La Salette and the two sins that desecrate the Presence of Christ

At the start of the Grenoble autumn of
1846, Our Lady told two children tend-
ing a flock of sheep and herd of cattle
that she tried to warn the French of the
severity of two sins being commonly
committed throughout France.

She said that she did this by means of a
potato crop failure which preceded the
historic famines that began shortly after
her 1846 apparition.  A narrative of the
apparition which was quickly approved
by church authorities appears after this

The Eternal God does nothing in vain.  This includes assigning Mary as a mentor
of humanity.  When the Virgin Mary appears to either shepherd children, a novice,
or a convent's prioress, she does so for a reason.  When she makes an appearance,
she brings a specific & unique message with her, each time.  The Virgin Mary
does NOT repeat herself in her various apparitions.

There's a reason for Marian apparitions.  This makes it an act of disrespect to God
when they are ignored.  It also makes it an act of foolishness to disregard them.
Marian apparitions are designed to rescue humanity from an approaching disas-
ter.  They are life preservers tossed out to a drowning humanity.  Mary is the life-

A Qualifying Statement about Marian Apparitions in General

There is a qualifying statement that is needed to be made about authentic Marian
apparitions.  There is no new doctrine that is spoken in any one of  them.  Rather,
each one is an affirmation of something already revealed to the original apostles.

Qualifying Statement about La Salette, Specifically

If you know the narration of the La Salette apparition, skip down to the end of this
article where you will find the general/overall message of La Salette.  Keep in mind
that the message of  La Salette is NOT to be confused with the controversial secrets
of it.  The message of La Salette is the Morale of the Story.  It's the wisdom of the
spoken words.

The overall message of La Salette had concurring teachings which were easily found
during the first half of the 20th Century.  They were found in the catechism sections
of pray books.  Such sections were basically penny catechisms.

In fact, the message of La Salette is in the official religious name of the greatest saint
of modern times, namely Thérèse of Lisieux.  In religion, her name was Thérèse of the
Child Jesus and the Holy Face.  The message of La Salette emphasizes the Holy Face
Jesus, which symbolically represents the Divine Presence of Christ.  The central mes-
sage is that any society which no longer recognizes the Presence of Christ, because of
clutter and static, ends up falling for the Anti-Christ.

Another way to sin against the Holy Face of Jesus (aka, the presence of Christ) is
by propagating heresy.  This is because such a thing presents a distorted version
of Christ, making Christ look as heartless and/or perverse and/or greedy and/or
lustful and/or mean-spirited as the ones spreading the heresies, thereby creating
a false God in their own image and likeness. 

The Narrative of September 19, 1846

Enter Grenoble France and a small town within it, on September 19, 1846.  Ironical-
ly, it was the memorial (feast day) of St Januarius, the patron saint of Naples whose
blood has the effect of a prophetic weather vain.  Then, enter two shepherd children,
Melanie and Maximin.   Finally, enter a sphere of supernatural light which descend-
ed upon the higher elevation of La Salette.  When the sphere of light landed, it split
in half, revealing a beautiful lady sitting on a rock with her face in her hands.  When
the lady stood from her seated position, she was seen with tears in her eyes.  In fact,
the spot where she choose to appear was a response to something that Melanie did
that day.

You see, the day prior, Melanie meet Maximin.  Max was sent by his employer to
watch cattle.  However, Melanie didn't want company.  Yet, after a while, the two
children acclimated to each other, and met the following day.  One of the habitual
things that Melanie did was that of taking wildflower and making a Paradise per-
imeter out of them.  The lady appeared in that perimeter of wildflowers.

Needless to say, the lady's body position can rule out the Coast-to-Coast AM theory
which obsessively conjectures that Marian apparitions are all alien visitations.  She
actually wore a white shawl during the apparition which seemed to have been pearl-
studded.   In fact, the majestic lady wore a high golden crown, denoting a person of
power.  The crown, incidentally, was the only thing not a part of the local Grenoble

Around the lady's neck was a crucifix.   On one side of the cross bar of the crucifix
was a hammer.   On the other side were pincers.  This symbolically means that we
have the power to either drive the nails into the wounds of Christ or to remove them.

When She Stood

Mary stood up and immediately said to the children,  "Do not be afraid.
I have great news to tell you."

Mary said:

If my people refuse to submit, I will be forced to let the arm of my
Son go.   It is so strong and so heavy that I can no longer hold it
back.   How long I have suffered for you!   If I want my Son to not
abandon you, I am obliged to plead with him constantly.   And you

don't pay any attention.    Therefore,  no matter how much you
pray in the future, you will never be able to make up for the pains
I have suffered for you.

