October 23, 2017

The Fatima Prophecies are NOT in the dark past. They're in front of your face.

Neville Chamberlain assured the world that peace was guaranteed,
right before the Nazis began their relentless march across Europe.

          Concise Background of the Fatima Apparitions

In 1917, the Virgin Mary promised three Portuguese shepherd children that a Russia
soon to fall into error would be converted as soon as enough inhabitants of the Earth
complied with two of her requests.  She furthermore promised that an era of peace
would be granted to the world.   One request was that humanity make reparation for
the sacrileges and defamation directed toward her Immaculate Heart.   Her other re-
quest was that the Successor of St. Peter consecrate Russia to the same Immaculate
Heart, in union with the all of the bishops of the earth.  This collective act is known
as the Collegial Consecration, and consecration in itself consists in setting aside for
a sacred purpose part of a whole.  Now, Russia is part of the world.  In as much, the
consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary defeats the purpose of
consecration.  It defeats the purpose of consecration.

Now, the Immaculate Heart of Mary is symbolic of the love that radiates from her.
The conversion of Russia would constitute the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary, while the prophesied era of world peace would constitute the Reign of the Sa-
cred Heart of Jesus.   Take note that no period of peace has been enjoyed by human-
ity in either the 20th or 21st Century.   This indicates that there was no consecration
performed by any group of bishops occupying Heaven, Earth, Purgatory, or Hell that
was recognized by Heaven as the one requested by the Virgin Mary. 

The Burden of Proof is on the Vatican

The media-supported claim is that the collegial consecration occurred on March 25,
1984, when John Paul II performed a televised consecration that was sponsored by
the Bic Corporation.   Yet, the 1984 consecration did not mention the name of Rus-
sia, and no evidence has been presented that it was done in union with all the avail-
able bishops of the world.   Concerning the claim that the consecration was validly
done, the burden of proof is on the Vatican.   There is the requirement to produce
at least two witnesses in each diocese and eparchy who saw their local bishop per-
form the consecration.   Collegiality is the essential element of this type of consecra-
tion.   Therefore, where are the notarized witness testimonies which prove that the
collegial consecration was done?

It was in 1946, during an interview with Thomas Walsh, when Sister Lúcia stated that
Our Lady required the collegial aspect of the consecration to be done on the same day,
though not in the same one place.   With this being the case, what was each of the oth-
er bishops doing on March 25, 1984?   It has been 32 calendar years since the tele-
vised consecration of the world and no world peace has transpired.  If the valid con-
secration were made in 1984, then humanity would be enjoying world peace by now.
The needed consecration, therefore, has obviously never been done. 

As Far as Concerns the Claim that Russia Converted

Russia was said to have converted because a wall in Berlin was demolished and be-
cause Russia could no longer afford to keep its satellite nations in tact.   In fact, it had
gotten to the point where Singapore was exporting more than was continentwide Rus-
sia.   In 1991, the powers-that-were tried to re-establish Sovietism, but the sum total
of Russian troops refused to fire on their own people.   Therefore, the people caused
the wall to fall.   Now, the people would have to have shown conversion in their per-
sonal lives, in order for Sodano, Ratzinger, and Bertone to have validly claimed that
Russia converted.  Mary's goal was that of having Russia converted from sin in itself.
No signs of a national conversion occurred.   Rather, the opposite occurred.   Abor-
tion, pornography, human trafficking, and organized crime prevailed instead.

To claim that Russia converted is to redefine the definition of conversion.   To do that
is to place yourself outside of 2,000 years of church teaching.   Jesus once revealed
to Saint Gertrude the Great that he only does things that lead to one's salvation.  The
true conversion of Russia only involves the eternal salvation of Russian souls.   The
Fall of the Wall in 1989 didn't result in conversions that would take people off the
road to Hell.   The Vatican players of the Year 2000 described the conversion of
Russia as something profane and secular, as opposed to something sacred and spir-
itual.  Thus, no conversion of Russia ever occurred.

In addition to the fact that abortion ran rampant during the years when Russia was al-
legedly converting, a former KGB agent came to be the Head of  State of Russia and
his personal wealth allegedly came to be without justification.   Furthermore, during
the years when Russia was said to be converted, the following catch phrase arose:
"The intolerable Catholic presence."  Thus, the Vatican claim of the conversion of
Russia violates Catholic Church teaching on the definition of conversion.   Nothing
more than a change in Russia's political system occurred.  Of course, was a rumor
spread, stating the Gorbachev was a secretly baptized Christian, but he refuted that
rumor himself, showing it to have been a political operative's lie.

To Claim that this is the Triumph is Blasphemy Against the Virgin Mary

To claim that the state of affairs of an immoral Russia in the 1990s constituted the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to claim that she is powerless and in-
competently buffoonish.   If all that she can accomplish is the toppling of a Wall that
didn't exist for the first forty-four years of Sovietism, then she is worthless.   Soviet-
ism, incidentally began in 1917.   The Wall wasn't built until 1961.   The Wall was
not the essence of the Errors of Russia.   It was merely an accumulation of them.

In addition, an allegedly converted Russia announced recently that it now has the
technology to have nuclear armaments enter American airspace without detection
as to where the deployed MIRV's are to be directed.   This doesn't sound much
like conversion.   In fact, if Russia is so converted, then how do you explain the at-
tempted assassination of  Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko, the successful
assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, and the misfortunes coincidentally visited up-
on those who were critical of the Russian powers-that-be?   Someone with media
access equated a rearranged political system with a nation's conversion. 

The Third Secret

At Fatima, secrets were relayed to two of the three shepherd children vocally and all
three of them visually.  That is to say, Lucia saw, heard, and spoke to Our Lady.  The
young Jacinta only saw and heard her.  Francesco only saw Mary, not hearing what
she was saying.   One of  the secrets confided to the children was kept undisclosed
throughout the 20th Century, despite the fact that the Virgin Mary allegedly instruct-
ed for that secret to be revealed in 1960.   It was called the Third Secret of Fatima.

Then came June 26, in the Year 2000, when select members of the Roman Curia pre-
sented what they claimed to be the third secret.   It was anti-climatic and disappointing
to a number of people.  This is because it didn't match the rest of the Fatima revelations.
That which was claimed to be the third secret had ZERO words of the Virgin Mary at-
tached to it.   Yet, there would have been some type of classroom instruction provided
to illiterate shepherd children by Mary, simply to console and encourage them.   This
means that the Mother of Jesus would had to have said something vocally in relation to
the vision of the third secret.

Of course, the Year 2000 claim was that the Third Secret of Fatima predicted the
attempted assassination of John Paul II, in May of 1981.   There is a contradiction
is the claim, to the point where it blasphemes the Virgin Mary.  They claimed that
the vision of the third secret was that of a pope being shot to death, even though
the Vatican Trio claimed that the Third Secret consisted in Mary saving John Paul's
life from an attempted assassination.  Thus, according to the Vatican Trio, the Virgin
Mary was too stupid to know that the John Paul was not going to die from a failed
assassination attempt and live for another 24 years.  They claimed that Mary got it
wrong.  That's arrogance.

The prior two secrets of Fatima had the Virgin Mary's explanation attached to them.
This prevented confusion and fear from prevailing amongst the children to whom she
appeared.  According to the June 2000 press release, however, the third secret was
allegedly a silent movie, prefixed by one sentence spoken by one unidentified angel.
Moreover, shortly before she confided the third secret, Our Lady was quoted as hav-
ing said, "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc."  In as
much, Fatima experts have repeatedly concluded that the "third secret" was replaced
by the "etc."   Therefore, reasonably minded persons would conclude that the third
secret included words spoken by Mary.  After all, do you really believe that the Vir-
gin Mary said "etc" to three Portuguese children, without the children asking what
the "etc" specifically meant?

At this point, a qualifying statement needs to be made.  It was pointed out that life
in modern Portugal doesn't seem that much different than life elsewhere in Europe.
This suggests that the practice of the Catholic Faith is waning in Portugal as much
as anywhere else in Western Europe.  Take note that Mary said that the DOGMA
of the faith would be preserved in Portugal  ...  not the practice of the faith per se.

This hints of the contents of the third secret.    In as much, the official erasing of the
Faith in documented form will not occur in the nation of Portugal.   This suggests
that it will do so elsewhere in Europe.   The Catholic Catechism will remain in tact
in Portugal, at least on dust-ridden book shelves.   Whatever be the case, we did
not need to know the actual third secret.   We needed the valid consecration of Rus-
sia to have been done.

The Vatican, in 1960, Said that There Were Words Spoken 

The following was allegedly the Vatican's 1960 press release, concerning the Third
Secret of Fatima:

"... it is most likely that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lucy 
wrote down the words which Our Lady confided as a secret to the three shep-
herds of the Cova da Iria."

According to the 1960 Vatican, the third secret involves words spoken by the Virgin
Mary.  According to the 21st Century Vatican which housed molestation accomplices,
it does not.   The 21st Century Vatican lost its credibility in the worldwide sex abuse
crisis and Vatican bank scandals.   A tree is known by its fruits.  A bad tree cannot
bear good fruits.  The same generation of Vatican officials who lied about the abuse
scandal would equally lie about Fatima.  Or do you mean to tell me that the Vatican
lied about everything expect the Third Secret of Fatima in the 21st Century?   The
Vatican even lied about the international molester, Marcial Maciel.

The Year 2000 presentation of what many do not believe is the entire third secret was
accompanied by the bold declaration that all of the Fatima prophecies have all been
fulfilled, meaning that the Collegial Consecration was already completed and that
the period of world peace was in progress.   However, one calendar year after select
members of the Curia claimed Fatima to be a thing of the dark past, war ignited in
flames, beginning in a New York City that saw lanes of its Manhattan precinct over-
taken by surreal clouds of pulverized concrete.

September 11, 2001 and the events to follow proved the June 2000 claim to have
been a falsehood.   This included the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which would per-
petuate for years.   This also included explosive terrorism in Europe, the rioting in
Indonesia, the strife in Chechnya, and the genocide in Dafur, as well as the rioting
in France.   This included things that recently transpired in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain,
Yemen, Libya, Mali, and Syria.   It would equally include: 

- the Burundi Civil War,  - the Central African Republic Army Mutiny,
- the Colombian Civil War,  - the Chad Rebellion,  - the Cote d'Ivorie
  Civil War,  - the India-Bangladesh Border Conflict,  - the Nepal Civil
  War,  - the al-Aqsa Intifada and the second Intifada,  - the Jos Nigeria
  Riots,  - the Sri Lankan Civil War,  - the Georgian and South Ossetian
  Confrontation,  - the Mount Elgon Insurgency (Kenya),  - the Naxalite
  Guerrilla War,  - the Macedonian-Albanian Uprising,  - the Ethiopian-
  Somalian War,  - the Xinjiang Riots,  - the 2010 Rio de Janeiro Riots,
- the 2010 Riots in Karachi, Pakistan,    - the 2010 Mozambique Riots,
- the 2010 Riots in Kyrgyzstan,  - the Maranhão Brazil Riots,   - 2009
  Ürümqi Riots,  - and many more hostile confrontations as of recent.

Elective abortion is an act of war and it was rampant in Russia during those years
when Russia had allegedly been converted.    It's practiced elsewhere throughout
the earth and it is an act of aggression.    In sequence, sweatshop labor profiteering
has been an act of aggression imposed upon multitudes and it has long since been
recognized in Church teaching as one of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for
Vengeance.   That practice is an act of war, upon workers without whom no city
can be built.

Add to the scenario nature's war on mankind, in the form of hurricanes, tornado out-
breaks, tidal waves, untold snow storms, etc.   The sum total of assaults on mankind
show that humanity has not complied with Our Lady's requests, including her request
for the Collegial Consecration of Russia.

Was this a deliberate diversionary tactic, in light of the abusive clergy?

Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe -- just possibly maybe -- the claim that the
Triumph of the Mary Heart of Mary occurred was a ploy intended to divert atten-
tion away from the abusive clergy cover-ups that would start to be revealed two
calendar years later, in 2002?   It was a convenient time to issue the press release
which claimed that the hierarchy of the church had everything under control.  As
you can now see, everything entirely was out of control for the longest time.

