Go and sin no more


The horror story version of the Spanish Inquisition came from one letter proven to be a forgery, and one overly dramatic text which was published in Heidelberg in 1567.  It was ANONYMOUS (with a pseudonym) and it had ZERO CORROBORATING WITNESSES in any text to follow it.  It was nothing more than a sophomorically written piece of war propaganda, published the year before one of the more decisive Catholic-Protestant wars.  That forged letter was the same thing.  

Being that the forged letter is mentioned in the BBC documentary, it's not mentioned at all here.  After all, why be redundant?  Why look like a plagiarist?   And remember, things written in this discourse ...this post... are not mentioned in the BBC documentary, at all.   The BBC only had 48 minutes of airtime to spend on this subject.  It had to budget info.

The other pertinent fact is that every case brought before the Spanish Inquisition had a case file attached to it which was well preserved in Spain's archive system throughout the centuries.  That archive system was made opened to the public decades ago.  So, the BBC took up the Spanish government on its open invitation, and payed historians to report on what they found, after having scoured the Spanish Inquisition's archives.

As an added point, the Spanish Inquisition was a secular organization founded by Isabella, after Isabella asked the Vatican for its "approbation."  Approbation means permission . . . mostly.  The bottom line is that Isabella was in charge, and Spain's monarchy was independent of the Roman Inquisition which does not come close to the horror story tale of the Spanish Inquisition set forth in the easy-to-disprove Montanus Tale.  None the less, Isabella needed expert witnesses for the Inquisition.  This is where educated theologians of the Roman Catholic variety come into play. 

Moreover, the Spanish Inquisition began in 1478, before Luther was even born. At the time, Spain was still being occupied by its invader of the past  767 years.  The Moors were soon to be ousted.  Isabella was going to make sure that the Moors would only return to Spain as tourists.  Ironically, the Muslims Moors were allowed to stay in Spain without needing to convert to Catholicism.  That scenario is explained further down, in the discourse.  

All in all, the word Protestant didn't exist until the Year 1529.  Thus, the Spanish Inquisition was NOT established to hunt down Protestants.  However, it was designed to stop deadly fanatics from starting rebellions as did the Jan Hus followers, years after his death.  He was burnt at a stake in Germany approximately 16 years before Joan of Arc was torched in England.  Her devotees never went around England killing people.  If they did, she would never have been canonized.  In summary, the Spanish Inquisition was meant to be a watchdog organization for the queen of Spain.

The Spanish Inquisition was disbanded, dissolved, terminated in 1834.  The Year 1834 is five years after England "emancipated Roman Catholics," in the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829.  During that year, the Prime Minister of England was the same man who beat Napoleon at Waterloo.  In fact, his brother was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1822 to 1828, opening the way for Roman Catholic liberation.  A number of laws put Catholics in a crippled social position.  The idea was to make Catholicism so vexed by laws that Catholics would leave the Church.  The Duke of Wellington's name was actually Arthur Wellesley ... not Wellington.

The conclusion is that nothing occurred in Spain that was any worse in statistical numbers than what was occurring in France, Italy, England, the Netherlands and the such.  In fact, the worse events of the 16th Century were [1] Henry VIII's England, [2] Cromwell's massacres in Ireland, and of course the most intense of the nightmares having been under the rule of  [3] Czar Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov (1645-1676).  In fact, there were more executions in the Netherlands, between 1557 and 1562, than there were in Spain.  IN fact, even in New England horse theft and destroying tobacco crops would get the death penalty, along with the dreaded witchcraft.  Spain did NOT execute people for witchcraft.  Etc go the examples.

This discourse in relations to the 1994 BBC documentary

Now, the content and statistics in this discourse do NOT appear anywhere in the 1994 BBC documentary, except for the final number of executions, in the Inquisition's 354 year existence.  That number as 9 to 14 executions per year, on average.  However, during Spain's final war toward its independence ... it's re-conquering thereof ... namely, the Granada War ... an average of 77 executions per year occurred during the final six years of that war.  In as much, it was a complete lie to have claimed that the Inquisition cost 500,000 to a million lives.  Even the claim that 32,000 people were executed there.  That number was 8.5 to 10 times highest than the 354 year realty.  

In order to keep this in perceptive, in United States death penalty statistics were posted in this post.

Likewise, the specific information conveyed in the 1994 BBC documentary appears nowhere in this discourse.  In fact, I found historic evidence ... gathered by historic society members ... that did not exist in 1994.  That added evidence makes the horror story version of the Spanish Inquisition even more of an insult to a reasonable human's intelligence.   All in all, I did my own homework, and the experts payed by the BBC did their own homework.