(My son says:)   "I gave you six days to work, keeping the seventh
one for myself.  Yet, you won't give it to me."   And then those who
drive the carts cannot swear without bring my Son's name into it. 
These are the two things which are making my Son's arm so heavy.

If the harvest is ruined, it's because of all of you.  I warned you last
year with the potatoes.    Yet, you didn't pay attention.   Rather, as
soon as you saw that the potatoes were spoiled, you swore, using
my Son's name all the more.    They will continue to spoil,  and by
Christmas of this year, there will be no more.

In stating, potatoes, Mary used the Parisian phrase, pommes (dialect) called
potatoes las truffas.  Mary then asked Maximin if he ever saw rotted wheat.
He quickly said, no.   She  then reminded him of a time when he went with
his dad to visit a farmer whose wheat was continuing to go bad, followed by
his dad giving him some bread on the way home, stating that they might not
have bread next year.  Maximin then remembered.

Mary mentioned that during the warm
weather months only the aged women
would go to church, and during winter
people would only go, to make fun of
the Mass.  She also stated that, during
lent, the people flocked to the butcher
shops like dogs.  In 1846, every week
day of Lent was a day of abstinence.

Mary next asked the children if they
prayed well, as if she didn't already
know.  Mary then said that prayer
was important and that, if you have
little time, at least one Our Father
and One Hail Mary need be done.

During the apparition, there was also the conveying of an intellectual vision
upon the children which they understood as the state of the future.

Of course, Mary instructed the children to make her message known.  She then looked
to the east.  She finally looked upward with a look of deep joy, showing that the people
of Heaven were a joy to her.   The children then saw Mary hover, as if she were climb-
ing steps, and then she went from time and span to outside of it.  She vanished, as op-
posed to rising throughout the vast sky.   The two children didn't know who the super-
natural woman was.  They concluded that she must have been a great saint.

Within a very short time, the famine began.   This included the famous and tragic Irish
potato famine.  Incidentally, potato only became the Irish carbohydrate of choice, be-
cause British armies couldn't burn down a potato field as they could a wheat or barley

The Focal Point of the Apparition

Aside of the violation of the church law of abstinence, only two sins were mentioned
at La Salette.  These were two widespread sins that constituted the reason why God
was preparing to clean house in mid-Nineteenth Century Europe.  It was 1846.  This
date is significant in that Europe would soon go into Stage 1 of its revolutionary mode
in 1848.  It would then go into a history-changing mode in 1870.  Next would come the
events of 1914,  followed by those of 1939 which would be preceded by the annex of
Austria the year prior.  Meanwhile, at center ring of the Satanic Circus was a revolu-
tion undertaken in 1917.

The Essence of the Entire Apparition

The message of La Salette concerns the tragic consequence of an entire society engag-
ing in the desecration of its sabbath and the use of the Lord's name in vain.  The signi-
ficance of it today is that God is changeless and God is not mocked.  The desecration
of Sunday and the use of the Lord's name in vain has been commonplace for decades.
The tragic consequences of persisting in those two specific sins will be equally as
common.  A foolish generation forgets that God is slow to anger.

Now, Catholic Church spirituality recognized two sins against sins against the Holy
Face of Jesus.   As was previously mentioned, the Holy Face of Jesus is symbolic of
the Presence of Christ.  The two sins against the Holy Face of Jesus are:

1} the desecration of Sunday and 2} the Use of the Lord's name in vain.

Those two sins will make people no longer to recognize the presence of Christ, result-
ing in them being deceived enough to follow the Anti-Christ.  In failing to recognize
the Presence of Christ, a person fails to recognize the brotherhood of humanity.  Para-
noia, distrust, racism, and isolationism sets in.  Spontaneous acts of charity cease.

It needs to be repeated:  The Entire Meaning of La Salette

In committing sins against the Presence of Christ, the society doing so is guaranteed
to fall for the Anti-Christ, in being no longer able to recognize Jesus.   Two principle
sins are those that strike and disfigure the Presence of Christ, symbolically referred to
as the Holy Face of Jesus.

- The Desecration of the Sabbath

The desecration of the Sabbath is a sin against ecology.  This is because you need to
drain your excesses and replenish that which you depleted.  Observing a sabbath ac-
complishes the need to achieve the equilibrium within the person.

When it's a common sabbath that is observed, equilibrium between persons in the same
society is achieved.  Even at that, necessary job tasks must be attended.  This includes
utilities and power stations.  However, operating something as vain and as useless as a
department store's cosmetic counter is not a necessary job task.   Give it a rest.

