Slow Zombie Joe & his Roid Rage Rants: Liar Extraordinaire

The "Zombie Outbreak" will expectedly occur on Wed, Nov 6, 2024.  The "zombies" will first seek to kill or badly hurt everyone wearing a red MAGA cap.  It  used to be called, "being a sore loser."  Today, such vandalism, arson, and murder is called "saving democracy."  However, it's no more than the raising of an army of brainwashed Manchurian Candidates.
General Review:  As of the Spring of 2024, the feeble two-time brain surgery patient, Joe Biden, has done nothing but mock and belittle Donald Trump and his MAGA base, as if the American voters' concerns about their own personal lives don't matter.  From Brain Surgery Biden comes no words of encouragement or compassion or inspiration or solidairty or acknowdgement of the hardship many Americans have been enduring for the past 3 and 4 years.  The 2024 election is all a game to Biden; the game of King of the Hill.

Of course, Biden allowed the national debt to ridiculously continue its augmentation, in order to deceive people into thinking that he is the generous Father Christmas.  The People needed to understand that Biden had every intention of getting that "generosity money" back, by taxing the very people he intended to deceive ... all for re-election, as if nothing but re-election matters.  

Preview #1:   The Prevailing Hypocrisy of the Whole 2024 State of the Union Address

Biden would occasionally say something to the effect, "Let's begin now!"  One example was that of lowering the unconscionably high cost of insulin in America, when compared to other nations.  It sounds impressively heroic, doesn't it?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, what is wrong with this picture?

ANS:  Joe Biden has been in office for 47 of the past 51 years, and he's only starting now, to lower the price of prescription drugs?  Where has he been, for the past 51 years?   

Preview #2:  Adderall or similar is suspected by a board certified expert & practioner

Dr Carole Lieberman received her medical degree(s) at the Louvain, in Belgium.  Next to the Sorbonne, you can't earn a more prestigious degree.  Carole has been a courtroom expert witness, as well as a television expert guest.  She detected ... from her personal professional experience ... that Biden was on Adderall or something similar, during the 2024 State of the Union Address.  If you have a problem with this, then take it up with the medical school in Louvain who bestowed upon Carole her degree(s).  In fact, take it up with the medical board who licenses her.  

Click on the following link:

Preview #3:  The National Debt continues its upward pace

I can go into detail about the National Debt and the federal budget deficit under Joe Biden ... and Trump, Obama, Bush II, etc.  However, there is enough space taken in this discourse, as it is.  At this point, keep in mind that a tree is known by its fruits, and a picture is worth a thousand words.  Look at the picture of the US National Debt graph below, provided by the United States government.  The debt has augmented considerably under Biden.  

Now, Biden repeatedly claimed that he reduced the US National Debt by $1.7 Trillion.  Look for yourself and see that Biden lied yet again, as usual.  

When he took office in January 2021, the debt was $27,751,000,000,000.  By the end of Biden's third year, the debt rose to $34,001,000,000,000.  Thus far under Biden, the debt increased by  $6 trillion + ... in a three year period.  In fact, mainstream news outlets reported that the US debt now increases approximately $1 trillion every 100 days.  Within three years of time, Biden increased the national debt slightly MORE than did the all the US congresses & presidential administrations, from 1790 to 2002 --- a 212 year period.  

Let it be repeated.  The Joe Biden Administration accrued in 3 years a debt amount closely equal to the debt amount that the United States accrued in a previous 212 year time span.  The graph below is a product of THE United States' Federal Reserve Board.  It's NOT the product of any "pundit" living in his parents' garage.  It's NOT the graph of a MAGA hat salesman in Missisippi.  It's NOT a Russian disinformation graph.  It's the real thing, proving that Biden continues to be a wall-to-wall liar who must be dismissed forever from the White House and all other government posts ... for his dishonesty, alone.  His administrators are accomplices who must be dismissed from all government posts, too.

