Part 7: Defense against Catholic Bashers, for the perpetually disrespected

Luther's writings are NOT the Bible.  So, why do you read him, Sola Scriptura people?

If these "born-again Christians" are so much into the Bible-only doctrine, then why did they keep Luther's writings?   Shouldn't those writings have been thrown-out, for the sake of the Bible-only doctrine of Sola Scriptura?

And if that's the case, then shouldn't they ignore the 382 CE Roman Catholic Church Council of Rome, where the specific books of the New Testament were officially defined as such?  The only way in which Protestants got the Bible in the first place was from the Roman Catholic Church.  It was the same Catholic Church which catalogued it, kept track of it, and protected it. 

The Battle of Kahlenberg, 1683 by Frans Geffels. Polish horsemen descend upon the Ottoman forces besieging Vienna. The Janissaries were not called out of the trenches until it was too late.
Representation of the Siege of Vienna, 1683

If the Born-agains are so anti-Catholic, then they should throw-out the New Testament which is only the New Testament, because the Roman Catholic Church said it was.  Therefore, the Bible has to be declared as evil as the Catholics who protected it throughout the centuries.  Therefore, Protestants should burn all Bibles.

By the way, did the Born-agains ever mention which one of the 266 popes is the Antichrist, being that there is only one more Antichrist yet to come?

And why do they still use the Latin language and the Roman Catholic dates for Christmas and Easter, if they hate the ROMAN Catholic Church so much?  Hello?  Is anybody home?  

Why do they even follow the Gregorian Calendar, being that, according to them, Pope Gregory and every other pope was the Antichrist?  They should develop the new Born-again Christian Saved Calendar.  They can replace the months of January, February, and March with Swaggart, Bakker, and Roberts.  

The next three months of that calendar can be Hinn, Angley, and Hagee.  Then you can go classical and name the other months ~Luther, ~Zwingli, ~Calvin, ~Tudor (after Elizabeth and NOT schismatic Henry), ~Cromwell, and ~von Bora.  Leap Day can be called ~Paisley ... or Ian.  If you are not familiar with these names, then simply ask any Irish Catholic who had an ancestor or two who die at the hands of Protestant invaders.  They were worse than the Vikings, because the Vikings eventually converted to Catholicism.

And what does Jesus have to say about the concept of "accepting" him "as your Lord & Personal Savior," anyway?  The answer comes from the Gospel of John, in John quoting Jesus during the Last Supper:

It was not you who chose me, but rather I who chose you ... John Ch 15 verse 16.  

No-humility means no-salvation, no matter how many times you read the Bible and claim to be its greatest "saved" interpreter.  Keep in mind that the typical "born-again Christian" believed himself to be his own personal pope who can interpret anything. That's arrogance.

And in response to the endless Protestant accusation that Catholics have forsaken the Bible and never use it:   

The Bible is officially read in the Roman Catholic Church MULTIPLE TIMES daily, in the Liturgy of the Hours, otherwise known as the Divine Office ... and in the Roman Catholic Mass.  

The Bible is read out loud THREE TIMES at Sunday Mass, and two times at week day Mass.   In monasteries & convents, there is pre-dawn Vigils (it was at 3:40am at the Trappist monastery where I stayed), Lauds (after sunrise), Terce (my personal favorite in my Trappist guesthouse days), Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline.  Add scriptural classroom instruction throughout the Catholic academic world, as well.  In as much, the Bible very much was read in Catholic classrooms in the course of any school day ... and at night, for adult education courses.

In conclusion, the claim that Catholics never use the Bible is 100% false.  They use it FAR MORE OFTEN than Protestants ever did.  You don't spend 2,000 years making copies of the Bible in monasteries throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, just so that you could hide it from people and make sure that they never read it.  If Catholics wanted to hide the Bible from humanity, Catholics would have stopped making copies of it.  Do you finally see how stupid anti-Catholics are?
If the Roman Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon, then how did it produce copies of the Bible for centuries?

 One further question, at this point:  Do the born-agains even know what " being saved" means?   

ANS: The first thing that you have to be, in order to be saved, is  . . .  dead.  Being saved doesn't happen until you have just died.  Then, as soon as you enter into the vast spiritual abyss, you get instantly assessed by Christ, to see if he and his eternal father recognize you.  If the Eternal Father sees within you some element of virtue that he sees in his eternally begotten son, then you get rescued from the "clutches" of demons, by the angels of Christ ... or by the Blessed Virgin Mary ... or by a couple of saints acting in unison.  

The rescue consists in you being spiritually swooped-up and given a spiritual avenue to go to where the demons are not able to sink their proverbial claws into you.  That translates into Purgatory or Heaven.  

Moreover, if you lived a devout life, as opposed to a minimal one, someone from Heaven will literally be positioned to take you to safety the moment you die.  The process by which this happens is as instantaneous as the speed of light.  Doctor of the Church, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, wrote of this.  But, this topic is for another discourse.

All in all, an instantaneous entrance into the Celestial court includes you being given the grace to act in virtue the moment you die.  It involves you countering all the interference that demons attempt to thrust on you. 

Now, if God the Father recognizes nothing in you that reminds him of his son, and if the Son of God "knows you not," then the demons take full charge of you ... forever.  After all, it is written, "Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.Matthew 25:41  Very simply, if you die in the state of mortal sin, you become forever damned.

Being saved means being saved from your sins, and ultimately being saved from the demons who tempt people into sin.  After all, it is written,  ... you are to name him Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”  Matthew 1:21.  Therefore, if you "sin boldly," while "trusting in the mercy of God even more boldly," then you're not saved.  Rather, you are a walking sin.

Concerning the HEBREW meaning of salvation, it refers being rescued.  ---  יֶשַׁע .--- Yesha or Yasha.  It means being made safe ... as in being delivered from the middle of the great abyss  at the moment of death, and in no longer being unprotected prey that can get taken by the demons.  

In Latin, this same concept is in Salvare.  Yet, the Hebrew word for saved is very similar to the Hebrew name of Jesus.  This is because Jesus means "Yahweh is salvation." . . . "Yahweh is rescue." . . . "Yahweh is deliverance."  In Greek, he's Iesous.   In Latin, he's Iēsūs.  In French, Spanish, and English, he's Jesus.  In Hollywood, his name is endlessly used in vain.

In review, "being saved" does NOT mean having a reservation for a condominium in Heaven.  The concept, instead, is that of having the bully demons unhanded from you ... taken away from you ... disconnected from you.  The concept of being saved is somewhat like having gotten "a demonectomy" --- a demon...ectomy, as in being freed from Satan.   After all, it is written, " Indeed, the Son of God was revealed, in order to destroy the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8

All in all, the true Biblical image of salvation is that of Christ freeing you ... and of you "washing your garments white," by means of penance and/or the seven works of spiritual mercy and/or the seven works of corporal mercy, and/or making restitution for injustice, and/or prayer, and/or Bible reading and/or going on retreats operated by clergy and/or a stay in Purgatory after departing this realm of existence, etc.   

The bottom line is that Jesus came to save his people from their sins.  If you live a life of sin ... on weekends ... or whenever ... then you are NOT saved, at all.  You are metaphysically still in the clutches ... in the grip ... of demons who want to mangle and destroy you as much as they can.  

And quite frankly, if demons could take you entirely out of existence, they would have done it, already.  But, they are NOT the creator.  So, they torment you forever, wishing that you were never created, in the first place.  Their root cause of anger is ENVY.  They basically are assaulting the billions of souls in Hell, because God became man, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and not angel.  

Concerning Heaven and Hell, if you were to have a vision of Hell, the population there would look massive to you.  If you were to have a vision of Heaven, the population there would look massive to you.

The Book of Revelation writes the following about Heaven:  "Nothing unclean will enter." This is why Luther wanted to take the Book of Revelation out of the Protestant Bible. 

Remember, Luther could not conquer the evil gnawing within him.  So, he became the evil.  In as much, Luther's doctrine is the doctrine of shear laziness ... neglect ... indifference ... ingratitude ... presumption.  He didn't see Jesus as a divine being who saved you from your sins.  Rather, he defined Jesus as someone who lets you get away with living in your sins.  Therefore, Luther stated that Christ was a powerless savior who didn't save you at all.  According to Luther, Christ is merely the bar-bouncer who "lets you slide" and come into the glamorous discotheque (night club), anyway.

Concerning the Old Testament books that Luther did leave out of the Protestant Bible, they were written in Greek instead of Hebrew, in as far as concerns the translations which were done in Egypt, during the Ptolemaic rule of Egypt ... in Alexandria.  (See: Septuagint.)  

Removing 7 books from the Old Testament had nothing to do with a holy man discerning the texts, as if he were having visions on a mountain top.  Thus, Protestants are the ones who hide the Bible from humanity, in leaving out the Word of God in multiple books thereof.  

None the less, the great contradiction of Luther is that the New Testament was written in Greek.  So, why did he remove the Greek texts of the Old Testament?  ANS:  Because the Jewish rabbis didn't use them. 

Here's Luther's second great contradiction:  He followed the Jews as if they were his superiors in religion.  Yet, Luther wrote that all Jews should be kicked out of Germany and NOT consulted as experts in anything.   Luther ended up calling the Jews "the Devil incarnate."

This is typical of Luther.  For example, he condemned the Catholic Church as the Whore of Babylon.  Yet, he stated that the Catholic Church "gave us the Bible."  Well, the truth is that Lutherans stole the Bible from the Catholic Church, to make their new religion appear valid and official in the eyes of God.   

BTW, the Bible expressly states that not everything is in the Bible ... in the Gospel of John.  You will not be able to contain the Infinite God in a few hundred pages of written text.  Belief that everything in existence is based on the Bible is a sins of idolatry.  It's the worship of the Bible.  It places the Bible above God.