Observing a common sabbath achieves one more necessity.  It results in people return-
ing to the original source of their existence and their reason for being.  Observing the
sabbath results in people returning to their roots and in keeping track of what matters
in life.   It clears the mind.  It allows God to recreate you.

One more thing:  You cannot force anyone to adhere to any religion.   However, you
cannot take away from Christians their need to observe their sabbath without you con-
stituting a persecutor of their faith.  To do so would make you a violator of civil rights.
In fact, it would make you a criminal.

Being that it is a sin against the Presence of Christ, the desecration of Sunday distorts
the instinctual ability to discern satanic impulses from angelic ones.   Where there is
the desecration of the sabbath, there is the inability to differentiate the essential ele-
ments of life.   There is the loss of differentiating the masculine from the feminine,
as well as man from woman.  There is equally the loss of differentiating the natural
from the unnatural, the sacred from the secular, the sinful from the morally neutral.

Where there is the desecration of the sabbath, there is justice getting replaced with
retaliation.   There is respect getting replaced with paranoia.   Constructive admoni-
tion then gets replaced with disrespect and mockery.  The idea of consecration and
vow dissolves in the mindset of society, and those who mock other people become
their own sickening jokes.  Where there is the desecration of the Presence of Christ
there are people who see Christ as a complete stranger.

The punishment for desecrating the sabbath is that of being taken over by a foreign
nation.  This was stated by WWII era stigmatist, Theresa Neumann, of Konnersreuth,
Bavaria.    She said that God prevented England from being invaded during World
War II, because the British honored the sabbath.   Israel was said to have fallen into
the Babylonian Captivity, because it violated to law of the Sabbath Year.

In America, where the sabbath is disregarded outside of religious entities who use
it as a day to draw tax-free collection basket money.

The other punishment for violating the sabbath is that of ecological disasters.  This
was the case with La Salette.  The previously mentioned Theresa Neumann prophe-
sied that God promised to spare America from Nazi-like concentration camps in its
land, due to America's generosity toward war-torn Europe.  God instead resolved to
punish America through the elements, as in natural disasters.

- The Use of the Lord's Name in Vain

Using the Lord's name in vain constitutes anti-praying.  It's the act of bringing curses
upon your nation, as opposed to blessings.   It's the act of knotting up the presence of
Christ to the point where he is unrecognizable.   It is the act of crowning Christ with

Preaching false doctrine is also the use of the Lord's name in vain.  Distorted doctrine
distorts the Face of Christ presented to those being taught the false doctrine.   It con-
sists in misrepresenting Christ.  All in all, the use of the Lord's name in vain consists
in replacing Christ's face with your own ego.   It's a typical Orwellian act, where the
blasphemer calls good evil and evil good.

                             It was the Feast Day of Saint Januarius

Now, what significance would there be for Mary to chose St. Januarius' feast day to
appear, when she could have chosen another day in the month to appear to shepherd
children?  Well, Mt. Vesusius is on a the Bay of Naples, it erupted a number of times
in history, yet Naples is still standing.  In fact, volcanic lava only visited the precincts
of Massa and San Sebastiano, and only in the eruptions of 1855 and 1944.  So, Saint
Januarius had a lot of protecting to do throughout the years.  If the date of the Virgin
Mary's appearance at La Salette is a message in itself, then the message is that a pro-
verbial volcano of chastisement will eventually erupt, but you can be spared during
the eruption.   Maybe that is what the message was.  Let's go one step further in the

Major eruptions of Mount Vesuvius occurred in 1794, 1822, 1834, 1850, and 1872.
other eruptions occurred in 1660, 1694, 1698, 1707, 1760, 1767, 1779, 1839, 1861,
1868, 1906, 1926, and 1929, in addition to 1855 and 1944.  Now, incorporate into
the equation statistical probability.  It is warranted to claim that Naples was spared
by random coincidence?

The Virgin Mary had control of the wheat of France.  Heaven would also have con-
trol over the direction of the Mt. Vesuvius ventilation system.  So, it's not good vibes
and it's not directed energies that prevent natural disasters.  It's refraining from offend-
ing the Celestial Court of Heaven which does.  Take this consideration yet another step

In the Book of Romans, St. Paul states that one of the punishments given to those who
engage in Sodomy is to be given up to "all sorts of uncleanliness."  In the ancient Jew-
ish mind set, uncleanliness meant bacterial infection.  Okay then, of all the people who
could have brought to humanity to ultimate bacterial infection disease of AIDS, how is
it that the homosexual subculture did so?  Quite a coincidence in light of the Book of
Romans.  The lesson is that God is in charge, even when punishing mankind for its sins.