By the way, FRED stands for Federal Reserve Economic Data.  It comes out of St. Louis.
  Below is a product of the United States TREASURY DEPT, showing how much money the Biden Administration & the US Congress have spent from October 1st, 2023 to late March 2024.  This involves a six month period only; and not the entire year.  
Are the Biden People still claiming that Joe reduced the National Debt by $1.7 trillion?
Below:  Now for the first six-month period of the Year 2024's National Deficit.  The National Deficit is not to be confused with the National debt.  The US National Debt involves America's all-time debt at present.  The deficit focuses in one narrowed unit of time.  That time unit is a year.   As far as concerns the first half of 2024, the National Deficit is/was $828 billion.  This is an official United States Treasury Dept finding. 
Now remember, this is only for the first half of the year.  A second half is a coming.
                    While we're at it, below are a few samples of price rises under Joe Biden.
Above:  The Price of Eating Food at Home, if you're a city dweller, during the Biden Years.
Above:  The Cost of urban shelter, while Biden was the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Above:  The Sky-rocketed price of new vehicles sold in the city.
Above:  The PRODUCER Price Index, Finished Consumer Foods, from 2013 until 2023.
In re:  The 2024 State of the Union Address

Take note that Biden started mumbling, after whatever "supplement" he was administered started to wear-off.  He reached the border-line of disarthria which is otherwise known as "slurring."  There was only the time to hear a few instances of this.   HOWEVER, on the following day, in a Biden campaign speech, the slurring was very noticeable.   Yet, the mainstream media neglects to remind America that Biden had TWO BRAIN SURGERIES in 1988, after a stroke.

None the less, during the wearing-off phase of whatever "supplements" he was given on the night of March 7th, 2024, a few quick mental pit stops did ensue.  After all, he acknowledged in a defensive tone ... a Lincoln Riley, instead of the tragic Laken Riley.  

Concerning Laken's ALLEGED murderer, Biden called him, "an illegal," after having stated that he is not going to use that phrase to describe any of today's .... illegal immigrants.  This is because, today's illegal immigrants are tomorrow's registered democrats.  Incidentally, an illegal immigrant is someone who cheated his/her way into the United States.

Also take note that Biden came off as the predictable feisty & ornery yeller, as opposed to a learned man in control of his emotions.  He only operated in one gear ... one speed ... except for an occasional smart-alec comment which was mentioned in relaxed arrogance.  This repeatedly has shown that the 2020 claim of Biden being a "calming influence" was a complete lie.  

The fact is that Biden's State of the Union address can cause decisive  division and the literal end of the Union ... but not at the hands of red hat hicks & hillbillies who drive pick-up trucks and whose lips move when they read.  It will come at the hands of a more sophisticated lot who realize that Joe Biden, Biden's minions, and American-Idiocy-on-Parade threatens humanity.  This will include the intervention of certain Europeans ... and professional Americans ... both North, Central, & South Americans.  

It will include people whom neither you nor I have thus far seen on screen or heard on audio recording.  Also included in the rescue of humanity from utter liars and manipulators will be people who are registered democrats today and who see their political party as having been hijacked by a vile and dishonest lot.  

The great asininity of the democrats in power is that they are obsessively using taxpayer dollars to shutdown MAGA hat-wearing Republicans.  Republicans are lazy, self-seeking cowards who don't strive for ideals.  They strive for an increase of their own bank accounts, much like democrat Joe Biden, democrat Maxine Waters, "Goldwater Girl" Hillary Clinton, democrat Chuck Schumer, and democrat Nancy Pelosi.  

While the democrat power-holders obsess their concentration on MAGA Republicans, they ignord their own working-poor democrats ... their disabled democrats ... their party's military vets ... and definitely democrat college students who got caught in the debt trap ... as well as young democrats who can't afford a home as easily as young American were able to do in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s ... before Reagan destroyed the American dream for the common American.  The democrat party will implode.  When you remove pillars, the ceiling above comes crashing down.    One day it will be said that the very dictatorial "democrat party has been CANCELLED due to the lack of interest."  Furthermore, the democrat pary can no longer be regarded as the "democratic party," being that there is nothing democratic about it.
Take note that Kamala's skin tone isn't much darker than that of Mike Johnson.  At the end of Summer, us outdoor Latins (Italian/Spanish/Portuguese) are much darker than she is.  Plus, she has an American accent.  So, you can put a lid on the endless, predictable, and defamatory Race Card Tricks.  She's avoided & undesired because she's a hateful bully endowed with a toxic personality.  She mercilessly prosecuted 1,500 black youth for doing nothing more than smoking marijuana.  She did this, so that she could have an impressive conviction rate.  She targeted 1,500 black youth, to advance her career.
Keep in mind that the congressional chamber audience of March 7th hovered around 600 to 700 or so.  After all, there are 535 members of Congress & only 12 US Supreme Court justices, as well as cabinet members.   This is minus the 2024 "designated survivor,"  Miguel Cardona (Education secretary).