The Bible in Picture-form

The Catholics are the only ones who made the New & Old Testaments available to humanity for centuries, despite the Muslim invasions of France, Sicily, Sardinia, Hungary, Austria, Slavic regions, and Italy, as well as the invasion of various barbarian armies into Europe.  In fact, many stained-glass church windows are the Bible in picture form.  

Stained-glass Bible pictures were for the illiterate.  This would be in keeping with Christ having said (to two of John the Baptist's disciples,) "The poor have the Gospel preached to them." Luke 7:22.  Stained-glass window art is the Medieval way of preaching the Gospel to the poor ... to the illiterate. 

Being that stained-glass window pictures are mostly Biblical ... or historical ... this is why it is completely asinine for Protestants to call stained-glass windows a violation against the 2nd Commandment.  Such a window would only be a sin of idolatry, ONLY if it preached belief in the Roman gods or in a pagan deity or in a false Messiah or in Satan himself.  All stained-glass church windows present a picture that involves the belief that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God made Man.

Protestant Heaven is Marxist Communist Heaven

Those who are in Heaven know that Heaven is NOT the Marxist Communist place that Protestants vehemently insist it is.  For those unaware, Protestantism teaches that there are no varying degrees of glory in Heaven; that all beings there are of the same one Communist, Leninist grade.  Yet, there exist the seven Seraphim in their tremendously high degree of glory in Heaven, along with almost as highly graded Cherubim and Thrones, thereby demolishing the Protestant Communist Heaven doctrine in one fell swoop.  (That "one fell swoop" phrase comes from Act 4, Scene 3 of MacBeth, by the way.)

In review, Christ is not a mirage.  He's for real.  He was the Son of Mary on Earth and remains so in eternity.  This means that he honors his mother the way in which a king of the universe would do so.  Thus, he does NOT ignore her, and he certainly does NOT have the Protestant hatred for her.  Neither does anyone else in Heaven have that kind of hatred for her.  

In addition, Satan hates Mary far more than he hates Christ, because, without the Virgin Mary, there would have been no Jesus Christ, in first the place.  As long as there was a living Ark of the Covenant destined to be made on Earth, God was coming --- from outside of time & space.  

Concerning the Born-again Christian claim that you are forever "saved," once you do that very short and equally mindless "Lord & personal savior" incantation:   

Q:  What actually does happen to those people who stop believing in the Nazarene, altogether?  How are they "saved," when they end up professing an entirely different being as God and/or the Enlightened One and/or the Godhead and/or the higher power and/or the Messiah and/or the Great Spirit and/or the Way?  It has happened repeatedly.  Someone "saved" suddenly announces that he/she has a new religion which doesn't recognize the Nazarene as anything divine or anyone commissioned by God.

In as much, denying the Nazarene as the savior is known as Apostasy.  Presenting the Nazarene in a distorted way is known as Heresy.  As was already mentioned, heresy means to pick and choose only part of the whole doctrine presented by Paul ... and Peter ... and James, etc.  

All in all, there is no such thing as being instantly and forever saved, as much as there is no such thing as the "Great Rapture."  Such things are the lazy man's doctrine.   Protestantism is the lazy man's doctrine, until it comes to lynching and taking over Catholic Church property.  That is when they all get energized and ready to go.

Doctrinal Graffiti

Ironically, the elector, Frederick III, died in 1525, ten days before the Battle of Frankenhausen, where 5,000 peasants died in a two-day period.  The Elector of Saxony was not going to profit from his very deadly ploy.  His ploy was that of disobeying the Holy Roman Emperor and not arresting Luther.  If he arrested Luther, hundreds of thousands would not have died in the various Catholic-Protestant wars which were already in progress, the worse of which being the one which started in 1618 and lasted (on and off) until 1648. 

Many people today despise Christianity without realizing that it's Protestantism that actually repulses them.  People today rarely see Catholicism in America, because the "Vatican II reformers" attempted to make Catholicism look as easy to follow as business suit Protestantism.  The result was that the Sense of the Majestic ... of the Sacred ... was left to fad away.  So, the result was that of a very profane image of Christ.  Protestantism has been nothing more than the secularization of Christ.   It's image of Christ eventually became the spiritual version of subway graffiti. 

Hitler's fight and Luther's teaching.
Posted a second time, to accentuate the pertinence of Hitler's people praising Luther.

             1933 poster: “Hitler's Kampf und Luther's Lehr Des deutschen Volkes gute Wehr."                         "Hitler’s struggle and Luther’s teaching are the German people’s sure defense.


To learn about the fact that every case of the Spanish Inquisition had its own case file and was assessed by experts, for the BBC ... and to learn that there is zero evidence to support the horror-story version of the Inquisition, in there being zero mass graves, zero blood-stained torture chambers, zero torture devices, etc, refer to the following link: