures Market ... absolutely mirror gas station prices.   

                 Do you see that Newsom is a con artist who doesn't know what he is talking 
                 about?  Under Governor Newsome, San Francisco has been a disaster area.
                 Gavin Newsome is not worth his hair gel.  Did Biden ever sniff his hair?
Just so that you'll know, Brent Crude was about $83 toward the end of February 2024.  West Texas Intermediary Oil was $78.21, at the same time.  To make a long story short, maybe by September 2025 ... not 2024 ... Brent Crude might be down to $70, if you don't change government officers.  Simply refer to the Futures Market.  Voters should not waste their time listening to CNN or MSNBC or Gavin Newsom.

Price Stats

On the day when Zombie Joe Biden took office, the avg price of gasoline was $2.36 a gallon.  It kept rising until it reached an average of $4.94 per gallon, in 2022.  Under Donald Trump, it went as low as $1.84.  But, as far as goes the pre-covid19 pandemic price, on March 5th, 2020, it was $2.42.  On March 11, 2020, covid19 was declared a pandemic.  Prices dropped drastically.

While we are at it, let's go to West Texas Intermediary Oil prices for the past 5 yrs.  When Biden entered office, the price was about $53 per barrel.  By June 2022, it had rocketed up to $121.51.  Under Trump, it got as low as $12.78 per barrel, on Apr 27, 2020.  The pre-pandemic price was $34.36 per barrel.  All in all, Gavin Newsom is a liar, claiming that the price of gas was guided by anything more than the Futures market.  See for yourself.

All in all, a vote for Newsom is as disastrous as a vote for Biden and/or Kamala the Giggler.  All in all, to support someone as evil as Joe Biden is to be someone as evil as Joe Biden.  Supporting someone as deceitful as Newsom will backfire on the supporter.  Remember the scorpion.
(c)  Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Liar, Liar, Your Soul's on Fire

Now, as far as goes Joe Biden's future, he apparently ignores the fact that we all are under the laws of time.   Concerning Biden's destiny after time ends for him, Hell & its spiritual torment is filled with people who never thought that they'd go there.  This includes those people who spent a lifetime not believing that Hell even exists.  

People who are living Hells end up going to Hell, if they have no remorse before entering into eternity.  After all, there is such a thing as conversion ... contrition ... a change of heart ... amending your life.  Yet, Biden hasn't changed.  Biden has amended nothing about his dishonest self.  At the age of 81, he is still an uncharitable, feisty, brawler, whenever he's not an intrusive hair sniffer.

There is a great wager ... gamble ... investment ... and consequence ... with being human.  It deals with time and eternity.  You might have trouble believing this, but you are never going to stop existing.  The question is how you will be existing when you enter Eternity . . . after you walk out into ... or float out into ...  or rocket out into the Great Beyond.  

Your state of existence, when you go past the threshold of Eternity, is all that matters.  And of course, what you do on Earth results in what state you will forever have in the Eternal Great Beyond.  So, being like Joe Biden is never worth it.  After all, Joe Biden is utterly worthless.  Joe Biden is detrimental.  Joe Biden is a really sick joke.  If he's too senile & demented to stand trial, then he is too senile & demented to be president of Mexico ... or Egypt ... or the United States.  A vote against Biden is a vote to save America.  A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for evil.