The Conjectured Secret of Lourdes

It is understood that, at Lourdes, the Virgin Mary confided things to young Bernadette
Soubirous that were kept secret.  Whatever was confided to Bernadette was taken to
her deathbed.  None the less, it was during the Franco-Prussian War when something
transpired which was ascertained as Bernadette alluding to a secret that Mary confid-
ed to her.

There she was, the future patron saint of asthmatics seated in or near the infirmary, look-
ing out a window, at a blood-red sunset.  The Prussians were on the advance, during the
Franco-Prussia war that the French started on July 19, 1870.  There was the attempt to
bring back the glory days of Napoleon I which resulted in a declaration of war which
backfired on the French, being that the other German states entered the war as allies
of Prussia.

Well, it had gotten to the point where the Prussians were now marching on Paris.  In fact,
the Siege of Paris endured from September 19, 1870 (the anniversary of the La Salette ap-
parition) to January 28, 1871.   It resulted in France's defeat, of course.  In fact, the new
German emperor was proclaimed in the Palace of Versailles, ten days before the end of
the siege.

Saint Bernadette was stationed at a convent in Nevers, France.  It's pronounced [nəˈvɛʀ];
sort of like [nuh vay.]  It's located in the middle of France.  One day, there was a sunset that
made the sky look like a sea of blood, catching the attention of the convent's sisters.  It was
at this time when Saint Bernadette mumbled, "So, they remain unconverted."  Somewhere 
during this time span, she made it known that she didn't fear the approaching Prussian army, 
saying that they were merely doing their jobs.  She would reveal to a French journalist what 
she did fear.

Now, it's important to note that, during the siege of Paris, German citizens were calling for
the artillery shelling of the French capitol.  However, General Leonhard Graf von Blumen-
thal refused to allow any artillery shelling of Paris, due to his moral stance on the issue.  He
was intent on preventing a large civilian casualty rate.  He was intent on preventing sizable
collateral damage.   So, Bernadette was correct in saying that the Prussians were not some-
thing to fear.

Enter French journalist Roger Gougenot des Mousseaux.  He was known for condemning
secret societies.  One day he called upon Bernadette and the following transpired:

Have you had, either in the Grotto of Lourdes or thereafter,
 any revelation regarding the future and destiny of France?
 Bernadette - “No, monsieur.”

Is the fact that the Prussians are at the gates something which causes you fear?” 
  Bernadette - “No, monsieur.”

Is there anything that you fear?” 
  Bernadette - “Yes, monsieur.”
And what is that?” 
  Bernadette - “All that I I fear in life is bad Catholics.”

Nothing more? Do you fear nothing more?”
“No, monsieur.  Nothing more.”

The sins that exist in the Mystical Body of Christ do not go ignored by the Eternal
God.  They call for a Divine response which has a devastating effect upon those in
the mystical body. The response is that of realigning the disfigurement inflicted up-
on the same mystical body.  Such a disfigurement is only caused by the sins of Cath-
olics.  God's response to unrepaired sins, as devastating as can be, is intended to re-
pair the damage that such sins cause.  This includes the sins of baptized Catholics
who no longer observe any precept of the faith, including that of attending weekly

Chastisements are a result of people in the church forgetting that God is slow to an-
ger.  They assume that no reparation for sin is needed ... until its too late.  None the
less, as Sister Lucia once said, concerning the unrepaired sins of her era, the sins of
the people will be washed in their own blood.  In as much, war is a punishment from
God for man's sins.

Now, the blood red sunset and Bernadette's interview with Roger Gougenot seem to
have alluded to a secret that Mary possibly told Bernadette.  Such a secret would have
a correlation to the Second Letter to the Thessalonians which mentions the emergence
of the Son of Perdition.  Such a secret would be the affirmation and confirmation of
the biblical prophecy of a great apostasy and the rise of the Man of Sin.

In the epistle headlined as having come from Paul, Silvanus and Timothy, there's men-
tion made of "the lawless one" who "will exalt himself above every so-called god and 
object of worship, so as to seat himself in the temple of God."  This one person (or type
of person existing throughout an entire generation of humanity) would be the Antichrist.
This person (be it one man or an entire society of men who act alike) is described in the
second letter to the Thessalonians as 'the one whose coming springs from the power of 
Satan in every mighty deed, as well as in signs and wonders which deceive, along with 
every wicked deceit for those who are going to perish, because they haven't accepted 
the love of truth in order for them to be saved. 

The Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, at the second chapter, then states: 

And now you know what does the restraining, that he may be revealed in his 
time.  For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.  Yet, the one restrains
only does so for the present, until he is removed from the scene.  And then the
lawless one will be revealed ...

The same epistle additionally states that the great apostasy and the lawless one will come
before the Day of the Lord, aka the end of the world.  The Great Apostasy mentioned by
the various Fatima scholars/followers/students is based in Sacred Scripture.

So, what gives rise to the great apostasy and the coming of the Lawless One?

ANS:  This sins of Catholics left unrepaired.

Fatima accentuated reparation.  Why?  To save souls from eternal damnation, as the prin-
ciple goal.  The eventual (collateral) result would be that of preventing the emergence of
the Antichrist.

Pellevoisin (in 1870) accentuated praying for the mercy of God during an emergency,
such as when the Prussians were successfully marching through France.

Beauraing accentuated sacrificing yourself for Mary, to prove your love for her.  Why?
ANS: This is because acts of reparation enable her angels to bridge their power into the
lives of men, thereby preventing the rise of the Lawless One ... the Son of Perdition.

Starting with La Salette in 1846, and continuing into Akita (1973,)  it's apparent that the
Virgin Mary's objective in her apparitions was to prevent the emergence of the Antichrist.
Then, in the 1980s, came Betania.  Her message there appears to be re-establishing civil-
ized society according to fraternity and solidarity.  Such a thing will work to prevent the
rise of the Antichrist, as well as to rebuild civilization from the ruins, in the aftermath of
the Antichrist's reign.

According to Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the sins of Catholics left unrepaired carry a
more devastating power than does a nuclear arsenal.