Miraculous Communion Hosts through the Centuries

For those unfamiliar, Christ was quoted by a
Gospel writer or two as having said, "If you
don't believe in my words, then believe in
my works." Of course, he was referring to his
miracles.  This includes miracles that occurred
long after he made his ascent into Heaven.  In
fact, it was centuries afterward.  The miracles
are reminders that he actually did ascend into
Now, one night in a Trappist monastery, as a long-term guest there, I was literally
reading through the 1983 Code of Canon Law where within it was stated that:

"The center of Catholicism is the Eucharist."

At the same monastery, it was said that, when you receive Christ, Christ simulta-
neously receives you.  You do enter into Christ, and within the mystical blood of.
Christ, there is the church that he founded, as opposed to the fragmented skewed
and abridged variations that mostly came through Luther, Henry VIII, and Calvin;
bone fragment of the body of Christ.

Needless to say, us Catholics, as well as the Greek, Russian, and Ukranian Orthodox,
have been hideously mocked for our believe in the True Presence of the consecrated
hosts and wine.  Not merely are Atheists the mockers, in their delusional belief that
all of the universe's intricate ordering and dominoes effects is mere random accident.
It's the uneducated, backwoods, isolationist, conspiracy theorist Protestants who used
to call themselves, "Born-Again Christians" who really mock it, because they are too
lazy to meditate on the concept of body and blood in the ultimate essence that com-
prises the meaning of body and blood.   Plus, they are too profane and crass, in their
lack of mysticality, to meditate on the idea of ingesting soul and the divinity of God.
Understanding these things will change your entire outlook on the cosmogony of the
universe.  It will make your life never the same again.

Due to the attacks against the Faith of Peter, that which the Holy Spirit made sure to
give the Church, in its defense, was Eucharist miracles that only a liar would deny.
This is due to the long time spans between each miracle and the very common trait
that each host-miracle shares.  The common trait is that the exact same blood type
was detected, 100% of the times when the miracles were scientifically analyzed.

Yes, Jesus does have a human blood type, just like the rest of us.  So, the Atheists
and Born-Again hoopies boys, with all their "Praise-the-Lords" and yee-haws, can
take their smirks and shove them down their socks, ladies and gentlemen.

All in all, you MUST defend the Faith of Peter, or else, when its your time to be
defended in death, Christ will not be there to defend you.  Rather, he'll be there
to let you go to the Hell you caused others to endure, most often by your sins of
Negligence and Indifference.

You Know that Things Aren't Always What They Appear To Be

 Concerning unlikely things, such as bread and wine turning into the essence of Christ,
(minus Christ's height, weight, and width) there are many things that aren't what they
appear to be.  For example, when you travel in a car on a clear night, it looks as if the
moon is following you.  Meanwhile, to passengers traveling in the opposite direction,
it looks as if the moon is following them.  Yet, you know that it isn't following anyone
on the highway.  In fact, the stars near the moon look to be the same distance from
the earth as is the moon.  They are not.  They are separated by light years of distance.
In a similar fashion, it looks as if the sun revolves around the Earth.  Needless to say,
it does not do so.

In light of very natural celestial phenomena, transubstantiation should be understood as
par for the course in this mystery where humanity finds itself.  Furthermore, if the bread
and wine were merely symbolic, as Protestants ended up professing, then Christ is vain
and pointless, in having made a big deal out of something that's pretend.  Why would the
Vatican go to extreme lengths to distribute communion to multitudes, during large papal
Masses, if it were all symbolic make-believe?

For anyone who has no faith in the transubstantiation of unleavened bread during the
consecration segment of a Mass, consider the miraculous hosts throughout the world.
Many consist in bleeding, coagulated blood, and blood that liquefies.  Concerning the
scientifically investigated ones that involved the appearance of blood, it turned out to
be authentic blood each time a validly consecreated host was examined, and the blood
type was always always always AB positive.

AB positive happens to be the rarest type of blood.  Therefore, the use of AB positive
blood in any bleeding host hoax would make the hoax quit difficult to maintain.  In as
much, if dozens of hoaxes are in operation at various shrine, then the difficulty factor in
maintaining the many hoaxes becomes a lesson in statistics, as well as logistics.  In light
of this, the constant appearance of AB Positive blood in miraculous host phenomena
increases the likelihood that a series of authentic miracles, and not hoaxes, have been
occurring throughout the centuries.

In addition, if these hosts were all fraudulent constructions, they would have decom-
posed by now and the added features of them would never have been detected.  In
the alternate, if these were all hoaxes, someone would have been caught replacing the
hosts, via cell phone cameras.  In fact, if these hosts were hoaxes, then you wouldn't
be able to explain the consistency of their features, whenever comparing them to their
photographs of years past.

Keep in mind that some of the hosts turned to human flesh and that the contour and de-
tails of each host can be readily analyzed and compared to the early photos of the hosts.
If these hosts were constantly being replaced, the ones in the monstrances would look
entirely different from the ones in past photos, proving that the original hosts were re-
placed.  Therefore, if the intricate details of past photos are equal to the present host in
the monstrance, then the original host is in the monstrance, and such a host is a miracu-
lous one which should have dissolved centuries prior.

The photographic comparisons of a present miraculous host can easily disprove atheist
naysayers who claim that miraculous hosts can never be proven to be miraculous.  They
admit to actual flesh being in these monstrances, but they claim that it could have been
tissue taken from other bodies, human or animal.  Well, these miraculous hosts consist
in living flesh, and not in decaying tissue.

