June 28, 2022

The reason why God can only exist as a Trinity

Understanding the mystery of the Trinity with our finite
 minds is like trying to put an ocean into a beach pail.

How do you begin to write about someone who has no beginning?

Very simply, you enter into the midst of the person's being and describe the
activity occurring in the present tense.  That which is currently transpiring in
the Eternal God is that which has been occurring forever.

In eternity, there has always been one person with neither a beginning nor an
end who has been generating forth from his own essence an action which in-
cludes, but is not limited to, Charity.  (Note:  I don't use the word, love, when
speaking of spirituality, being that, in today's society, love is equated with Eros;
the erotic.)

This one person is the first infinite person of existence;  the first person of the
Holy Trinity.  Translated into human language, that which is spiritually being
spoken from this person is, "Let there be light."  So, what is this light?  This
light is every virtue in existence occurring simultaneously.

This endless action includes, but is not limited to, Charity, is:

1] an act of will ------ as opposed to uncontrolled motions, imposed by an
                                   inanimate force.

2] an act of desire --- where the desire was first inspired by the one desired.

3] an act of consent - liberating the desire to the point of transforming it into
                                   a living reality.

4] an act of power --- enabling the desire to be fulfilled in reality and actuality.

5] a command -------- testifying to the necessity of having the power liberated.

6] a way of being ---- living out that which is commissioned in the command.

7]  transformative --- in being a Charity (an Agape) so impactful that it makes
                                   you never the same again.

What is power?   ANS: Power is the ability to make things happen and to get
                            things accomplished.  Those governed must have the power
                            to abide by the command of the one in power, or the one
                            making the command will be powerless.  Thus, the second
                            infinite person of all existence already needed the power to
                            respond to that which the first infinite person generated to
                            him.  That power had within itself the power to inspire the
                            first infinite person of existence to generate his spiration of
                            Divine Charity and all other virtue, in the first.

 In light of this reality, as the way of God's being reflectively translates into
human life, power per se is NOT a trickle-down Reaganomics affect.  Rather,
power is something reciprocal.  Proof that even human power is reciprocal ex-
ists in the revolutions that plagued humanity throughout history, most of which
were triggered by the injustices of those in power.

                            In like fashion, the second infinite person of existence needed
                            the power to respond to that which the first person generated
                            to him.

In as much, a virtue is the power to let Being perpetuate forever.  The possession
of a virtue is the possession of a power that prevents the occurrence of nothing-
ness; that prevents the negation of being.  All in all virtue is a power that pre-
vents privation.   It prevents one from committing acts which lead to spiritual
death.  Thus, if God ever sinned, God would stop existing.

The first endless person of all existence has always had the power to keep his
own essence in perpetual existence.  This is known as being self-efficient.
This means that God is non-causative.  Nothing outside of God caused God
to be.

Concerning God's power, it's the power of existence which is equal to the
power to be forever free from the danger of entering into nothingness.  In
as much, God is properly described as He Who Is and  I AM - the one in
whom there is 1] the absence of nothingness, 2] the complete absence of
inaminateness,  3] the absence of frivolous vanity and pointlessness.

In God, there are neither any lapses of consciousness nor blind-spottedness.
Being that there is no pointlessness in God, there has to have always been
a reason for the first infinite person of all existence to have been radiating
forth his spiration of all virtue, in the first.  There had to have originally
been a reason for God to exist, being that God's existence was no accident.

God's existence is not happenstance.  He was motivated to exist and spirate
every virtue in existence.  Without the first infinite person's Reason for Be-
ing, the first infinite person of existence wouldn't have had any reason to
exist, and therefore, he would not exist.  Neither would we.

God's Reason for Being

The reason d'etre of the first person of all existence is none other than another
infinite person of all existence who has existed eternally, also.  In the infinite
spacelessness of eternity, this second infinite person is the one who consents
in the virtues that exude from the first infinite person.

The decisive truth in the second infinite person of existence is that he was the
one who inspired the first person to spirate virtue in the first place.  He inspired
the first infinite person to be.  Thus, the second infinite person of existence had
power; the power to inspire the first infinite person to be.  This teaches us that
power is reciprocal.  The power of the first infinite person is therefore equal to
the power of the second infinite person of existence.

Without the second infinite person of existence to inspire the first infinite person,
there would be no infinite person spirating forth any virtue, especially in light of
the fact that there must be a second person in existence to receive the simultane-
ous spirations.  This means that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity is not sub-
servient to the first person.  Father and Son are equal in power, as well as essence.

The Divine Chorus

The most proper human name for the first person of all existence would be none
other than God the Father, aka the Eternal Father; the one who initiated the spira-
tion of Charity and all other virtues..  In as much, the most proper human title to
give the second infinite person of existence is God the Son.  This is because all
that is the Father has been generated to the second infinite person of existence.

The second person inherited the Eternal Father's divinity and infinite virtue.
The second person is the sole heir to all which is the Eternal Father.  They
have the exact same spiritual DNA.  The second person then can generate
that which his father sent to him, making him a spiritual father, as opposed
to spiritual mother.  He is a son who can perform the generating acts of a
spiritual father, as opposed to being a daughter who radiates virtue but does
not generate it.

From all eternity, in his consolidated infinite action, the Eternal Father has been
saying, "Let there be light."  God the Son simultaneously responds by saying,
"So be it."  God the Son requites every current of charity and virtue generated
by the Eternal Father back to the same Eternal Father.

Now, the synonym for So-be-it is Amen.  In the Book of Revelations, John the
Apostle records a vision that he had of the Second Person of the Trinity.  In that
vision the second person describes himself as the Great Amen.  After all, he is
the one who, in eternity, said so-be-it to the command, "let there be light."  He
simultaneously let the Will of the first infinite person of existence be fulfilled
in him.

More specifically, the second person of existence requites the charity that the
first person sends him.  In the process, both persons infinitely go through a
transformation which is complete, but eternal.  That is to say,  they are not
presently being transformed.  Rather, they have already been transformed
and are radiating the currents of accomplished transformation.

One God, One Reason for Being

Moreover, being that God is one, there is only one reason for God to have
been inspired enough to exist in the first place.  This reason for God's being
is the second infinite person of all existence.

The Third Infinite Person of all Existence

Even the virtues that are being generate from God comprise a living being.
Firstly, in God their is no lifelessness.  Even God's thoughts are alive in one
being.  The virtues which generate from God the Father and God the Son
are alive.  This is the Holy Spirit.  Properly speaking, the Holy Spirit is the
sum total of every virtue in existence being exchanged being the Father and
the Son.

In light of this, it is not as proper to state that God loves you as much as God
is Charity itself.  In sequence,  God is not merely faithful, as much as God is
fidelity itself.  Therefore, God is Truth & Kindness, endless innocence &
eternal heroism, along with infinite prudence and uncreated wisdom.  God
is also humility, fortitude, temperance, generosity, meekness, and mercy.

All in all, God did not create angels and mankind out of loneliness.  Rather,
God created angels and mankind out of generosity.

June 26, 2022

The Catholic Doctrines about the Virgin Mary and the Reason Why

The Gospel of St. John expresslyreminds the reader that not 
everything is in the Bible.  Yet, Protestantism ignored St. John,
being that it bases itself on a very fatal and tunnel-visioned be-
lief in Sola Scriptura.  Protestants demand a Biblical reference
that justifies Marian devotion.  The source is the Gospel of St.
Luke, where Mary said:

My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my 
Savior, because he has looked upon his handmaid's lowliness.  
Henceforth,  all generations shall call me blessed,  because 
he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is 
his name.

In light of this, if you have a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, then you call
her blessed by means of said devotion.  In doing so, you are fulfilling a Biblical
prophecy of all generations (after hers and including hers) calling her blessed.

Those who do not call her blessed are NOT Christians, only pretenders lodged
in heretical sects that rejected many precepts and doctrines which trace back to
the original apostles.

All in all, devotion to Mary consists in being part of All Succeeding Generat-
ions calling Mary blessed as was prophesied in the Bible.  It's that simple.
Concerning simplicity, it is written,

                       "From  the mouths of babes come perfect praise."

Thus, a child praying the Rosary is fulfilling Sacred Scripture in sending forth
perfect praise.  People who have trouble accepting this are spiritual gluttons
never satisfied with anything but that which is vain and overbearingly gaudy.
The irony is that embracing a devotion as humble as the Rosary results in the
devotee having lights and a colorfulness equal to a multi-faceted gem which
is very clear, as opposed to muddy and muddled.

In addition, there is the account in the Gospel of John, where Christ, while dying
on the Cross, said to John, "Behold.  Your mother."  Devotion to the woman giv-
en to mankind as its mother honors Christ in the pain and death he endured.  Add
to the Biblical sources the words of God the Father, spoken through the Archangel
Gabriel"Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you.  Rejoice oh highly favored 
daughter."  Devotion to God's highly favored daughter honors the God who creat-
ed her.  It also shows a common interest that you and God both hold.

1]  What is the essence of Marian Devotion?

Response:  To start, Mary is NOT a brain dead road sign who merely says, "Do
whatever he says."  Rather, she, unlike any creature of God, brings Jesus to you.
In as much, Marian Devotion consists in Mary taking Jesus and placing him in
your arms.  Then, when you die, Mary takes you and places you in Jesus' arms.
It's that simple.  But, it is the essence of sacredness.  Only the arrogant are in
complete incomprehensive to this reality.
Painted by an Australian friend.

2a]  Isn't looking at a painting or statue of the Virgin Mary idolatry?

Response:  Do you have photos of your loved ones at home?   When you look at
those photos, are you worshiping the people within the frames?   In fact, do you
have photos of sports heroes, war heroes, peace heroes, singing stars, or movie
stars?  Do you worship those people as if you actually believe that they created
all that is seen and unseen?   Religious images are reminders.   They are study
guides that help you recollect something pertinent about the event or person de-
picted in the image upon which you are meditating.

Such images are a view to a scene or a person.   They let you experience the per-
son or the event to some degree.   When you view and make conscious note of an
image of the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, or the Ascension, it places your con-
siderations and realizations at the event represented.

Religious images have symbolism attached to them.  The symbolism for martyrs
includes the article of execution used upon the martyr, as well as a palm branch to
remind the viewer that the saint represented in the image was a martyr.   Thus, in
images of Saint Jude, you will see clubs.  In images of Saint Andrew, you will see
an X-shaped  cross.  In as much, images of the saints are blessed picture books.  
The stained glass versions of such images helped the illiterate tremendously. 

3a]  Where in the Bible does it state that the
        Virgin Mary was conceived without sin?

Response:  It was mentioned at the Annunciation when the Archangel Gabriel said,
"Hail, full of grace. The Lord is with you."   To be full of one thing is to be free of
its opposite.  Therefore, to be full of grace is to be free of sin.  Furthermore, to be
full of grace is different than being filled with the Holy Spirit .  To be filled with
the Holy Spirit still requires the person to receive stipends of grace, so that sin will
not be out of control weeds in the soul.  To be full of grace is to be in a state where
all sin is always crowded out.

The church came before the New Testament.  If it were not for the apostles and the
faith of the early Christians, there would be no series of written texts called the New
Testament.  Therefore, the Bible was made for man --- not man for the Bible.   The
New Testament came forth from Tradition.  Tradition existed first.

The Bible has a limited number of pages, meaning that it's finite.  It was written in
the service of the Infinite God.  Thus, not everything is in the Bible, being that finite
pages cannot contain knowledge of the Infinite.  Therefore, it wasn't required for the
Bible to state that the Virgin Mary was conceived in an immaculate state of soul.  In
fact, John stated in his Gospel,  "There are also many other things that Jesus did,
but if they were to be described individually,  I don't think that the entite world 
would be able to contain the books that would be written."  Therefore, a writer of
the Bible stated that not everything is in the Bible.  Quite frankly, hardly anything is
in the Bible.

The Bible is merely the Beginner's Book.   It's training wheels compared to what the
angels know about the subject, as well as what you'll personally experience in your
interaction with God, the angels, the saints, and even people in this life.   Your edu-
cation will be the result of the Holy Spirit infusing knowledge into you and the oth-
ers who will share their knowledge with you.  This type of thing happens whether
the person given infused knowledge read the Bible or not.  Reading the Bible does
not guarantee holiness.  Satan  knows the Bible far more than anyone of us.  Know-
ing it didn't make him a saint.

3b]  The Bible said that, "In Adam, all have sinned."  
        Isn't the Virgin Mary a member of this "all?"

Response:  Mary wasn't in Adam.  She was in the Holy Spirit.  This is why God
the Father gave the impulse to the archangel Gabriel which resulted in him appear-
ing to Mary and defining her as "Full of Grace."  Never before and never after did
God the Father instruct any angel to appear to anyone on earth and recognize her as
being full of grace.

A handful of  people in scriptural passages were described as being full of the Holy
Spirit, but this is different than being full of grace.   To be full of grace is to possess
all of the graces existing in the treasury of the Holy Spirit, to the point where you can
wield them as if there were yours.  To be full of the Holy Spirit still places the per-
son in need of the Holy Spirit conveying specific needed graces to him/her.   To be
full of the Holy Spirit is to be in possession of sanctifying grace.   To be full of grace
is to be in possession of all actual internal graces without having in your soul a com-
ponent that acts against those graces.  Any component within the soul that acts against
grace is an element of original sin.  

3c]  But what empowered God to create Mary Immaculate?

Response:  The foreseen merits of Christ and Christ's rights as Savior of mankind
did so.  Jesus is the perfect savior.  He has the right to save souls in every spectrum
of life, from the beginning to the end of life.  He was empowered to save a person
who jumped off a bridge, in giving that person the unfailing grace to make a perfect
act of contrition or of love before that person hit the water.   He was empowered to
save from their sins those on their death beds, moments away from eternity.  Thus,
he had the right to save one person from even falling into sin.  

What he did to Mary the first moment she was created was equivalent to catching
someone before she falls into the mud.  The fact that he would one day perform the
priestly sacrifice that only he could do was all that was needed to empower him to
save Mary from falling into the state of original sin.  Christ is more dynamic than
what he is presently made out to be.

4]  The idea of Original Sin sounds too judgmental.  How could 
      a mere child who didn't do anything start out in original sin?

Response:  No child is guilty of committing the original sin, being that no child is
the original Adam.  Rather, being conceived in the state of original sin consists in
being conceived in the same state that Adam found himself, the moment after he
committed the original sin.

This state of original sin brings with it obscured reason, as well as senses that can
get out of control.  This is why we must apply ourselves to learning and why we al-
so need to do some type of good in life, such as occasional fasting, abstention, works
of mercy, prayer, and  those bodily workouts formerly known as mortifications.  Af-
ter all, we are not born with infused knowledge and we no longer possess the endow-
ment of integrity.   The first objective is to conquer your cravings.

The other effect of original sin that can lead to tragedy and abuse is interdependence.
Those who take advantage of the dependence of others rocket into Hell like lightning,
if they die before converting.  Forcing women to partake in prostitution is a sin worse
than the acts of prostitution themselves. 

5]  What gave Christ the power to assume 
      Mary into Heaven body and soul?

Response:  The Ten Commandments did.  It is written, "Honor your mother and 
father."   If Jesus didn't take his own mom into Heaven body and soul, he would
have sinned against his own commandment.  This was expressly mentioned in the
Infallible Statement, titled, Munificentissimus Deus, published in 1950.

6]  The Bible states that there is but one Mediator between God 
      and Man.   That would exclude everyone else, including Mary.

Response:  No one devoted to Mary ever said that she was the savior of mankind.
This is where one needs to have a minimal understanding of Latin.  Co-redemptrix
means, "With the Redeemer."  Mary called God her savior during the Visitation she
made to her cousin Elizabeth.   That same biblical passage stated that all generations
will call her blessed.   People devoted to the Virgin Mary, by their devotion, call her
blessed, thereby fulfilling the prophecy about her in the Bible.   If you do not call her
blessed, then you are the one who is anti-Biblical.  After all, it is written, "All gener-
ations will call me blessed, because he who is mighty has done great things 
for me and holy is his name."   "His name," incidentally, means "his person."

Christ is the Mediator for the forgiveness of sin.  Mary is the dispenser of graces,
because of Jesus' priestly sacrifice.  Such a job resulted in her being called, Mary,
the Mediatrix of All Graces.

There is a reason why Mary must be the Mediatrix of the graces which, incidental-
ly, come from her spouse, the Holy Spirit.  It pertains to the the Last Supper.   The
Last Supper was the first Mass, where Jesus gave to mankind the last commandment
that he will ever give.   This occurred when he said, "Love  one another as I have
loved you."  Mary is the master link in that chain of loving one another as Christ has
loved us.   After all, she was personally in direct view of Divine Love longer than
anyone in the history of mankind.   Therefore, she has more experience at interacting
with it.

In the mystery of love, Mary transformed into the Holy Spirit.  I can assure you, ev-
en if you are the most Bible-reading person on earth, Mary knows mysteries that you
do not.  So, why not go to the source of the mysteries that pertain to the salvation of
mankind?  The Virgin Mary knows what it means to be saved more than anyone in
existence.  More mercy was bestowed upon the Virgin Mary, in keeping her free
from sin, than was bestowed upon every converted prostitute combined.

It's written, "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor has it entered the hu-
man heart as to what God has prepared for those who love him ..."  1 Cor., 2:9. 
Also written is, "Beloved,  we are God's children now.  What we shall be has 
not yet been  revealed.   We do  know that, when it is revealed, we shall be like
him, being that we shall see him as he is.This means that the mysteries of God
are far too deeply recessed and awe-striking for them to be reduced to the basal
mentality of those too cowardly to aspire the to depths and heights where one ex-
pects to find the angels stationed.   The express route to the angels is the Rosary,
of course.  The principle prayer of the Rosary are the words of God the Father
spoken by Gabriel.  It is known as the Angelic Salutation ... the Hail Mary.

People who hate the Virgin Mary do so, because they think that they have an aver-
sion to what they perceive to be gymnastics training and harsh disciplinary oppres-
sion.   Yet, those who have an affinity to her see her as a beautiful starlit night.  Her
devotees become attracted to her beauty and inviting friendliness, if they don't do
so, in the quest for solace in tragedy.  They are devoted to her because they want to
be near her.   She then takes over and starts the trimming, pruning, and overhauling
process.   After the chiseling, one ends up perceiving the Holy Spirit for what he ac-
tually is; Kindness itself.  Concerning Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

June 24, 2022

The Faith of Peter & Paul (aka Catholic Doctrine.) Test it for cracks.

Definitions of God, Love, Faith, Prayer,
Evil, Sin, Innocence, Worship, Meekness, 
Mysticism, Beauty, Prayer, and Messiah
The sources herein include Thomas Aquinas,
Francis de Sales,  Catherine of Siena,  Louis
of Montfort,  Pius XII,  &  St. Bonaventure.
Those who appreciate beauty become the
beauty they appreciate.  In a similar fashion,
the mystery of love is that of transforming
into the object of your love.  This includes
transforming into evil, if this happens to be
the object of your love.

The Virgin Mary once appeared to Saint Dominic after he failed to convert the
Albigensians, despite his athletic effort to do so.  She told him that he was try-
ing to cultivate a harvest where no rain had fallen. She then told him that the
Angelic Psalter (today's Rosary) was the way to convert souls.

The modus operandi of the Virgin Mary is to first send rain, in gentle drops.
Her next mode of action is dependent upon the way the people involved re-
spond to her gentleness.  The following are elements of the Faith of Peter,
written like a penny catechism.  That's to say, they're rain drops of the Faith.
After all, kindness and truth are a package deal, as was first stated in the Book
of the Prophet Isaiah.  The Holy Spirit is Kindness in essence.  The Holy Spirit
revealed truth.  He always proceeds in gentleness.  The Virgin Mary brings the

One more point to make here:

   Theology = Faith seeking reason, as to why a doctrine was declared as it was.

1. Mysticism.   To start, what is mysticism?   ANS:  Mysticism is contact with God.
This is an official church definition and not a personal opinion.  My personal opinion
is that mysticism is the act of delving into the infinite and supernatural, while simul-
taneously abandoning the finite and animalistic.  This comprises detaching oneself
from utterly worthless vanities such as "self esteem."  My alternate definition of
mysticism is transformation.  Transformation was a theme of Saint Catherine of
Siena, incidentally.  She's a doctor of the church.

2.  God.   How is God correctly defined, aside of  the only being in all of existence
who never had a beginning?   ANS:  In status, God is the Unmoved Mover and the
Catalyst that never was catalyzed.  In essence, God is the infinite perfection of ev-
ery virtue in existence simultaneously occurring in the same one being. 

2b.  It is not merely that God loves, communicates in truth, grants mercy, and stays
faithful.   Rather, God is charity & mercy itself, as well as kindness & truth,  justice
& peace,  fairness & generosity,  patience & temperance, fortitude & heroism, grat-
itude & fidelity, prudence & innocence, etc.

2b.  God being the Unmoved Mover means that existence is no chance occurrence.
You realize this when you follow the trail of cause and effect.   At the end of every
trail is the discovery that everything traces itself to an Unmoved Mover, as well as
an Uncatalyzed Catalyst.   Either someone or a plurality of someones brought into
existence all that came to be.   Even if you are an unwavering adherent to the Big
Bang Theory, you have to admit that no one has ever been able to explain how the
unfathomably dense initial atom, with its billions of galaxies locked inside of it,
came into existence.

2c.  God is transcendent, being untouchable by all that is seen and unseen.  Yet, the
same God is immanent, in being fully involved in all that is.  In fact, God is more
real in any one of us than any one of us is real in ourselves.   God is so intimately
involved in any one person that there's a recessed area in each human soul reserved
solely for God.  Not even angels are capable of reaching it.

2d.   The spiritually fatal error in modern physicists' search for the God Genome or
the God Particle, in order for it to officially recognize the existence of God, consists
in the reality that God is Spirit and Truth.   Physicists are looking for an infinite spir-
it in the world of the finite physical.

3.   Humanity's Existence.   The aforementioned statements make one conclude
that God is the executive producer of man's existence, no matter how the same one
God arranged for that existence to come into being.   In light of this, what was God's
ultimate goal in creating humanity?   ANS:  God created mankind, in order to unite
with his creation, by becoming man.  In sequence, God's purpose for sharing in man's
humanity was so that man could share in God's divinity.  This is mentioned in the Li-
turgical prayer in the Canon of the Mass.

3b.  This is where the mystery of love is activated.  Firstly, the Mystery of Love that
of transforming into the object of your love.  In this mystery, God so loved mankind
that God became man.   Love is transformational.

3c.  The phenomenon of God uniting with God's creation translates into the concept
of Messiah.   Now, Messiah means Anointed One.  It is synonymous with the title,
Christ.    The phenomenon of the Anointed One consists in humanity being anointed
by the divinity of God in the same one person.   The Anointed One, therefore, has to
be God or else the union of divinity and humanity can't occur.   This is where recog-
nition of the existence of the Son of God comes to the fore.   The Son of God is the
only one in existence who can become man and then activate the anointing of divin-
ity upon humanity.   The union of the divine with the human is the Hypostatic Union.

3d.  Without the existence of the Son of God, the existence of an entire God is com-
pletely impossible.   Moreover, in order for God to exist as an eternal, all-powerful,
and life-giving being, such a God can only exist as a Trinity.   This means that God
is not a him or a her.   Rather, God is a "them" who is only properly described in the
third person plural of "they" when describing the actions of God.

3e. God is a spiration from one infinite person that is requited by a second infinite
person.  The spiration of all which is infinitely virtuous is the third infinite person. 
In fact, the second infinite person is the Raison d'Etre of the first infinite person,
and the spiration itself is the third infinite person of this united Divine Essence.

3e1. A person who has no beginning sends forth a spiration that says,  "Let there
be light."   A second person who also has no beginning responds by stating, "So
be it.   Let there be light."  A third person as infinite as the other two is the light
itself.  This means that God is a 1} spiration sending forth all that is virtue, 2} a
requitement of that spiration in consenting to all that is virtue, 3} a living light that
is the infinite virtue, itself.   God is a crossfire of love, with the third person being
the fire which is being eternally exchanged between the first and second person of
the endlessly united being.

3f.  Some people claim that there is no God, because there has never been any quan-
titative measurement of God found to exist.   The answer to this is that, if you could
measure God, then it wouldn't be God whom you're measuring.   This is because the
Eternal God is transcendent and incomparable.   Secondly, quantitative measurement
denotes physical structure.   God doesn't have a molecular structure to put under an
electron microscope.   God is in all things only in that God is involved in all things. 
In essence, God is Spirit and Truth

4.  There is a difference between being blessed and being anointed.   In light of this,
it is written, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God." 
What does it mean to be poor?    ANS:  To be poor means to be constantly de-
pendent upon God.

4b.  It is also written, "Blessed are the meek."    What does it mean to be meek? 
ANS:  To be meek means to be able to take a hit without hitting back.   Meek-
ness is an element of temperance.

5. Beauty.    What is beauty?    ANS:  Beauty is Harmony & Proportion.  The
source to this statement if Saint Francis de Sales.  In addition, beauty is not limited
to the face, the physique, a sunset, or a starlit night.  That is to say, it's not limited to
the physical world.

5b. For example, you can engage in beautiful speech, where the subject matter is in
harmonious context, with all subsets of the subject matter getting proportionate at-
tention.   You can also have a beautiful relationship, consisting in harmony between
each person involved, as well as proportionate interaction between the same.  In se-
quence, a beautiful relationship is one where the rapport between the people in the
relationship is not lopsided.

5b1.  Beauty exists as a reality, and not as a matter of personal preference.  Now,
what one person might find attractive is not always something beautiful.  There's
a difference between attraction and beauty.   Being that God exists in proportion-
ate harmony between three divine persons, God is Beauty itself. 

6.  Evil.   What is evil?  ANS:  Evil is the lack of a good which ought to be present
but is absent.  Evil is deprivation.

6b. Can there be a God when so much evil has been allowed to perpetuate through-
out the centuries?   ANS:  The answer is Yes.  God did not will the evil to transpire.
The Divine Essence did not give permission for it to happen.  That's why there is
something known as sin.  Plus, the existence of evil in the world cannot negate the
existence of God.  In fact, there is evil done in the name of a God whose image
was distorted by those doing the evil.

Evils on earth perpetuate, only because few people on earth seek to stop them from
happening.  It is NOT God letting the evil happen.  It's mankind.  The answer is that
evil is prevailing throughout the earth because either you, in your cowardice, let it
happen or others in their cowardice won't help you stop any evil you trying to stop.
In the alternate, those in power are so self-centered and inconsiderate that they let
evil perpetuate.  Yet, the self-centered mind set is the mindset of a coward.  The
gutless cowardice of men is what lets evil prevail on earth.  It's known as the sin
of cooperation.

Sin is the act of spiritual suicide.   It's the act of turning away from God.  It consists
in jumping off the bridge which is God.  More specifically, sin is the act of seeking
to negate your existence, even though you were created to exist for ever.   In fact, sin
is the act of  becoming nothingness itself.  Whereas God is Love, a obstinate sinner
in the state of mortal sin is Nothingness.  Mention of the nothingness of sin appears
in the Dialogues of St. Catherine of Siena.  The text includes private revelations con-
veyed to Catherine.

6b. Why does God stand by, letting evil occur, instead of stopping it by supernatural
intervention?  ANS:  It is allowed, in order to bring forth a greater state of good than
that which would have existed if the evil in question never occurred.  God stands by,
while evil completes its destruction, so that God can construct a greater good than
was previously there.

6c.  It's also a matter of the pruning effect.   The pruning of tree branches results in
the vibrant growth of the tree being pruned.   God allows evil, so that the pruning of
the soul can occur.

6d.  This principle is illustrated in the discipline of weight lifting.   Lifting weights
results in muscle actually being torn down.  A day of rest follows the workout, there-
by enabling the body to rebuild.   Thus, the weight lifting routine in itself does not
build the body, but rather the days of recuperation, after each workout, do.  In like
fashion, evils in themselves don't benefit anyone.   Rather, its the rebuilding that oc-
curs after the damage has been done which brings forth the greater state of good.

7.  Sinners.   What is a sinner?   ANS:  A sinner is a person who loves evil and
then becomes in essence the evil loved.  Evil, too, is part of the transformational
mystery of love.   After all, there is such a thing as the Mystery of Evil.  It's some-
thing that has been ongoing throughout the history of mankind  ....  throughout the
tragic history of mankind.  It was Saint Bernadette Soubirous said that a sinner is
a person who loves evil.   She was the Lourdes apparition girl of 1858.  She is
the patron saint of asthmatics.

8. Worship.   What actually is worship?   ANS:  Worship is the act of attributing
the beginning and end of your existence to someone or something.

9.  Innocence.   Does Innocence mean naivety?   Does it denote docility?   Does
it mean to be meek?   Does it mean to be uninvolved?   ANS:  The answer is no,
in all four instances.   Innocence is freedom from sin  ...  freedom from spiritual

9b.  Spiritual death is the absence of the sanctifying grace which should be flow-
ing through the soul of the person in mortal sin.   However, everyone is being giv-
en actual graces, in order for that person to be able to do good and even be spared
from evil consequences.   Actual graces are given, in order to enable the person to
either return to the state of sanctifying grace or remain in that state.  The opposite
of actual graces is temptation.

9c.  The Grace of God is the only thing which enables a person to do good.  In fact,
prayer is an essential element in preventing the absence of needed graces.  In addi-
tion, Sister Lucia Martos of Fatima fame, stated that a person can learn more via
prayer than through reading volumes of books.   Saint Augustine stated that prayer
rules God.  Thus, instead of going to fortune tellers, to see what your future holds,
pray for your desired future to become a reality ... if what you desire isn't sinful.

Prayer is the opposite of Calvinism, Determinism, and even Fatalism.

Ukranian Rite Church: The same faith as Roman Catholicism.

10.  Prayer.   What is prayer?   ANS:  Prayer is the act of reaching out to God.  An
attraction to the celestial world results in the instinct to pray.  When in doubt on how
to pray, overlook your doubt and just start praying.  You'll catch on, as to the way
prayer becomes effective.

11. Faith.   It is written that faith without good works is dead faith.   Quite frankly,
faith without good works is a sick joke and the ultimate hypocrisy.   What is faith?    
ANS:  Faith is the understanding of an infinite God that we, in our finite minds, can
not understand in any other way.    Faith is spiritual radar.   Faith is the translation
machine.   Faith is a supernatural gift that involves deeply recessed instinct.  It isn't
a matter of prejudice or opinion.  It's a matter of identification.

12.  Doctrine.   Why is it a matter of life and death for you to adhere to the correct
doctrine?    ANS:  This is because a person only acts according to his beliefs.  If
you believe wrongly, then you will act wrongly.   The atrocities of Nazi Germany
were entirely based on false beliefs.   If you don't get the doctrine right, your entire
world will go wrong.   You will then become a destroying angel, and later on, you
will go about, getting others to be accomplices to your living lies ...  should you
adhere to the wrong doctrine.

June 20, 2022

The Hail Mary: The Cadence of Angels

She lived in a nation known for strife, grief, and warfare throughout a continuum of cen-
turies.  This included the film documentary centuries of modern times.  The irony is that
the capital of her nation was called, the City of  Peace.   Her locale was a valley hamlet
which saw its share of strife in 67 C.E., but which wasn't mentioned in historic texts dat-
ed before 200 C.E.   None the less, the artifacts of her general locale date back 2,000
and 9,000 years.  Her home showed signs of life throughout a succession of centuries.

She never married into a wealthy family.   Nor did she hold office.   Coffers of treasure
were not hers to possess.    In fact, this woman never possessed anything that would be
regarded today as empowering to women.   Yet, her power now exceeds that of every
women who ever came to be.

She was called blessed among all women by the wife of a high priest who was given
an unexpected revelation about her.   In response, the lady whose soul reflects starlight
said,  "... From henceforth, all generations will call me blessed, because he who is
mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name."  

For those unfamiliar, the Anglo Protestant Bible Belt World views Mary as a very
unwelcome presence so much so that it's adherents declare that having recourse to
her is evil.  Yet, the Bible expressly states that all generations will call Mary blessed.
This means that, if you don't call Mary blessed while claiming that the Bible is the
revelation of God, then you are hypocritically anti-Biblical.  Of course, those who
claim to be "Biblical" ignore pivotal passages of the Bible.

Her own words were proven to be prophetic.   Prayer books, theology books, art, In-
ternet sites, film, church structures, religious orders, and the supply of rosaries that
were made throughout the centuries prove that a representation of humanity in every
generation after Mary has called her blessed.

The phenomenon of Mary has not been duplicated.  Nor has the envious hatred of her.
Mary has been treated as an enemy of God and a nuisance of mankind in specific sub-
cultures.  Thus, there is the duty to defend her.  As a general rule, the more vulgar the
subculture the more the hatred toward the Virgin Mary.  After all, it is written,  "Lust
indulged afflicts the soul."   In light of this, it's no mystery as to why certain people
get almost convulsive at the name of Mary.   This is because darkness is incapable of
comprehending light, especially when it's gentle starlight.

Before the age of wall to wall profanity, it was commonplace to associate the name of
Mary with Catholics.  Today, however, the name of Mary conjures images of people
claiming miracles in streaked windows and on pieces of toast.  The modern mind has
become so Orwellian that people now claim profane things to be sacred.

Catholics in years past were accused of idolatry for wielding rosaries and keeping de-
pictions of Mary in their living quarters.  Yet, the accusers would think nothing of hav-
ing their favorite singing star poster posted on a wall or a billboard.  In addition, it has
been the most vulgar element of humanity who has obsessed itself with insisting that
Mary didn't remain a virgin, as if being the Ark of the New Covenant was a fleeting
and insignificant thing ... as if the Law of Moses (which was the reason why Mary
was to remain a virgin) had zero significance during the Jewish woman's life. 

In light of all the hatred which has been hurled at Catholics for their friendship with
Mary, the act of defending devotion to Mary is always the order of any day in our
tattoo-ridden and body-pierced society.   Defending the sanctity of Mary is equally
in order. 

Catholic Spiritual Radar, aka Catholic Instinct

The reason why Catholics have a reflex action to be respectful and affectionate to-
ward the Virgin Mary is because they see her as beautiful and intriguing as a starlit
night.  What decent person would shun the beauty of a starlit night?  ANS:  Those
immersed in animal instinct.

What real man would be too numb and too stone cold to be moved by the Virgin
Mary?   What person in need of counsel would not have his innermost recesses in-
fluenced by her philosophic touch?   After all, she saw her son die in a mob scene.
She had to take the same son to Egypt at the beginning of his life.  At this hour, she
continually sees multitudes of humanity speaking curses against her son, as well as a
line of mockeries against him, especially when the name of Mary Magdalene comes
to the fore.   A masterpiece of conversion has been turned into a gossip column article.
Such a thing is as profane as claiming that a streak in a window is a Marian apparition.

Go one step further.   Consider the three nations of continental Europe most known for
Catholicism in their histories.   Namely, they are Spain, Italy, and France.  Religion may
be laid waste in vast sectors of those nations today, but the Roman Catholic influence
molded the personalities of those nations  for centuries.   Now, what general observa-
tions are stereotypically associated with the rose garden Italian, the Frenchman, and the
Spanish gentleman?  ANS:  Romantic tendencies, suavity, charming gentlemanship, the
rose garden ambiance, the poet, and things similar.  In light of this, what influenced this
reflex action found in the stereotyped suave Latin gentleman?   ANS:  The Charisma of
the Virgin Mary and devotion to the saints.

The Words of God the Father

Angels are messengers of God.  At the Annunciation, Gabriel was speaking the words
of God the Father when he said, "Hail, full of grace.  The Lord is with You.  You are 
the most blessed among all women."   In light of this, it is clear to see that anyone who
hates the Hail Mary hates God the Father, being that he was the first person to spirate
those words, through Gabriel.    In a similar fashion, those who recite the Angelic Sal-
utation of Gabriel take on the power of the Eternal Father.

Heaven recognizes a sin against God known as blasphemy against the Immaculate Heart
of Mary.  Such blasphemy is a sin against the Will of God, as well as a simultaneous sin
against the mind of God and the power of God to do great things in a humble lady.  The
first person to commit this type of blasphemy was Lucifer, shortly before he departed
from Heaven like a bolt of lightning.

The correctness of Marian devotion finds itself in the biblical account of the crucifixion,
when a dying Christ said to the only apostle remaining near him, "Look, your mother."
In light of this, anyone who condemns devotion to the Virgin Mary condemns the Christ
who assigned her to be our mother.  Needless to say, the condemning person kills every
facet of infatuation with life.   The lesson is that a person who identifies himself as a
Christian, yet who hates the Virgin Mary, is often a danger to society ... proven through
historic events.

June 16, 2022

... so that the power of angels can bridge into the lives of men.

St. Louis of Montfort once made the observation that the Arch-
angel Gabriel was the first person to make reparation to the Im-
maculate Heart of Mary.  He did this when he said, "Hail, full 
of grace.  The Lord is with you.  ... Rejoice oh highly favored  
daughter."  Technically, he said, "Rejoice, graced one."  None
the less, he willingly did what Lucifer refused to ever do.  

Before time began, the Trinity revealed to the angelic world that there would
be a second creation with its apex being mankind.  It was simultaneously re-
vealed that the Holy Trinity would unite with all of his creation by becoming
man, doing so through the second person of the same Trinity.  This outraged
instantly outraged the narcissistic Lucifer who wanted God to become angel.

This instantly resulted in Lucifer harboring seething envy for the woman de-
stined to become the Mother of God.  At the same time, this same revelation
inspired and infatuated the Archangel Michael.

According to St Ignatius of Antioch (2nd Century martyr), God's Will was re-
vealed to the angels at the beginning of their creation, as a test of each one's
fidelity or absence thereof.  Upon the revelation, Lucifer became envious and
full of rage, refusing to say, "Hail" to the woman destined to become the Moth-
er of God-made-man.  Centuries later, Gabriel made an act of reparation for
Lucifer's absence of respect for Mary, doing so during the Annunciation.

When we make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we have placed
upon us the power of Saint Gabriel & the Archangels.  The angels of lesser
power then interact with us, doing by acting upon our senses.  This affects
our perceptions.

The Heart of the Fatima Message

Fatima began with the interaction with a single, solitary angel who announced
himself as the Angel of Peace in one instance and then the Guardian Angel of
Portugal in another one.

The Fatima Message highlights the necessity of making reparation to Mary's
Immaculate Heart of Mary.  If you don't understand the reason for making
this type of reparation, then all conversations about Fatima are pointless.
Therefore, what's the point in making reparation to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary?

ANS:           One makes reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
                  so that the power of angels can bridge into the lives of men.

In order to understand, see:  Before the Beginning of Time:  Why a Third of the 
Angels Rebelled and Became Demons (Pursuant to the teachings of First Century 
saint, Ignatius of Antioch, and 18th Century Dominican priest, Louis of Montfort)       


We live in the Reign of Satan ... an ongoing reign of terror.  We live in the era of
terrorism, burgeoning Orwellianism, severe income disparity, and cronyism, where
governmental members, such as Tennessee's Stephen Fincher, significantly cash-in
on their offices.

Today is the era of genetic manipulation and other sins against nature.  It's the era
of sexual anarchy and other sins against justice.  Abortion is seen as a civil right,
even though its the coward's form of murder.

Lobbyists own the U.S. Congress, while America hangs from a cross of depleted
uranium.  Maoist China, the capitol of labor exploitation, hold the same United
States in $1.4 trillion of debt.  Labor exploitation throughout the third world is the
norm, and Maoist China hosts eleven ghost towns and a 5 million sq ft ghost mall,
amidst a workforce underpaid so severely that it can't afford to live in any one of
the 64 million homes which have idle electric meters.

The signs of the times ignited in Tunisia, spread to Egypt, traveled to Yemen, and
remain in Syria.  The signs of the times camped-out near Wall Street and other ve-
nues throughout Planet Earth.

Whistle-blowers keep being pursued and/or are made into the objects of retaliation.
In the chronology of it all, a pope resigned, out of exhaustion.

Hatemongers continued their diatribes and market fear, in the name of right wing
conservatism.  If a person objects to the sin of price gouging, which is a form of
stealing, the right wing radio talk show host will call him a Communist and incite
hatred for him, in the spirit of the Scribes and Pharisees who sought Christ's death.
America just saw its most corrupt and murderous politician attempt to usurp her
way into power, with smug presumption.

Meanwhile, America and Russia once again have strained relations with each other.
Workers in Bangladesh met a destiny of flames.  Southerner in the United States
are onnce again ratcheting-up the secessionist war cry, even though the northern
states' tax dollars have been carrying the south for decades.  The prophecies of
Our Lady at Quito have come to fruition, except in one prophecy. Mary's prophet-
ic words of Akita have yet to occur.

Add to today's equation the eight estrogenated chemicals in water supplies, as well
as the existence of hermaphrodite aquatic life.   An entire generation is turning itself
into a tattooed freakshow, while they make their cars toxic waste dumps of synthetic
fragrance products, reeking in sickeningly sweet proportions.

Plus, you cannot forget about human trafficking, the drug and murder trade of Mex-
ico, violent gangs elsewhere, the rise of asthma, the rise of autism, the rise of certain
cancers, the frequency of obesity, the culture of bullying others, pharmaceutical price
gouging, futures speculation price manipulations, the remnants of the 2008 Economic
Crisis, the American law mandating employers of conscience to provide things against
their conscience to employees, under penalty of law.  Ladies and gentlemen, we simul-
taneously live in Babylon and Nazi Germany, as well as Robber Baron American, an
Orwellian garrison state, and New Sodom.  This equation results in the following as-

We live under the influence of the invisible Prince of Darkness, in a world where
greed-obsessed misers and narcissistic egomaniacs take turns controlling the out-
comes of human interaction.  The power of demons has already bridged itself into
the lives of men in this era.  These demons are the kings of the hill, though they
come from the molten pits.  They're the kings of most people's minds and kings
of their senses.  They're the most influential beings on the face of the Earth.  Yet,
those influenced by them, more often than not, aren't even aware of their solely
spiritual existences.

These angels of eternal death hate humanity with a seething passion.  Yet, people
act as if their promptings were humanity's raison d'etre.  These spiritual beasts
would destroy all of humanity instantaneously, if they ever had the power to do
so.  This is the goal they have been working to achieve.  Yet, they only have the
power that humanity has thus far given them.  Thus, it's an element of insanity
for anyone to kowtow to these demons, all the while empowering them.
Live the Mystery.  If you demand a detailed scientific
explanation, then you are basically that someone put an
ocean into a sand bucket and deliver it to you on your terms.

Q:  How does a person make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? 

ANS:  1} By offering your suffering and sacrifices in the fashion in
                  which Our Lady instructed the three Children of Fatima,
           2} and by the First Saturday Communions of Reparation.

1} Our Lady said that, whenever you endure suffering or make a sacrifice, pray: 

            "It is for the love of you my Jesus, in reparation for the outrages 
                      committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
                               and for the conversion of poor sinners."

     You may replace the phrase, for the love of you, with in charity of you or even
      in agape (awe-gah-pay) of you.   Agape is the Greek word for Divine love.  If
      you make this offering of reparation while enduring a physical suffering, you
      might literally feel as if a vice grip is loosening.   There is something liberating
      about making this type of offering  ---  especially to the angels. 

2}  On December 10, 1925,  Our Lady and the Child Jesus appeared to Sister Lucia,
      at a convent in Pontevedra, Spain.  At the time, Lucia was the only living Fatima
      seer.  Francisco and Jacinta died very young, exactly as Our Lady prophesied.
      During the vision, the Child Jesus said:

      Have compassion on the heart of your most holy Mother, covered with 
      thorns by which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment.  Yet, there is
      no one to be found who made reparation.

      Our Lady then interjected the following:

   Look, my daughter, at my heart, surrounded with the thorns through which 
   ungrateful men pierce it at every moment by their blasphemies and ingrati-
   tude.  You at least try to console me and announce for me that I promise to 
   be present at the hour of death, with the graces necessary for salvation, for
   all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, shall con-
   fess, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary, and keep 
   me company for fifteen minutes while meditating on fifteen mysteries of
   the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to me. 
The reason for five Saturdays is to make reparation for the five principle ways 
in which mankind commits Blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

The Five Types of Blasphemy against the Immaculate Heart of Mary

There are five principle ways in which a person can blaspheme the Immaculate
Heart of Mary and therefore the Will of God.   Firstly, the Immaculate Heart of
Mary is symbolic of Mary's love.   In as much, blasphemy against her love blocks
it out of the lives of men and women.   Thirdly, the angels which magnetize to her
presence are left out of our lives, in that we become too insensitive to sense their
promptings.   In light of this, know that the five types of blasphemy go as follows:

1 -  Denial of her Immaculate Conception.   The Immaculate Conception is
not to be confused with the Virginal Conception.   The Virginal Conception was
prophesied in the Book of Isaiah and deals with Christmas time.   The Immaculate
Conception is the reality that Mary was preserved from Original Sin at the first
moment of her conception, due to the foreseen merits of Christ.   To state that
God didn't redeem Mary at the first moment of her life and then preserved her
in sinlessness is blasphemy against God's power.

2 -  Denial of her perpetual virginity.   For the record, in the Law of Moses,
if a woman vowed her virginity, became betrothed, and then let her man know
that she vowed her virginity, the man was bound to honor that vow.   However,
if the woman kept knowledge of her vow a secret, she would then be free of her
vow.   Mary was titled, virgin, in the scriptures.   Therefore, the public nature of
her vow gave it the status of a vocation.  It was her office.  It was her rank.  She
showed that she affirmed her vow of virginity.  Therefore, Joseph was required to
honor her vow.   Mary was perpetually virgin.   So too were other people in life.
Therefore, Mary's perpetual virginity not something incomprehensible.  It was
done before Mary was born and it was done centuries after she was taken into

3 -  Denial of her Divine Maternity.   Mary is the mother of Jesus.   Jesus
is God.   Therefore, Mary is the Mother of God;  the mother of God made man.
This is a matter of simple logic.   Moreover, the Virgin Mary is the mother of
everything that Jesus is.   Jesus is Mercy.   So, Mary is the Mother of  Mercy.

4 -  Inciting in children indifference and contempt toward Mary.   How-
ever, the same people will instill in these children the belief in Santa Claus and
reindeer.   Without Mary there would be no Christ.   Without her there would
be no Christmas.   Her blood flowed in Jesus' vessels.   The blood of Christ
came from the blood of Mary.

5 -  Committing sacrilege upon Mary's images.    Satan's tempting of people
to sacrilege Mary's images is the closest he will get to raping and murdering her.
You have to realize his seething hatred for her.   You will then realize his seething
hatred for you.   Think about what incites certain people to display a decrepit and
ornery scorn for Mary, as well as what instills in some a sense of delight in com-
mitting sacrilege against her.   To say the least, it's a war cry against God. 

Explanations for those who are Incredulous   (For those who don't believe)

When the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary, he greeted her in a way no angel ev-
er greeted any human in history.  When he did this, he made reparation for the sin
of Lucifer and all the angels who fell from grace.  Lucifer's deadliest sin, of course,
was envy.  It was so deadly that "through the envy of the Devil, death came into the 
world."  He was furious over the fact that God would become man instead of angel.
He was especially filled with hatred toward the woman destined to be the Mother of
the second person of the Holy Trinity and the mystic spouse of the third person of
that same Trinity.

     Secondly, who was the most devoted man to the Virgin Mary in world history?
     ANS: Saint Joseph.   He is the key in the Battle between Heaven and Hell oc-
     curring in a church that was being deformed into completely unrecognizable
     state.  Incidentally, for those of you who are obsessively anti-Catholic, Saint
     Joseph is on the side of Heaven, being that he is in Heaven. 

                    The History of Salvation in Instantaneous Review

Love is eternal.  In fact, the love you have within goes with you into eternity, be it the
love of good or the love of evil.  Now, the mystery of love is that of transforming into
the object of your love.  God's love for mankind was such that he willed to transform
into man.  In his will was the unchanging choice that Mary was destined to come into
existence and become the ark of this transformation.

Lucifer was filled with envy over the destiny of Mary.  This is why Lucifer and his rebel
angels refused to serve the Will of God.  Time began.  Mankind fell.  Centuries passed.
Then came Mary.  Next came the Archangel Garbriel, to Nazareth, informing Mary that
she would be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah.

In the modern world, everyday is Opposite Day.  We're a world of legalized murder,
where killing the defenseless is regarded as a constitutional right in some places and a
religious duty in other ones.  We live in a world of legalized adultery, sexual anarchy,
religious hypocrisy, the desecration of things consecrated, the desecration of persons
innocent, occult practices, slave labor profiteering, mass media defamation, price goug-
ing, weapons of indiscriminate destruction, movies that rape the mind, radio talk shows
that market fear, attacks against ecology, sleight of hand politics, college loan debt, for-
closures, financially costly wars, astronomical national debts, a rise in the rate of certain
diseases, economic bankruptcies, emotional bankruptcies, pain, grief, loss, vengeance
sworn, and power plays by the most air headed and inarticulate of politicians.

There are also the human activities which are designed to fly under the radar, such as
drug cartel operations, other facets of organized crime, and money laundering.  In as
much, humanity is one continuous disconnect.   Humanity is self-destructing.  Now,
there is only one way to make all this end.   It consists in doing the reverse of what
made this chaos emerge.  First came the chasm in Christianity, thanks to Henry VIII
and the politically-back Martin Luther.  Later came the damage to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary.   Then came mankind's blocking of itself from the power of angels.
This guaranteed that human consciences would become distorted in the most dead-
ly of ways.   This resulted in human senses becoming distorted in predatory ways.
Paranoiac political views ensued.

Without reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Reign of Satan will stay on
course.   If you reflect on the World War of the Angels that transpired before time be-
gan, you will realize how this is so.   As far as concerns mankind in all of the strife
between men, it's written that, "... our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but 
against the Principalities and the Powers;  against the world-rulers of this dark-
ness, against the spiritual forces of  wickedness on  high."

In the world of Catholic devotion, there is the understanding that, at Fatima, the Vir-
gin Mary prophesied that her Immaculate Heart would triumph on Earth, followed
by a period of world peace.  The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is recog-
nized as the catalyst which will end the Reign of Satan.  It will then usher-in a period
symbolically referred to as the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Now, the Sacred
Heart of Jesus is symbolic of Christ's love/charity for fallen man.  Without the need-
ed reparation and the needed Fatima consecration, Hell will continue to spill out its
toxicity throughout the Earth.  In sequence, multitudes of humanity will spill into
Hell and become hideously distorted forever. 

The Crossfire of Love

The Rosary of the Virgin Mary

A Rosary Tip, Concerning Our Lady's Titles
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June 15, 2022

In response to the claim that the Catholic Church hid the Bible from humanity and ignores it in its doctrine:

A broken electrical line sends zero electricity to its needed destination.
A broken line that separates the people from the 2,000 year old line of
apostolic succession is the same type of dead line.  In fact, it's arrogant
to claim that God personally commissioned you to suddenly start your
own church 2,000 years after the original apostles started Christianity.

To make such a claim is to claim yourself greater than all of the original
apostles.  You're saying that the Church they started was worthless.  With-
out the apostolic succession that dates back to Day 1 of Christianity, name-
ly Pentecost Sunday, there is neither truth nor sacramental grace nor any
form of salvation.  There's only a lie that gets unfolded at death.

Life is simple.  Only impostors make it confusing.  Let us continue:

It's the same old predictable story.  Those from the rural sectors of Anglo
America and the nether regions of the human mind squeal out the accusa-
tion that the "Papist" Church was the great oppressor who hid the Bible
from humanity and didn't apply any of the Bible to its doctrine.

Of course, this hysteria was most spoken in those venues known for chattel
slavery, lynch mobs, white hooded cross burners, pelagra, moonshining, in-
breeding, low wages, low S.A.T. scores, Jim Crow, gerrymandering, murder-
ing the Michigan Freedom Riders, and plotting the assassination of Abraham

To those people, Rome was seen as a hostile foreign entity.  That is to say,
anti-Catholicism is largely anti-Italianism.  They are strangers to God.  So,
they are strangers to humanity.  Italians are hostile entities to them. 

