Joe Biden: The man who sniffs more people than his dog ever does

Those two gentlemen should have been issued flyswatters.  Photo posted pursuant to Fair Use Act.
There is also the matter of the Hunter Biden laptop and the 51 "American Intel Agents" who deceived millions of Americans into believing that it was one big Russian con game, aka "disinformation."  Well, the Russians would want someone as incompetent and buffoonish as Joe Biden in office.  So, Russia would have joined the 51 American Election Interference Accomplices, when it came to the Hunter Biden laptop embarrassment.  After all, Putin said that Joe Biden was preferable to Trump, because Biden is predictable.

And of course, a recent report from an NY Times best selling author  reported that Brennan and his CIA kept hidden from America the intell product which found that Putin and Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election.  This report furthermore throws the Russian Collusion Hoax deeply in the proverbial trash dumpster.  

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The Russian Hoax Hypocrisy

There is one publicly seen factor ... on the wide open plane ... which instantly shows that there was no "Russian Conclusion" between Trump and Russia.  Now, keep in mind that the claim is that Russian Conclusion took away votes away from Hillary ... giving them to Trump ... preventing Hillary from being the "Ceiling Smashing" first woman president of the United States.  

Well, the evidence that this collusion did NOT happen in any capacity is in front of everyone's face.  It consists in the fact that HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE, in 2016.  She received 2,864,974 more votes than did Trump.  She even won over 225 electoral votes.  If there were this mystical collusion in process, then Hillary would NOT have gained so many votes.  

Now look & perceive:  Hillary received 65,844,610 votes, in 2016.  This is almost the exact same number of votes that Barack Obama received in 2012.  He received 65,899,660.  The trend of 2012 remained the same in 2016, showing no alteration of the political trend of American politics.  Plus, Hillary received 2.9 million MORE votes than did Trump.  Thus, no collusion.  No tampering.  Simply the same old of same ole.   Adam Schiff lied to America.  Maddow lied to America.  The mainstream media lied to America and should be stripped of FCC licensing.  The mainstream media also incited riots in 2020.

2016 was a predictable election, in light of the fact that Hillary ignored Wisconsin and Trump appealed to the rural voters who felt that their votes didn't count.  Trump's campaign managers only cared about the Electoral Vote.  They got the votes needed ... which came from the rural states and from the Wisconsin surprise.  But then again, Wisconsin has a lot of rural folk living in it.

Likewise, Trump received almost the same amount of popular votes that the most recent Republican president did.  In 2004, George Bush II received 62 million votes.  Kerry received 59 million, in 2004, as well.  Then, in 2016, Trump received 62.9 million.  All were very similar numbers, showing no suspicious activity.

Even in 2012, the insufferable Mitt Romney officially received 60,932,153 votes; almost 61 million.  Thus, there was no pronounced alteration in the nationwide voting trend.  Thus, there was no colluding with any nation, including Russia, in 2016.

Then comes 2020.  If Russia colluded with Trump, to beat the democrat party opponent of 2016, then the same colluding would have happened in 2020.   Well, Biden officially received 81,283,501 votes.  That's enormous.  In fact, Biden received 7 million more votes than did Trump.  

The 2020 election had an unnaturally higher number of votes than did 2016, 2012, 2008, etc.  It was out of the ordinary, and did NOT match any trend.  In 2020, 155,507,476 votes were counted between the two major candidates.  In 2016, 128,838,342 were counted  That was 26,669,134 less votes than in 2020.  

In 2012, 126,849,299 were counted amongst the two major candidates.  That was a number close to 2016.  Then, in 2008, 129,446,839 were counted, and this is also close in number to 2012 & 2016.  In addition 121,069,054 votes were counted in 2004, and this too is within the same general trend.

The math tally of 2020 can compel you to suspect that something extremely unusual occurred.  That would be the added number of mail-in ballots.  Now, mail-in ballots cannot be monitored as to their authenticity and honesty.  Thus, it was a propagandist's LIE to have claimed that the Election of 2020 was the safest one ever.  You cannot prove this, when it comes to the mail-in ballots.  If you can do so, then have CNN and MSNBC make TV documentaries, showing all the proof.  

The 2020 election was above average in the margin of victory, but it was no record.  The record holder in the popular vote margin was Reagan, in 1984, over Walter Mondale, to the tune of 16 million more votes than Mondale.  None the less, Biden was credited with the most popular votes in US history.  This indicates that NO Trump/Russia Collusion against the Democrat Party nominee occurred in 2020, showing that there was NO TREND of Russian interference benefitting Trump.  Any Russian interference that year was ineffective & pointless.  These facts were in front of everyone's face, all along.  Therefore, MSNBC & ABC are an insult to the typical American voter's intelligence.

