The reason why God can only exist as a Trinity

Understanding the mystery of the Trinity with our finite
 minds is like trying to put an ocean into a beach pail.

How do you begin to write about someone who has no beginning?

Very simply, you enter into the midst of the person's being and describe the
activity occurring in the present tense.  That which is currently transpiring in
the Eternal God is that which has been occurring forever.

In eternity, there has always been one person with neither a beginning nor an
end who has been generating forth from his own essence an action which in-
cludes, but is not limited to, Charity.  (Note:  I don't use the word, love, when
speaking of spirituality, being that, in today's society, love is equated with Eros;
the erotic.)

This one person is the first infinite person of existence;  the first person of the
Holy Trinity.  Translated into human language, that which is spiritually being
spoken from this person is, "Let there be light."  So, what is this light?  This
light is every virtue in existence occurring simultaneously.

This endless action includes, but is not limited to, Charity, is:

1] an act of will ------ as opposed to uncontrolled motions, imposed by an
                                   inanimate force.

2] an act of desire --- where the desire was first inspired by the one desired.

3] an act of consent - liberating the desire to the point of transforming it into
                                   a living reality.

4] an act of power --- enabling the desire to be fulfilled in reality and actuality.

5] a command -------- testifying to the necessity of having the power liberated.

6] a way of being ---- living out that which is commissioned in the command.

7]  transformative --- in being a Charity (an Agape) so impactful that it makes
                                   you never the same again.

What is power?   ANS: Power is the ability to make things happen and to get
                            things accomplished.  Those governed must have the power
                            to abide by the command of the one in power, or the one
                            making the command will be powerless.  Thus, the second
                            infinite person of all existence already needed the power to
                            respond to that which the first infinite person generated to
                            him.  That power had within itself the power to inspire the
                            first infinite person of existence to generate his spiration of
                            Divine Charity and all other virtue, in the first.

 In light of this reality, as the way of God's being reflectively translates into
human life, power per se is NOT a trickle-down Reaganomics affect.  Rather,
power is something reciprocal.  Proof that even human power is reciprocal ex-
ists in the revolutions that plagued humanity throughout history, most of which
were triggered by the injustices of those in power.

                            In like fashion, the second infinite person of existence needed
                            the power to respond to that which the first person generated
                            to him.

In as much, a virtue is the power to let Being perpetuate forever.  The possession
of a virtue is the possession of a power that prevents the occurrence of nothing-
ness; that prevents the negation of being.  All in all virtue is a power that pre-
vents privation.   It prevents one from committing acts which lead to spiritual
death.  Thus, if God ever sinned, God would stop existing.

The first endless person of all existence has always had the power to keep his
own essence in perpetual existence.  This is known as being self-efficient.
This means that God is non-causative.  Nothing outside of God caused God
to be.

Concerning God's power, it's the power of existence which is equal to the
power to be forever free from the danger of entering into nothingness.  In
as much, God is properly described as He Who Is and  I AM - the one in
whom there is 1] the absence of nothingness, 2] the complete absence of
inaminateness,  3] the absence of frivolous vanity and pointlessness.

In God, there are neither any lapses of consciousness nor blind-spottedness.
Being that there is no pointlessness in God, there has to have always been
a reason for the first infinite person of all existence to have been radiating
forth his spiration of all virtue, in the first.  There had to have originally
been a reason for God to exist, being that God's existence was no accident.

God's existence is not happenstance.  He was motivated to exist and spirate
every virtue in existence.  Without the first infinite person's Reason for Be-
ing, the first infinite person of existence wouldn't have had any reason to
exist, and therefore, he would not exist.  Neither would we.

God's Reason for Being

The reason d'etre of the first person of all existence is none other than another
infinite person of all existence who has existed eternally, also.  In the infinite
spacelessness of eternity, this second infinite person is the one who consents
in the virtues that exude from the first infinite person.

The decisive truth in the second infinite person of existence is that he was the
one who inspired the first person to spirate virtue in the first place.  He inspired
the first infinite person to be.  Thus, the second infinite person of existence had
power; the power to inspire the first infinite person to be.  This teaches us that
power is reciprocal.  The power of the first infinite person is therefore equal to
the power of the second infinite person of existence.

Without the second infinite person of existence to inspire the first infinite person,
there would be no infinite person spirating forth any virtue, especially in light of
the fact that there must be a second person in existence to receive the simultane-
ous spirations.  This means that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity is not sub-
servient to the first person.  Father and Son are equal in power, as well as essence.

The Divine Chorus

The most proper human name for the first person of all existence would be none
other than God the Father, aka the Eternal Father; the one who initiated the spira-
tion of Charity and all other virtues..  In as much, the most proper human title to
give the second infinite person of existence is God the Son.  This is because all
that is the Father has been generated to the second infinite person of existence.

The second person inherited the Eternal Father's divinity and infinite virtue.
The second person is the sole heir to all which is the Eternal Father.  They
have the exact same spiritual DNA.  The second person then can generate
that which his father sent to him, making him a spiritual father, as opposed
to spiritual mother.  He is a son who can perform the generating acts of a
spiritual father, as opposed to being a daughter who radiates virtue but does
not generate it.

From all eternity, in his consolidated infinite action, the Eternal Father has been
saying, "Let there be light."  God the Son simultaneously responds by saying,
"So be it."  God the Son requites every current of charity and virtue generated
by the Eternal Father back to the same Eternal Father.

Now, the synonym for So-be-it is Amen.  In the Book of Revelations, John the
Apostle records a vision that he had of the Second Person of the Trinity.  In that
vision the second person describes himself as the Great Amen.  After all, he is
the one who, in eternity, said so-be-it to the command, "let there be light."  He
simultaneously let the Will of the first infinite person of existence be fulfilled
in him.

More specifically, the second person of existence requites the charity that the
first person sends him.  In the process, both persons infinitely go through a
transformation which is complete, but eternal.  That is to say,  they are not
presently being transformed.  Rather, they have already been transformed
and are radiating the currents of accomplished transformation.

One God, One Reason for Being

Moreover, being that God is one, there is only one reason for God to have
been inspired enough to exist in the first place.  This reason for God's being
is the second infinite person of all existence.

The Third Infinite Person of all Existence

Even the virtues that are being generate from God comprise a living being.
Firstly, in God their is no lifelessness.  Even God's thoughts are alive in one
being.  The virtues which generate from God the Father and God the Son
are alive.  This is the Holy Spirit.  Properly speaking, the Holy Spirit is the
sum total of every virtue in existence being exchanged being the Father and
the Son.

In light of this, it is not as proper to state that God loves you as much as God
is Charity itself.  In sequence,  God is not merely faithful, as much as God is
fidelity itself.  Therefore, God is Truth & Kindness, endless innocence &
eternal heroism, along with infinite prudence and uncreated wisdom.  God
is also humility, fortitude, temperance, generosity, meekness, and mercy.

All in all, God did not create angels and mankind out of loneliness.  Rather,
God created angels and mankind out of generosity.