Recent USA Death Penalty Stats as a comparison to the 16th Century

The tactic of spreading wartime propaganda is to distort proportionality --- to skew statistics.  Thus, in order to instantly disarm the most hate-filled of anti-Catholics, posted herein are death penalty statistics of the United States of America.  It can make America look like a nation operated by monsters.  But, anyone who knows American government knows that the United States is obsessed with procedure, appeals, and even the amending of testimony.  Private factions within America were the monsters, as in the lynch mobs of the South and the 19th Century Know Nothing Party of the Midwest.  Anyway, take a quick peek:

From the Year 1900 to the Year 2002, in the United States of America there were 8,335 executions.  As of January 1, 2021, there were 2,339 Americans on Death Row.  Between June 1972 and January 1, 2021, they were 1,532 actual executions which took place in America.  That's as 48 year period.   In fact, between June 1972 and New Year's 2021, there were 9,700 people sentenced to death in the U.S., with 4,855 of those cases being reversed during appeal, and with an additional 287 defendants having their sentences commuted to a lesser punishment.

Note: It was in July of 1976, two days before the heavily celebrated American Bi-centennial, when the U.S. Supreme Court green-lighted the death penalty in the United States, provided that death penalty statutes were non-prejudicial and not vague.  None the less, the death penalty statistics on the United States would have been much higher.   See: Gregg v. Georgia, 428 U.S. 153 (1976.)  It was actually five death penalty cases addressed in unison.

In addition, between 1962 and 1989 (in our own modern era) the Soviet Union's judges signed over 24,000 death sentences, with approximately 2,500 those cases resulting in pardons.  Stalin's stats were on par with Hitler's.  It was a rare time in history.  So, we overlook things too bizarre for humanity to repeat.  We simply look for patterns in governmental conduct through the ages.  Hitler and Stalin were not patterns.  None the less, the following links take you to an informative source about the death penalty.

The bottom line is that, today, the exaggeration of the Spanish Inquisition is merely deliberate anti-Catholic propaganda. The propaganda did things such as incite people into violent acts against Catholics.  So, if you insist on pushing the hyper-exaggerated version of the Spanish Inquisition, then you are doing the same thing as inciting a riot or inciting prejudicial deprivation of a Catholic's rights or committing reckless endangerment, in light of the recent mass riots which have been occurring throughout the United States.  After all, during the George Floyd riots, Catholic statues were toppled.

The bottom line is this:  Spain's great nightmare was instead its 20th Century Civil War.  They were even executing statues of Christ at the time.  Nuns were killed too.  In history, atheism always reasults in a real nightmare.  After all, Atheists have attitudes, let us politely say.

Making Catholicism sound like a horror story can get Catholics seriously harmed.  Therefore, the White Anglo-Saxon anti-Catholic Propaganda Bull Crap has got to end, now.  If the defamers refuse to desist, then the conversation can be resumed before an United States Federal Court magistrate, in what's known as a Diversity Action, concerning what is known as False Light Defamation.  Demonizing Catholics got many a Catholic killed already, especially in Henry VIII's England and during Robespierre's Reign of Terror.  And of course, Catholic property is once again getting torched and vandalized.  Even Catholics in Africa are being murdered, simply for being Catholic.  End of temporary intro.

Here is where the original discourse began

In college, I had a mentor who had a 4.0 qpa (quality point avg).  He was a straight "A" student.  He happened to have been a black (Haitian) native French speaker.  Both of our dads were mechanical engineers.  Plus, he was very accepting of my Vietnamese girlfriend.  In fact, he's the one standing next to me, in my senior-year college yearbook National Honors Society photo.  Well, during finals-week one year, I remember him sitting back, saying, "I don't need to study for finals," while everyone else was rushing around the school grounds.

He said to me once that his key to academic success was, "Review, review, review." This is why, in my writings, it's occasionally mentioned, "Let's review."  So, let's review.

[1] The only way in which a validly ordained priest will ever stop being a priest is if Jesus Christ suddenly stops existing.   It is written,  

~"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."  Hebrews 13:8.

~"But he, because he remains forever, has a priesthood that does not pass away."  Hebrews 7:24.

~ "The LORD has sworn and will not waver: “You are a priest forever in the manner of Melchizedek."  Psalm 110, verse 4

[2] If Jesus Christ would not have taken his Mother Mary into Heaven, in glorified body & soul, he would have sinned against his own commandment which states, "Honor your father & mother."  