So, why have these miracles occurred throughout the centuries?  ANS:  According to
St Paul, it's because Christ cannot deny himself.  When a priest performs the consecra-
tion of bread and wine, while having zero faith in transubstantiation, Christ doesn't sub-
ject himself to the priests' lack of faith.  He still transforms bread and wine into himself,
through the priests' unfading power of ordination.  This is because Christ will remain
faithful, even should the priest become unfaithful.  Christ then makes the truth of tran-
substantiation visibly manifest ... from time to time.  The result has been dozens of
miraculous hosts throughout the centuries.

In a similar fashion, when Satanists and other types of occultists would desecrate a con-
secrated host, Christ wouldn't let himself be overcome by the blasphemies.  He would
let miraculous bleeding ensue, from time to time ... in order to accentuate a point of doc-
trine; in order to Glorify God in the midst of the blasphemy.

As a secondary effect, these miracles enable people to continue to embrace a faith that
has a way of getting distorted with the lapse of time.  Even at that, blessed is he who
has not seen, yet believes.   Cursed is he who denies living evidence.  A few examples

1] Lanciano,  8th Century:  "This miracle has undergone extensive scientific 
    examination and can only be explained as a miracle.  The flesh is actual-
    ly cardiac tissue which contains arterioles, veins, and nerve fibers.  The 
    blood type as in all other approved Eucharistic miracles is type AB!"

    It doesn't look like a host anymore.  The flesh is NOT dead flesh, either.  As was
    previously mentioned, AB positive is the rarest blood type, comprising 4 to 5%
    of African, European, and Asian populations.  It comprises only 1% of the native
    American populations.


2]  Santarem, Portugal (1225)"Miraculously, after 750 years, the precious 
     blood still remains in liquid form, defying the natural laws of science.  
     The Host is somewhat irregularly shaped, resembling real flesh with 
     delicate veins running from top to bottom, where a quantity of blood 
     is collected in the crystal."  Liquefied blood after 750 years involves the
     suspension of natural law.  Such a suspension is known as a miracle.

3] The Miracle of Amsterdam in 1345 and of the same host in 1452.  The same
     one host survived two fires, according to testimony.  It's an involved account.
     None the less, that which is asserted to be the same host is still in tact today,
     and intricate photographic detail can prove if whether it's a host that doesn't
     decompose or if the monstrance keeps getting replacement hosts put into it.


4] Faverny, France (1608).  Two hosts and a monstrance survive a fire.  Witnesses
    at the time testified to seeing something miraculous which cannot be proven today.
    They claimed to have seen the monstrance levitating over the ashes.  One host re-
    mains today, along with the monstrance.  During the French Revolution, one of the
    hosts was destroyed.


The list goes on and includes Twentieth Century miracles.  So, have fun explaining away
all of the miracles, while making life look mundanely boring, in a geektoid scientific way.
Of course, doing so will significantly take away your time to search for UFO's and be-
come the contactee who will one day introduce the world to Sphinctar the Nebulan,
from the Planet Zemulak.

Of course, you don't believe in silly things.  Oh noooooooooo.  Not you, Mr. Scientif-
ic UFO-Chasing Atheist.  You only believe in normal things ... like your claim that the
Dark Side of the Moon is an epicenter of UFO landing bases that our modern technol-
ogy can't detect, even though NASA was able to bounce signals off of the lunar laser
ranging reflector which was placed on the moon by terrestrial humans 30 thirty years
ago.   Suuuuuuuuuuure.  We believe you.  You don't believe in ridiculous things.

At least Catholics can see the miraculous hosts at shrines. No extraterrestrial UFO's
are on display anywhere.  Yet, you absolutely insist that they exist.  Okay then, prove
tht UFO's exit.  Where are the in-depth photos?  As you can see, that which Catholics
believe is more credible than what the UFO crowd believes, due to the various certified
miracles that occurred throughout the centuries.



             It's equivalent to inviting a guest, so that you can abuse him

In light of the fact that a consecrated host is the essence of the living Christ, when you
allow someone dedicated to an habitual mortal sin to receive communion, you are allow-
ing that person to receive a guest into his/her home, so that he/she can throw rocks and
bricks at the guest.  Receiving communion while remaining dedicated to a mortal sin is
blasphemy in action.  Receiving Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin only makes
a person more locked into the state of spiritual death.  The priests of the church are the
ones who inexcusably must safeguard Christ from sacrilege.

Catholics do believe in the supernatural mystery taught about the Sacrament of Holy
Communion, being that it's in keeping with everything about a Christ endowed with
infinite humility.  They believe that the Holy Spirit, at the behest of a priest at an altar,
changes the substance of bread and wine into Christ, minus Christ's weight, height,
and width.  After all, this is a Christ who had no objection to being born in a grotto
and laid in an eating trough for oxen.  The same Christ would have the same humility
to let himself take on the appearance of unleavened bread and be consumed.  Inter-
estingly enough, whenever you receive Christ in this sacrament, thereby receiving him
into your finite body, he is simultaneously receiving you into his mystical body.

True Catholics have the instinct to understand that life in itself is mysterious.  Thus, it
is reasonable for them to expect that the ultimate sacrament instituted by Christ would
have attached to it an article of faith so mysterious that it gives cause to either abandon
faith in Jesus the Nazarene or to reassess the visible world around them.

One more thing:  At an Emmaus inn, on Easter Sunday Night, Christ blessed bread,
broke it and handed it to the two minor disciples who were clueless as to the identity
of their guest.  Upon doing so, he disappeared.  Where did he go?  ANS:  Into the
transformed bread.