Today's Bishops and their Compliance with Corporate Sin

Corporate Sin is defined as a commonplace injustice commonly practiced by
an entire society.   It does not refer to sins only committed by corporations, ev-
en though corporations are often front-runners in getting a sin to be practiced
throughout a society as habit and law.

Corporate Sins include foreign labor exploitation and other forms of slave
labor profiteering, - Segregation, -Abortion-on-Demand, -the form of adul-
tery known as "divorce and remarriage," -legalized polygamy, -the disregard
for a Sabbath rest day in the society, environmental irresponsibility and other
forms of inundated a society with neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, liver cell
killers, respiratory irritants, etc.  So, don't think of corporate sin as something
committed by a board of directors.  Let's proceed:

Think:  Today's bishops, as if they have no consciences, continue to accept into
their tax-free collection baskets the profits of sin.  This includes weekly envelope
donations from parishioners whose job descriptions have them cooperating with
a mortal sin ... a social injustice ... even a crime against humanity.

For example, to work for any one of the many U.S. corporations that profit from
overseas slave labor is to make your income via the sucking of the blood of ex-
ploited workers and to simultaneously be an accomplice to one of the four sins
which cry to Heaven for vengeance, namely Defraudment of Laborers of their

When an entire nation of bishops keeps silence to such a crime against humanity,
all the while accepting the proceeds from this crime into their collection baskets,
their hypocrisy creates a stench throughout an entire nation that repels people away
from the church.  In as much, the bishops, in their silence, are consenting to the pre-
sent sweatshop profiteering practice which will inevitably find itself in a Nuremberg-
type setting.  After all, history repeats itself.  Of course, history repeats itself only
because the Eternal God is changeless and responds equally to each era of humanity.

As an example, the Nazi Germans smugly thought themselves to be untouchably
immune, as much as do the bishops of today.  So too did Cromwell's accomplices.
Then came the gallows and the hangings ... of Cromwell's accomplices and Hitlet's
servants.  Add to the list the French ruling class that let hunger rule over the French
citizenry, only to find themselves beneath the newly invented guillotine.  Etc go the

One more thing, when such stone-cold and heartless people (such as Cardinal Angelo
Sodano) have power over you, it is a punishment for the sins of entire collection of
people.  After all, people get the governments they deserve, by it a matter of church,
state, or corporation.  The present Vatican's true colors get repeatedly exposed ... far
beyond the disgrace of Vatileaks which came from the hands of a butler so outraged
by Vatican corruption that he, in conscience, could not remain a silent accomplice.

Let us continue, whether you are mature enough to do so or not:

Now remember, not everything is in the Bible, and the Gospel of John states this.
The following subject, however, happens to be mentioned in the Bible.  But, it's
expounded in the teachings of the doctors of the Church. and it's clarified in the
magisterium's official ChurchtTeaching.  It's reference source is Ezekiel 3:18.

The bishops have the moral obligation to speak out against social scandal, other-
wise regarded as corporate sin.  The prime purpose is to see to it that the faithful
will not be accomplices to those sins.  If Catholics go to work and are expected
to participate in a mortal sin, as a part of their job descriptions, the bishops must
intervene, instead of remaining silent.  This is especially the case with the cardi-
nals, being that they wear the color red as a symbol that they are willing to shed
their blood for the Faith of Peter and the faithful adherents to that faith.

You need to perceive the aggravation being endured by the Eternal God, at the
hands of cowardly bishops who will not speak-up and mobilize the forces.  This
is because the faithful are the only hands, feet, and voices God has on Earth, to
do God's will, and the bishops have the laity immobile and without direction.

The bishops have the moral obligation to mobilize a counter-effort and be actively
involved in ending those sins which are an institutional part of their society's life.
Once upon a time, one social scandal was racism of the South.  Today, it's foreign
slave labor exploitation throughout the United States by which American homes
are filled with product labeled as Made in China, Made in Vietnam, etc.

Then there is the legalized adultery known as "divorce & remarriage," by which 
no attorney and no wedding planner is morally permitted to participate in such
a sin,  For them, it is  a sin of cooperation.  Yet, there are those who are willing
to cooperate with mortal sin, to make an income.  Well, you cannot buy your way
out of Hell, and Hell is endlessly forever.  It doesn't end and their are no time-outs,
no relief, no reprieve, no hope.  All of the cooperating with sin did nothing more
than damage the cooperators forever,

In as much, silence, such as the criminal silence of bishops, is a sin of coopera-
tion.  Bishops are quite capable of going to Hell for all eternity, too, especial-
ly in light of the fact that the more which is given to you the more which is
required of you.  And of course, St. John Chrysostom wrote that the road to
Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. 

How many bishops of today have you seen doing their duty in mobilizing the
faithful in the effort to end those institutionalized sins known as social scandal
and corporate sin?  Yet, such a counter-measures occurred in the 1960s, in the
Grapes and Lettuce boycott.  It worked well, benefiting the workers at the time.
Today, however, the bishops show themselves to be selfish brats who couldn't
care any less than they do about the suffering of others.

The institutionalized desecration of the Christian Sabbath in heavily christened
populations is another social scandal.  Sins against the Ecology of the Earth and
the home is categorized under "Thy shall not kill."  Plus, medical price gouging
is another scandal that the modern Church must not empower.  It is categorized
under, "Thy shall not steal."  But, the church partakes in medical price gouging,
these days.  The great irony is that hospitals were originally for the poor, as op-
posed to being extremely expensive places.  Saint Louis of France founded a
hospitals that housed three-hundred patients.  It was called Quinze-Vingts, as
in 15 x 20 = 300.  Quinze means 15 and Vingts 20.  For the record, I was a
French major as well as an Economics & Accouting major.

Today's bishops seem to be insensitive to human suffering.  And of course, sin
harms others and causes them to suffer.  In as much, bishops who remain negli-
gent toward addressing and countering socialwide sins are vicious, ruthless, and
self-absorbed.  In as much,  if they don't form the needed apostolates, ..  if they
don't mobilize the laity ... if they let socialwide mortal sins go without objection,
then those sins end up embedded in their own dioceses.  It literally comes up to
their doorsteps and enters their homes.  In their sins of negligence, their eternal
salvation is non-existent.  Only everlasting Hell awaits them, because they were
more than willing to let people on earth go through Hell.

God is changeless.  If you remain obstinate in sin today, you get a full dose of
God's wrath as much as you would have gotten it two thousand years ago.  Now,
you might think that you are too glamorous and filled with "love feelings" so
much so that God grants you special favors and will not exact divine vengeance
upon you.  However, Go is neither impressed with nor intimidated at egomaniacs
who think that they are too glamorous for God's law.

The approved Marian apparition of Quito Ecuador mentioned that  a corrupt priest-
hood will have emerged in the 20th Century.  The approved Marian locutions of
Akita Japan mentioned that bishop will be against bishop and cardinal will be
against cardinal.  The approved apparition of La Salette had its apocalyptic 
ecret, and there were number of beatified and canonized people who pro-
phesied about this era, too.
Today's bishops, in their criminal silence,
continue to let the nails be driven into Christ anew.

Then comes the Third Secret of Fatima.  Being that the Quito, Akita, and La
Salette prophecies have yet to come to pass, the Fatima prophecies are not
yet a thing of the past.  

Concerning this, also keep in mind that, in June of 2000, Cardinal Sodano was
purposely orchestrating a diversionary tactic to take the attention off of inter-
national criminal, Marcial Maciel.  So, he feigned the Triumph of the Imma-
culate Heart of Mary.  That triumph has not yet happened, and when it does,
everyone in the Catholic world will recognize that Sodano, Bertone, and Rat-
zinger (the authors of the June 2000 Fatima press release farce) were lying to 
humanity, all along.  They will forever be recognized as the hideous beings
they have been for decades.

Concerning the fate of today's bishops, the prophecy is that they will under-
go the same destiny as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  However,
the other part of the prophecy was referred to as "the Restoration."   The
bottom line is that the end of the world will not be coming any time soon.
Rather, we will be seeing an end to a generation of bishops accomplished
in the vulgarity of cronyism, nepotism, negligence, retaliatory conduct, 
narcissism, and insensitivity to other people's pain.  They, in their mortal
sins of negligence, cause pain.  In as much, when you die, you get what
you gave in this life.  So, guess what they will get.  Amen.