Biden: Classified Docs, Kamala's Staffer's, Biden's Temper, & 1988

Bidenomics has American cities under siege, eventually starving people out of the city.
The operative question for any voter to answer is:   Did you have an easier time "making it through the month" ... and in affording things in general ... during the Trump years or during the Biden years?  Very simple.  Did you feel safer when the Trump Policies were in tact or when the Biden Policies prevailed?

Biden's #1 goal throughout his career was that of getting re-elected ... in a small state that predictably has no competition ... and also in getting re-elected after he won the Vice Presidency during an election when any Democrat would have soundly beaten the Republican nominee. That election was during the Bush Economic Meltdown, in 2008.  

The Republican candidate, John McCain, guaranteed his loss, when he said that the economic indicators at the time were fine & dandy.  In stating this, McCain was denying that people were suffering and in need of economic rescue.  All that McCain was really saying was the he was leading a comfortable and pleasurable life and didn't feel your pain. 

Concerning the 2012 election, Republican Mitt Romney was a financial predator.  His presidency would have been one of economic oppression toward the middle class & working poor.  Any democrat party nominee would have won that election, also.  

And concerning, 2020, the Covid Disaster helped Biden greatly.  The rioting did too, concerning a career crimnal & undisciplined drug addict who had a very lethal 11 ng/ml of Fentanyl in him, at the time of death.  And of course, his death was immediately preceded by him trying to escape from police custody.  

It was also preceded by him screaming that he couldn't breathe, even when he was standing outside of the police car, next to the left rear door, while standing untouched ... and while no one was holding him.  The Race Card was dealt, and the big lie was in the claim that blacks were getting murdered by white cops, left and right.  

Well, in the year prior ... in 2019 ... the number of unarmed black men who died at the hands of police officers was a grand total of NINE.  That amounts to one black citizen for every 5 and a half American States.  Incidently, the number of unarmed white men who died at the hands of police in 2019 was 19.  That was twice as many as the black citizenry.  

CNN & MSNBC incited the rioting, arson, and murder of 2020, in false light news reports.  Then, both networks worked 24/7 defaming Trump.  That was in-kind campaign donations to Biden.  That amounts to TWO major corporations working for Biden 24/7 for consecutive months.  Those people are the reason why the Nuremberg Case Law Authority exists throughout the world.  After all, Hitler rose to power on a pile of media lies, too.  As far as goes Biden, he IS a pile of lies.

Back to March 7, 2024

The greatest insult was in Biden claiming that America became safer, since he became president.  Well, national guardsmen were called to the NYC subway, in 2024.  Crime became a sport in America.  So, you need to admit that Joe is a complete liar.  If you are exceptionally dimwitted, you will fall for his speech-making.  Thus, half of Joe's base is Stupid People ... People who are Easily Tricked.  The other half of Joe's Base are the people who like to do the lying and who like to do the tricking.

Now from Reality Check Central:  Joe Biden

Firstly, Joe Biden had TWO brain surgeries in 1988, and he never did have a stellar intellect.  In fact, he graduated toward the bottom of his law school class, to the tune of 76th out of 85 grads.   So, don't expect Joe Biden to perform Shakespeare in the Oval Office any time soon.   You are more likely to get plagiarism spoken from him.  You most certainly got lie after lie from him.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYs5HMky1qY  <== Biden's 1988 Campaign of Lies, by the NYT.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmuAB5MqP0Y  <=== Biden as PLAGIARIST.

The American Censorship Club; Mockery in the Name of Democracy

But of course, the Biden People were taking away people's Freedom of Speech, in the name of saving democracy.  In fact, that which I wrote in 2020 ... in warning people that Biden is exceptionally stupid ... was officially deleted.  That which I stated was said to have violated someone's "guidelines."  But, it was NOT Ben Franklin's guidelines that were violated.  

America in the Year 2020 became Soviet Russia of the 1950s.  Suddenly, America had a zombie at Center Stage, in charge of the whole nation and the nuclear football.   Ben Franklin and the Philadelphia framers of 1789 were overthrown.

This present president is a zombie so out of touch with reality that his pet dog would come to engage in 24 biting sessions, even to the point of necessitating stitches for the victims.  This president couldn't figure out what needed to be done after the third episode.  It required 21 more inflictions of pain for things to finally be resolved.   If he can't run a house free of chaos, he certainly cannot run a nation free of chaos.

A Presidency in Review

Then came the discoveries of numerous Limited Liability Companies attached to the zombie politician and his family members which had no assets and no employees.  They simply had money transfers transacted through them much like train stations of old.  Money came from various foreign lands, including China & Russia.  

Speaking of China, a gigantic spy balloon originating from there which was the size of a trailer house was allowed to float over the United States, from sea to shining sea.  It was not shot down until it reached the Atlantic Ocean.  The zombie president allowed its mission to be fully accomplished.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan became a surrealistic joke.  Inflation became a sick joke, accompanied by sky-rocketed fuel prices, where none of America's poor were laughing.  The extremely high national debt ratcheted up all the more.  Wars of the most destructive nature broke-out.  Fentanyl became more deadly than firearms.  America's Number 1 import became human beings who performed disappearing acts in the midst of the American population.  