One more thing that proves that the consecration wasn't validly done.   This proof
can be explained in one title:  Vatican Bank.   Do they expect us to believe that
Russia has converted when those involved in the Vatican Bank have not done so?

  Aren't the bishops curious as to what actually would happen, 
if they were to finally comply with the Virgin Mary, for a change?

One would think that, by now, the bishops would be a little curious as to what would
happen if they were to make the Collegial Consecration the way that a reasonable per-
son would expect it to be done.   Everything else that they tried for the past 82 years
has utterly failed.   Incidentally, it was 85 years ago when the Virgin Mary appeared
to Lucy, at a convent in Tuy, Spain, stating:

       "The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father  to
         make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the con-
         secration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to 
         save it by this means.  So numerous are the souls which
         Divine Justice condemns for sins committed against me 
        that I have come to ask you for reparation.  Sacrifice your-
        self for this intention and pray." --- June 13, 1929.

The Vatican claimed that it presented to the public the Third secret of Fatima in
its entirety.   Well, if that's the case, then answer this:  What precisely is the third
secret?   Are there any dates, names, nations, signs, world events, meteorological
events, natural disasters, or political situations attached to this secret?

Keep in mind that the alleged third secret was so general and basic that it could be
applied to numerous eras of history.   Yet, Fatima was specific.   It dealt with Rus-
sia, the need to repair damage done to the Virgin Mary's reputation, and the near
future which was guaranteed to be catastrophic if humanity failed to listen to Our
Lady.   Humanity didn't honor her requests, and as a result, a second world war
occurred which went beyond the sound barriers of catastrophe.

War after war after riot after riot after atrocity after atrocity ensued thereafter, in-
cluding the atrocity of the modern church's abusive clergy.   If the bishops would
have done the needed consecration when asked, we would never have heard of
Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pot, Pinochet, and numerous other dictators who ratcheted-
up atrocities with modern factory line efficiency.   We would never of heard of
Marcial Maciel Degollado. 

The June 2000 claim does NOT concur with the church-approved 
apparition of Akita (Japan), Saint John Bosco's prophecies, 
and the church-approved apparition of Quito (Ecuador)

There is one more important thing to note:   Even though the Virgin Mary never re-
peats herself in specificity in her various apparitions, all apparitions must concur
with each other, like jig-saw pieces that perfectly fit.   In light of this, when consid-
ering if we have been told the truth about the Third Secret of Fatima, one must give
consideration to the prophecies of the church-approved apparitions of Akita, Japan
(1973) and Quito, Ecudor (1611 - 1634, intermittently.)   In the Quito apparitions,
Mary prophesied that a corrupted priesthood would exist in the 20th Century.

There is one more thing that the Vatican's claim must match.   It's the St John Bosco
prophecy, resulting from a prophetic dream.   It was the one that described a solitary
ship being attacked by many boats and ships, while the ship captain kept attempting
to dock it between two pillars.   On the platform of one pillar was Our Lady, under
the title of Help of Christians.  On the other pillar's platform was a communion host.
A captain of that ship collapsed.  Another captain then took the helm a glided the ship
easily to the designated port.  Ironically, Our Lady first appeared at Fatima on the
Memorial of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, with the intent to bring help. 

The Dominoes Effect

The Fatima prophecies included mention that Russia would spread its errors through-
out the world, if Mary were to be as ignored by humanity.   This means that the con-
version of Russia, when it finally comes, would be accompanied by the conversion
of those nations once influenced by the errors of the same Russia.   In light of this, is
not China a Marxist nation at this very hour?   Is not Roman Catholicism oppressed
in China?   Well, in order for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to have
occurred, China would had to have already been converted  ... through the influence
of Russia. 

The Coincidence of a Fr. Stephano Gobbi's Unrealized Prophecy

A priest named Father Stephano Gobbi was alleged to have received numerous locu-
tions from the Virgin Mary, dating back to the 1970s.   A locution, incidentally, is a
supernatural communication from one of Heaven's citizens that comes through the
spoken word only, without an accompanying vision.   One of Gobbi's prophecies
was that the promises of Fatima would come to fulfillment and fruition before the
Christmas season of 1999.   It were as if the Vatican were waiting upon 1999, be-
fore stating anything publicly.

Incidentally, Father Stephano Gobbi was photographed with John Paul II, thereby
deceiving good-faith Catholics into assuming that Gobbi was a genuine prophet who
passed the church's stringent tests of validity.   None the less, John Paul II was also
photographed with a notorious molester who started a modern-day religious order,
named the Legionaries of Christ.   To say the least, John Paul II lacked the radar
needed to be an astute judge of character.  Perhaps he was depending on what his
advisers told him.   If that's the case, then his advisers ran the church  ...  into the
ground.   In fact, consider the effect that his Parkinson-related medication had on
his mind and reflexes.   Consider how long he was on that type of medication.

The Gobbi prophecy turned out to be unrealized at the end of 1999.   Ever so co-
incidentally, select members of the Vatican elected to claim that the prophecies of
Fatima have already been fulfilled, but only after Gobbi's prophecy was reasonably
proven to be false.   That was the same time when they presented what they claimed
to be the entire third secret, to the disappointment of many devout Catholics whose
instincts told them that the secret would be startling and apocalyptic, as opposed to
starched, vague, and anti-climatic.   Well, if the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary actually did occur years prior, in 1989, then why didn't selected members of
the Vatican announce it as such years prior?    Why did they wait until the Summer
of 2000 to do so?

Ironically, June 25 was the anniversary of the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary
at Medjugorje, Herzegovina, near Catholic Croatia.   So, there are two convenient
coincidences attached to the press release of June 26, 2000. 

The Ongoing Insult to Our Intelligence

The great insult to human intelligence is that we are talking about the Virgin Mary.
We are talking about someone who went an entire lifetime without sinning.   This
means that she can accomplish things that all on Earth can only dream of accomp-
lishing.   The Vatican Players, in their play acting, claimed that we were already
living in the era of World Peace, despite the wars, strife, sweatshop oppression,
terrorist training camps, and abusive clergy members that were reigning through-
out the Earth at the time of the press release.

Did they really believe that we would be gullible enough to assume that the only
thing Our Lady was capable of achieving was the demolition of a wall in Berlin?
A question that instantaneously comes to mind is:  Is that all she's got?   The
reasonable answer is:  I don't think so.   The conclusion is:   The Collegial 
Consecration has obviously never been done.   The follow-up question is:     
How stupid did they think we were in June of 2000?

The reasonable layman/laywoman realizes that the Virgin Mary has a panoramic
view of this world from her place of eternal glory.  She can see what no one on
Earth can see.   Therefore, the arrogant class of bishop who disdains the idea of
Marian apparitions is a person lying to himself and wasting the lives of the laity.
Do these bishops realize how many millions of people would not be burning in
Hell at this moment, if the bishops would have simply made the consecration that
Our Lady requested?   Those bishops who have not yet realized it will eventually
discover the number of souls in Hell, and they will learn so in the hardest possible

A bishop who does not listen to Our Lady is one who will not be heard by her at
his death.   Refusing to perform the consecration was a act of shear mercilessness,
being that the consecration would have saved multitudes from Hell.   At death, a
merciless person is guaranteed to get no mercy.   This includes arrogant, lazy, and
politically calculating bishops.   A great saint once stated that the road to Hell is
paved with the skulls of bishops.


Modern bishops are associated with bully tactics, concerning the abusive clergy scan-
dal.   Bishops are also associated with fat-cat wealth and relentless photo ops.  Well,
when the surviving bishops finally come to perform the consecration, they will be do-
ing so trembling, filled with the fear of the unknown, realizing that the evil engulfing
them could have been entirely avoided by the consecration that they refused to make.

If the consecration would have been made, the church would have been spared of
its worldwide abusive clergy scandal, needless to say.   In as much, the same spirit
of impishness and deceit which caused the bishops to refrain from making the Fati-
ma Consecration is the same spirit that resulted in clergy scandals.

Bishops are inheritors of an long-term chain known as apostolic succession.   They
are only in the positions where they are because of Christ, Peter, and the heroic Cath-
olics who proceeded them; a number of whom died for the faith that cost Peter, Paul,
Andrew, Jude, both James, Stephen, and so many others their lives.   These modern
bishops did not build the Catholic Church.   Rather, they inherited it.   In fact, they
have been doing what it takes to tear the church down. 

The glorious angels also want things done Mary's way.   So, what is the objection to
a simple act of consecration?   What is so difficult about it?   A twelve year old child
can do it.   Why not a modern bishop?

Modern bishops are not spotlighted movie stars unto themselves who possess innate
glamor that the world must see.   They are only servants.   Instead of repeatedly hold-
ing spiritual Tupperware parties, why don't they make available to the world the grace,
beauty, and the power of the Virgin Mary?    She is much more pretty than any tinsel-
town bishop who steals the spotlight from the other ones, and she will get things ac-
complished pronto.   Plus, she is only one consecration away.  So, why the delay?
Why the delay of 82 years?   Multitudes have been conceived, lived, died, and gone
to Hell in that length of time.   Bishops are supposed to be dedicated to saving the
world --- or at least saving many personal worlds that inhabit this same one earth. 

A Destiny Similar to King Louis XVI

In 1675, Christ appeared a number of times to a Visitation nun, named Margaret Mary
Alacoque.   It was basically a continuation of his private revelations to Saint Gertrude
the Great and then to Saint Catherine of Siena.  His objective this time was to have
established throughout the church conscious devotion to his Sacred Heart.   As a part
of the revelations, he conveyed his promises to those who would come to be devout-
ed to this devotion.   Then, years later, in 1689, he appeared again to Margaret Mary,
telling her that the King of France was in need of consecrating his kingdom to the Sa-
cred Heart by name, promising that the French monarchy would be saved from de-
struction by means of this consecration.  Well, no King of France made any public
act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and mankind has seen the results.

In an apparition made to Sr Lucy in Rianjo Spain, on August 29, 1931, the ignored
Messiah said:   "Make it known to my ministers that,  in following the example of 
the King of France in their delaying to perform my request, they will follow him 
into misfortune."   This misfortune concurs with the prophetic dream of St. John
Bosco by which a successor of Peter would take flight and die in exile/hiding.

In canon law, a priest is to be punished doubly for abusing his power.   Be assured
that the Wrath of God is far more intensely delivered upon a offensive bishop than
upon a common citizen.   There is NO good ole boy network protecting any bishop,
once he dies.   No law firm will get a corrupt bishop off,  the moment that bishop
enters eternity.   Very simply, the more that is given to you, the more that is expect-
ed from you.

In re: The Fall of the Wall

If Russia had become a converted nation the year when the Berlin Wall's gates were
opened, then this would have meant that God generated within Russians the impulse
to desist from its system of satellite state domination, without any ulterior motive in
doing so.   The motivation for giving up the satellite states in the early 1990's would
had to have been an act of will and not the result of economic duress.   After all, there
is a difference between converting and crying "uncle" when your arm is held behind
your behind.   Well, in 1991, there was the attempt to bring back the Soviet System,
beginning at Red Square.   The Berlin Wall' gates were opened in November of 1989.
The year prior was when Russia began its withdrawal from the Afghanistan it invad-
ed during the Christmas season of 1979.

1988, a Notable Year for the Arms Race

Now, 1988 was a stellar year for the arms race.   Firstly, Russia drained 15.8% of its
Gross Domestic Product into its military, while Saudi Arabia spent 15.2% on its own.
The perennially imperiled state of  Israel spent 15.4% of it GDP in  1988, while the
United States spent an exorbitant $535 billion on its military.  In addition, Iran and
Iraq was in its eighth year of warfare, and Russia was more than emotionally drained
from the war in Afghanistan.

Singapore traded More than did Russia

Enter 1989, the year when Russia suddenly opened the gates of the Berlin Wall.
Was it the grace of conversion which motivated the act?   ANS:   The truth is that
Singapore's 1988 international trade statistics and the departure of military spend-
thrift Ronald Reagan coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall.   As you might have
learned in life, there is no such thing as coincidences when they come in packaging
larger than one.   Singapore was trading more than was mighty Russia, and this was
a significant motivation in the decision to let go of the satellite nations.  In addition,
by the time 1990 came to an end, the Russian economy was 36% the size of the
United States.