Only half of the Capitol audience was cheering-on Joe.  However, there are 330 MILLION Americans, and millions of them do NOT cheer for Joe.  Rather, they live in some state of apprehension, dread, & resentment, due to the fact that Biden is in charge of things that determine human destiny ... including the Nuclear Football, otherwise known as the Presidential Emergency Satchel.  

Biden's mishandling of Afghanistan, alone, was enough to have warranted his perminent dismissal from government.  Yet, he got cheers from democrats, as if he saved the world.  In reality, he got cheers from those obsessed with seeing to it that abortion on demand can be obtained everywhere & in every which way, followed by them forcing Roman Catholics to pay for the abortions.  It's a sick lot.  It's a sickening political party ... the Party of Death.  It's so ironic that a feeble & demented politician acts all so Rambo Tough.  He can't even walk up Air Force One's SP without slipping & tripping.  But, he's Super Tough Guy Rambo.  Yeah.  Right.

The ability to soothe or enlighten others is something that Biden does NOT possess.  Suavity is something that Biden does NOT possess, either.  He was only able to proceed with the tone of a mean-spirited bully who seemed to be intensely mad at someone.  It was a ranter's roid rage, even if steroid use was not involved.  And of course, his party members cheered as if they were at a football game.  Governing others requires REASON & RATIONALE.  Biden has repeatedly shown himself to be absent of such mental & spiritual processes.  

HOWEVER, Biden also has clinched-fisted greed, and he is willing to hurt people, in order to get re-elected.  He has no temperance or self-control --- only a lust for power, even though he is outrageously feeble and demented.  This is a president who let his dog repeatedly attack humans.  Who trained the Biden dog to be so Biden-vicious?  Refer to the internet link directly below here:

                              Above is an internet link.  Click on it and get enlightened.

All in all, Biden spoke as if politics is a war, as opposed to a venue where people could talk things out and achieve an understanding between each other.  Thus came the rise of Roid Rage Biden.  Moreover, those who sit in front of cameras and defame Donald Trump to the point of absurd mockery are completely gutless cowards.  They are not honest enough ... and not brave enough ... to let Donald Trump sit there and respond to all of the mockery and criminal accusations these TV personalities arrogantly spew out, over the airwaves.  

AOC, an easily caught liar, showing herself to be as stupid as Biden in her treachery

Of course, AOC is the cringing embarrassment to all of us here in America who have a combination of Latin roots & a conscience.  She recently claimed that Donald Trump would sell this country for a dollar.  Ladies & gentleman what is wrong with this picture?  

ANS:  Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump did NOT cash a single paycheck for himself.  He literally served as President of the United States free of charge.  AOC does NOT refuse to cash her congressional paychecks for herself.  She lives quite comfortably.  Therefore, she's a hypocrite, as well as a pompous little twit who has the voice of a nine year old little girl, as if she is on the set of a Hollywood exorcism movie.  When the voice does NOT match the body, it's time to call in the holy water providers clad in stolls and black suits.

Taking a Ride on the Republican Version of the Cringe City Express

Then came the Republican response to the State of the Union Address.  It was an embarrassment.  It came from someone playing the emotions game and who showed herself to have no expertise on any of the urgent topics that the incompetent Biden presidency entails.  When speeches get flooded with high levels of kissy-poo sugar, then the listener's mind says, "Eeee.  Gag me with a spoon."  The same mind then says, "Get me out of here," upon which one of the operable hands turns the channel as fast as it can.

Now for the Great Contradiction Only a Liar Would Speak

Joe Biden professed that he will courageously fight against anyone who wants to lower Social Security and Medicare Benefits.  Well, he is on film, in the Senate ... years ago ... expressly saying that he meant to freeze monthly Social Security checks.  Such a thing is a "de facto cut in Social Security benefits," due to the natural rise in the Cost of Living.

See for yourself:  💢💢💢💢💢💢💢

                    Biden did vote twice to tax Social Security benefits, as well.

            ✅✅✅ ✅✅✅

While in the Senate, Biden was NOT the great compassionate champion of the poor.  After all, he gave the red carpet treatment to the Chinese Communist Sweatshop & Slave Labor Economy.   That amounts to a vast population of Asia's Working Poor, in a heavily populated nation, without protection.  Their underpaid work ended up in millions of American closets.

Now for a Great Sleight of Hand Deception

Biden was one of the two senators who pushed for "fast-tracking" the favored nation status of a China who would quickly steal American jobs and give them to underpaid sweatshop workers.  This was after House of Rep Bill 4444 passed.  That was the Archer Act, a la William Reynold Archer of Texas.  Then, on Sept 19, 2000, 83 senators, including Biden, voted Yea.  

This resulted in a monthly Trade Balance Deficit with China that transpired for decades ... and which still transpires today.  Well, in March of 2024, Biden acted as if he made a stunning accomplishment, when he said that the Trade Balance Deficit with China was the lowest in decades.  

Well, the deficit still was $279 BILLION, for the Year 2023, and this is a lot of financial loss.  In fact, the US Trade Balance Deficit with Communist China for the previous year ... the Year 2022 ... was $382 billion.  Plus, the U.S. deficit with China alone was $353 billion in the Year 2021.  

There is nothing for which Biden can be praised here, because the only reason why the deficit was not as high as in previous years was because the "global supply chain is waning" ... lessening.  Less Chinese ships came to America in 2023.  And of course, Biden's Secretary of Transportation is beyond incompetent.
Above:  A small sample of a government report, posted for the sake of credibility.  Other notable senators who voted, Yea, included the all so liberal and loving Schumer and Murkowski of Alaska, as well as ye olde Kentucky McConnell, Dick Durbin, & the late Feinstein.
All in all, Biden's 2024 speech was yet another insult to the intelligence of any American who does something called, think.  The speech contained sleight of hand deceptions and a few outright lies.  But, the details are beyond the scope of this discourse, due to the long length that this discourse already had, before the March 7th speech even began.   Yet, call to mind Border Anarchy, the rise in the National Debt, the rise in gasoline prices, the rise in the price of food, gender insanity, and Fentanyl Deaths, as well as retail chains closing stores where Smash & Grab retail theft has become an industry of its own. 

Then came the outrage of Biden using the strategic oil stockpile as his own campaign account.  Due to his administration's absence of foresight, gas prices sky-rocketed.  So, in order to look competent, Biden depleted the strategic supply.  Such a thing would make the price of gas & diesel drop slightly.  

Well, war is looming in Eastern Asia.  War is underway in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East.  Civil War is looming in the United States.  Violence has been transpiring in central regions of Africa.  The French are about to immerse themselves into yet another revolution.  Canada has become an Orwellian nightmare.  America is going to need oil.   Yet, all that Biden cares about is him getting re-elected, instead of him making sure that Americans are safe.

America also needs to overhaul its government, in light of [1] its court system turning into a kangaroo court system,   [2] its transportation system being run by the airhead faction of the democrat party,   [3] mainstream media outlets not allowing defamed political opponents to defend themselves on mainstream network airwaves,   [4] fentanyl-infested pills becoming the new version of Russia Roulette,   and ...

[5] democrat party primaries reflecting the one-man races of dictators,   [6] the spying on Roman Catholics, reminiscent of the ~Soviet years, ~the Mao years, ~the Hitler years, ~the William Cromwell years, ~the Henry VIII years, ~the Diocletian years, ~the Decian years, etc.    [7] the refusal to tell the uneducated public that the atmosphere only comprises 0.042% co2, while methane only exists at 2 parts per million in the exact same atmosphere which is already 99.93% free of carbon molecules,   and ...

[8] the refusal of government to tell the public that far worse & far more deadly natural disasters occurred decades and centuries ago, when the co2 was 26% to 34% LOWER than it is today.  This included Medieval Era disasters, Renaissance Era disasters, and first FOUR DECADES of the 20th Century, when the co2 was NOT above 330 ppm, and ...

[9] the complete incompetence of the present government in reducing food prices, during a time span when record harvest crops --- and general success --- have been occurring throughout large areas of Planet Earth,    [10] numerous other areas of incompetency and deceit coming from the present powers-that-temporarily-be, above and beyond the Boeing Corporation debacle.

Concerning the present powers-that-be, under Joe Biden, when they are not outright destroying lives with their negligence and kangaroo court tactics, they are wasting away American lives by the tens of million.  Take note that it's the expectionally wealthy democrat politicians and highly paid democrat party media personalities who praise Biden, along with well-compensated union heads and violent criminals who keep getting put back on the streets, to do more evil..  The rest of America hangs on in silent apprehension and comprehension how the long-term abuse of power works --- and how arrogantly smug those in power get.