Now, concerning the claim that Catholics have nothing to do with the Bible, and
that the Catholic Church oppressively hid the Bible from humanity, take note:

The Bible was and is recited daily and repeatedly throughout the Catholic Church,

1) the Mass, 2) the Liturgy of Hours.

This means that the Bible was and still is quoted at 1) Matins, 2)  Prime,
3) Terce, 4) None, 5) Vespers, 6) Compline . . . and even at the Midnight
Office.  Usually, it's  between 3:40 am to 7:30 pm or so, EVERYDAY.

. . . as well as two times at weekday Mass and three times at Sunday Mass.

News Flash:  The official prayer of the Roman Catholic (and not the papist)
Church is the Office ... the Liturgy of Hours.  Monasteries have to pray it at
least five times a day.  All priests are to pray the Office daily.  Thus, the 150
Psalms, as was as the Book of Proverbs, etc. are the major source of prayer
in the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church doesn't ignore the Bible, and it did NOT hide the Bible
from the Europeans of the Middle Ages or Renaissance Era.  The Catholic
Church is far more Biblical in its orientation than that of Anglo American
Protestantism.  After all, Protestantism ignores the fact that Christ said that
he who "puts away his wife and takes on another one commits adultery."
It also ignores, "Faith without good works is dead faith."  BOTH things
are graphically stated in the Bible.

The aforementioned is merely a brief example of how Protestantism has
regularly ignored Biblical passages throughout the ages.

In addition, the Catholic Church heavily advocates meditating on the mysteries
of the Rosary.  These are events in the life of Christ, his mother, and his church.
There are presently 20 mysteries of the Rosary.  Eighteen of these are expressly
found in the Bible.  Thus, the Catholic Church advocates meditating on events
conveyed in the Bible.

Incidentally, Protestant denominations of the darker regions of Anglo America
call church railings something that they're not.  They call them altars.  What they
call "an altar call" is merely a walk to a railing.  Altars are for offering sacrifices.
Protestantism has no such concept of offering sacrifices.

In Protestantism, no altars exist and no priesthood vestments exist, outside of
the Anglican and Episcopalian denominations.  Only worldly business suits are
worn by high income-bearing TV figures who dress like bankers.  They are part
banker and part con artist, making up a religion that suits them ... pun intended.

The Sea of Galilee

Of course, some of the TV and radio preachers think that repulsively screaming
out Bible passages in a teeth-gritted fashion reflects a God who is gentle enough
to have created starlight, flowers, butterflies, humming birds, and streams.  This
means that when these types of TV and radio evangelist scream out their heresies
with Bible in hand, they blaspheme God twice over, disfiguring the face of the
God of Kindness.

Isaiah (or his disciples after his martyrdom) wrote that, when the Messiah comes
"not a crushed reed will he break, nor a fading wick will he extinguish.  The
Book of Isaiah illustrates the gentleness of God.

The more obnoxious versions of TV and radio evangelimt present a false image
of God, they cause people to hold animosity toward what they falsely assume is
Christianity.  Of course, Protestantism is a mockery of Christianity.

Q: What does Protestantism mean?   ANS:  It means to protest..
Q: Protest against what?        ANS:  To protest against the Catholic Church.

Q: What is this Catholic Church which is despised and how much older is it
      than Protestantism?  ANS:  The Catholic Church is the first Christianity,
      and it was first called the Catholic Church in the Year 100 CE (AD) by
      the martyr Ignatius of Antioch.  The Catholic Church is not a Medieval
      Invention.  It is 1,500 years older than Protestantism.

Q:  At the least, Protestantism protested against the Catholic Church of 1517.
      Didn't the Catholic Church change a lot since the Ancient Roman days?

ANS:  No.  The Catholic doctrine of 1517 was the exact same in 60AD, when
           the Didache was the prevalent teaching.  The Didache was the original
           teaching of the original Apostles and Judas' replacement, Matthias.

Catholic doctrine was the same in 620 AD, 1020AD, and even 1420 AD.  To
be Protestant is to object to 1,500 years of Catholicism; not the Catholicism
of 1517.   Being that Catholicism was the first Christianity, to protest against
Catholicism is to protest against Christianity itself.  It's to create a slanted ver-
sion of it, by using its own property to condemn it.  That property is the New

If not for the Catholic Church of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Centuries,  there
would be no New Testament.  Protestants use the property of the Catholic
Church to condemn the Catholic Church, all the while denying it to be the
property of the Catholic Church and equally denying that the Catholic
Church uses it.

Once again, the Bible is recited daily in Catholicism during Mass, Matins,
Prime, Terce, None, Vespers, Compline, and during the Midnight Office,
as well as during the occasionally used Typica and the Office of the Dead.

In addition, monks throughout the ages made handwritten copies of the Bible.
Now, if the Catholic Church wanted to hide the Bible, it would have ordered
monks to not make copies of it.

In fact, Pius XII granted a plenary indulgence at the Hour of Death to any per-
son who spends 15 minutes a day reading the Bible.  Of course, that person
needs to get absolution, if a priest is available.

First came the church headed by Saint Peter.  At the Last Supper the Apostles
became ordained priests.  Then came the baptizing of believers.  Then came the
ordaining of deacons.  Only thereafter came the Gospels of Luke, Matthew, Mark
and John, as well as the epistles of Jude, Peter, James, John, and Paul.  Thus, the
Sacraments supersede the Bible.  Without the sacraments ... or at least desire for
the sacraments, when such things aren't available ... there is no salvation.  Yet,
without the Bible, one doesn't understand the sacraments.

Eventually came a council of bishops which stated which texts constituted the
official Bible.  Then, you first need a church to say what constitutes the Bible,
in the first place.  Thus, it's a sin of idolatry to claim that all revelation is lim-
ited to the Bible, and that Bible is the only thing needed for salvation.  Well,
absolution from sin and good works are needed for salvation, not screaming
in public obnoxiously, while holding a Bible in front of TV cameras.  Such a
thing is the act of worshiping the Bible.

     Q:  Okay then, what actually is the Bible?
ANS:  It's a collection of testimony from those who had salvific encounters
           with the Eternal God.

      Q:  Okay.  Salvific comes from the word, Salvation.  What's Salvation?
ANS:   The salving ... the healing ... of the soul.  Salves heal wounds.

Furthermore,  stained glass windows often depicted Biblical events.  This
means that the Church was NOT hiding the Bible from the people.  It was
doing the opposite.  Church art served the function of a school book for the

If the Catholic Church hid the Bible from mankind, Protestants would never
have had it handed to them by the followers of  Luther and Calvin.  Very sim-
ply, Protestants stole the New Testament from the Catholic Church, and as
thieves always do, they deny that their stolen object belongs to the person
from whom it was stolen.

Now, if  Protestants refuse to believe in "one holy Catholic and apostolic
church," then they need to leave behind all that is Catholic.  This includes
leaving behind the Bible.

The Bible was made for man; not man for the Bible.  Therefore, the Catholic
Church doesn't take the Bible out of context and turn it into a god unto itself.

The church has been praying the Bible for centuries.  Therefore, the Catholic
Church never hid it from the people.  The Catholic Church has been reading
the Bible at every Mass for an equal amount of centuries.  The Bible is a
Roman Catholic possession, as far as concerns the New Testament.   To
state otherwise is to lie.  Case closed.

There is only one Jesus Christ.  Thus, there only exists one Church of
Jesus Christ, founded by the same Christ.  All other churches constitute
either impostor churches or fractures within the only church founded by
Christ.  This brings us to a question

Which would be the true Church of Jesus Christ?   ANS: The church that
was here first, dating as far back as the days of Peter, Paul, and the Roman
emperors who sent many a Christian to the Coliseums of martyrdom.