Reagan, had left office and took his military spending mentality with him.   This
allowed the Russians to take a break from stress.   Therefore, any motivation com-
ing directly from God, in the grace of conversion, was not evident in 1989. 

No More Military Spendthrift Ronald Reagan

In 1989, Russia no longer had to parity Ronald Reagan's hyperdrive military spend-
ing.  Now remember, was much smaller than the United States.  It couldn't equal mil-
itary spending, only parity it.  It now had a much more mild individual to deal with
in the White House, in the person of George Bush, Sr.   However, Russia had a much
more calculating person to face in the White House, in light of the fact that they were
now dealing with the former head of the CIA.   This would mean that the height of
United States military spending was sure to have been reached, but the Russian gov-
ernment would still need to employ prudence.   None the less, Russia could now
take a breather and assess its situation in the midst of its withdrawal from Afghan-

The Invasion of Grenada Was the Influencing Factor

It was repeatedly said by right wing radio talk show hosts that Reagan's exorbitant
military spending caused Russia to realize that it couldn't keep pace with the United
States, thereby causing Russia to relinquish its satellite states.   This particular claim
is a falsehood, especially in light of the fact that Russia always was a nation with a
smaller population than the United States and it didn't spend nearly as much as did
America.   What Reagan did was cause Russia to finally leave Afghanistan, with the
help of Charlie Wilson's Capitol Hill fund raising efforts.

The other motivating action of Reagan was invading Grenada.   The invasion of that
island did more to motivate the Russians into abandoning their satellite nations than
did hundreds of billions of additional dollars in American military spending.   It was
not Reagan whom the Russians needed to fear.  It was people like Charlie Wilson
and even Caspar Weinberger whom they did.

Russia's Cushion Had Thinned in one Particular Geographic Region

Add one more motivating factor:   Russia was loosing influence over the border na-
tion of Poland.   Its satellite nations served the function of cushion for Russia.   Po-
land had now become a porous cushion.  None the less, in 1991, there was an active
attempt to restore Sovietism.   The attempt failed when Russian troops refused to fire 
on their own people, at red Square.   Thus, Russia didn't convert out of the kindness
of its heart.   It was a strategic public relations decision, followed by a change of the
original decision, followed yet again by a phenomenon where Russian power mong-
ers played Simon Says, and no one complied. 

Don't Ever Back a Tiger into a Corner and then Try to Keep it There

The presence of an economically diligent Singapore and the absence of spend-thrift
Ronald Reagan caused the wall to go down, along with the presence of the western
culture permeating throughout pockets of Eastern Europe.   The culture that was ac-
tually started by Elvis, refined by the Beatles, and perpetuated by additional western
icons contributed to the Fall of the Wall.   However, as long as Ronald Reagan was
president, the Russians could not risk letting the wall go down.   If Reagan were to
have remained in office, and if he were to continue his exorbitant military spending
each successive year, Russia would have eventually responded by attacking west-
ward.   However, that event was much further in the future and Reagan was in his
final year in office.  Never surround an enemy and never back a tiger in corner,
especially one of Siberian quality.

This type of thing is the phenomenon of the tiger trainer's first rule --- the rule to
never back a tiger in a corner, lest he pounce.  Author of the Art of War, Sun Tzu,
pointed this out, in his masterpiece of common sense.   He said to never surround
an enemy, lest you give him inspiration to fight fiercely.  Ronald Reagan was do-
ing exactly what Sun Tzu warned against doing, in his exorbitant military spend-
ing that resulted in the U.S. national debt being tripled during the Reagan years.

All indications show that Russia was not motivated by the grace of conversion, but
rather, by the economic duress that comes from a corrupted economic game plan.
There is a difference between changing your world by cause of your conversion
and changing your world by default.

Time for a Reality Check

It was said that a certain individual "brought down communism."   This is a lie in light
of the fact that well over a billion people are subject to communist regimes, ranging
from China to Laos to Vietnam to Cuba to North Korea.   In addition, some of the
errors of Russia are transacted in America even today, with the dialectics of Hegel
being one of them, and elective abortion being another one. 

The Vatican Spoke Falsely about World Class Molester Marcial Maciel.
It Spoke as Falsely about the Fatima Consecration, because a Tree is
Known by its Fruits.

In the spirituality of sin, it's not a matter of telling lie.  It's a matter of being a liar by
habit.  The Vatican officials who confidently claimed that the Fatima consecration
was a thing of the past were the same ones who publicly declared that the Molester
of the Ages, namely Marcial Maciel Degollado, was the premiere model of Catholic
youth everywhere.   That is to say, these Vatican officials told the sheep to go flock
to the devouring wolf that had been propped up on high for the longest time, by Pope
John Paul II.


If you are wondering where peace and the delivering of us from evil is, it's in the
Collegial Consecration.  The main question, therefore, is:  Where's the Fatima 
Consecration?  Have you seen it anywhereIf so, how was it performed?
If it were done as many say it was, then give the details of  how the collegial
aspect of it was done.

It's very simple.   If history-changing events come soon, attached to tragedies and
apocalyptic occurrences, then you will realize that the Vatican didn't prepare you
for it, and the same Vatican certainly didn't prevent it from happening.  This makes
the present Vatican accountable before God, in  not preparing you.  This also means
that the present Vatican lead you to your slaughter, by means of criminal negligence.

It's generally understood that, when the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
actually does occur, everyone will know it.   It will be so pronounced an event that
there will be no need for Vatican press releases.   Being that the Triumph of the Im-
maculate Heart was the most awaited event in church history, why did the Vatican
wait eleven years to state that it already happened?   The Vatican did nothing more
than attempt to con the entire church into believing that the long-awaited triumph
occurred at night, while we were sleeping. 

As of 2014

The end of Summer 2014:  I can assure you that Vladimir Putin is not on the path
to peace.  The Russia co-head of state ... the puppeteer of Russia ... is not a model
of conversion.  Present events ... at the time of this writing ... show that Russia never
converted.  It simply struck the pose that certain demons do during exorcisms, where
they pretend to have been cast out of the body their were possessing.  Let us review:

On July 13, 1917, after having shown three shepherd children a vision of Hell,
Mary stated that a Russia soon to fall into mortal error would only be converted
by means of a collegial consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.  She al-
so promised that, upon the completion of the collegial consecration, an era of
peace granted to the world.  At present, the world is at war.

Concerning the errors of Russia spreading throughout the world, evidence thereof
is in the home of the typical America.  Look at the labels of clothing.  Then look
on the back of your appliances.  There, you will read more often than not, Made 
in China.  The labels should read, "Made in Maoist China, by severely underpaid
sweatshop workers."  More concisely, the merchandise tags should read  "Made
in Communist China, due to the errors of Russia having been spread through-
out the world."

American corporations profit from Chinese Communism's labor practices, all the
while causing the same America to amass a massive international trade balance
deficit.  Communism is a fruit of Russia that spread throughout the world and
which is being kept empowered by the unfair trade practices of the Congress of
the United States.

Well, those in the Western church who live in pampered comfort claim that John
Paul's abridged consecration resulted in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of
Mary, the Conversion of Russia, and the ensuing World Peace.  Of course, these
same pampered individuals claim that Mary didn't mean that Russia would con-
vert from sin ... only from a political structure.  However, the Russian head of
state is a former KGB agent, and over a billion people on earth are locked inside
Communist regimes, on account of the ripple effect of Russia's 1917 Revolution.

Furthermore, the opposite of World Peace transpired since John Paul's 1984 conse-
cration which was not done according to Our Lady's instructions.  All of the evils
which Our Lady said would transpire, if all of the popes would fail to do the valid
collegial consecration, continue today.  Thus, no pope performed the needed conse-
cration requested by Heaven ... requested as far back as 1929.  Some people are too
pampered to accept the truth.

This is the revised edition of a 2011 article and a continuation of the following:

       The following serves as supplements for those who are willing to think
               and realize that the evils in today's church began at the top:


October 22, 2017

We are at the Threshold of Nuclear War, and the Vatican still refuses to perform the valid consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This article (post) assumes rudimentary knowledge of the 1917
Fatima apparitions of the Virgin Mary which were approved as
worthy of credence in 1929.  The Fatima apparitions were con-
firmed as authentic on Oct 13, 1917, via the Miracle of the Sun.
The sign which proved it to NOT be a mass hallucination was
that everything in sight, all of which was rainsoaked, instantly
died.  This included clothing, carriage apparel, muddy ponds,
trees, grasses, etc.  All dry, all at once.

Keep in mind that it was generally understood for decades that the Third Secret of
Fatima would make the ten plagues of Egypt look like a Disneyland amusement park
ride.  In fact, Lúcia Santos was quoted as having said that the Fatima Message had its
pertinence in the Book of Revelations, Chapters 8 to 13.  This would mean that the en-
tire Fatima series of private revelations is apocalyptic.  This is the reason why numer-
ous people, including EWTN founder Mother Angelica, didn't believe that the Vatican
was telling the truth about the Third Secret of Fatima, in its June 2000 presentation of

The official explanation has failed the test of time and contradicted the alleged vision
as was reported in June of 2000.  The vision was that of multiple soldiers shooting to
death a man dressed in papal white garmentry in a city half in ruins.  Now, the Vatican
secretary of state at the time, while he was covering-up molester Marcial Maciel, said
that the vision referred to John Paul II getting temporarily wounded at the hands of a
lone gunman.  John Paul II lived an additional 25 years after the failed assassination

To think, the Vatican spent more energy avoiding the needed collegial consecration
of Russia (and doing so by mentioning Russia singularly)  to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary than was required to do it correctly.  They were either too lazy or too proud
to give less than one hour of time to get it completed and then to move on in life.

None the less, it was repeatedly alleged, especially in 1960, that Mary spoke a pro-
phetic narration during the vision of the man in white being executed by soldiers.
It was written down by Sister Lucia, only after having been ordered to do so by
her superior, and while she was enduring pleurisy.  A small handful of those who
read the secret under oath hinted as to its contents, included Cardinal Joseph Rat-
zinger and the late Malachi Martin.  The conclusion is that the third secret foretells
the arrival of the Great Apostasy, starting at the top of the Church's hierarchy.

The vison of Hell, the second secret, and the third secret were all revealed to the three
Fatima children at the same time, on July 13, 1917, the Eve of Bastille Day.  Mary did
a lot of speaking during that hour.  There would include an explanation of the vision
of the man in white and in a city half in ruins being shot to death.

                   In the Year 2000, Ratzinger Contradicted His Prior Years,
                                Concerning What He Said about Fatima

The third secret is actually the seventh section of Mary's July 13, 1917 apparition.
In the prophecy segment, each stated prophecy was something worse than the one
stated prior.  It had gotten to the point where Mary prophesied that many nations
will be annihilated without her intervention.  Then came Mary's assurance that the
faith in Portugal will always be kept, followed by the famous "etc."  The ETC was
construed to have replaced the actual Third Secret of Fatima.  This means that the
Third Secret of Fatima is something worse than the annihilation of nations, and it
included words spoken by Mary.  This means that Bertone is not credible in claim-
ing that illiterate shepherd children were shown a silent vision without Mary teach-
ing them the meaning of it.  None the less, the pivotal July 13 prophecy spoken by
Mary, as was translated from the Portuguese, goes as follows: 

     "You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go.  To save them, 
       God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  
        If my requests are fulfilled, many souls will be saved and you will have 
        peace.  The war will end soon.  However, if people do not cease offend-
       ing God, a worse one will start during the pontificate of Pius XI.  When
      you see a night illuminated by an unknown light,  know that it will be 
      the great sign of God that he is going to punish the world for its crimes, 
      by means of war, hunger, and persecutions of the Church, as well as the
      (persecution of) Holy Father.