Being that Christ's Eternal Father regarded Mary as his "highly favored daughter," Jesus would have dishonored his father, by not taking Mary up into Heaven glorified in both body & soul.  

Being that Mary was the Ark of the New & Everlasting Covenant, Jesus would have performed sacrilege in leaving a sacred vessel on Earth to turn to dust.  

Speaking of such, there were NEVER 1st degree relics of the Virgin Mary handed down by the successors of the apostles ... or anyone else, for that matter.  And of course, if and only if Mary's bodily remains would have been left on Earth, the Apostle John would have made sure that they were treated with respect and kept in safe-keeping, as an heirloom.  The Catholic Church is known for it's relic collection.  The fact that there were never relics of the Virgin Mary indicates tentatively -circumstantially- that her body is not on Earth or in the earth.

[3] Even during the time of St. Paul, 3rd degrees relics were being used by believers of Jesus Christ.  This fact is mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles,  Ch 19 v 11 -12.  "So extraordinary were the mighty deeds God accomplished at the hands of Paul  12  that when face-cloths or aprons that touched his skin were applied to the sick, their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them."   Thus, the use of relics was NOT a Medieval invention. 

[4a] The sign of the most asinine and fraudulent of buffoons who have no business being payed journalists is in their non-academic, non-doctrinal, & non-reality explanation of indulgences.  In as much, an  indulgence is NOT the absolution of your sins.  It is NOT a permission slip for you to go out and sin.  There is NO sheet of paper that you go and buy which says, "indulgence."  An indulgence is a completely spiritual phenomenon.  And no earthly records are kept on people getting indulgences . . . through their pious act.  Let's get into specificity, so that there will be no confusion.

[4a1] An indulgence is a complete or partial remission of the penitential punishment due to sin AFTER THE SIN HAS BEEN FORGIVEN in sacramental confession.  An indulgence is acquired by performing a pious act.  This includes reading the Bible which, in itself, proves anti-Catholic Protestants to be liars, in their claiming that the Catholic Church suppresses the Bible and hides it from humanity.  The list of indulgences are in the Enchiridion of Indulgences.  Translated into English, it means Handbook of Indulgences. 

[5a] The Catholic Church officially recites, reads, and teaches the Bible far more often than the Protestants have ever done, as in [a] 8 times a day in the Divine Office, aka Liturgy of the Hours, [b] 3 times per each Sunday Mass, [c] 2 times per each weekday Mass, and in [d] Catholic educational classrooms, as well as [e] during retreats operated by clergy, [f] and in numerous Catholic writings, as bibliographical reference sources.

For a church accused of never using the Bible, it's super ironic that Catholic writers place an array of Bible verses throughout their texts, as well as use the Bible in bibliography references  Moreover, when Catholic writers quote Church doctors and canonized saints, there are quoting writers who use even more Bible references in their writings.  Check and see how many Biblical references are used at this site, alone. 

[5b] It was the Catholic Church which declared which books constituted the Bible, at the Council of Rome, in 382 C.E.   If not for the Catholic Church, there would be no New Testament.

[5c1] Martin Luther added the word, ALONE, to the phrase, "Faith suffices."  Luther also removed seven books from the Bible, in the 1500s.  In the 1900s, three of those books that Protestants were told were fake were found with the dead sea scrolls, proving that Luther removed authentic Biblical texts from the Bible.

[5c2]  Luther wanted to remove from the Bible the Epistle of James and the Book of Revelation..  This is because both books accentuated the  

~ need of Good Works, as in"Faith without works is dead Faith" ... and 

~ the need for penance, as in the phrase, "These are the ones who washed their garments white," in order to gain entrance into Heaven. 

[8] Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is completely Biblical and rooted in the Gospel of Luke; "Henceforth all generations will call me blessed, because he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name."  Luke 1:48 - 49.  Therefore, if you refuse to call Mary blessed, then you are the anti-Biblical one.  And if you're a Sola Scriptura Protestant, then you're a hypocrite.

Now, concerning the vast array of Protestant sects and their traditional despising of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the females among them are envious that they couldn't be the Mother of the Savior.  They're jealous of Mary.  It's that simple --- and that simple-minded.  Plus, they don't want to admit to Mary's purity, so that they don't have to strive for purity, themselves.  Do not be deceived.  Some of them love "the low-down & dirty," whatever that actually means.

Concerning those who despise the Pope, it's only because the most vehement Protestant is envious that he's not the pope, himself.  As a result, the followers of Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, Conrad Grebel, John Knox, Thomas Muntzer, etc ended up developing a splintered religion where everyone can now declare himself his own personal pope.  Now, how about that, for staying in touch with reality!!!  Yes, today they all get a "participation trophy" --- in their minds.  During the 1520s, however, the "Protestant Reformers" were at each others' throats, condemning each other.  For example . . .

. . . Calvin put to death the very educated Michael Servetus.  Elizabeth I sentenced many a Protestant to death, and she was a Protestant herself.  And of course, Zurich Switzerland's very Protestant city council put to death Felix Manz, Jacob Falk, and Henry Reiman, by drowning them.  Being that the three men were Anabaptists, the drowning of them was done in sarcasm, where the executions where referred to as their "third baptism."  In fact, Luther and Zwingli could not come to an agreement in doctrine, even after they met and spoke.

In addition, Balthasar Hubmaier was put in a prison so unhealthy that he was basically sentenced to near-death, followed by him giving-in and recanting his Anabaptist beliefs in public - - -  at the hands of the staunch Protestants of Zurich.  Martin Luther started no reform.  He started war and mass execution.


When you begin devotion to the Rosary, a Rosary session can be like a workout at the gym.  Then, as the months proceed, the prayer starts flowing, as you make connections ... in identifying and understanding things about life --- about existence itself.  You then recognize presences.  The presences are what bring that sense of peace ... or even spiritual color..

Beginners have been observed getting a colorful grace, at the start of their Rosary devotions.  Such a thing is an imprimatur from Heaven which tells the beginner that the Rosary is the Express Lane to the realm of things sacred.  The realm can be called the Realm of Graces & Mercy.

Through the Rosary, you perceive things much more clearly.  If you are a youth, the Rosary will spare you from doing asinine things you will regret in your later years on Earth.  None the less, that which you perceive in Rosary meditations is actually elements of the infused knowledge already given to you by the Holy Spirit, at baptism. Thus, the Rosary dissolves the encumbrances that prevent you from perceiving the infused knowledge that was already given to you long ago ... if you're baptized.  It's like cleaning a windshield and making driving easier. 

If you are not baptized, and you pray the Rosary, Heaven is still listening to you.  It is then a matter of you going to the next step.  It's all based on free-will, in the end.  Yes, God is dependent upon your free will.  Yet, there is something known as Efficacious Grace, where you were guaranteed to do something that God wanted you to do in the first place, without you losing your free-will in doing it.   

Now, the spiritual mechanism in Efficacious Grace, in how it guarantees a good work on your part without infringing upon your free will, became a debate long ago, between two legitimate theologians.  One was Luis de Molina, and the other theologian was Domingo BaƱez.  The pope at the time allowed both teachings to be promoted.  The pope also forbade one side of the debate to condemn the other side.  

More Effects of the Rosary

Sometimes, praying the Rosary is like going into that tunnel people mention in their near-death experiences.  This happens at night, when there are no bright lights or sunlight to distract you.    It then becomes a tour in a very intriguing realm.  

Sometimes after a Rosary, you are simply drained.  At other times, you get a sense of composure during stressful or tragic times.  There are arid periods, too.  

Then come the times when you are looking for an answer.  In those circumstances, after you're done, go do something else, so that you shift your mental processes.  This is so that you don't come up with your own conclusion, pretending that it came from God ... or an angel ... or a saint.  Even go to sleep. Praying for an answer, while using your own mind ... your own prejudices ... your own desire ... is a waste of prayer.   Then, after you shifted your attention, in working or in playing or in whatever, you'll notice something or realize something.  A realization comes to you.  Sometimes an answer comes during the Rosary.  Such a thing is actually a supernatural occurrence.  Yet, such things are not uncommon.  God is always in charge ... even when all Hell is breaking loose.  

In sequence, there are times, during Rosary prayer when you feel like a tree extending its branches --- or like a bird extending its wings.  At other times, you fall asleep while praying the Rosary, and it turns out to be a sound sleep.  Sometimes, you find yourself praying when you are literally as mad as Hell, keeping your composure.  And at yet other times, you feel a sense of infatuation, while or after praying the Rosary.

In summation, there are many seasons to the human being, and there are many different effects that come about, when human beings pray the Rosary.   In fact, you should ask St Luke and Saint Elizabeth, as well as John the Baptist and Saint Joseph, to join you in prayer.  It will only make your prayer stronger.  It will only make your praying more powerful.

Concerning those "arid periods" mentioned in spirituality books, one of the remedies to spiritual dryness is to engage in physical workouts of some sort ... even fun workouts.  This is because spiritual dryness is basically boredom.  Physical workouts end the boredom within your senses and it increases your awareness of things.  Fasting increases your awareness, also. 

Now, if you are dry or distracted during a Rosary meditation, simply think to yourself that the event upon which you're meditating really happened at some time in the past ... that it's not make-believe.  This includes the Birth of Christ, the Passion of Christ, the Resurrection of  Christ,  the Ascension of Christ into his Heavenly Realm, etc.  Your praying still counts, even during an arid stage of prayer.  If you are reaching out to God, you are praying, even if you're as arid as a desert. 

All in all, the Hail Mary is a commemoration of the coming of the Messiah.  Therefore, it's the cornerstone of the New Testament.  The first person to pray it was the Archangel Gabriel, and not Satan.  In fact, Satan refuses to pray it.  Thus, the Hail Mary is angelic.  People who condemn the Hail Mary are the ones who are Satanic. 

The Rosary meditations, themselves

The meditations (called mysteries of the Rosary) include meditating on [1] Jesus being conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, [2] Jesus being born in Bethlehem, [3] Jesus being presented at the Temple 40 days after his birth, [5] Jesus being found in the Temple, after a three-day search for him, [6] Jesus' Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, [7] Jesus being scourged at the pillar, [8] Jesus being crowned with thorns, [9] Jesus carrying his cross, [10] Jesus dying on the cross, [11] Jesus rising from the dead, [12] Jesus ascending into Heaven 40 days later, and other events involving the action of Christ.  So, how can the mysteries of the Rosary detract from Christ, when it consists in meditating on Christ?  The condemnation of the Rosary, therefore, has been the Hypocrisy of the Year, year after year, for 500 years.

It is literally blasphemous to condemn as Satanic a devotion which calls Jesus blessed dozens of times, all the while meditating on a series of events that involved the exact same Jesus Christ.  Blasphemers are not smart people.  They are owned by an urge, be it the urge that comes from resentment or lust or gluttony or laziness or even the arrogant desire to rule others, by making up one's own rules & doctrines.  They react to urges, and not to wisdom.  And of course, those urges are actually violent streaks.  Thus, they launch their violent streaks.  All in all, wherever blasphemy begins, thinking always ends.



Perhaps you know how it goes with those who watch TV evangelists clad in business suits.  They all declare themselves "saved" for all time and eternity.  They simultaneously declare themselves exempt from penance, restitution, good works, and the need of a conscience.  They claim that they can sin all they want, and still go to Heaven, because they "accepted" the Nazarene "as their Lord and personnel savior."  It's like those fad diets which state that, as long as you take a pill a day, you can eat all you want and still lose weight.

The devotees of business suit preachers are all dismissive of the Epistle of James which states, "Faith without good works is dead faith," and they vehemently deny the existence of Purgatory.  They instead profess belief in a Marxist Communist Heaven, where there are not varying degrees of glory, but rather a one-size-fits-all degree that everyone there has.  Thus, the self-declared "saved" all state that doing good works is worth nothing, and that God will not reward anyone for a lifetime of sacrifice & giving.  

They resent the idea of anyone being higher than them in Heaven.  So, in their make-believe minds, they demoted those who truly do have a high degree of glory in that realm of existence.  And quite frankly, the existence of the seven Seraphim, alone, proves that there are higher and lesser degrees of glory within the vast Beatific Vision .  None the less, envy and resentment is one of the reasons why the followers of TV "evangelists" despise even the idea of the Virgin Mary, as well as the actual Virgin Mary, herself.  They slash her honor and reputation, like street hoods in the night --- or else like crooked accountants in a backroom.   

These TV watchers are the ones who declare the three following things:

 {I} The Roman Catholic Church   =  the Whore of Babylon --- even though the true whore was the Herodian Dynasty which sold-out Israel to Pagan Rome which, in turn, was the Beast upon which the Whore of Babylon rode. 

 {II} Every pope who ever lived     =  the Antichrist --- even though there's only one Antichrist yet to come and there were 266 popes thus far.

{III} The Hail Mary & the Rosary  =  pagan worship crafted by Satan --- even though the origin of both things is found at the beginning of the Gospel of Luke.  

