The Significance of Portugal in Catholic History, in relation to Fatima

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Straight ahead from here i America, give or take a few degrees latitude, is Portugal.
Fatima Portugal:  In 1916, the  Angel of Peace, in Crystalline beauty, appeared
to 3 children and taught them prayers about adoring the Holy Trinity and offer-
ing the Infinite Merits of Christ for the conversion of those in the state of mortal
sin.  One year late came Our Lady,  She made six visits to Fatima, resting lightly
on a holmoak tree during her apparitions.

Each time when she came out of eternity and entered time & space, in order to
present herself to the children body & soul, her brillance reflected the clouds so
much so that the children and pilgrims thought that there were seeing lightning..

Mary would appear on the 13th of each month, beginning in May and ending
in October.  The three children comprised a 10 year old girl, a 8 yr old boy, and a
7 yr old girl who relayed wisdom which she said was partly taught to her by
Our Lady and partly thought-up herself.

Now, at the start of the first apparition, the nine year old boy couldn't see or
hear Our Lady.  He then started praying the rosary, and she visual appeared
to him.  However, at no time during any apparition did he hear her.  The two
girls were able to hear her and see her.  The 10 yr old was the only one who
spoke to Mary during the apparitions.

On June 13, after having spoke to the children, Our Lady leaned over, opened
her hands, and the children were immersed in the love of God.  On July 13,
Our Lady opened her hands in the same way and the children saw the vision
of Hell.  This is known as the First Secret of Fatima.  Within moments came
the Second Secret of Fatima.  The secret was the prophecy of World War II.
In fact, Our Lady said to the Fatiima children, "War is a punishment from
God for Mankind's sins."  None the less, shortly after the Second secret came
the formerly famous Third Secret.

In June of 2000, three provenly corrupt officials of the Vatican issued a press
releast which stated that the Third Secret contained no words from Our Lady.
However, the 1960 press release which stated that the Vatican was not going
to make the Third Secret public expressly admitted that the secret included
words spoken by Our Lady on that topic.  The Vatican claimed that the Third
Secret was merely a prophecy of the attempted assassination of John Paul II.
HOWEVER, being that the three corrupt Vaticanistos said that there were no
words attached to the Third Secret, there was no way to prove it.

In fact, after becoming pope, Benedict XVI expressly said that NO ONE IS
that we would be deluding ourselves to think that Fatima is a thing of the past.

The Reason Why Portugal Was the Venue for the Apocalyptic Secrets

The proximate reason why is because Portugal is a nation where the Faith of
Peter will officially remain in tact, as far as concerns official Catholic Church
Teaching on matters of Faith and Moral Theology.  Thus, Portugal will be a
safeguarder of the True Faith of Peter during a time when the Great Apostasy
prophesied in the New Testament will emerge.

Yet, there is an ultimate reason.  In as much, why is it that Portugal will be a
nation that will safeguard the true faith with an element of human decency?
What is in the Portuguese mindset that avails itself to human decency in the
midst of chaos?

Well, a tree is known by its fruits, and it isn't the mindset which causes some-
thing good to happen, it's only the grace of God which does,  At this point, the
Order of the Knight Templer takes center stage.

To start, the Knights Templar had officially became an entity in Champagne
France, under the title, Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.
The year was 1118, and the purpose was to escort Christian pilgrims to what
is referred to as the Holy Land.  It quickly got to the point where the knights
needed to remain in the Holy Land, being that, after escorting pilgrims to the
Middle East, the Knights left them defenseless, where they were attacked by
Moslems, anyway.  Thus, the King of Jerusalem, Baldwin II, gave the nine
original Knights Templar living quarters on the king's estate.

As time pased, the Knights became masters of finance.  It had gotten to the
point where one of the outstanding debtors was the King of France, Philip IV.
The year was 1307.  Now, the King of France quickly payed his past debt to
the Knights, as far back as 1287.  But, the price of silver rose, due to the de-
crease of Saxon silver mine production and the cost of further wars.  So, in-
stead of paying his 1307 debt to the Knights, Philip IV decided to annihilate
them, thereby being relinquished of his heavy debt to them.

That there were exaggerated accusations against the Knights was obvious.
None the less, in 1307, the warrant for the arrests of the Knights was issued
throughout France.  Only some of the Knights were captured and later execut-
ed, however.  Many took flight.  Now, even though the Knights were outlawed
throughout most of Europe, there was still a place for them and their services.
The place was none other than PORTUGAL, as well as Spain;  Iberia.

At the time, the Moors were still in Spain and Portugal.  The Templars' services
were very much needed there.  So, the Knighs Templar responded to the call and
successfully drove the Moors Southward.  Upon this success, the King of Portugal,
Dinis II, gave the Templars a home.

Now, the Templats had been fighting against the Moors in Spain, since the 12th
Century.  The fateful year, which turned the geo-political structure of  Portugal
favorable for the Christian natives there  was in the Year 1212.  Thus, the Knights
already had a good reputation there and everywhere there was a Moslem army
ready to kill Christians.

In the Year 1318, King Dinis petitioned the pope, now stationed in Avignon,
for the recognition of the Order of Christ.  This was the restart of the Knights
Templar, simply under a different name.  That time was a pivotal one which
brought changes.  For example, the papacy moved from Rome to Avignon
France in 1309, two years after the witch hunt on the Templars.  In fact, it
was at the Council of Vienna where the Pope official dissolved the Knights
Templar.  Nine years later, the Templars would be reconstructed by means
of an act of papal approval from the very same nation which secured their
destruction.  Incidentally, King Philip IV died in the Year 1314.  So, bring-
ing the Knights Templar back to life wasn't going to be met with any severe

Today, the Grand Master of the Order of the Cross is none other than the
President of Portugal.  Thus, Portugal was a nation of great destiny in the
Middle Ages, during a turbulent time.  It will be so again.  The spirit of the
Knights Templar, therefore, is entrenched in the Fatima charisma.

None the less, according to one individual who did read the Third Secret of
Fatima, another Nation of Destiny, along with Portugal, is the Ukraine.