   "To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my 

     Immaculate Heart and the Communion of Reparation on First Saturdays. 
     If my requests are heeded Russia will be converted and the world will have 
     peace.  If not, it (Russia) will spread its errors throughout the world, incit-
     ing wars and persecutions of the Church.  The good will be martyred, the 
     Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihil-
     ated.  In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.  The Holy Father 
     will consecrate Russia to me, upon which it will be converted and peace 
     will be granted to the world for some time.   In Portugal the dogma of the 
     Faith will always be preserved, etc."  The "etc" is construed to be the delet-
     ed words of Our Lady which constitute the Third Secret of Fatima.

Angel Sodano, criminal accomplice of Marcial Maciel Degollado, claimed that
the third secret was nothing more than the prophecy of the assassination attempt
of John Paul II.  This claim of the Pinochet cardinal is immediately negated in
light of the fact that the attempted assassination of a pope who recovered from
a single bullet wound and lived an additional 24 years is not even 1/1,000,000th
worse than the annihilation of nations.  Thus, it is completely unlikely that the
1981 assassination attempt of the pope who praised Maciel the Molester would
have been the Third Secret of Fatima.   This is why the interpretation presented
by Cardinals Sodano, Bertone, and Ratzinger lacked credibility at the outset.

Remember that  John Paul lived an additional 24 years in luxury, only to bring
disgrace upon the church through his negligence in the widespread sex abuse
scandal.  According to Jason Berry and my confidential source, John Paul knew
of the molestations.  My source stated that John Paul was given updates on the
crisis.  In as much, it's blasphemy to say that Mary saved a pope, so that he could
bring disgrace upon the church, all the while letting it exist in the chaos of hereti-
cal priests and moral anarchy throughout the more affluent regions of the church.
In addition, according to a retired Pentagon intell analyst with whom I spoke, it
was Jimmy Carter, and not John Paul, who saved Poland from a Russian invasion.


The text of July 13, 1917, shows that the Third Secret of Fatima involves the
Faith of Saint Peter being either preserved or perverted, in light of the fact that
Mary mentioned that in the nation of Portugal, the faith would be kept, at least
on an official book shelf, if not in the lives of some of the Portuguese.

                                           In Comparison to Akita

Now, the reality check goes as followsThe prophecy of Akita in the 1970s was
that an exasperated God would finally send fire from Heaven, consuming a good
part of humanity, all the while sparing neither the good nor the wicked ... neither
priests nor the laity.  The prophecy then culminated with the phrase, "The living 
will envy the dead."  So, in light of the Akita prophesies and the prophesy of the
Three Days of Darkness, do you expect us to believe that the actual Third Secret
of Fatima was nothing more than a pope being shot by a miscalculating marks-
man, then recovering, and not dying for another 24 years which would mostly
comprised a lot of travel and fanfare from admiring followers?  You can't be

Incidentally, the Fire from Heaven is only 53 miles away from any one human.
It's called the Thermosphere, where temperatures (in the higher region thereof)
range from 500° C (932° F) to 2,000° C (3,632° F) and occasionally higher, de-
pending on sun spot activity.  Thus, the Fire from Heaven prophecy isn't out of
the realm of possibility.  Plus, the Three Days of Darkness already happened; in
Ancient Egypt.  So, that prophecy isn't outside of the realm of religious tradition.


The Third Secret of Fatima has got to be as apocalyptic as Akita.  Akita's prophecy
was prefaced by mention that mankind's sinfulness, as of 1973, was worse than the
time of Noah.  It then stated that that, instead of a punishment of water, mankind
would receive the punishment of fire.  Thus, the world's sinfulness must recede, in
order for it to avert the punishment of fire.

Mankind's sinfulness today is even worse than in 1973.  Thus, the fire from Heaven
is still in the queue.  In as much, being that the general sinfulness of man did not de-
crease, there has been no triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This also means
that there was no conversion of Russia.  Therefore, no valid collegial consecration of
Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ever occurred.

The bottom line is this:  The prophecy of Akita and the Third Fatima Secret has a
converse relationship.  This means they they are a package deal.  If one is still on its
way, then the other prophecy is coming, too.  This also means that the conversion of
Russia will be a domino's effect, resulting in nation after nation being converted, as
opposed to many nations being annihilating.  No such effect has occurred in human-
ity.  The fact that there is rampant mortal sin and war throughout the world is enough
evidence to prove that Bertone, Sodano, and Ratzinger were all liars.  As the lyrics in 
Eleanor Rigby state,  "No one was saved." 

The June 2000 Interpretation Contradicted What Lucia Stated for Decades

The June 2000 presentation contradicted almost everything that Sister Lucia said
about the matter ever since she began to be interviewed about it.  Today, the Vat-
ican is apparently less believed, as is evidenced by the Internet comment boards
that address the Third Secret of Fatima.  Some of the observations posted on the
boards are impressive.  Very astute. 

                            Tarcisio Bertone claimed the following ...

1] that the Third Secret of Fatima has been unabridgedly revealed, 2] that the third
secret might have been an inexact and therefore invalid fantasia of Sr. Lucia's mind,
conjured from her having viewed devotional books, 3] that Sr. Lucia allegedly stat-
ed that Heaven accepted as the collegial consecration of Russia the 1984 solo con-
secration of the world, made by John Paul II,  4] that the Year 1960 was not desig-
nated by the Virgin Mary as the one for opening the third secret, but that Sr. Lucia
herself arbitrarily "invented" the year.

The contradiction in the aforementioned claims is that John Paul did a consecration
of the world in 1982, just as he did in 1984.   So, why was the 1982 consecration
rejected by Heaven, while the 1984 one was allegedly accepted?  In both instances,
there is no evidence that all the bishops of the world joined John Paul II in consecra-
tions that neglected to mention Russia as the designated, singled-out, set-aside entity.
Both consecrations were the same thing, yet only one of the two were said to have
been accepted by Heaven. 

Pius XII's Consecration of 1942

Pius XII performed a consecration of the world on October 31, 1942, when the
second world war was blazing.   A number of bishops joined in the effort, and he
made special mention of Russia, by name.   Thus, it was more involved than the
1984 consecration.  However, it was not accepted by Heaven as the one guaran-
teed to result in the conversion of Russia and the ensuing period of world peace.
Why would the 1984 consecration be accepted, when the more involved Pius XII
consecration be mostly rejected?

Sister Lucia allegedly stated that the 1942 consecration resulted in the war being
shortened and numerous lives being saved.   However, great tragedies in that war
were yet to unfold after the 1942 consecration.  This included Operation Gomorrah,
the repeated V1 and V2 rocket attacks, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.
There were also military tragedies unfolding between the 1942 consecration and the
Spring of 1984.  An example includes the July 25th 1944 Operation Cobra which
decimated a mighty panzer division in ninety minutes of time.  Another example is
Dien Bien Phu, as well as that which transpired during the eight year long Iran-Iraq
War.  Even during the first Iraq War, the ordnance fired by the United States one day
had such intense impact that European observers thought that America launched an
atomic bomb upon Iraq.  War always was a grotesque sight.  20th Century War be-
came far more vicious ... especially after the 1984 solo consecration of the world.

At this point, there is one thing which should convince even the most deceived
mind into realizing that the 1984 truncated/abridged consecration was not the
valid one.  It goes as follows:  

John Paul II consecrated the world.  If this consecration were the accepted one, then
why didn't the entire world convert?  China certainly hasn't converted, and neither has
America, the land of the abortion-obsessed, the sweatshop profiteer, the couple living
together outside of marriage, the divorce & remarriage adulterer, the trade secret law
which enabled the fragrance industry to flood America with untested chemicals, the
genetics manipulator as if to be the new god of creation, Sunday desecration in areas
heavily populated by the baptized, exorbitant military spending, medical price goug-
ing, tabloids that destroy reputations without warrant to do so, and income disparity.

The 1942 consecration yielded partial benefits, according to Lucia.  After all, the
Russian government allowed public Russian Orthodox Masses during the war.  Thus,
it looked as if Russia were converting.  But, time showed that it was not.  In a similar
fashion, one can conclude that the 1984 consecration yielded partial benefits, though
on a temporary basis.  Yet, untold tragedy was yet to unfold in world history, as was
evidenced in September 2001 and the years to follow.  In fact, Gulf War I was blaz-
ing the very year Russia was supposed to have confirmed its conversion.  However,
Russia's true conversion and world peace are a package deal.

None the less, it was eight days after the 1942 consecration when Generals George
Patton, Lloyd Fredendall, and William Ryder commenced Operation Torch and the
beginning of the eventual allied victory in Northern Africa.  So, this success might
be attributed to the consecration.  Yet, much tragedy was yet to unfold in that war.
In fact, more wars were to follow, from Palestine/Israel to Algeria to China to Korea
to Vietnam to Cambodia to Palestine/Israel again to Chile to African nations to Af-
ghanistan to Argentina to Iran to Iraq to Uganda, back to Afghanistan to Sri Lanka
to Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen to Libya and now Syria.  The 1942 consecration would
not result in the era of world peace.  So, why would the lesser involved 1984 one? 

The Alleged Interview with Lucia which Has Zero Evidence as to it's Contents

There was an alleged interview with Sr. Lucia, conducted by Bertone shortly after
the Trade Towers ignited and collapsed.   This was in November of 2001.   In fact,
the United States had already unleashed it's latest military technology throughout
Afghanistan, beginning in October of that same year.

The interview was said to have been conducted in the presence of Lucia's prioress
and a priest who promoted the canonization of Sr. Lucia's two cousins.   Keep in
mind that a person can conduct an interview full of loaded and deceptive questions.
A person can also lie about interview statements that were never made.   Without
the transcript of the interview and without a recording of the same, nothing of what
Bertone reported can be believed, being that the entire Vatican had long since lost
its credibility.

Bertone claimed three visits to Lucia and ten hours of conversation with her.

It is pivotal that Bertone made his report of the interview without providing recorded
evidence of what was actually said.  The most glaring contradiction of his report con-
sisted in him claiming that Lucia expressly said,  "I fully confirm the interpretation 
made in the Jubilee Year."   Well, the Jubilee Year interpretation stated that Lucia
might not have had a vision pertaining to the third secret at all.   The interpretation
expressly stated that she may have conjured the whole thing in her own imagination,
via pictures seen in devotional booklets.  However, years prior she said that she cer-
tainly had an involved vision, consisting in several parts, on July 13, 1917.

The June 2000 interpretation insinuated that Lucia might have been mistaken about
the third secret, even though she received the first two Fatima secrets at the exact
same hour without having made any mistake about them.   Therefore, according to
the Vatican Trio, Lucia said in 2001 that she might not have seen anything pertain-
ing to the third secret in 1917.  Before 2001, she had zero doubts.  Yet, in order for
her to accept the "Jubilee Year interpretation," she had to claim that she might have
been completely delusional about the Third Secret of Fatima, while being perfectly
sane about the seven other segments of the July 13th apparition.  Plus, when in the
presence of the Virgin Mary, a person is incapable of delusion.  Thus, Cardinal Ber-
tone has the audacity to expect the reasonable person to believe that Lucia went
from full sanity in one moment's time to psychosis in the next moment, and then
back to full sanity in the following moment.  This is an amazing medical phenom-
enon presented by a cardinal who has no medical degree.

The pivotal question is thisWhy didn't Sodano and Bertone have Sr. Lucia go be-
fore a microphone and announce these things to the public, followed by a question
and answer session, as is the common custom of the modern Western world?   What
did they have to hide?

Why didn't those in power prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sr. Lucia said what
she was claimed to have said?  Why couldn't she freely for years?  Why did she not
go on lecture circuits and give speeches?  After all, the Virgin Mary said to her that
she needed to learn to read and write, because God wanted her to make Mary known
as loved throughout the world.  Lucia should have been on touring circuits, making
Mary known.

Heaven Never Told Sr. Lucia that the 1984 Consecration Was Accepted

Another glaring contradiction in the November 2001 interview pertains to Lucia
allegedly saying that Heaven accepted the 1984 solo consecration of the world as
the collegial consecration of Russia.   However, in the same interview she alleged-
ly stated that she had no additional revelations from the Virgin Mary to report.   If
that is the actual case, then how did she know that the 1984 consecration was the
one accepted by Heaven?  No one from Heaven told her.  Therefore, we have yet
another contradiction told by the Vatican who allowed the perpetuation of clergy
sexual abuse ... by a Vatican who welcomed Marcial Maciel Degollado's de facto
acts of simony which were performed between his many acts of molestation.  The
Vatican kept accepting the money that Maciel's enveloped-carrying delivery men
were transporting into the hands of Vatican clerics. 

The Undeniable Evidence that Bertone Lied on Italian National TV

Bertone stated that Sr. Lucia "confessed with disarming candor" that Our Lady
never commanded that the third secret not be read until 1960.  He said that it was
a fictitious date.  This means that he called Lucia a liar and a poor student of the
sinless Virgin Mary, in having allegedly lied.   However, it was found that Bertone
was the one lying.   Exactly three weeks after his defamatory statement, he let the
Italian public see two envelopes Lucia used to house the third secret.  On both she
wrote something in Portuguese that he apparently didn't take the time to get trans-
                                  "By the express order of Our Lady, 
                             this envelope can only be opened in 1960."

Therefore, Lucia claimed that the Virgin Mary specifically ordered that third
secret to not be opened until 1960.   Lucia didn't invent the date.  Bertone was
caught lying.  If Sister Lucia arbitrarily chose the Year 1960 herself, then she
made one lucky guess years prior to designating the year.   She should have
been sent to Las Vegas, if 1960 were her guess, opposed to it being a man-
date from the Virgin Mary.  This is because, the events surrounding 1960
made the opening of the third secret a matter of perfect timing:

 1] In 1959, the molester of the ages, Marcial Maciel Degollado, was readmitted in-
     to ministry by the cardinal who received a relatively handsome donation from him
     years prior, thereby making the donation a delayed-effect act of simony.   Maciel
     did little more than hog the stage of influence and soak up money from the rich,
     while neglecting the important elements of the church.   He threw the vows of
     his vows of ordination out the door, and wemt about violating and defiling per-
    son after person.

  2] In 1959, John XXIII announced his intent to convoke the second Vatican Coun-
      cil.   It was a council that resulted in so many heretical abuses and sacrileges
     that John Paul II publicly apologized for the observed abuses of Vatican II. 

  3] An American U-2 spy plane was shot down over Russia in 1960, heating up
      the Cold War.

  4] Cuba confiscated $770 million worth of U.S. property in 1960 and would later
       make an alliance with Soviet Russia, resulting in the Missile Crisis of 1962.

  5] It was on June 5, 1960 when the planning for Vatican II commenced.

  6] Ike's famous "military industrial complex" speech occurred in January of 1961.

  7] The first baptized Catholic in American history was elected in November of
      1960, only to be assassinated in November of 1963.

  8] The Berlin Wall would come to be constructed in 1961.
  9] The Soviets launched the first man in space in 1961.

10] The Bay of Pigs fiasco occurred in 1961, resulting in 1,113 prisoners taken,
       and the setting up of the Missile Crisis of 1962, when the world literally al-
       most came to an end.

11] The Great Chinese Famine transpired between 1958 and 1961.  This resulted
       in 20 to 43 million fatalities directly as a result of the famine.  In as much, it's
       ironic that the third secret was to be opened at a time of great famine; during
       the reign of a fat little pope who was obviously very well fed and who alleged-
       ly did not want to hear any bad news, even that of being warned of the coming
       evils which could be prevented by one simple act of consecration.

The logical conclusion is that the Virgin Mary mandated the Year 1960 herself as
the year when the world was to be told the Third Secret of Fatima.  Now, Bertone
had an intense motive to lie about the Year 1960.  This is because, if the third secret
was the prophecy of a pope who recovered quite well from four bullet wounds, then
the date that the Virgin Mary would have given was 1981.

It's no coincidence that the same cardinal caught lying about Fatima was one who
had a petition sent to the Hague to have him criminally prosecuted for his alleged
part in the Vatican II church's sexual abuse of the laity and even seminarians.

In the vision of the third secret, a plurality of soldiers kill the pope and not wound
him.  There are a number of people suffering.  The 1981 assassination attempt did
not involve those other people.

Socci, author of the Fourth Secret of Fatima

Antonio Socci is well known in Fatima circles, being that he produced reason to be-
lieve that there were two parts of the third secret.   He simply referred to them as the
third and fourth secret.  Add to him the puzzle pieces provided by other journalists
and we have the following

1]  Even though the Vatican claimed that the Third Secret of Fatima comprised 62
lines of four sheets of paper, witnesses who alleged to have seen it said that Lucia
wrote the third secret on one sheet of paper, to the tune of 25 lines.

2] Cardinal Mario Ciappi, personal theologian to John Paul II, was quoted as hav-
ing allegedly said that the third secret involves apostasy starting at the top of the
church.  It's important to note that "the great apostasy" is prophesied in the New
Testament, in the Second Books of Thessalonians.

3] "... it is most likely that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lucy
wrote down the words Our Lady confided as a secret to the three shepherds of
the Cova da Iria."

4]  The 21st Century Vatican officials stated that there were no words attached
to the Third Secret of Fatima.  Yet, in the 1960 press release, concerning open-
ing the letter that quotes the third secret, the Vatican stated, "... it is most likely
that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lucy wrote down the words
which Our Lady confided as a secret to the three shepherds of the Cova da Iria."
Thus, the Vatican of 1960 admitted that the third secret includes a quotation
of Our Lady.

The Third Secret was Written in Letter Form

In a 1957 interview, Sr. Lucia stated that the third secret was written in letter form
and addressed to the bishop of Leiria.   That which the Vatican presented as the
third secret was not written as a letter to anyone.   In addition, the third secret of
Fatima was said to be a 14 line message written on one sheet of paper.   The Vat-
ican produced a four sheet message.

Concerning Paolini's communication with a former secretary of John XXIII, the se-
cretary went as far as stating that he wrote on the envelope the names of the people
who read the secret, along with a note that John XXIII left the decision to publish
or not publish the message to his successors.   At an advanced age, this former se-
cretary publicly denied that two texts comprise the third secret.   He then stated that
he destroyed the envelope that carried the text of the third secret and the names of
those who read it.

The problem is that Bertone, in the same calendar year, produced two envelopes that
both contained Lucia's handwriting, along with mention that 1960 was the year when
the third secret was to be read, pursuant to an order of Our Lady.   Thus, if the third
secret were merely one text, and if Capovilla, former secretary of John XXIII, had
discarded the envelope that held the text, then Bertone would not have had any en-
velope to show to the public on May 31, 2007.   Therefore, there were two texts
pertaining to the same one secret, namely the visual aspect of the vision and the
verbal aspect which was hidden from the public.

Bertone claimed to have conducted yet another interview with Sr. Lucia, after the
alleged November 2001 interview which had zero recordings, transcripts, or third
party testimony attached to it.  The date of the alleged follow-up talk was in the
Year 2003, when the U.S. and coalition forces invaded Iraq.   This time Bertone
said that he merely took notes, despite the fact that he was speaking to a historic
figure whose quotes would have museum-piece significance.   Of course, a num-
ber of people simply assume that Bertone was lying about the 2003 interview, as
much as they assumed that he was lying about the 2001 interview.    After all, Sr.
Lucia went 60 to 70 years stating what she did about the required collegial conse-
cration.   Her alleged sudden change of stance on the subject is not credible.

On a number of occasions in the late 1980's, Lucia was quoted as having stated that
the 1984 consecration did not suffice.   One occasion was on July 20, 1987, when
she temporarily left the cloistered convent, in order to vote.  Then, a long-time friend
and intermittent visitor of Lucia stated that she received a visit from "an anonymous"
Vatican official in 1989, instructing her to state that the 1984 solo consecration of the
world constituted the collegial consecration of Russia.   The alleged person allegedly
told her to lie.

The Most Obvious Aspect Missing from the June 2000 Interpretation

Fatima dealt with the need for the church to make restitution to the Virgin Mary, on
account of the slanders cast against her and the Will of God.   None the less, the Fa-
tima message was about one more major topic, namely Russia.   Being that Russia
was placed in the spotlight at Fatima, wouldn't it be logical to expect that the Third
Secret of Fatima to mention Russia by name?    The most important element of Fa-
tima was assumed to be the third secret.   A failed assassination attempt of a pope
isn't the most important element, being that popes come and go.   Furthermore, the
prophecy of one pope's successful assassination or attempted killing was not so
unfathomable of an event that the Vatican would have kept in secret for forty years.

Other People's Statement about the Third Secret

Mario Cardinal Ciappi allegedly stated that, "in the Third Secret it is foretold,
among other things, that the great apostasy in the church will begin at the

The Fr. J. Schweigl who was personally sent by Pius XII to interrogate Lucia about
the third secret in 1952 stated that the third secret has two parts to it.   This is con-
trary to the June 2000 claim that the third secret dealt with the attempted assassina-
tion of John Paul II.   However, others in the know stated that the third secret deals
with something far more universal.  For example, Fatima Bishop Alberto Cosme do
Amaral once stated, "The Secret of Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs nor 
nuclear warheads nor Pershing missiles nor SS-20's.   Its contents concern 
only our faith.   To identify the secret with catastrophic announcements or 
with a nuclear holocaust is to deform the meaning of the message.  The loss 
of faith throughout a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; 
and it is true that faith is continually diminishing in Europe."

A British Catholic news outlet stated in June of 2011 that such concerns are nothing
more than conspiracy theories of invalidly minded people who are only harming the
church.  This was ironically stated during the long-term unrest in England.  The re-
corded unrest graphically proves that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
and ensuing era of world peace has NOT  arrived.  This also shows that the author
was nothing more than a lying propagandist and surrogate who quoted words that
Bertone never proved were spoken by Sister Lucia.   The June 2011 commentary
presumes that Fatima is a thing of the past and that we're now living the Triumph
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

To that writer, reason responds by stating, Tunisia - flames;   Egypt - outraged
citizens took to the streets, followed by Christians eventually being attacked;    
Syria - protesters dead on the streets;   Iraq - the Christians continue to die 
for being Christian;   Libya - warfare;  Yemen - bullets fly;   France - cars 
did burn;   Chile - the earth trembled;  New Zealand - icebergs caved-in 
during its earthquake;   Japan - a tidal wave resulted in multiple nuclear 
disasters;  Indonesia - relentless targeting of churches;   Haiti - tent people;  
The UK - an epidemic of arrests;   Mexico - violence and murder between 
criminal factions and inflicted upon unconnected citizens; Greece - riots;   
China - sweatshop labor;  the Sudan - where war reignited;  Turkey - riots;  
Pakistan - the persecution of Christians;  The rest of the world - Hell on 
Earth in many ways, including the way of sweatshop profiteering, social 
outrages, petroleum price gouging, corrupt government dealings which 
include exorbitant military spending, economic grief, the crushing of 
hopes, unjust laws, and various genres of oppression that can be de-
scribed in another venue at another time.

So, this is the Vatican's idea of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

                                     Bad idea   ..............   Bad Vatican.                                

October 20, 2017

The Orwellian Vatican II Church Calling an Era of Prolonged War the Promised Era of World Peace

This was updated during the violent Anti-Trump protests which resulted in the
beating of a human here and the torching of an automobile there, in the land of
the most powerful military in history --- the United States.  It's supposed to be a
nation too powerful to be overcome by hostile invasion.  Yet, it can't even bring
peace between its own people.

The update to this article is October 19, 2017.  We are at the entranceway of full
scale Nuclear War and the Vatican refuses to do the VALID consecrate of Russia
to the Immaculate Heart Mary, as was requested by the Virgin Mary at Tuy, Spain,
twelve years after the church-approved account of the Fatima Portugal apparitions.

The Virgin Mary promised war peace, if the consecration would be done.  The state
of Nuclear War in the offing shows that the valid consecration was never done and
that the Vatican acts as mindlessly as did Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI acted,
shortly before the French Revolution which set forth the drastic changes that all
of Europe would soon witness.

On June 26, 2000, Cardinals Angelo Sodano, Tarcisio Bertone, and Joseph Ratzinger
issued a press release which stated that the promised era of world peace, as was pro-
phesied by the Virgin Mary at Fatima, had been underway as far back as 1989.  This
was the year when the gates of the Berlin Wall were opened for two-way traffic. 

Needless to say, the promised era of world peace would only transpire upon the Con-
version of Russia, and the Conversion of Russia would only become a reality when
all of the available bishops of the earth would make the valid Collegial Consecration
of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The conversion of Russia would be that of converting from mortal sin, as opposed
to converting from a political party affiliation.  This is mentioned, because a major
Catholic newspaper in the United States erroneously stated that the Virgin Mary did
not mean that Russia would be converted from habitual mortal sin.  Now , proof that
the Virgin Mary meant conversion from sin in the July 1917 apparitions comes from
the fact that the Vision of Hell was first shown to the Fatima Children, followed by
the prophecy of WWII starting under the prophesied tenure of Pius XI.  Next was
the Third Secret of Fatima which, according to a handful of those who read the
message, was that of the Great Apostasy prophesied by Saint Paul would start
at the highest ranks of the Catholic Church.  In fact, the true Third Secret was
said to contain the words, "pope . . . controlled by Satan."

Without the valid Consecration of Russia, there would be no actual conversion of
Russia.  In turn, no world peace would ensue.  This is a case where the lack of one
thing is evidence of the lack of the other.  Such a circumstance is known as a con-
verse relationship.  This means that, if strife, contention, power-plays, resentments,
rioting, terrorism, revolution, slave-waged economies, chemical inundcation of hu-
manity's water supplies, abortion-on-demand, the violent act against nature known
as Sodomy, and war are present throughout the earth, then Russia has yet to convert.

This would equally mean that the valid consecration of Russia has not yet been done.
Of course, the visionary part of the Third Secret of Fatima was erroneously interpret-
ed by an Angelo Sodano who was actively engaged in covering-up the ultimate mo-
lester priest of the ages, Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries of
Christ religious order which made its money hitting on the widows and heirs of
Latn American industrialist tycoons.  Incidentally, Sodano was in Chile, during
the infamous Pinochet regime.  In fact, the present pope was there, in Argentina,
during the Argentine Dirty War.  It appears that the corrupt elect the corrupt.

Now, the vision of the Third Secret, as was relayed to humanity in June of 2000, a
man clad in papal white was killed at the hands of multiple soldiers, in a city which
was half in ruins..  Angelo Sodano said that it was referring to the failed assassina-
tion attempt of John Paul II, at the hands of one man.  Firstly, the vision specifically
showed an executed pope, not one who lived an additional 25 years after the failed
assassination attempt.  Plus, the city where John Paul II was shot by a lone gunman
was NOT half in ruins.  All in all, Sodano is a liar.  This was proven in his cover-up
of the infernal Marcial Maciel, founder of a modern religious order who refused to
be administered Last Rites at his hour of death, adding to the infernal character of

Of course, the June 2000 press release would be blown out of the water by Fatima
experts.  Then, as pope, Ratzinger said that no one is obligated to believe in the
June 2000 interpretation of Angelo Sodano.

In the dictionary of the Virgin Mary, conversion means to convert from sin ... not to
merely change one's outward political ideology.   In as much, the rearranging of gov-
ernmental systems, such as that which occurred in Moscow, does not constitute con-
version in itself.

One of the many infallible statements to come out of the various ecumenical councils
of the church stated that God gives graces to individual persons for the benefit of
the entire church, and not merely for that one person.  In a private apparition of the
Christ who said that he will be with us always, even unto the end of the world, this
was reaffirmed.  To the canonized prioress of Helfta, Saint Gertrude the Great,

Christ said that he only does for a soul that which contributes to the soul's salvation.
This means that God and his celestial court doesn't use nations as chess pieces, to
achieve a political end.  At Fatima, the Conversion of Russia meant conversion from
sin.  Period.

The Vatican's Gang of Three also proclaimed that the Third Secret of Fatima was no-
thing more than a prophecy involving the attempted assassination of John Paul II
occurred on the anniversary of the Virgin Mary's first visit to Fatima.  However, the
Scholarly Trio entirely ignored the fact that an assassination attempt was made on
Pope Paul VI, via dagger, on the anniversary of the Virgin Mary's final appearance
at Rue de Bac, Paris, in the Miraculous Medal Apparitions which involved Saint
Catherine Labouré.  (Nov. 27,1830 was the year of the apparitions and Nov. 27,
1970 was the of the attempted assassination of Paul VI.)  Therefore, the attempt
to kill popes on Marian anniversaries isn't something new.

In as much, why didn't the authors of the June 2000 news release interpret the Third
Secret of Fatima as a prophecy of the attempt on the life of Paul VI, being that it
preceded the one made on John Paul II?

The Sodano, Bertone, and Ratzinger trio asserted that the Consecration of Russia was
validly done in 1984.   However, the one performed in 1984 was a general consecra-
tion of the World which never mentioned Russia by name.  In addition, there was not
to be found the testimony of two witnesses per prelature, diocese, and eparchy which
would suffice as proof that each available bishop joined in the consecration.  None the
less, the Three Amigos proclaimed that the 1984 consecration was one awaited by the
Celestial Court of Heaven, and because of it, Russia had been converted in 1989.  Yet,
the Russian abortion rate would be obscenely high in the years to follow.  Furthermore,
the present Russian preoccupations involve activities that won't get anyone canonized
any time soon.  Therefore, in the personal lives of Russians, Russia hasn't converted.

The ultimate assertion made by the three prelates was that the dark days were gone,
that we entered the era of peace, and that the Fatima prophecies now belong in an
attic trunk.  With this having been said, gloss through the time line below, in order
to see if the assertion of June 2000 concurred with the events which would unfold
in the eleven years to follow the press release.  By the nature of the Fatima appari-
tions, and pursuant to Church Teaching on the Doctrine of Efficacious Grace, the
three cardinals inferred that the world was going to have a period of uninterrupted
world peace, from June 2000 onward.  Opus Dei and EWTN would also claim that
the consecration of Russia and its conversion had already transpired, meaning that
the church was in the New Springtime of Hope.  Concerning this claim, observe the
number of violent events that occurred on the year of the Vatican's Fatima-related
press release:

                               The Following  Suffices as an Epitaph

                                                   The Year 2000

The New Year's Day Kosheh Massacre, in Egypt, resulting in the death of 21 Coptic
Christians and the wounding of 40.  ~ the January Srinagar Market Bombing, result-
ing in the death of 20.  ~ the Sri Lankan Female Suicide Bombing outside the prime
minister's home, killing seven and wounding thirty.  ~ the Ratmalana Suicide Bomb-
ing in Sri Lanka, killing one senior cabinet member and 20 others, while wounding
sixty.  ~  the Sambha India Railway Bombing.  ~ the Kasmir GGM Science College
Bombing.  ~ the Hadera Israel Pipe Bomb that wounded twenty.  ~ the Bomb Blast
at the Erez Crossing, in Israel.  ~ the Lady Mediatrix Ferry Bombing (Phillippines),
killing 41 and wounding over 100.  ~ the March 10th Ayurveda Roundabout Attack,
in Sri Lanka.  ~ the Jolo Grenade Attack, also in the Phillippines.  ~ the Pushkin
Square Bombing in Central Moscow, killing 12 and injuring 97.  ~ the Riga Latvia
Explosions.  ~  the Mallow Wali Mosque Attack, in Pakistan.  ~ the Kashmir land-
mine explosions of August 12, detonated under a few buses.  ~ the Gulu Uganda
Grenade Attacks, killing nine and wounding sixty at two different discotheques. 
~ the Attacks on a Cali Rehabilitation Clinic and a nearby Church, in Columbia,
killing four and injuring forty-five.  ~the Bangi India Train Bombing, while it was
en route to Rampur.  ~ the Madrid Car Bombing which took the life of Judge Jose
Francisco Querol Lombardero and two other people, while injuring a total of 66.
~ the U.S.S. Cole Bombing.  ~ the Taxi Van Bombing, in Tiaret Algeria.  ~ the
Double Car Bombing, in Pyatigorsk Russia which damaged 48 of the buildings,
while killing three and wounding 15.   ~ the Batticola District Bombing, in Sri
Lanka.  ~ the November attack on Phnom Penh government offices, by dozens
of gunmen who killed eight and wounded twelve.   ~ the Christmas Eve Church
Bombings, in Jakarta Indonesia, killing 15 and wounding 96.  ~ the Rizal Day
Blasts in Manila (December 30), killing 22 and wounding 100+. 

         In conclusion, mankind was nowhere near peace during the year when the
         Vatican Trio proclaimed that the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Peace
         had already triumphed on earth.       

         After seeing the Year 2000 sample, do you think that the Vatican was being
         honest in claiming that the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphed and that we
         were in the prophesied Era of World Peace?  Or would you say that the trio
         was deliberately lying?  In order to arrive at an honest conclusion, observe
         the world events of 1999, the year prior to the June 2000 news release.  Is
         there anything about that year which would make the three prelates not have
         reason to see that the world was still in strife and conflict?  In as much, if it
         were blatant that there was the opposite of World Peace throughout 1999
         and even into June of 2000, then it's reasonable to assume that the Vatican
         Players knowingly and willingly disseminated a lie.

      More of Opus Dei's and EWTN's Idea of the New Springtime of Hope,
                         insulting the intelligence of people worldwide
                                                        The Year 1999
The Islamabad Mosque Gunman kills 16 and injures 25.  ~ the Batman Turkey Bomb
Blast of March 13 kills 13.  ~  the Vladikavkaz Market Bomb Blast, in North Ossetia-
Alaniae (Russia), kills 62.  ~ the Soho Nail Bomb Attack kills two and wounds thirty.
~ the Second Liberian War begins when the Organization of Displaced Liberians in-
vade from Guinea.  ~ a Sri Lankan Suicide Boat Bombing kills ten.  ~ the Kargil War
between nuclear powers India and Pakistan begins in May.   ~ the Second Chechen
War is launched by the Russian Federation in August.  ~ September's Russian Apart-
ment Bombings kill 293 and injure 651.  ~ the Bogotá Columbia Bombing kills seven
and injures dozens.  ~ the Medellin Columbia Military Base Car Bomb Attack injures
thirty-eight and kills nine.   ~ In September, the UN passes Resolution A-4/1, calling
for an investigation into reports of atrocities in East Timor, Indonesia.  ~ the Ambon
Riots in Indonesia left 100 dead the previous January.  ~ the WTO Ministerial Con-
ference's Protest Activity gets so heated that it receives the title, the Battle of Seattle.
~ Twenty-eight Jordanians are arrested for planning to bomb American and Israeli
tourists.  Operation Allied Force (the bombing of Yugoslavia) results in over 38,000
NATO combat missions and was preceded by Yugoslavian forces driving 700,000
Kosovo Albanians from their homes.  ~ Serbian Atrocities in Kosovo include gang
rape as a weapon of terror.   ~ the July Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement is shattered in
early August, when the Uganda People’s Defense Force and the Rwandan Patriotic
Army battle each other in Kisangani.  By December, the Congo War which includ-
ed the involvement of the Congo Republic, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda,
and Uganda would continue into the New Year and be joined by UN troops. ~  In
December, a force of 6,000 UN troops land in a Sierra Leone whose civil war be-
gan in 1991 and would not end for another three years.  ~ There is more, such as
drug-related violence in the Years 1999 and 2000, continuing into today.

            According to the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, (Conrad Grebel
            College, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), there were 40 armed conflicts
            occurring in 36 different nations in 1999.   The same institute reported the

            ~ 36 armed conflicts in 31 nations, in 1998. ~ 37 armed conflicts in 32 na-
            tions, in 1997.   ~ 40 armed conflicts in 34 nations, in 1996.  ~ 44 armed
            conflicts in 39 nations, in 1995.  Where do you see the Fatima-promised
            period of world peace?  ANSYou see it nowhere.  History has proven
            that the requests made by the Virgin Mary at Fatima where never fulfilled,
            being that no era of world peace has come to pass.


            Do you have the audacity to claim that Sodano, Ratzinger, and Bertone made
            an honest mistake in June of 2000?  If so, then how do you explain their pro-
            longed Orwellian assertion on the matter, as was propagated by Opus Dei,
            EWTN, Fr. Robert Fox, and others who will not be mentioned here, out of
            politeness.  These entities did nothing more than assert that War is Peace.

   Here's the 13 Year Roll Call of Opus Dei's & EWTN's Idea of the Triumph 
    of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

2001 - The September 11th Terrorist Attacks and the start of the War in Afghanistan.
            ~ the Nepalese Royal Massacre.  ~ the Shijiazhuang Bombings (China) which
            killed 108 and wounded 48.    ~ the four-day long Cincinnati Riots which hap-
            penned to be the worst in the U.S.since the 1992 LA Riots and which started
            six months before September 11.  ~ the Triple Bomb Attack on towns near
            Chechnya.  ~ the Osaka School Massacre.  ~ the Chhoto Angaria Massacre
            in West Bengal.  ~ the July 24 Attack on Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike Interna-
            tional Airport by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.   ~ the September 9
            Suicide Bombing at the train station in Nahariy, Israel.  ~ the anthrax attacks. 
            ~ the Srinagar Car Bombing near the Jammu and Kashmir state assembly bldg.
            ~ the December 13 Indian Parliament Attack.  ~ There's more that transpired
            in the Year 2001.

            Pius XII's 1942 Consecration of the World was much more involved than the
            1984 consecration of the same world made by John Paul II.  In 1942, Russia
            was expressly mentioned by name and a number of bishops were visual.  Yet,
            that consecration wasn't accepted by Heaven as the one which would result
            in the conversion of Russia, according to Sr. Lucia.  Furthermore, John Paul
            performed a consecration in 1982.  So, why would the 1984 consecration be
            the accepted one, while the 1942 and 1982 ones not be?

2002 - The Chinese Textile Worker Riots in Guangdong. ~ the start of the First Ivory
            Coast Civil War.  ~ the 2002 Venezuelan Coup d'etat Attempt.  ~ the epidem-
            ic of Neuro-invasive West Nile Illness.  ~ the Second Congo War remains in
            progress.  ~ the Second Liberian War is in its ongoing status.  ~ the Second
            Chechen War continues.   ~ the Afghanistan War would continue for the rest
            of the decade.  ~ the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis results in 39 terrorists
            being killed, as well as the deaths of 129 of the 850 hostages, mostly due to
            the noxious gas which was pumped into the theater by the Russians, so as to
            subdue the terrorists.   ~ the Kiryat Menachem Bus Bombing, in Jerusalem,
            kills eleven and wounds over fifty.  ~ the Church sex abuse scandal gets head-
            line status throughout the Free World, to the disgrace of  John Paul II and his
            prelates.  ~ the February bombing outside a Kuta night club, in Indonesia,
            killing 202 people.

            To consecrate is to set something or someone aside, for a special and even
            unique purpose.  In consecrating the entire world in 1982 and 1984,  no na-
            tion was set aside for any special purpose.  It's equivalent to stating that the
            person dying in the ER waiting room is to receive no more attention than the
            healthy people sitting in the same room.  Plus, the 1984 consecration was se-
            cretive and snakelike, much in the image and likeness of Opus Dei.  Russia
            was referred to as that nation whose consecration was awaited by the Virgin
            Mary.  It was a coward's consecration that didn't fearlessly mention Russia.

2003 - The start of the Second Iraqi War which went on for years, which resulted in
            many deaths, and which contributed to the drastic rise of the U.S. National
            Debt.  ~ the successful assassination of Serbian Prime Minster Zoran Djindjc.
             ~ the Hafta Bus Massacre, in Israel.  ~ the Suicide Bombing of Mike's Place,
             in Tel Aviv.  ~ the Casablanca Attacks consisting of twelve suicide bombers.
             ~ the Riyadh Compound Bombings.  ~ the Mozdok Truck Suicide Bombing
             of a Russian hospital.  ~ the Cúcuta Car Bombing in Colombia. ~ the August
             24th Riverboat Bombing in Colombia.  ~ the September 11th Suicide Bomb-
             ing in Chita Colombia.   ~ the September 29th Motorcyclist Suicide Bomb-
             ing in Florencia Colombia.  ~ the November 15th and 20th Istanbul  Bomb-
             ings.  ~ the Maxim Restaurant Massacre in Haifa Israel.  ~ the War in Dar-
             fur begins in February.   That's only the revving of the engines.

            If Russia were mentioned by name in a consecration to the Immaculate Heart
            of Mary, what was Soviet Moscow going to do about it?  Fire nukes at the
            Vatican?  How about convert?  Moscow would have been disturbed only if
            the Eastern European satellite nations were named and Russia were left out
            of the consecration.  Even at that, the atheists at the Politburo wouldn't have
            thought much about any religious service.  No preaching on the topic need-
            ed to be done.  No political action, either.  Only a consecration prayer.       

2004 - The Haitian Rebellion and the multiplication of terrorist attacks which includ-
            ed:  ~ the Madrid Bombings.  ~ the Jakatra Bombing.   ~ the Fateh Jang, Paki-
            stan, Suicide Bombing.  ~ the Semender, Dagestan Russia Gas Pipeline Bomb-
            ing.   ~ 239 die in the Feb 21 Barlonya Refugee Camp Massacre, in Uganda.
            ~ the February Moscow Metro Bombing, killing 41 and wounding 120 people.
            ~ the Restaurant Bombing of Karachi.   ~ the Clash of Rival Shia Factions, in
            Kufa.  ~ the SuperFerry 14 Bombing, Burning, and Sinking in the Phillipines
            that resulted in 116 deaths.  ~ the Arabia Militia Raids on Sudanese civilians.
            ~ the Dhak Grenade Attack, Bangladesh, killing 23 and wounding over 200,
            after thirteen grenades were thrown.  ~ the Bombing of the Shia Mosque in
            Karbala.  ~ the Massacre of the Innocents, in Beslan Russia, killing 366 and
            injuring 747.  ~ the August 31 Moscow Metro Bombing, killing ten and injur-
            ing fifty  ~ the September 30 series of car bombings, in Baghdad. ~ the Tikrit
            Bombing of December 28th,  ~ the December 28th bombing of the Arauca
            Government Offices.  ~ the December 29 Baghdad Bombing.  ~ the Riyadh
            Bombing of December 29.  ~ the successful poisoning and attempted assas-
            sination of Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko.  ~ The list goes on.

            What else does a consecration achieve?  ANS:  The undoing of any sacrilege
            which occurred in the nation being consecrated.  A lot of hostility against
            Faith in God transpired in Russia.  That nation was a staging area.
2005 - The worst hurricane season ever, with only 1950 and 1893 coming anywhere
            close to it, in numerical statistics.  ~ the Jimabaran Beach and Kuta Bomb-
            ings of Indonesia,  ~ the January Bombings in Afghanistan.  ~ a total of 478
            suicide bombings in Iraq.  ~ the July London Bombings.   ~ the Dougzhou
            Protests in China and the killing of villagers by the People's Armed Police. 
            ~ the bomb explosions in the former Myanmar captiol, Yangon, killing 19
            and injuring 160 others.  ~ the July 23 Sharm el-Sheikh Bombings, in Egypt.
            ~ the Amman Jordan Bombing, which left 60 dead and 120 injured.  ~ the
            August 17 bombings in Bangladesh, comprising 493 bombs planted in 288
            different locations.  ~ the Toledo Riots of October, triggered by Neo-Nazis
            marching and demonstrating.  ~ the October multiple bomb blasts in a Delhi
            India market area, killing 61 and wounding over 200.  ~ the Jaunpur Train
            Bombing, in India.   The list goes on.  So too did Vatican indifference, even
            though it had the remedy to stop the trend of violence.

             Paul VI once stated, "If you want peace, work for justice."  The injustices
             of those in power trigger revolts.  The manipulation of those striving for pow-
             er gather a following of people who will even kill for them.  Life is cause and
             effect.  It's based on being influenced or on reacting to how you were treated.
             The influence of greed and arrogance, as well as bitterness and revenge, has
              been the predominate determinants of the actions of humanity in recent years.

2006 - The Israel-Hezbollah War in Lebanon.  ~ the discovery that the Vatican spent
            years concealing the crimes of Marcial Maciel Degollado, its golden egg lay-
            ing goose.   ~ the Portland Oregon lawsuit against the Vatican gets the green
            light.  ~ the U.S. Supreme Court allows the lawsuit against the Vatican Bank
            to continue.  ~ the Assassination Attempt of Somalia's President, resulting in
            deaths.  ~ a total of 297 suicide bombings occur in Iraq.  ~ the Varanasi Bomb-
            ings, in India, kill 28 on March 7.  ~ the June 15 Claymore Mine Attack of Sri
            Lanka kills 68 and wounds 60.  ~ the July 15 Suicide Bombing of one Tripoli
            church, resulting in the deaths of fifteen Christians.  ~ the Hat Yat Bombing, in
            Thailand, kills four and injures 82.   ~ the Mumbai Commuter Train Explosions
             kill 209 and wound 714, in India.  ~ the U.S. Embassy in Syria is attacked, on
             the 12th of September.  ~ On the last day of the year, eight bomb explosions in
             Bangkok kill three and injure 40.  ~ The list goes on.  ~ The Vatican fiddles
             while the earth in burning.

            If the 1984 Consecration of the World were the one accepted by Heaven, then
            why is there still a great amount of evil in the world?   If  Russia were convert-
            ed on account of the 1984 Consecration of the World, then why didn't Iraq, Af-
            ghanistan, China, the United States, and Mexico convert?  Those nations were 
            a part of the consecration too.   Does God discriminate and only play favorites? 
            Does the Eternal God engage in cronyism? 

2007 - The successful assassination of Benazair Bhutto.  ~ the beginning of the worst
            worldwide economic disaster since the Great Depression, accompanied by a
            pattern of gasoline and grocery price hikes.   ~the Samjhauta Express bomb-
            ings, in India, results in 68 deaths and dozens of injuries.  ~ the Buenaventura
            Bombing, in Colombia, kills 16 and injures 16 on the eve of St. Patrick's Day.
            ~ the April 10 Casablanca Bombing ends up injuring 23, while killing a police
            officer.  ~ the April 11th Algiers Bombing.  ~ the April 12th Iraqi Parliament
            Bombing in the Green Zone.  ~ a total of 442 suicide bombings occur in Iraq.
            ~ the Karachi Riots get underway.  ~ the Baabda Lebanon Car Bombing kills
            Brigadier General Francois al-Hajj and injures dozens of others.  ~ Somalia's
            prime minister survives the third assassination attempt of him, via suicide car
            bomber, yet six guards die and 20 are wounded.  ~ the Algeria Bombings of
            December 11 leave 37 dead and 177 injured.   ~ the December 21 Sherpao
            Mosque Suicide Bombing kills over 50.  ~ the Salt Lake City Trolley Square
            Shooting results in six by-standers killed and four wounded, before the shoot-
            er is killed by a police officer.  ~ the latest innovation in Iraqi suicide bomb-
            ing weaponry for 2007 is the chlorine tank.  ~ This is only a sample.

            EWTN, Opus Dei, Sodano, Bertone, Father Robert Fox, and other entities
            claimed that the consecration of Russia already occurred, along with the
            Conversion of Russia.  This means that we are in the promised period of
            world peace.  This also means that all that transpired in the past ten years
            is to be attributed to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the
            Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The reality is that this propaganda is
            the act of using the Lord's name in vain, in having the audacity to claim that
            the cauldron of evil into where Planet Earth was plunged is anything that
            even slightly resembles the work of God and the Queen of Heaven.

2008 - The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, including the home
            mortgage disaster, and $787 billion being leached from the common Ameri-
            can taxpayer for the sake of irresponsible big businesses.  ~ a total of 257
            suicide bombings in Iraq.  ~ The rioting throughout Greece.  ~ the Februrary
            Kandahar Bombings.  ~ the eight simultaneous bomb blasts in Jaipur, India. 
            ~ the Welveriya Bombing, in Sri Lanka.  ~ the Commuter Bus Bombing of
            Piliyandala, in Sri Lanka.  ~ the Ben Salman Mosque Bombing, in Yemen. 
            ~ the August 13th Tripoli Crowded Bus Bombing.  ~  the August 19th Issers
            Suicide Vehicle Bombing, in Boumerdès Province, Algeria.  ~ the Aug 20th 
            Double Car Bombing, in Bouira, Algeria.  ~ the Addis Ababa Pub/Saloon
            Bombing, in Ethiopia.  ~ the September 15th Multiple Grenade Attack, on
            the eve of Mexican Independence Day, in Morelia, Michoacán.  ~ The list
            goes on.

            A person angled toward tunnel-vision would logically conclude that, if you
            want world peace, then consecrate the entire world.  Men on earth don't have
            the view that Heaven has.   Fatima taught us that life is based on the domino
            effect.  The conversion of Russia would be the beginning of the conversion
            of humanity.

2009 - The worst economy since the Great Depression.  ~ the Ryan Report is pub-
            lished, shortly followed by the Murphy Report, showing that the Church in
            Ireland and Hell were not very much different from each other.  ~ France
            ignites in rioting.  ~ the Iranian Election Protests go beyond mere protest-
            ing.  ~ Piracy, as an industry, remains in progress.  ~ A Series of January
            1st Blasts in Guwahati India.  ~ the Bank Bombing in Melitopol Ukraine.
            ~ The Corsica Rocket Attack against a police station.  ~  the June 18th Sui-
            cide Car Bombing, in Beledweyen Somalia.  ~ a Cylinder Bomb Attack of
            Janakpur, Nepal.  ~ the Mogadishu Car Bombing.  ~ the Double Bombing
            of Assam India, the day before the prime minister was scheduled to visit
            there.   ~ the Mindanao Bombings in the Phillipines.  ~ the Burgos Auto-
            mobile Bombing and the Majorca Automoblie Bombing, in Spain.  ~ the
            Ürümqi Riots in Northwest China.  ~ Violence in Mexico spills over into
            the United States.  ~ the Bagram Air Base is attacked by rockets.  ~This is
            only a fraction of the list.

            If all of the Fatima secrets and prophecies have come to pass and are a thing
            of the past, then why isn't this the case with Akita, Quito, La Salette, the John
            Bosco prophecies, as well as St. Pius X's vision of cardinal laying dead and
            strewn throughout the Vatican?  In fact, the prophecy of German stigmatist,
            Theresa Neumann, has been on track, especially in the 2011 State of Texas,
            the 2012 drought, and Hurricane Sandy.  Therefore, if the Theresa Neumann
            prophecy isn't a thing of the past, then neither are the secrets of Fatima and
            non-secret prophecies thereof.  Keep in mind that

2010 - The Smolensk Russia Plane Crash that Killed Poland's President.  ~ the Nag
            Hammadi (Egypt) Ambush of Coptic Christians, kill eleven. ~ the Texas fires
            begin and will result in the burning of 3.6 million acres of land by Aug 2011.
            ~ Holocaust Survivors and families petition the European Central Bank to in-
            vestigate the Vatican Bank, for money laundering, four calendar years after the
            former Hitler Youth refuses to let Ustaše Gold go back to its rightful owners,
            even though the Franciscan order remains summoned to civil court on the mat-
            ter.  ~ U.S. military spending exceeds $729 billion, for the Year 2010, alone.
            ~ the Dallas News reports that drug violence in Mexico reaches an all-time
            high, comprising an alleged 13,000 killings.  ~ High Seas Piracy continues.
            ~ a series of revolutions begins on December 17, starting in Tunisia, after a
            street vendor humiliated by government officials sets himself on fire.  ~ On
            Christmas Day, a female suicide bomber kills 46 people and injures 100 at
            a United Natons food center in Bajaur Pakistan.  ~  the Vladikavkaz Market
            Bomb of 2010 kills 16.  ~ the Ten-Year U.S. Trade Balance Deficit reaches
            $5.5 trillion.  Trade with sweatshop tyrannies was mostly responsible for the
            financial loss.  ~ This was the year when the dominoes started to fall.           

            If the Fatima prophecies have all been fulfilled, then why hasn't the prophetic
            vision of Leo XIII about Saint Michael come to pass?  Fatima began with his
            appearance, in 1916, under the title, the Angel of Peace.  In addition, it was 
            at Fatima where the Virgin Mary said that war is a punishment for man's sins.
            Well, Russia has been at war (Chechnya, Ossetia) throughout the years it was
            supposed to have been converted.   Thus, Russia was being punished for its
            sins.  This means that there has not yet been the conversion of Russia.  Further-
            more, being the Sodano was caught lying about Maciel and the entire church
            sex abuse crisis, it is reasonable to assume that he lied about Fatima in 2000.

2011 - The New Year's Day Car Bombing of an Egyptian Coptic Church in Alexan-
            dria kills 21 and injures 97.  ~ the continuation of revolution and rioting that
            even results in England being torched and Tripoli being bombed.  ~ Nature
            continues to rebel against Texas, burning a landmass larger than the State of
            Connecticut.  ~  the Japanese Nuclear Disasters come unexpectedly.  ~ the
            ongoing killing of Christians in Iraq and Pakistan becomes a part of life in
            those two regions.  ~ Kandahar Police Headquarters is attacked on Feb 12. 
            ~ the Suicide Car Bombing of Mogadishu kills eight and injures thirty-five,
            on February 21.  ~ the March 4th bombing of the Naushera Mosque, North-
            western Pakistan, results in nine deaths and 28 injuries.  ~ the March 23rd
            Jerusalem Bus Stop Bombing, killing a Scottish Bible translator and injur-
            ing 39 others.  ~ the Arizona Shootings occur after a former Vice Presiden-
            tial candidate tells her readers to not retreat, but to reload.  ~ The Somalian
            Piracy industry continues.   ~ the U.S. treasury bond debt to Maoist China
            finally exceeds $1 trillion.  ~ the price tag for U.S. involvement in the Iraqi
            and Afghanistan Wars finally reaches the $1.2 trillion mark.  ~ the Booby
            Trap Bomb that exploded between Puerto Rondon and Tame, Columbia,
            wounds 30 soldiers who were en route to defuse a car bomb.  ~  the Sui-
            cide Bombing of Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport results in
            35 dead and 130 wounded. ~ the Karbala Double Car Bombing kills 45
            and injures 135 attendants of the Arbaeen Shia Festival.  ~ the Baquba
            Iraq Suicide Bombing, which involved deception by ambulance, kills 14,
            while injuring 60.  ~ the bombing of the Faisalabad Gasoline Station kills
            twenty and injures 120, causing damage to cars and buildings in the pro-
            cess.  ~ the Suicide Bombing of the Mardan Army Compound, in Pakistan,
            is done by a 12 year old child and results in 31 deaths.  ~ Suicide Bomb-
            ings at the Sakhi Sarwar Shrine, in Punjab Pakistan, kills 41 and injures
            twenty.  ~ the Minsk Metro Station's bombing, in Belarus, kills 15 people
            and wounds 204.  ~ the Peshawar Suicide Bombing, in Pakistan, kills 34
            and injures an additional 100.

            ~ the July 26 Mumbai Bombing, in India kills 26 and injures an additional
            130. ~ the September 7 Bombing outside Delhi's High Court Building kills
            14 and injures 76.  ~ the September 11 Taliban Attack on the U.S. Military
            Base, in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, wounds seventy soldiers.  ~ Abuja
            Nigeria's car bombing incident results in at least 18 deaths.  ~ the bombings
            of September 16th, in Yala Thailand, kill four and injure fifty.  ~ the Sept 20
            Ankara Car Bombing kills three and injures thirty others, five of whom are in
            critical condition at the time of this writing.  ~ the Mastung Ambush in Paki-
            stan kills 25 Shiite pilgrims and wounds six others.  ~ The Makhachkala Car
            Bombing, in Dagestan Russia, kills a police officer and injures sixty.  ~ the
            ongoing famine in Ethiopian continues into Autumn.  ~ the ongoing violence
            which has been transpiring south of the United States border included killings
            at the Port of Acapulco.   This is only a fraction of what happened even before
            the start of Autumn.  

2012   ~ Syria's armed revolution, ~ the Libyan Civil War, ~ continued warfare in
            Somalia,  ~ ongoing warfare in Columbia, ~ the Mali military coup d'etat,
            ~ the Boko Haram of Nigeria restart their attacks, ~ renewed fighting in
            Yemen, ~ M23 rebels send 600 government troops fleeing the Congo,
            ~ continued fighting in Burma/Myanmar, ~ renewed fighting against the
            Taliban, in Afghanistan, ~ The (Maoist) Naxalites of India continue their
            fight, ~ deadly clashed between Turkish soldiers and the Kurdish Workers'

2013    ~ Air strikes on the Kachin Independence Army of Burma/Myanmar, ~ fight-
            ing in Kashmir between Pakistani and Indian troops, ~ French air strikes in
            Mali, ~ fighting between Russian and Chechnya forces, ~ the Boston Mara-
            thon Bombing, ~ fighting in Columbia continues, ~ war in Syria continues,
            ~war in the Sudan continues, ~ continued fighting between the Taliban and
            Afghan forces, ~ continued warfare in the Congo, ~ The Iraqi Army shells
            the Syrian Free Army, ~ The Boko Haram continues its attacks in Nigeria.

2014   ~ The Syrian genocides and ISIS. the Kawari Village massacre in Nigeria,
            The Izghe Village Attack in Nigeria, the twin bombings in Jos Nigeria,
             the Urumqi China Shoppers' Market Terrorist attack, The Grenade At-
             tack in Damboa Nigeria, etc etc etc etc

2015  ~ The Syrian War & ISIL, The War in Afghanistan, the Civil War in
              Iraq, the Boko Haram Insurgency, the Somali Civil War, the Yemen
              Civil War, the War if Donbass (Ukraine), the Mexican Drug War,
              the Kurdish-Turkish Conflict, the South Kordofan Conflict, etc

2016 ~   The Syrian War, ISIL, the Iraqi Civil War,  the Mass Migration into
               Europe, the Lybian Crisis, The War in Afghanistan, the Mexican
               Drug War, the South Sudanese Civil War, the Nigerian Attacks by
               Fulani Herdsmen, the Promenade des Anglais Attack in Nice, France,
               The Taiz Rocket Attack in Yemen, the Lake Chad mass execution, in
               Cameroon, and much much more, not to mention the untold corruption
               of the murderous, abortion-obsessed Hillary Clinton, followed by the
               Anti-Trump violence which emerged shortly after Clinton lost the pop-
               ular vote in 30 of the 50 American states, and therefore lost her lunge
               for the presidency of the heavily indebted United States.

            Get the message?  If the Reality Check has finally set-in, proceed to the
            following article: 

  If the Fatima consecration has been made, where's the era of world peace?

             Or refer to any of the sources posted below, so that you can perceive how
              far away from peace humanity was in the past eleven years, and how the
             Vatican was completely out of line in issuing its June 2000 press release.









Above is a small representation of reports on the widespread killing of humanity and
the destruction of whatever was in the paths of the committed killers.  The reference
sources of all the terrorist events and wars cited in this article are too many to post in
an article that is already lengthy.  The bottom line is that the modern Vatican showed
itself to be stone hearted to sex abuse victims.  The same Vatican Players show them-
selves to be stone hearted to the victims of wars, revolutions, killings, slave labor en-
terprises, price gouging businesses, and other injustices which eventually trigger war,
revolution, and further killing.

At Fatima, the Virgin Mary said that God entrusted the Peace of mankind to her.  She
set forth the two necessary conditions for her two act.  For the Vatican to comply with
her requests would be very easy to do.  The Ruling Class of the Catholic Church still
refuses to comply.  Rather, they elected to lie, by claiming that they already complied.
If you claim that they didn't lie, but did comply 27 years ago, then where's the world

Of course, when the princes of the church have their domiciles, bank accounts, and
persons simultaneously threatened, then they will be more than willing to try the long
awaited Consecration of Russia the right way.  By that time, it will be too late for the
majority of them   ...   just like the King of France who wasn't willing to perform the
Consecration of France to the Sacred Heart, as was requested by Christ through
Saint Margaret Mary, until he was in prison and it was too late.  The present mem-
bers of the Vatican are more stone than the statues that surround them.