Also under this zombie, crime rose.   In fact, crime was being imported.  Criminals were constantly being released.  Yet, this zombie's only viable political opponent kept getting indicted and/or sued, as if he were the only criminal & tort-feasor in America.

Despite the need for change, major news networks continued to be propaganda machines for this zombie, giving in-kind political donations to him, in the form of Air Time All the Time.  The newscasters themselves were his political spokespersons.  

And then came discoveries of the 40+ years of taking classified documents as senator and Vice President, and then retaining them, even while a civilian.  He was then declared to be afflicted with mental feebleness ... in his zombie state ... and could not stand trial.  Yet, he could remain president in charge of the nuclear football, in his state of dementia.
Classified DocGate & Ye Olde Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Concerning the many classified docs which Biden smuggled out of US government facilities, his mind was enough in tact ... while he was senator & even VP ... for him to have been accountable for having violated the classified docs laws of the United States.  Those docs had to have been deliberately taken from a SCIF on each occasion.  A SCIF is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, pronounced skif and NOT shif (which is more proper).  No one accidentally takes a classified document from a SCIF.

Concerning the special counsel report, it was asserted that a person could not discern beyond a reasonable doubt if whether or not Biden intended to keep those documents, even though he had thus far kept them for ten, twenty, and thirty consecutive years.   The concept of absent mindedness and forgetfulness was brought to the front of the thought line.  

Plus, it could not be discerned after 40, 30, 20, and 10 years, if Biden intended to pass the classified information to a "hostile actor."  It was affirmed, however, that Biden shared classified info with his ghost writer.  Directly below is the link to the entire report.

        🎦      🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦     🎦

        🔝      🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝     🔝

Concerning the assertion that Biden was too mentally deficient to stand trial, Biden's law team would be doing all the mental work & research work.  In fact, you can put Biden on trial, in Absentia.  You literally don't need a defendant appearing in person, in order to have a trial. 

Joe Biden was basically given a get-out-of-jail free card, by Special Counsel(er) Robert Hur.  Thus, the rest of America got the booby prize.  Meanwhile, Laken Riley got the Nightmare of Elm Street Award, all thanks to a Joe Biden who proved himself to be a callous & uncaring psychopath, during the Afghanistan Debacle alone.  

There was also a matter of Biden's own White House Terrorist, Commander the Dog.  Those agents should get hazard pay, for working at the Biden White House.   All in all, Robert Hur did America a great disservice.

You can hear the unfolded events of Biden's Classified DocGate in the video linked below here.  For those in the American public school system who have been dumbed-down to the point of Functional Imbecility, this concerns Biden's classified document retention & storage thereof.  

Biden did share classified info ... ALLEGEDLY ... with his ghost writer.   Well, it's "on tape."  Therefore, it's more than "allegedly."  Thus, Biden is someone who believes himself to be above any law.  Or else he simply ignores the law as something optional.  

And concerning Joe Biden's ghost writers, did they, by any chance,  include Francois Mitterrand & Helmut Kohl?  After all, Mitterrand & Kohl are both dead, and Biden did claim to have spoken with them some time, after his 2021 inauguration.   Mitterrand left this realm of existence in 1996, and Kohl departed company with Planet Earth in 2017.

The  Newsmax video linked directly below here basically reviews the lies Biden told in February 2024, after he was found to have knowingly & willingly taken possession of classified documents, and kept them in his personal homes, even while he was a citizen recently out of office.


                           ===>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gvNVuEfdeg  <===


The following video directly below here is that of Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro reviewing the same February 9, 2024 press conference, where hair-sniffing Joe once again lied to America.  Also in the video is an illustrated conversation about Jeffry Epstein.  Two photos of post-mortem Epstein are there.

Now, he who claims to know everything is full of El Crappiolio.  Thus, no comment about Epstein will be made here.  You have to get your info from someone who studied the case more than did the average bear.  That case appears to be an overly time-consuming one, and the Blue Marble Album already presented enough topics, as it is.  Maybe Mark Groubert & Eric Hunley made the deep dive into the Epstein case.  You can try them. 

Being that there are two photos of post-mortem Epstein in the Kelly/Shapiro video, it serves as educational material, in a nation that sometimes still gets to be the Land of the Free.  No full censorship of that video as of yet.  So, get your info while it's hot.  

One quick note:  Epstein died during Donald Trump's tenure.  So, don't include Brain Dead Biden in the conversation about this case ... I think ... maybe ... unless Biden's people are obstructing the investigation into Epstein's death.  If that's the case, then we have a super problemo.  

                                      ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫     

                      ===>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prQluWTMBhM  <===

                                      🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹
As a serious note:

As a registered democrat, I am going to purposely vote AGAINST Joe Biden.  This includes voting against any member of Biden's political clan, aka "administration," if the opportunity presents itself.

Airheaded Harris ... Space for Rent 

And remember, a certain CIA agent who retired in good standing publicly called Kamala Harris "an airhead."  I concur.  In fact, that which is called Kamala's "cackle" is actually reminiscent of a Bimbo's Airheaded Giggle.  So, you can refer to her as Airheaded Harris.  A cool breeze ... of mindlessness.

The Goal of Genocide Zipped Over Her Head

Even when she addressed the effort to get a six-week truce at Gaza, in her trying to look all so focused, the entire point went zip ... over her head.  Very simply, the followers of the Hamas religion are taught that you must kill every single Jew on Earth, in order to bring about the End of the World and their version of an Apocalyptic Paradise.  

To them, the killing of Jews equals Travelling the Road to Paradise.  Thus, if you give Hamas a six week truce, Hamas will regroup and rearm, even to the point of breaking the truce in such a way that they can blame it on Israel.  

If you give Hamas a six weeks truce, this will equal six weeks to prepare for the massacre of ... the annihilation of ... the extermination of every Jew on Earth.  For some reason, Kamala Harris missed this entirely.  However, if she would have read the Hamas Covenant of 1988, she would have known that Hamas will NOT stop attacking & seeking to kill every Jew its fighters can target.

HAMAS stands for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya which means Islamic Resistance Movement.                                               📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖        

             =====>    THE HAMAS COVENANT OF 1988; ALL 36 ARTICLES   <=====
                                          Click above.  Get informed.  It's an internet link
                                         📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖     📖

Kamala Staffers left through a Revolving Door of Attrition.  Office said to be Toxic.

Proof that the idea of Kamala Harris becoming president would be another sick joke exists in the UNDENIABLE STATISTIC that numerous staffers of her exited her office/department.  This is the sign of an intolerable human being.  The list of "leavers" include the following.  Go and look up each and every former staffer, yourself.  

Callie Patteson                 Meghan Groob                 Rohni Kosoglu                  Vince Evans            Childs Graham                 Symone Sanders              Tina Flournoy                    Peter Velz          
Michael Fuchs                 Sabrina Singh                   Karly Satkowiak                Rejan Kaur                    Ashley Etienne                Nancy McEldowney        Gabrielle DeFranceschi      Kate Childs Graham

When you do familiarize yourself with each member of  the Exodus from Kamala cast, remember this:  It's proof that Kamala's unpopularity is NOT due to racism, being that Sub-Saharan African-Americans and South Asian Americans departed company from Kamala, also.  

Moreover, keep in mind that Kamala's voter popularity in 2020 was at an embarrassing 2%.  She had to drop out of the presidential race, before the first primary/caucus.  After all, a candidate usually stops campaigning, when people stop sending that candidate enough campaign donation funds to campaign.  So, go and familiarize yourself with the partial list of Kamala Company Departers ... of the Kamala Exodus Staffers ... of the Bye-Bye Kamala Crew.

Now, read the linked articles below, so that you will not be deceived into believing the latest lie which claims that the less-than-focused Kamala is unpopular due to this alleged nationwide racism which is said to still exist, despite the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and trillions of dollars of Affirmative Action Projects.  HOWEVER, before reading them, take into account the following:

If America were still flooded in racism, then the following things would not have existed:

[1] a black president twice ... [2] black supreme court justices ... [3] two black secretaries of state, one of whom was/is a virtuosa at the piano ... [4] several black corporate officers ... [5] several black physicians ... [6] a number of black attorneys ... [7] a number of black mayors ...[8] multiple black military officers, including the rank of Chief of Staff ... [9] numerous black multi-millionaire TV and Silver Screen stars ... [10] numerous black multi-millionaire recording stars, including comedians ... [11] numerous black multi-millionaire athletes throughout professional sports ... Plus ...

[12] the Repeal of segregation in the former Confederate South which means no more 'colors only' water fountains ... [13] Trillions of dollars worth of Affirmative Action programs which included [14] HUD renovation projects and [15] URA renovation projects ... [16] Four African American senators simultaneously serving in a nation that only comprises 12.9% African American, in the first place ... [17] Sixty African Americans simultaneously in the House of Representatives, as of 2023.   

Ladies & gentlemen, this is the opposite of systemic racism, when the race involved is only 12.9% of the population, in the first place.  Moreover, the population of blacks in the NFL and NBA far exceed 12.9%.  In 2022, 56% of the NFL players were black.  In 2023, 70.4% of all NBA players were black.  

It's NOT 1861 anymore.  It's NOT 1961 anymore.  Nor is it 1941, 1921, or 1901.  You have to find a new topic to persuade voters in your upcoming campaigns.   The Race Topic has been overdone, and it's a sign that Americans in politics are uncreative and low in perception.  In as much, the true Kamala issue is based solely on the content of her character which amounts to her lack of character.  

Concerning how Kamala's absence of character goes, she was assigned to be the BORDER CZAR.  Negligence and Deliberate Indifference defines her.  LAKEN RILEY is dead because of Kamala Harris and her dereliction of duty.  At this point, you cannot deny, without being a liar, that a vote for Kamala Harris is a vote for death.

Do you still doubt Tara Reade's accusations?  Note: the lady herein isn't Tara.  This photo is meant to show Joe Biden's trend, habit, tendency, tenacity, etc.  Was he not aware that people would see this?