Joe Biden's Failures: Blaming it all on Republicans. Real mature there, Joe.

Joe Biden, the obsessive hair sniffer.  Someone needs to tell the Chinese that they DON'T have to pretend that it's okay when a politician gets weird on your kids.   Joe Biden apparently sniffs more people than does his dog.  Posted pursuant to the Fair Use Act.  
Biden the Liar

His narration of how he meet Jill was one big lie, according to Jill's early 1970s husband ... and according to official Catholic Church record-keeping which blatantly indicates that Jill & Joe Biden were NEVER married in the Catholic Church.  

Joe met Jill during Joe's first senatorial campaign.  Jill's husband was a campaign volunteer and a donator to the 1972 Biden campaign.  Sometime thereafter, an adulterous relationship ALLEGEDLY transpired between Joe and Jill.  The lesson here was that, when Joe moves in, Joe really moves in.  

The husband of Jill the Adulterous was night club owner Bill Stevenson.  He was enlightened to the affair when a man walked into Bill's night club and offered to pay for damages done to Jill's Corvette.  Bill was informed that Jill was not the one driving, during the collision.  The driver was Senator Biden.  

In little time, Bill told Jill that she had to leave their house, and depart from Bill.   A civil divorce proceeding ensued.  All was said and done, on civil court paperwork, in March of 1975.  Then, in 1977, Joe and Jill presented themselves before society as man and wife.  

It turns out that they were living in the state of adultery under the false guise of having been married in the Catholic Church, all along.  Thus, Biden has always been a liar in claiming that he is Roman Catholic.  Joe Biden is VERY anti-Catholic, especially when he promised to make sure that Roman Catholic taxpayers would be forced to pay for the excommunicable act of abortion-on-demand which will result in a future version of the Nuremberg Trials.  In the end, mass murder ends up on trial, no matter what your propaganda machine deceptively calls that type of murder.  Study history.  Do the math.

Jill claimed that a Catholic priest "married" her and Joe at the U.N.  Firstly, Jill needed to get a Declaration of Nullity from Joe's Catholic diocese of Wilmington Delaware.  Jill, herself, was NOT Catholic.  She was confirmed in the Presbyterian Church.  

In 1977, being that Jill had long-since taken marriage vows with a man who was still alive, she was still regarded by the Catholic Church as being married.  Her only possible option was to get a Declaration of Nullity which declares that a defect existed at the beginning of her marriage with Bill Stevenson which made the marriage invalid from the start.  Defects include "a lack of consent to marry" or "immaturity on the part of one of the two partners," etc.   None the less, there is apparently ... allegedly ... no such declaration of nullity for Jill.  Thus, Joe & Jill never had a marriage in the Catholic Church.  Joe Biden says he's a Catholic.  He is no such thing.

Now, if Jill had gotten an annulment, it was next necessary for her to have gotten an indult from the Archdiocese of New York, for her and Joe to perform the Sacrament of Matrimony at the UN.  

Plus, Joe and Jill also needed to get an indult to engage in a Mixed Marriage, regarding mixed religions ... and not race.  

So, two archdiocesan indults and one declaration of nullity were needed.  The circumstantial evidence is that there were no indults granted to the couple, and there was no annulment for Jill.  This is another instance which shows that Joe Biden lies and lies and lies again ... and again and again and again.  Jill was a part of this particular lie.  Now remember, these are the owners of a dog who bit 24 humans at the White House, showing how utterly white trash Joe & Jill really are.  At present, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the White Trash House.

If Jill and Joe exchanged vows at the UN in front of a Catholic priest, then the ceremony ... and their marriage ... would have been placed into the records of the parish that oversaw the UN.  That parish is Holy Family Parish.  Well, the pastor of that parish expressly said in 2022 or in 2023 that there existed absolutely no record of Joe and Jill Biden getting married at the UN, in front of any Catholic priest.  

In conclusion, Joe and Jill are NOT married in the Catholic Church.  They are literally living in sin.  Thus, they are in an adulterous relationship, under the very false guise of being validly married.  We have further evidence that Joe Biden's life is one big lie.  This makes Biden the Liar in Chief.

An indult is "special permission."   The two links below will explain the Biden Lie about him and Jill more clearly.  It will explain that Joe Biden once again is a liar:

The Lifelong Defamation of a Sober Truck Driver

Then comes Joe's first wife who died during the 1972 Christmas shopping season, shortly before Joe was to go to DC and take a senator's oath.  He repeatedly described the truck driver involved as someone who chose to "drink his lunch," as in alcohol consumption.  But of course, that was yet another lie of Biden the Endless Liar.  Ever-so-coincidentally, the records of that accident ended up missing ... gone ... nowhere to be found.  Wherever Joe Biden is, the truth disappears.

The driver was Curtis Dunn, and he was NOT charged with any offense.  From 1972 and onward, Biden would not let the guy be at peace.  Biden ... in my opinion ... likes to employ emotional theatrics for votes ... and for getting out of an embarrassing situation.  After all, he has repeatedly brought up his son, Beau, as a smoke screen.  Yet, numerous people in the modern United States went through a close family member dying of cancer.  I did.

For the record, Beau Biden did NOT die in Iraq.  He died in Maryland.  There are more examples as to Joe Biden being an endless liar ... and a theatrical emotions manipulator.  But of course, there isn't the time to scour through the specific records and reports, at present.

Krystal Ball lists a litany of Joe Biden's lies in the video linked directly below here:


Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti of the Hill team-up and review Biden's years of lies and a plagiarism scandal:


Medhi Hasan of the Intercept recalls FIVE of Biden's lies.  One of the lies was a hyper-theatric lie.  Well, listen for yourself, while the info is still available.  Get the info while it's hot.

Australia tuned in on Biden's non-truths, also:

Slave Labor Joe

Joe Biden and one other senator pushed for Sweatshop, Slave Labor, Atheist China to be fast-tracked to favored nation status.  Biden couldn't care less about the plight of the working man and woman in China.  Yet, the democrat party is supposed to be the "livable wage" party.  Well, not under Biden.  None the less, reparations are due to these underpaid workers.  

As a former student of one of JFK's economic advisors who also scored a 100% on a national-level accounting exam authored by Harvard University, I can tell that there is a painless way to do the reparations, while benefitting the American middle class.  The money will come from those outrageously rich ... whose windfalls came from not paying the Asian sweatshop workers, in the first place.  There is also reparations due to modern African children who were child field laborers ... in Western Africa.  As a reminder, we are talking about present-day reparations; modern-day reparations which is nothing more than "back-pay."  

The implications of 17th, 18th, and 19th Century slavery is for another discourse and is therefore beyond the scope of this discourse.  However, as an effective preview,  know that the descendants of the very poor Ellis Island immigrants who never had slaves in Europe owe ZERO DOLLARS in reparations, concerning anything that transpired in America before those poor Europeans arrived next to the Statue of Liberty, in the 20th Century.   

Slavery in America because fully illegal in 1865.  The majority of the European Poor didn't come until years after the end of American Slavery.  Thus, the descendants of the Greeks, Italians, and Lebanese owe zero reparations.  The descendants of the Slovaks, Slovenians, and Poles owe zero reparations.  The descendants of Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbians, Slovenians, and Croatians owe zero reparations, as well.  Lithuanian-Americans owe ZERO reparations, too.   So-on-and-so-forth goes the list of present-day Americans who owe ZERO DOLLARS in any type of African-American Slave Reparations.   

In addition, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants and others whose ancestors lived in the Northern Free States also owe zero dollars and zero cents in "reparations."  Thus, people from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc owe ZERO SLAVE REPARATIONS.  Northerners were financial victims of Southern slavery, due to undercut prices.  Northerners couldn't compete with companies who had low labor costs.   We move on:

BTW, Libya has had legalized slavery ever since the murder of Omar Qaddafi ... ever since Obama let him be murdered.  Yet, Omar changed from his evil ways.  Well, Biden was VP at the time of Omar's death, and this instance was a message to the world that you cannot trust an American politician.  The abandoning of the Afghan friends of America was the same message, in 2021.  This is thanks to Obama, Benghazi Hillary, and Joe the Hair Sniffer Biden.  Let us review:

After the fall of Qaddafi came the Libyan slave trade.  Biden, Obama, and Hillary looked the other way.  They were in power when Qaddafi was brutally murdered.  His murder is a reflection on them.  The world now knows that you cannot trust American presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries of state.

Many Afghans helped Americans for years. They were then abandoned by Biden, shortly after he became president.  And he became president with the propaganda help of a very dishonest CNN & MSNBC.  Look at the pattern here.  If you are not white enough, then Joe Biden eventually abandons you.  In fact, the modern politician's pattern/trend has been this:  Black Lives only matter once every four years.  Go and see for yourself.

Biden's ALLEGED Temper and emotional explosions toward staffers and at the podium.

Mr. Congeniality he is not.  There is Biden the Intimidating Bully, and then there is the Joe Biden who loses he composure and starts yelling.  Included is Biden in his immature name-calling of others.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden sees dead people, sarcastically speaking

Biden claimed to have spoken with Francois Mitterrand & Helmut Kohl, shortly after the 2021 inauguration.  Well, Mitterrand died of cancer in 1996, and Kohl died in 2017.  At this point in time, those two individuals can be nothing more to Biden than his literal ghost writers.  Boo!!!

Then, when Biden gets caught doing something blatantly wrong, he simply says, "That's a damn lie."    This is followed by MSNBC & CNN covering for him, insulting our collective intelligence all the more.  

Yet, the cover-up job didn't go as expected.  Not everyone was deceived.  After all, the January 2024 Prime Time CABLE ratings showed that FoxNews had twice as many viewers as did MSNBC, and FoxNews had three times more viewers than did CNN.  That's embarrassing, especially in light of the fact that, in 2011, during Occupy Wall Street, the FoxNew' staff was regarded as the most intense liars on air.  Then CNN & MSNBC replaced FoxNews as liars extraordinaire.

None the less, the Biden Factor is the same as the Feinstein Factor.  For those not current on American politics, Feinstein was known to have had memory issues and mental acuity issues while in office, too.  Yet, she refused to step down.  And why?  It's simple:  SELFISHNESS and even greed, including the greed for power.  Such a combo of vices is far more of a motivation for staying in office than is wanting to stay there, to cover-up one's senatorial misdeeds.  Selfishness never brings unity.  Incidentally, as far as went Feinstein, a Chinese spy was discovered to have been working for her.  That, too, is embarrassing.

And of course, some of the most murderous and destructive riots in United States history occurred during the reign of today's career politicians who have been in power for 30+ and 40+ years.  The Years 2014 & 2020 are examples.  These congressional members only succeeded in bringing back disunity to America and in escalating the national debt to the point of Economic Failure and Financial Default ... not to mention financial distress.  

The Hypocritical States of America

The aging career politicians showed all the signs of not caring about the state of America that they will soon enough leave behind, putting the rest of us in a bind.  Meanwhile, they all live in palatial wealth.  That's ironic for a government said to be of the people for the people and by the people.  Well, under their tenures ... from those of Feinstein to Biden to Pelosi to Schumer to Waters to McConnell to etc to etc ... America became an Oligarchy.  And the rest of us became the Little People ... or the worker bees.  

To think, billions of dollars marked for Haitian Earthquake victims disappears, and Bill Clinton is never called to account for it.  A German Bank Loan results in full payment, with zero dollars/marks missing, and Trump gets a fine imposed upon him that exceeded the 2023 Gross Domestic Product of the Solomon Islands  ... as well as Samoa individually.
Bug off, Jagoff.  Photos like this one easily make one believe Tara Reade completely.  For those not current on politics, the woman in this photo is not Tara Reade.  Tara literally defected to Russia, in fear of retaliation from the Biden Clan.  A complaint about FBI harassment was filed by Reade's attorney.

The First Sign that Sick Joke Joe Was Actually a Nightmare Was When ...

The first Reality Check publicly seen about Biden was Biden's destructive handling of Afghanistan which was an untold outrage & disgrace.  Enemies of America ended up dressed in American military uniforms.  They also took possession of the American military technology that was left behind, for anyone to reverse-engineer.  

Add to this the outrageously high inflation rate which immediately ensued in 2021, concerning what is known as Demand Pull Inflation.   Plus, America lost its energy independence.  This was another outrage, being that the US had far more filtering and air cleaning regulations than mostly anyone else on Earth.

The Border Lie

The border fiasco also began in early 2021, and Biden always did have the legal ability to close the border, "upon the discretion of the president."  Three years later, however, he elected to lie about the border fiasco, claiming that his hands were proverbially tied.  He claimed that he asked the Republicans in the US Congress at the beginning of his administration to give him the power to fix the border, despite the fact that he always had the power to do so.   

Moreover, Biden repealed the Trump exec orders which fixed the borders, in the first place.  Biden's opening of the borders in his carte blanch fashion was equal to opening Pandora's Box at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

BTW, Joe Biden acts all so I'm-gonna-beat-you-up Mr. Tough Guy.  Yet, Joe Biden is NOT man enough to say the name, Laken Riley.  Say her name, America!  Say her name!!!

Father Christmas in Washington DC ... NOT

In case you never studied economics, know that Joe Biden tried to pull a fast one ... yet again ...  but, it resulted in intense Demand Pull Inflation.  He wanted to come off as the ever-so-generous Father Christmas.  He was then going to hire 87,000 IRS agents to take back from the American citizenry & Corporate America the money he had just recently handed out to America.  

It's assumed that Biden thought that the injection of congressional funding would rev-up the multiplier effect (which see).   Well, not when there is not enough inventory to circulate along with the added dollars injected into the economy.  

One might say that Biden was performing "the redistribution of wealth."  HOWEVER, when the purchasing power of a redistributed dollar slides downward, and results in grief-inducing inflation, nothing gets redistributed.  All is negated.  The retailers get the injected money, at an inflated price.  The injected money doesn't travel through an expanded circulation.   The poor suffer the effects of higher prices.  Biden spent decades living the palatial life.  He cannot feel the pain of the poor that he caused in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Some type of manufacturing is needed in every economy.   At least a service, as in accounting, building design, academic course design, medical papers, psychology papers, science papers, historic cataloguing, statistics services, any kind of manuscripts, stocks & bond maintenance, archeological analysis, satellite analysis, mapping, spy services, etc.  Biden was a principle player in the trend that sent American jobs to sweatshop, slave labor China decades ago and other extremely low-wage nations.

All in all, the American poor were not saved by Biden.  The poor became enslaved . . . to higher prices which is an extra nail in the coffin of the poor.  Then came mass retail theft, as if pirates landed and seized major American cities.  Apparently MSNBC and CNN don't realize how unbelievably pathetic Biden has been, as president.  This administration has been a completely sick joke.  Biden should be criminally prosecuted for Afghanistan, alone.

Income Disparity is a pertinent issue, in America

Concerning 21st Century sweatshop & field slave labor, there is the matter INCOME DISPARITY to address, and such disparity rose under Biden's watch, while he was long-term senator.  A result was the yearly Trade Balance Deficit. The long-term indifference from Biden and confreres resulted in 2011's Occupy Wall Street grass roots campaign.  Zombie Joe was El Vice Presidento during that time. 

None the less, Biden's push for China's fast tracking & favored-nation status resulted in a tremendous Trade Balance DEFICIT.  Plus, millions of American jobs ... including those which could have been held by numerous black/African workers at a much higher wage than what was paid to modern slaves ... went to slave labor China and to other slave labor nations.  This was all done under Biden's watch ... under Nancy Pelosi's watch ... and under Maxine Waters watch, proving how hypocritical life-long American politicians have been in these past four decades.  

The American Dictator for Life Club: "career politicians" who don't give anyone else a chance

And of course, a 30+ & 40+ year-long politician in DC is basically a member of the Dictators for Life Club.  Those politicians were accomplices to modern slavery, making them the ultimate hypocrites during BLM rallies.   They were there when the national debt went from 4 and 1/2 trillion dollars in 1999 to an unimagined $34 TRILLION in 2024.  They let American society be exposed to the Synthetic Chemical Glut that permeates society.  They allowed schools to become nothing more than Propaganda Centers, reducing the public school student to Functional Imbecility.  This illustrates that the 21st Century United States government has been a really sick joke.

Biden did not feel your pain or the pain of those overseas workers who were made into sweatshop labor retail store slaves of the American consumer.  Biden's indifference in this type of slavery was an outrage.  This is why court venues such as the Nuremberg Trials emerged.  Slave Labor was the 6th Criminal Count, during the Nuremberg Trials of the late 1940s.  Apparently, no one learned anything from the Nuremberg Trials.  Mankind continued in its same path.  Killing, killing, and killing some more.

The 1988 Campaign

Joe Biden lied so embarrassingly in 1988 that he had to end his presidential campaign in disgrace.  I remember the Joe Biden of the 1980s.  In public, he always looked ticked-off.  He looked like he was ten seconds away from starting a fist fight.  Feisty politicians never bring unity.  They become long-term bullies who seek to punch-out people wearing MAGA caps.  Well, if I'm going to wear anything that states, "great again,"  it won't be the MAGA hat.  It will be this:
The point to posting the above-image is directly below.
There were one hundred Western Roman Emperors, from the Julius Caesar years to 476 C.E.  Only about a dozen or so emperors reigned longer than did [1] Nancy Pelosi, [2] Maxine Waters, [3] Chuck Schumer, [4] Mitch McConnell, [5] Patrick Leahy, [6] Strum Thurmond, [7] Robert Byrd, [8] Dianne Feinstein, [9] John Dingell, [10] Joe Biden, [11] John Conyers, [12] Don Young, [13] Hal Rogers, [14] Steny Hoyer, [15] Chris Smith, [16] Ed Markey, etc, etc, etc.  This is equivalent to a confederation of American Dictators for Life.

The ultra-left thinks that it will take full power after creating BLM chaos and fining the rich into destitution.  Its planners should study history.  History does repeat itself.  So, study political upheavals in history and do the math.  The left wing's antics will only result in the rise of another Napoleon ... or another Caesar ... or another Merovingian Dynasty which countered the fall of Rome and the rise of the Barbarian invasions ... or another Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.  

There was even the rise of Moscow after the 1453 disaster at Constantinople, as an example as to how politics can change all at once. As soon as it was established, Moscow Russia was called the New Rome.  Once upon a time, Geneva Switzerland was called the New Rome.  Do the math here. 

When things get really bad, Donald Trump and all others presently in politics will be out of the equation.  Then will come the second coming of Napoleon ... or the Second Coming of the Duke of Wellington.  The only question is, "Will he be a Benevolent Napoleon or an Evil Napoleon?"  Will it be an Arthur Wellesley with no conflict of interest or will it be a vengeful version thereof?