The Common Trait of the States Trump Won, in 2016 ... generally speaking

In the 2016 election, the common note amongst the states which Trump won was that a significant number of people in those states [1] went to church on Sundays, [2] and believed in the moral code which saw Abortion on Demand as a serious sin against God, equal to murder. Trump won all the  States statistically recognized as the Most Church-going States.  Wisconsin was an exception, being that it's regarded as a low-numbered church-going state.  However, Hillary ignored Wisconsin, not visiting it in 2016.  She snubbed Wisconsin.  So, Wisconsin snubbed her.

Even the northeastern State of Pennsylvania has numerous Italian and Eastern European Catholics in Philadelphia, as well as numerous Eastern European Catholics & Orthodox Church adherents in Pittsburgh.  Elsewhere in Pennsylvania were the country folk or "Podunk residents."  Country folk are known to go to church on Sundays and to vote for pro-life candidates.   

Trump won Florida, Texas, and Arizona.  Those are Hispanic states, and Hispanics are occasionally known for Catholicism and their respectful devotion towards Our Lady of Guadalupe.  All in all, Sunday church-goer states are inhabited by people who have the mindset of Forgiveness & Amendment ... of conversion ... of the Mercy of God.  This means that these people did not care about Trump's past.  They only cared about his future policies.

BTW, the least church-going states were New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.  Those are cold weather states, when it comes to wintertime & Sunday.  Those are also wooded states, where people equate cities and industrial settings with the Church.  Thus, they view the idea of "church" as evil.  Do the math on that thought, as to why N. Hampshire, Vermont, etc, have a lower than average number of Sunday church-goers, per capita

Hillary would have won in 2016, if . . .

All in all, the determining factor of the 2016 election was one issue:  Abortion.  The Pro-Life candidate won.  If Hillary Clinton ran on a pro-life platform, she would have become the first woman president of the United States.  She sabotaged herself by adhering to Abortion-on-Demand.  Therefore, in reality, it was Pro-Lifers and NOT "Russian Colluders" which determined the outcome of the 2016 election.  Only an imbecile would believe the mainstream media mouthpieces who obsessively tooted the "Russian Collusion" hoax.

And of course, the hypocrisy of it all was in Joe Biden imposing ZERO SANCTIONS on the RUSSIAN woman who sent a large sum of money in the direction of Hunter Biden.  Trump was NOT colluding with the Russians.  The Biden Family was.  How stupid do the mainstream corporate media's editors & board members think that Americans are?  

The Real Russian Collusion

A transfer of money from Moscow was located on bank records too, allegedly from Elena Baturina.  But, there was a cash transfer from her allegedly made to Rosemont Seneca Bohai.  The sifting & filtering of funds comprise money laundering, and it literally takes a map to show the public how the money was laundered.  This is the job of Representative Comer.  Below is only one sample page of evidence, showing that Hunter really did get $83,333.33 a month for a while.  Read it.
This is only one of many pages available free to the public, at the US House Oversight Committee.  The docs show that the economic windfalls of the Bidens also occurred while Joe was VP.  Joe was VP from 2009 to 2016.
Above:  This explains the establishment of Rosemont Seneca Bohai which is not to be confused with the shell company, Rosemont Thornton.  In review, money to Rosemont Thornton came first.  Then came Rosement Seneca, ALLEGEDLY for laundering purposes.
Yes, in 2016, Hillary would have won if she ran on the pro-life platform.  HOWEVER, she has ALLEGEDLY been on the take ... as in $12 million from Morocco, etc.  She might not have been able to have sheltered all unaccountable funds into the Clinton Foundation 501C.  She might have gotten caught, anyway.  Then again, she would have had the power to prevent deep dive investigations.  

None the less, billions of dollars designated for Haiti performed an amazing disappearing act, and no one in the media brings it to the fore, anymore.  Well, Bill Clinton and George Bush the First (the CIA Bush) were in charge of the money which went missing.  Bill Clinton has Media Immunity.

Of course, the one thing we all learned from this political corruption is that the crime a corrupt politician accuses his/her election opponent of committing is the crime that the accuser politician is committing, himself.

See:  Hunter Biden's Russian business associates spared by US sanctions ---again.  It's found at:

And then there was a recorded phone call ... with Joe's voice on it ... talking about the conditional $1 billion loan guarantee which was only going to become a reality upon the Ukrainian powers-that-be terminating the services of a prosecutor general who was allegedly investigating Burisma.  Listen for yourself:

There is also the matter of former Biden Family business associate, Tony Bobulinski, whom the mainstream media belittled with a seething disrespect:

There are a number of damning allegations against the Three Bidens and their incomes which need sifting and assessment.  However, such a thing takes time, and such time is not available at present, for the Blue Marble Album. Representative Comer and Company can take care of it.  

But of course, Comer will be endlessly mocked by CNN, MSNBC, Goldman, Raskin, etc, etc.  None the less, there is much more of the fraudulence of Joe Biden to convey which has been mostly ... but not completely ... ascertained.  Example below:

In addition to discovered & uncovered bank records, the suspicion that Joe Biden was on-the-take ... as in bribery & influence peddling ... is prima facia plausible, based on the fact that Biden has been observed living beyond his financial means.   And remember, we are dealing with a senator's salary, and NOT a Dupont inheritance.  Yet, during his third year as senator, he obtains a Dupont Mansion that was acquired at a very low price, when it comes to mansions in the 1970s.  

None the less, that price was still four and a half times a senator's salary.  Needless to say, the media of today made the acquisition of 1974 sound like the purchase of a dilapidated "fixer-upper" house in total disrepair.  Concerning this, keep in mind that, in the 1960s and 1970s, a couple would buy a house relatively equal in price to one and a half year's yearly income.  Then a 20 year mortgage would be obtained, at a low monthly price.  Then, after Reagan took office, a young couple buying a house became rarer and rarer, due to the inability to afford the rising costs.  Monthly mortgages became much higher than in the 1960s.

There's more to convey about Joe Biden obtaining a Dupont mansion at a young age, while he was a very new senator.  Q: What was going to guarantee that he would be able to afford the house and the needed renovation, in the first place ?  What was to guarantee in his first term that Biden would become a career politician with 36 years in the senate and 12 years in the two highest posts in the executive branch of the American government?

There is something about Biden's acquisition of the mansion which needs added confirmation, such as life insurance policy cash values used as currency for the purchase of a mansion 4 and a half times the  yearly salary of a senator.  Concerning this  ...  if true  ... 28 year old senators don't have much cash value in any life insurance policy to use as currency.  So, who's insurance policy was Biden using, if life insurance policies were involved in the Dupont Mansion purchase?  Thus, there is more to come in the Biden financial saga, if time and circumstances permit.  

All in all, to deny that Joe Biden is a pathological liar is an additional insult to the American intelligence.  He's  an 81 year old who acts like an eleven year old, blaming everything on Trump.   But, the details of his immaturity are beyond the scope of this discourse.  

Then comes USA Today, in it reporting a little of what the Oversight Committee thus far found:

"The committee has already obtained bank documents showing a company owned by Walker received a $3 million wire transfer from a Chinese energy company two months after Joe Biden left office as vice president.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were then paid to members of Biden’s family, according to Comer."   (Simply refer to the Oversight Committee Report.  It's link is eight paragraphs above here.)

As a quick note, bank documents equal several smoking guns.  So, quit insulting America's intelligence by claiming that there's no evidence against Biden.  

One of the allegations does NOT make sense

There was the allegation that a Burisma exec paid Hunter and Joe $5 million each, for corrupt services to be rendered to Burisma.  HOWEVER, this does NOT make sense.  Hunter was already getting an alleged $83,333 per month from Burisma.  Why would he also get a large lump sum which would serve as a bright red flag, for bank officials?  

Multiple assetless LLCs (aka shell companies) are beneficial for money laundering which involves sifting and dividing sums of money in the distribution thereof . . . in the distribution to people who carry the name, Biden.  Therefore, the accusation of a $5 million lump sum payment per Biden ... unfiltered to each of the two principle Bidens ... CANNOT be trusted.  

HOWEVER, 5 million dollars did end up in the account of Hudson West III LLC; a company jointly owned by Owasco and also Coldhabour, and ultimately owned by the Biden Family ... aka the Biden Racketeers.
This is here, because the mainstream media recently reported the arrest of Alexander Smirnov, for lying to the FBI about Hunter & Joe each receiving a $5 million bribe.  Well, Smirnov was close to being correct.  Yet, that story can help bury the true fact that one $5 million bank transfer was made to one of the Biden LLC shell companies.  So, see for yourself above.
The bank record evidence gathered thus far is super compelling against the Biden Players.  This means that Raskin is an unconscionable liar.  Goldman is an unconscionable & intolerable liar, too.  And then comes Maddow.  She can be suspected of mental illness, in her sickening obsession with Russian Collusion.  Of course, her hatred of Trump stems from Trump being pro-life.  She appears to want the expulsion from government all persons who care about protecting the most helpless of human life ... of the human life who have not yet seen sunlight.

            From the US House of Representatives' Committee on Oversight and Accountability    

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