The Reality Check ===> No one devoted to the Virgin Mary believes that she created the Heavens and the Earth.  However, they all believe this of Jesus Christ, in him having done so, before he became man and dwelt among us.  

In addition, no one devoted to the Virgin Mary believes that she is an infinite being who has existed throughout eternity.  However, they all believe this of Jesus Christ, her only son.

In continuing, no one devoted to the Virgin Mary believes that she can create a living being of any kind.  However, they all believe that everything created only came into being through her son, Jesus Christ --- [1] before he became man, [2] after he became man, [3] and even now.

Furthermore, no one devoted to the Virgin Mary believes that she has the power to absolve anyone of his/her sins.  However, they all believe this of Jesus Christ, the High Priest. 

The subsequent Reality Check =====> All people devoted to the Virgin Mary believe that the foreseen merits of Jesus Christ are what enabled God the Father to create her free from the darkness of Original Sin.  This means that everyone devoted to Mary believes that she was created by God. 

The thesis statement is that no one devoted to the Virgin Mary believes that she's God or divine or to be worshiped.  There's a distinct difference between love and worship.  Devotion is love.  Attribution is worship.  Acknowledgement is worship.  People devoted to Mary love her.  They don't worship her.  To say so is to commit defamation.  To say so is to lie.  To say so is to attempt to create contempt toward the people who fulfill the Biblical prophecy in Luke 1:48 which states, "Henceforth, all generations will call me blessed, because he who is mighty has done great things for me and holy is his name."



In addition, here is a word of advice for some of you, out there.  Yes, some of you out there like to mock, belittle, defame, misrepresent, push-around, and brutally assassinate the character of the Roman Catholic Church.  You do this entirely impervious to the meaning of the word, Roman.  

Roman means Italian.  Have you ever been in a room with an outraged Italian man?  Have you ever been in a room with ten outraged Italian men?  Do you know what ten outraged Italian men do in the same room?  ANS:  They plan their revenge, after having given a long time span of leniency and patience to the offenders.

Well, some of you out there obsessively call the Roman Catholic Church the Whore of Babylon.  And of course, it's your ploy.  It's your tactic, in the quest to deceive people into leaving the heavily populated Catholic Church for your heretical denomination, so that they will put their money into your tax-free collection baskets.  

Well, you are definitely too brain dead to realize that, in obsessively calling the Roman Catholic Church the Whore of Babylon, you are calling the great grandmothers and great great grandmothers of all those Italian men a bunch of whores.  You are calling Italy and Italians of the past 1,700 years completely evil, always and in every way.  This is libel, slander, and false light defamation.  It's also an element of HARASSMENT and incitement of violence against Catholics, as did happen in the 1800s against Irish Catholics.  The anti-Catholic diatribes of today were the same ones used in the 1800s.  (See: Know-Nothing Party).  There are massive consequences for such things.  God will not be on your side in this matter.

Remember, it's a sin to provoke a sin, and you guys have gotten way too pushy, defamatory, and abusively arrogant. Violence against Catholic property has been occurring as of recent.  You are in the ranks of the Muslims armies who attacked Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Sardinia, Hungary, Slavic regions, and Austria, as well as having kidnapped European women and property in the Mediterranean Sea.  You are in the ranks of the very pro-abortion political activists who have been vandalizing Catholic interests, such as Pro-life centers.  To be against Catholicism is to be against life.

In doing what you're doing, you are in the process of declaring war on Italians, and provoking violence similar to that endured by Irish Catholics.  Are you sure that you're ready for that?  Do you really want to mess with Italians?  It wouldn't be a bad idea for you to tone it down, and show some respect, for a change.  It's called displaying Christian Charity.  But, you're not going to do such a thing, because you need the grace of God to be graceful, and God's grace bounces off of you like water bounces off a rock.  You're going to mock and defame all the more.  None the less, fair warning has been extended here to you, in Christian Charity.




BTW, in obsessing themselves with claiming that they accepted Jesus as their Lord & personal savior, they were giving-away the fact that they were very anti-social people.  It was instantly evident that they had "no peoples skills."  But, it's really great that God got their approval to exist.  Super nice guys.

Their anti-social propensity was also evident in them stating that the did not believe in the existence of any organized church.  Yet, they organized and bought churches for their "non-organized religion" services, all the while calling their "non-organized belief in God," a tax-exempt religion.  They inferred that the organized religions have an impersonal savior, while they have the exclusive personal savior.

They completely forgot the Apostle John's official teaching that "He who claims to love the Lord, yet hates his brother, is a liar."  The purpose for 'church' was to fulfill the commandment to "love one another as I have loved you."  It's goal was not to turn Jesus into an invisible friend who talks only to you and no one else.  The way of Christ is universality; not factionalism, not sectarianism, and not isolationism.  It's either all is one or all is none.  None the less, the Born-agains basically created their own church in the corner of a pre-existing church.

 As far as them being void of diplomacy and wisdom, they apparently didn't realize that, every time they called the Roman Catholic Church the "Whore of Babylon,"  there were calling our Italian great grandmothers of centuries past a bunch of whores.  That is where they lost us Italians big time, being that we knew that our grandmothers were proper ladies, devoted wives, and devoted parents who actually went to church on Sundays.   

The "saved Christians" didn't realize that their hatred of Roman Catholicism was nothing more than a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant racist aversion toward Mediterranean people who came from a landmass much closer to Africa than to England.  After all, the coast of Sicily is only 210 to 220 miles away from Tunisia's coastline.  Sicily is closer to Tunisia than Pittsburgh is to Philadelphia.

And let us not forget how those new & improved Protestants repeatedly stated that it's the Devil telling you to pray the Hail Mary, when the fact is that the first part of the Hail Mary is the greeting of God the Father, spoken through the Archangel Gabriel whom God sent to the Virgin Mary ... 

... while the second part comes from the Gospel of Luke, when commemorating how the Holy Spirit inspired Elizabeth to say, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.  For who am I that I should receive a visit from the mother of my Lord?"  

But, according to those people who used called themselves the redundant phrase, "born-again Christians," it's the Devil telling you to repeat the words of God the Father and to recall words which came from the Holy Spirit.   I didn't know that God the Father and the Holy Spirit were the Devil.  Silly me.  And let us also not forget:  The Born-again Christians declared that statues and stained-glass commemorations are the work of the Devil, too.  Apparently, the Devil only recruits the finest of artists.  Incidentally, Saint Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.

Tell me, wise one, what is so Satanic about commemorating the birth of Christ on stained-glass?

None the less, it was in Italy where one found miraculous bleeding hosts, saints incorruptible in body (or at least very slowly corruptible in body,) the miraculous blood of San Gennaro, and the miraculous bones of San Nicholas of Bari which exudes a fragrant liquid used in miraculous healings. 

The Shroud of Turin is in all-so-Satanic Italy, too.  So tell us, all-so-saved, Born-Again Christians, is the Shroud of Turin a cloth of the Devil?  According to you, everything in Italy is. 

BTW, if the Catholic Church is Satanic, then so too is the New Testament, meaning that no Protestant is allowed to read it.  For those unaware, the 27 books of the New Testament were officially declared the 27 books of New Testament through the Catholic Church Council of Rome (382) and the equally Roman Catholic Council of Carthage (397.)   This means that the New Testament which Protestants wave like a flag was the compilation of the very Catholic Church that Born-again evangelicals condemn.   So, in order to be a Protestant, you need to be a hypocrite in denial of historic fact.   

Or else you have to be a pushy buffoon.  In either way, their way was to steal the Catholic Church's New Testament --- steal Catholic Church property in Northern Europe & the British Isles --- steal the Catholic Church's dates for Christmas and Easter --- take for themselves the writings of St. Augustine --- take for themselves the WWJD teaching of Saint John of the Cross who happened to have been the first one to write that you should only do what Jesus would do in a similar situation.  But, when it comes to the writings of Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Louis de Montfort, Alphonsus Liguori, or Therese of Lisieux, it's on of those "who are they?"

Incidentally, at the beginning of the Protestant-Catholic War of 1618, a crowd of "activist" Protestants in Prague literally pushed out of a top-floor window three Roman Catholics.  So, being "pushy" is definitely a foundation stone of Protestantism.  After all, Protestantism started by STEALING church real estate, while destroying other types of church property.   That's a very pushy thing to do.



What type of man is it who despises & writes-off an exquisitely beautiful woman who is gentle & non-abrasive?  We can diplomatically state that such is a man who has a very serious problem.

When it comes to the women who despise the Virgin Mary, it's a matter of envy in one part.  In the other part, it's a matter of wanting to bury out of sight Mary's purity.  Such hateful women want to hide Mary's purity, so that they won't feel obligated to strive for purity, themselves. 

Such hate-filled women sometimes display elitist arrogance, in demeaning & disrespecting the woman chosen by the Second Person of the Holy Trinity to be the one from whom he would derive his complete humanity.  Such women love their sins and claim that they can live in their sins, while being guaranteed eternal life, on account of them expressing belief in the miraculous Nazarene who came into this world through the very Mary they despise.  The problem is that, in the end, they discover that they worshiped their habit of sin and not God.  They are too insensitive to realize how offensive to Christ is the disrespect shown to his mother.  After all, he made his mother what she is today. 

Remember, there is a twisted mindset in the type of person who regards himself/herself as "saved."  That type of person insists in the notion that Jesus endured defamation, mockery, burning pain, piercing pain, blood-pressure loss, and death so that "saved people" can keep committing fornication, adultery, theft, defamation, evidence tampering, drunkenness, sins of anger, blasphemy, labor abuse, etc, and then go to Heaven, after having made people's lives on Earth a living Hell.  Well,  Christ came to take people out of their sins --- not to have them cemented in their sins.  Thus, "the saved" go into an interior convulsive rage at the announcement of Mary's purity and sinlessness.  In response, they obsessively say whatever it takes to make her look defiled, worthless, contemptible, and an annoying burden to God. 

But of course, the Gospels repeatedly recorded Christ saying the same one thing to a number of the people he miraculously cured: "Go and sin no more."   As you can see, the "saved" aren't saved from anything.  After all, Christ came to "save his people from their sins."  The "saved" claim that the sins of the future are already forgiven and that they are guaranteed eternal life, no matter what sin they commit.  

Needless to say, they deny the need of penance and a priest' s absolution.  Oh, and they vehemently deny Purgatory, because it terrifies them.  Their problem is that, simply because they say that something doesn't exist, it doesn't mean that they have the power to make it stop existing.  Hell is there, if you believe so or not.  Purgatory is there, despite anyone's denial in its existence.  Angels exist, despite their usual invisibility and absence of a material body.  God exists on God's own, independent of a vote from academics.  A person does not make his own reality.  That's called make-believe.

Interesting how people who do not believe in God insist on getting their children to believe in the existence of Santa Claus --- to replace belief in God.  


The same people claim that you can live a life without following Jesus' commandments, and yet be saved with guaranteed entrance into Heaven, by merely "accepting him as your Lord and personal savior." However, Jesus said, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments."  To not do so is the opposite of love, and such a thing is the opposite of "being saved."  

In fact, the "saved" born-again Christians say that, if "it's" not in the Bible, they won't believe it.  Well, there are many things in the Bible that they and the rest of the Protestant world refuse to observe.  One is the indissolubility of marriage.  Divorce and remarriage is a mortal sin.  The Gospels quote Jesus saying this.  So, the Protestant allowance for divorce & remarriage is it's greatest hypocrisy, invalidating itself so much so that Protestantism CANNOT be truthfully regarded as Christianity.  Next:

 This is one of those instances where Catholicism does involve you thinking for yourself, contrary to what the Protestants claim.  Remember, Catholicism forbade slavery, under penalty of excommunication and loss of church privileges, as far back as 1435, concerning a papal bulletin which ordered the ending of slavery in the Canary Islands.  This was 57 years before Europe knew that Central America ... and South America even existed.  The writers who claimed that the true church allowed slavery during the era of Expedition should be defendants in a multi-million dollar class action defamation lawsuit.  Another revelation to the brainwashed modern mind is this:  The Conquistadors included Jews in their ranks, and the Conquistadors mostly certainly did commit atrocities.  However, the fact that Columbus was indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned in Spain shows that there were people in power with a sense of morals and civility.  

Moreover, many a white European was kidnapped by Muslim pirates and sold into slavery.  Well, there was a Roman Catholic religious order dedicated to buying-back from the Muslim kidnappers the European slaves.  And yes, this included sexual slavery which is an element of rape.  Lookup "Our Lady of Ransom" and the Catholic religious order dedicated to "redeeming captives."

The bottom line is that, in the near future, after the end of the wars that Biden's negligence is triggering, the demonizing of Catholicism, especially the hyper-exaggerated Spanish Inquisition, will be subjects of extremely expensive lawsuits.  BTW,  the archives of all of the Spanish Inquisition cases were made open to the public, decades ago.   So, scholarly contractors of the BBC did an in depth research project --- and adopted the research of others --- of the inquisition.  This resulted in the 1994 Documentary, the Myth of the Spanish Inquisition.   I can go into detail here, but this a digression from the topic at hand.  However, you can watch the British Broadcasting Company's documentary, yourself: